Book catalogue

The Bartlett Library holds some 18,000 volumes on our open shelves, having grown by gift and purchase, from the core collection of 6,000 volumes, generously donated by our benefactor J. V. Bartlett Esq., in 2003.

Significant loans from the Cornwall Library Service [including a number of Lloyd’s Registers], together with gifts from many individuals have greatly increased the size and value of the collection since our establishment in 2003, supplemented by the Peter and Julie Newall Library in 2018.

Below is a beta version of the catalogue of books. It takes a moment to load – there are over 18,000 titles – but a grey search box will emerge eventually.

£200 Millionaire [The]Martyr, WestonRupert Hart-DavisEurope river canal yacht
001 Africa Pilot Part 1 1920AdmiraltyHydrographer of the Navydirections pilotage pilot Africa
001 Africa Pilot Part 1 Supplement 4 1924AdmiraltyHydrographer of the Navydirections pilotage pilot Africa
001 Africa Pilot Vol 1 1982AdmiraltyHydrographer of the Navynavy navigation chart lighthouse weather pilotage HMSO Africa
003 Africa Pilot Vol 3 1967AdmiraltyHydographer of the Navydirections pilotage Africa
004 South East Alaska Pilot 1972AdmiraltyHydrographer of the Navydirections
006 South America Pilot Vol 2 1971 + supplementAdmiraltyHydrographer of the Navydirections
007 South America Pilot Vol 3 1954AdmiraltyHydrographic Departmentdirections
007 South America Pilot Vol 3 1987AdmiraltyHydrographer of the Navydirections
007A South America Pilot Vol 4 1983AdmiraltyHydrographer of the Navydirections
008 Pacific Coasts of Central America and United States Pilot 1975AdmiraltyHydrographer of the Navydirections
011 Arctic Pilot Vol 2 1975AdmiraltyHydrographer of the Navydirections pilotage Svalbard Jan Mayen Bjornoya
014 Australia Pilot Vol 2 1982AdmiraltyHydrographer of the Navydirections pilotage Green Cape Port Jackson
015 Australia Pilot Vol 3 1973AdmiraltyHydrographer of the Navydirections pilotage Coral Torres Irian Barat Parama meridian
016 Australia Pilot Vol 4 1951AdmiraltyHydrographic Departmentpilot directions Australia
017 Australia Pilot Vol 5 1948AdmiraltyHydrographic Departmentpilot directions Australia commnications radio signals
018 Baltic Pilot Vol 1 1944AdmiraltyHydrographic Dept Admiraltydirections
018 Baltic Pilot Vol 1 1959AdmiraltyHydrographer of the Navydirections pilotage pilot
018 Baltic Pilot Vol 1 1974AdmiraltyHydrographer of the Navydirections Scandinavia signals Germany fjord Denmark Sweden Keil Malmo
019 Baltic Pilot Vol 2 1978AdmiraltyHydrographer of the Navydirections pilotage fishing Cardinal repair climate lighthouse
020 Baltic Pilot Vol 3 1976AdmiraltyHydrographer of the Navydirections Sweden Finland ice currents climate shoals lighthouse beacon
021 Bay of Bengal Pilot 1940AdmiraltyHydrographer of the Navydirections pilotage pilot
021 Bay of Bengal Pilot supplement no 2, 1943AdmiraltyHydrographer of the Navydirections pilotage pilot
022 Bay of Biscay Pilot 1956AdmiraltyHydrographer of the Navydirections pilotage pilot
022 Bay of Biscay Pilot 1970AdmiraltyHydrographer of the Navypilotage directions HMSO pilot
024 Black Sea Pilot 1990AdmiraltyHydrographer of the Navydirections maps Turkey Crimea Marmara tables Odessa Istanbul pilotage lighthouse navigation
025 British Columbia Pilot Vol 1 1979AdmiraltyHydrographer of the Navydirections navigation US buoy weather barometer lighthouse Nootka Klaskish Quatsino radio signals
026 British Columbia Pilot Vol 2 1976AdmiraltyHydrographer of the Navydirections navigation coastguard rescue pilotage radio buoy Canada weather
027 Channel PilotAdmiraltyHydrographic Office978-0-70-774-2700Directions navigations regulations countries ports conditions south coast Scillies Cape Cornwall north coasts France
027 Channel Pilot 1971AdmiraltyHydrographer of the Navydirections
027 Channel Pilot 1977AdmiraltyHydrographer of the Navypilotage directions HMSO
027 Channel Pilot Part 1 1920AdmiraltyHMSO
027 Channel Pilot Part 1 1931AdmiraltyHMSOdirections
027 Channel Pilot Part 1 1947AdmiraltyHydrographic of the Navypilotage directions pilot textbook hydrography navigation
027 Channel Pilot Vol 1 1957AdmiraltyHydrographer of the Navydirections pilotage pilot Cornwall Falmouth Fowey
027 Channel Pilot Vol 2 1952AdmiraltyHydrographer of the Navy
027 Channel Pilot Vol 2 1967AdmiraltyHydrographer of the Navydirections pilotage pilot CI
027s Channel Pilot supplement No 3 1982AdmiraltyHMSOnavigation HMSO lighthouse chartwork directions pilotage
028 Dover Strait Pilot 1971AdmiraltyHydrographer of the Navydirections pilotage pilot Dover
028 Dover Strait Pilot 1981AdmiraltyHydrographer of the Navypilotage directions Dover
028 Dover Strait Pilot, supplement no 4 1974AdmiraltyHydrographer of the Navydirections pilotage pilot
030 China Sea Pilot Vol 1 1964AdmiraltyHydrographer of the Navydirections
030 China Sea Pilot Vol 1 1987AdmiraltyHydrographer of the Navydirections
031 China Sea Pilot Vol 2 1961AdmiraltyHydrographer of the Navydirections navigation charts anchorage weather Manila lighthouse
032 China Sea Pilot Vol 3 1982 + supplementAdmiraltyHydrographer of the Navydirections
037 West Coast of England Pilot 1960AdmiraltyHydrographer of the Navydirections pilotage pilot
037 West Coast of England Pilot supplement no 6, 1970AdmiraltyHydrographer of the Navydirections pilotage pilot
037 West Coasts of England and Wales PilotAdmiraltyHydrographic Office978-0-70-774-2571Navigation regulations countries ports conditions routes harbours anchorages Scotland Cape Cornwall Galloway IOM Isle of Man
037 West Coasts of England and Wales Pilot 1974AdmiraltyHydrographer of the Navy
040 Irish Coast Pilot 1954AdmiraltyHydrographic Dept Admiraltydirections
040 Irish Coast Pilot 1968AdmiraltyHydrographer of the Navydirections pilotage pilot
040 Irish Coast Pilot 1985AdmiraltyHydrographer of the Navy
041 Japan Pilot Vol 1 1982AdmiraltyHydrographer of the Navydestinations
042A Japan Pilot Vol 2 1979AdmiraltyHydrographer of the Navydirections
043 South and East Coasts of Korea East Coast of Siberia Pilot 1983AdmiraltyHydrographer of the Navydirections
045 Mediterranean Pilot Vol 1 1961AdmiraltyHydrographer of the Navydirections pilotage pilot
045 Mediterranean Pilot Vol 1 1963AdmiraltyHydrographic Dept Admiraltydirections
045 Mediterranean Pilot Vol 1,supplement no 4, 1958AdmiraltyHydrographer of the Navydirections pilotage pilot
046 Mediterranean Pilot Vol 2 1978AdmiraltyHydrographic Dept AdmiraltyMediterranean pilot France Italy directions
047 Mediterranean Pilot Vol 3 1970AdmiraltyHydrographer of the Navydirections
048 Mediterranean Pilot Vol 4 1968AdmiraltyHydrographer of the Navydirections pilotage pilot
050 Newfoundland and Labrador Pilot 1978AdmiraltyHydrographer of the Navydirections
051 New Zealand Pilot 1987AdmiraltyHydrographer of the Navydirections
052 North Coast of Scotland Pilot 1975AdmiraltyHydrographer of the Navydirections
052 North Sea Pilot Vol 1 1960AdmiraltyHydrographic Department, Admiraltydirections pilotage pilot
052 North Sea Pilot Vol 1 supplement no 5AdmiraltyHydrographer of the Navydirections pilotage pilot
053 North Sea Pilot Part 2 1923AdmiraltyHydrographer of the Navydirections pilotage pilot
053 North Sea Pilot Part 2 supplement no 3 1923AdmiraltyHydrographer of the Navydirections pilotage pilot
053 North Sea Pilot Vol 2 1959AdmiraltyHydrographer of the Navydirections pilotage pilot
054 North Sea Pilot Part 3 1948AdmiraltyHydrographer of the Navydirections pilotage pilot
054 North Sea Pilot Part 3 supplement no 2 1952AdmiraltyHydrographer of the Navydirections pilotage pilot
054 North Sea Pilot Part 3 supplement no 3 1954AdmiraltyHydrographer to the Navydirections pilotage pilot
054 North Sea Pilot Vol 3 1960AdmiraltyHMSO
054 North Sea West Pilot 1973AdmiraltyHydrographic Dept AdmiraltyNorth Sea Scotland directions pilot east coast
055 North Sea East Pilot 1977 + supplementAdmiraltyHydrographer of the Navydirections
055 North Sea Pilot Part 4 1934AdmiraltyHydrographic Departmentdirections pilotage pilot
055 North Sea Pilot Part 4 1950AdmiraltyHydrographic Departmentdirections pilotage pilot
055 North Sea Pilot Part 4 supplement no 5 1960AdmiraltyHydrographer of the Navydirections pilotage pilot
055 North Sea Pilot Part 4 Supplement Notice to Mariners 1960AdmiraltyHydrographer of the Navydirections pilotage pilot
055 North Sea Pilot Vol 4 1963AdmiraltyHydrographer of the Navydirections pilotage pilot
056 Norway Pilot Vol 1AdmiraltyHydrographer of the NavyCoastal navigation currnts tidal streams signals magnetic anomaly life saving buoyage pilotage orthogaphy communications
060 Pacific Islands Pilot Vol 1 1988 + supplementAdmiraltyHydrographer of the Navydirections
061 Pacific Islands Pilot Vol 2 1984 + supplementAdmiraltyHydrographer of the Navydirections
062 Pacific Islands Pilot Vol 3 1982 + supplementAdmiraltyHydrographer of the Navydirections
064 Red Sea and Gulf of Aden Pilot 1980AdmiraltyHydrographer of the Navydirections
066 West Coast of Scotland Pilot 1974 + supplementAdmiraltyHydrographer of the Navydirections
067 West Coasts of Spain and Portugal Pilot 1972Admiralty
067 West Coasts of Spain and Portugal Pilot 1983AdmiraltyHydrographer of the Navydirections
068 East Coast of the United States Pilot Vol 1 1975 + supplementAdmiraltyHydrographer of the Navydirections
069 West Coasts of Central America and United States Pilot 1950AdmiraltyHydrographic Departmentpilot directions
069A East Coasts of Central America and Gulf of Mexico Pilot 1993AdmiraltyHydrographer of the Navydirections
070 West Indies Pilot Vol 1 1993AdmiraltyHydrographer of the Navydirection
071 West Indies Pilot Vol 2 1955AdmiraltyHydrographic Departmentpilot directions Caribbean
071 West Indies Pilot Vol 2 1969 + supplementAdmiraltyHydrographic Departmentpilot directions Caribbean tide buoyage cable weather
071A West Indies Pilot Vol 3 1957AdmiraltyHydrographic Departmentpilot directions Caribbean
072 White Sea Pilot 1973 + supplementAdmiraltyHydrographer of the Navydirections
100 & 7Foustanos, Georgios MArgo Publishing978-960-89400-3-1history Greece cargo Liberty tanker WW2 shipowner shipbuilder shipyard steam cargo
100 Boat Designs ReviewedOne Hundred BoatWooden Boat Books0-937822-44-2dinghy kayak canoe skiff sloop yawl dory Chesapeake cruiser cutter ketch schooner outboard launch plywood Maine motor
100 Jaar Dagblad Scheepvaart 1887-1987One HundredWyt & ZonenISSN 0169-099XNetherlands Rotterdam Amsterdam port
100 Jaar Nederlandsche ScheepvaartBoer, M G deShipping
100 Jaar WijsmullerOuwehand, Nico JLanasta90-8616-009-3Wijsmuller company Dutch tug salvage drilling rig
100 Jahre Leonhardt and Blumberg HamburgOne Hundred Jahre LeonhardtGert Uwe Detlefsen3-928473-73-5Leonhardt Blumberg Hamburg shipping ship container cargo list
100 Jahre Verbands und ZeitgeschehenOne Hundred JahreVerband der Deutschen SchiffbauindustrieGerman shipbuilding history Reiher shipyard Elbe steamer Kaiser Wilhelm der Grosse Europa Blom & Voss Hamburg Unitas whaling Tina Onassis Howaldswerke tanker container ship Act 1 Bremer Vulkan Bremen Polarstern research
100 Magic Miles of the Great Barrier Reef the Whitsunday IslandsColfelt, DavidWindward Publications0-9590830-7-3Australia diving trailing coral fishing wildlife anchoring Great Barrier Reef Whitsunday Islands
100 Small Boat RigsBolger, Philip CInternational Marine Publishing0-87742-182-Xrigging aerodynamic sloop yawl ketch schooner square rig
100 Things You Should Know About ShipwrecksMacdonald, FionaMiles Kelly978-1-84236-573-1diving Armada Spain floating sinking Siebe robot submersible junior Cyprus Greek Roman
100 Years Around the LizardStubbs, JeanBossiney Books0-906456-95-9fishing shipwreck sociology lifeboat Cornwall Lizard
100 Years History of the Ships of Nippon Yusen Kaisha [A]Kizu, Shigetoshi4-905551-20-XNYK Nippon Yusen Kaisha Japan mailship company shipbuilding shipyard transportation industry fishing merchant navy steamship factory
100 Years of Shipping on the River ClydeO'HaraThe Scottish Shipping Benevolent Association978-0-9930793-0-6Ports docks shipping companies cargoes shipbuilding marine engineering repairing Royal Navy ferries yachts
100 Years of Specialized Shipbuilding and EngineeringBarnaby, K CHutchinsonshipbuilding Thornycroft
100 Years of the Titanic A Human TragedyOne Hundred Years978-1-907324-17-8search history White Star disaster shipbuilder statistics shipwreck passengers lifeboat survivor crew officers film
100 Years of Yachting on Port Phillip BayFraga, Chris deHawthorn Press0-7256-0155-8club yacht Port Phillip Bay
100 years of Yachting WorldYachting WorldYachting Worlddesign racing Fastnet Shamrock Satanita Valkyrie III Guvnor Hansy Aquitania Penang Niagara Andrillot Nina Johan Shirley B Tern IV Jolie Brise Ranger Barbican
1000 Cornish Place Names ExplainedHolmes, JulyanDyllansow Truran0-907566-76-6history towns village church mine farm spelling grammar pronunciation
100th Anniversary of the sinking of RMS Titanic 1912 - 2012One HundredImarest Guild of BenevolenceWhite Star Line engineers safety ice patrol construction design migration
101 Cornish LivesSmelt, MauriceAlison Hodge978-0-90672050-9biography Cornwall astronomy invention mining art smuggling
101 Tips and Hints For Your BoatDamour, JacquesGranada/Adlard Coles0-229-11690-6dinghy deck cleat rope anchor gaff weather tiller sail
117 Days AdriftBailey, MauriceNautical0-245-52260-3yacht cruising shipwreck victualling inflatable survival log
12 Metre Class [The]Lang, LuigiAdlard Coles0-7136-6179-8history rules international register yachts lines design contruction restoration racing America's Cup Fife Anker Mylne Nicholson Stephens Coats MacIlver Horn Larsen Olsen Erpecom Payne Fairey Burton Connell Sopwith Gore Goodson Vanderbilt
125 Jaar Holland-Amerika LijnBoer, G J deDe Alk bv90-6013-074-XHolland-America history Amsterdam Rotterdam Netherlands United States plans cargo container cruise tender Cunard Carnival Incotrans Atlantic Reederij Koenigsfeld Hal TendersWind Star Sail Monarch
125 Jahre Cassens-WerftDetlefsen, Gert UH M Hauschild3-89757-026-2shipbuilding German Cassens biography Rhine Emden Dortmund-Ems Canal river sail container tanker lighter steam freighter coaster tug
125 Years of CISPOTEL Support for the RNLIFawkes, Leslie Ghistory Civil Service Post Office BT Lifeboat
125 Years of Holland America LineDalkmann, H APentland Press1-85821-590-0history fleet Europa Canada Big Lift Shipping Alaska Cruise Line Monarch Cruises Windstar Cruises Oranje Lijn Sun Line Westminster Gravels Rederij Koenigsfeld Roba livery Amsterdam Rotterdam Netherlands container tanker cargo river tender
125 Years of Maritime History 1839-1964One Hundred and Twenty FiveRoyal Mail
12-metre ImagesFisher, BobPierson & Co Pty Ltd0-947068-01-5Americas Cup yacht racing
13 Solitaires Autour du Monde Sans EscaleCharles, DanielRobert Laffont2-221-06794-0yacht racing solo France Vendee Globe
1421 Year China Discovered the World [The]
Menzies, GavinBantam Books0-553-81522-9east Asia treasure fleets voyages Antartica Australia America exploration dynasties circumnavigation Zhou Wen
150 Jaar van UdenBoer, G J deDe Alk bv
De Alk bv Alkmaar
90-6013-052-9list company Netherlands Rotterdam van Uden liner container Haven Line Nirint-Vanuden South American Lines
150 Jahre Blankeneser Schiffahrt 1785-1935Meyer, JurgenEgon HeinemannBlakenese Elbe schooner brig barque ketch Hamburg
150 Views of SouthamptonOne Hundred and FiftyRock BrosSouthampton Isle of Wight
150 years of Shipping and InsuranceHowden, Alexandersteam cargo trade shipbroking insurance
150 Years of the Maltese CrossProud, John HTyne & Wear Tugs Ltd0-9522721-0-5Tyne, Blyth and Wear Tug Companies Lawson Batey Crossthwaite Ridley France Fenwick Sunderland Anchor Coulson Brown Irwing Redhead Dry Lambton Cook Clyde Charter livery colours tug whisle signals fleets history
150 Years Rickmers 1834-1984Kludas, ArnoldHerford3-7822-0350-XRickmers Rhederei German Hamburg Bremen L'Avenir War
150 Years Van OmmerenSchwab, A WVan Ommeren Ceteco NVRotterdam Rhine sail steam tanker WW1 WW2 Van Ommeren Ceteco VOC
15th The Kings HussarsKemp, AlanAlmark0-85524-095-4army uniform weapon firearms flag badge Kings Hussars
1688 Seaborne Alliance and Diplomatic RevolutionSixteen Eighty EightNational Maritime Museum0948065-036navy Dutch trade shipbuilding Pepys Greenwich museum Seaborne Alliance
1700 Miles in Open BoatsFoster, CecilMartin Hopkinsonshipwreck survival Indian Ocean lifeboat victualling Hain Trevessa
1776 The British Story of the American RevolutionSeventeen Seventy SixTimes Books0-7230-0147-2museum catalogue American Revolution art Adams pistols Washington Hudson Ticonderoga Champlain New England colony Georgia Massachusetts
180 Years 1816-1996One Hundred and Eighty YearsSwire GroupLiverpool China Butterfield chronology Cathay Pacific sugar paint Hong Kong engineering Australia
1816-2016Eighteen SixteenJohn Swirecompany history Liverpool Swire Taikoo China Navigation Company Ocean Steamship offshore aviation containers passengers
1843-1968 A G Weser BremenEighteen Forty ThreeA G WeserA G Weser shipbuilding history shipyard machinery pumps steam turbines
1895-1970 Compagnie Maritime BelgeEighteen Ninety Fivehistory Antwerp company fleet WW2 Congo line shipyards West Africa trade port passenger Suez Persian Gulf container
18th Century Smuggling in ChristchurchWhite, AllenAllen Whitesmuggling Christchurch
1914 and Other PoemsBrooke, RupertFaber & Faberpoetry English WW1 Tahiti Pacific Grantchester
1939-1945: The New Zealand Shipping Company Federal Stea NavigationSharpe, C BSea BreezesNew Zealand Shipping Federal Steam Navigation WW2 war loss
1979 Fastnet Race InquiryRYA/RORCRYA/RORCyacht shipwreck meteorology weather safety RYA radio rocket storm
1979 Fastnet Race InquiryRYA/RORCRoyal Yachting Association/RORCyacht shipwreck meteorology weather safety RYA radio rocket
1987 South American Handbook [The]South American HandbookTrade & Travel Publications0-900751-25-8time zone climate trade travel destination population
19th Century Maritime WatercoloursVincent, AdrianDavid & Charles0-7153-9278-6Serres Aldridge Bentley Newlyn Dade Tuke Fraser Gregory Hemy Joy Marny Natress Turner
200 Jahre Petersen and AlpersDetlefsen, Gert UVerlag Gert Uwe Detlefsen3-928473-47-6tanker passenger steam tug sail icebreaker Hamburg WW2 World War Two
200 Miles Around The SolentBristow, PhilipBowline Books1-872912-02-8Solent Channel East Channel West Channel Islands Yacht Clubs
200 Years of Clyde Paddle SteamersDeayton, AlistairAmberley978-1-4456-0255-4Desin railways livery shipbuilders owners USA blockade accident loss WW1 WW2 preservation
20th Century British Marine PaintingBrook-Hart, DenysAntique Collectors Club0-902028-90-1art Falmouth Thames barge Hemy Spurling
20th Century Passenger Ships of the P and OMcCart, NeilPatrick Stephens Limited0-85059-716-1P&O passenger merchant navy K class C class R class
25 Centuries of Sea WarfareMordal, JacquesRobert Laffont, Francenavy WW1 WW2 USN Ruyter Nelson privateer torpedo tactics
25 Jaar NISHMTwenty Fivecompany coal bunkering tugs NISHM Nederlandsch Indische Steenkolen Handel Maatschappij
25 Years of Motor Cruisers 1960-1984McMullen, AlexAdlard Coles Nautical0-7136-3459-6boats builders importers designers events 20ft to 45ft plans
29th Infantry DivisionEwing, Joseph HTurner Publishing1-56311-010-5army US D-Day Overlord Falmouth landing infantry
2nd TAF SpitfireSmallwood, Hugh0-9511390-2-9WW2 Cornwall Normandy Grace New Zealand Selsey
300 Years Devotion to DutyEndacott, AndyD L Endicott0-9511527-3-4Cornwall Plymouth dockyard Devonport training navy Brunel
32-gun Frigate Essex [The]Takakjian, PortiaConway Maritime1-84486-013-2frigate deckplan sailplan USN model flag construction Essex
4 Years A-WhalingPurrington, Philip FBarre8271-7250-8whaling New Bedford art biography Wanderer deckplan
40 Knot Sailboat [The]Smith, BernardGrosset & Dunlapaerofoil hydrofoil airfoil multihull scow proa catamaran
40 O BHoy, H CHutchinsonnavy WW1 intelligence
40 Years NSMBuning, J W F Werumeushistory shipbuilding shipyard Daniel Goedkoop warship mail passenger motor cruiser tug ferry cargo tanker docks shipowner dimensions
50 Ans de la Societe Francaise de Transports PetroliersPetit, HenriEditions P Tacussel2-903963-78-9France WW2 oil tanker company SFTP fleet plans cargoes
50 Gun Ship [The]Winfield, RifChatham1-86176-025-6navy troopship woodenwall finance gunnery deckplan design LeopardHMS lines
50 Jahre Alfred C Toepfer Schiffahrtsgesellschaft mbHFifty Jahre ToepferGert Uwe Detlefsen3-928473-65-4Hamburg Flensburg biography fleet container bulk carrier cargo car carrier Germany Africa Italy Melanie Schulte catastrophe shipping venture
50 Jahre Autofahre Beckenried-GersauAmstad, HeinzDampferzeitungcar ferry Tellsprung Switzerland Luzern Lucerne Bern lake
50 Jahre Deutsche BinnenreederieDunner, Hans-WilhelmKoehlers3-7822-0757-2Company DSU SOAG DOS KBW ERSTU DBR East Germany canal river transport goods freight barge
50 Jahre Elsflether Werft AGFifty JahreDutch shipbuilding Elsflether Netherlands
50 Jahre Reederei Karl Schluter RendsburgFifty JahreGert Uwe Detlefsen3-928473-58-1Germany Rendsburg shipping company Jess Budelsdorf history Stockholm Sweden timber fleet
50 Jahre Schweizerische Reederei AG A HistoryHerold, Heinzhistory shipbuilding Switzerland WW2 company motor diesel ships shipyard
50 Years Ashore and AfloatKeable, George WmK T Publications0-9539046-8-7drifterman Suffolk Lowestoft smacks herring nicknames Southwold regatta medical
50 Years New York Shipbuilding CorporationCamden, N JNew York Shipbuildingshipbuilding WW! World War One WW2 World War Two
53 Boats You Can BuildHenderson, RichardInternational Marine0-87742-185-4yacht design shipbuilder dimensions dory dinghy ketch yawl
65 Years with HempelSkaaning, PrebenJ C Hempels Foundationpaint Hempel Denmark antifouling Copenhagen
69.000 OarsmenLeach, Ericrowing trireme
6LX and 6HLX, 6LXB and 6HLXB Diesel EnginesGardnerGardner Enginesengine diesel manual
6th International Congress of Maritime Museums SummariesSixth Internationalmuseum maritime congress Netherlands archives
75 Jaar Gebr Broere and 50 Jaar Rederij TheodoraSeventy Five JaarDe Alk90-6013-040-5Holland Netherlands Dutch history tanker Groot-Ammers Dordrecht Rotterdam Middlesborough Tenneco Pakhoed Furness Ravenna Dublin disaster rescue Tees Storage VAAP-NEDOL ACS DELNOR
75 Jaar Op Stapel 1903-1978Beldt, G J W van denDutch shipbuilding floating dock barge Stapel
75 Years - The Ships of Egon OldendorffSeventy Five YearsGermany history fleet Bremen Hamburg Lubeck World War 2 SheffieldHMS Mathieson Canadian Pacific cargo bulk carrier Liberty freighter tanker container Sunderland crew staff
750 Schiffe aus FlensburgDetlefsen, Gert UweHauschild Bremen978-3897-575110steamer canal tanker submarine
78000 PaardenkrachtenSeventy Eight ThousandVereniging de MotorSleepboot90-9017806-6Dutch tug canal engine
85 Fishing Boat Designs From National FishermanEighty Five FishingInternational Marine Publishing0-87742-147-1seiner longliner trawler clipper troller dragger scalloper gilnetter crabber ferrocement fibreglass skookum line drawings
9 Historias de BarcosEchegaray, Rafael GonzalezOficina Central MaritimaBarcos history Provenzal Cuidad de Santander Cataluna Antonio Lopez Igotz Esles Almirante Cervera La Ceiba Arvida Begonia Guera Flower
9th International Congress of Maritime Museums ProceedingsNineth InternationalNational Maritme Museum Greenwich0-9530408-0-1environment slaves Atlantic colonial Africa Cameroon model
A and P AppledoreA and PA&P Appledoredockyard Falmouth repair A&P Appledore
A and P Appledore International LimitedA and P AppledoreAustin & Pickersgill shipbuilding repair design
A Bord des Plus Beaux Voiliers du Monde
Quemere, ErwanGallimard2-07-060239-7yacht design plans lines Aile Blanche Altair America Belle Adventure Concorde Croce del Sud Escapade Gitana Gloria Inspiration Jessica Mariette Ondine Orion Puritan Raphaelo Ring Andersen Royono Sea Clou Shenandoah Sincerity Stalca White Gull Xargo
A G Weser Werk Seebeck BremerhavenA G WeserA G Wesershipbuilding Weser AGW Seebeck Bremerhaven naval passenger steam motor fishing whaling tug freighter
A H LBarley, GilbertHumber AHL company coaster Goole
A Life a Sail a Changing SeaRiverdale, LordHutton Press1-872167-76-4yacht lines cruising dinghy design canoe adventure
A to Z of Royal Naval Ships Badges 1919-1989 Vol 1Wilkinson, B JNeptune Books1-870842-00-Xnavy badge
A to Z of Royal Naval Ships Badges 1919-1989 Vol 2Wilkinson, B JNeptune1-870842-02-2navy badge
A Tramp about the WorldBiddick, PeterNavigator Books0-902830-24-4merchant navy passenger tramp cargo sugar coal
A/S Framnaes Mek Vaerksted 1898-1948Bogen, Hans S IDreyerNorway list company Framnaes
A/S Hvaler Bat og FergeselskapA/S Hvaler BatFredrikstad CentraltrykkeriNorway whaling steam motor Oslo chronology list company Hvaler
Aalesunds Rederiforening 75ar 1906-1981Iverson, AntonUtgiver Aalesundsfishing Denmark ringnet company icebreaker Arctic Aalesunds
Aanvaringen in de BinnenvaartKlimbie, BasDe Boer Maritiem90-228-1846-2collisions damage explosion wreck Janssen Rhine
Aanzien Van de Oude VisserijMartens, RobMaatschappij Born b v90-283-7543-0Netherlands fishing postcards port registration letters Rotterdam Lemmer Schveningen Vollenhove Marken Stellendam Vlissingen
Abandon ShipCampbell, GordonHodder and StoughtonEast Indiaman Antelope AlcesteHMS ProsperineHMS St GeorgeHMS DefenceHMS LitchfieldHMS East India Company Korea China Sea Maxwell Hoppner Sandover Pelew Fort Maxwell
Abbey Line [The]Heaton, P MP M Heaton0-9507714-2-2Abbey history Cardiff Frederick Jones Russia Kara Sea Spanish Civil War Tintern Abbey Melrose fleet Mowat FJ & Co
ABC of Blue Water Navigation [The]Luard, LImray Laurie Norie & Wilsonyacht navigation textbook astro instrument
ABC of Yacht Racing [The]Heckstall-Smith, SEdward Arnold and Coracing sails rigging helmanship YRA Rules tactics
ABC Universal Commercial Electric Telegraphic Code [The]Clauson-Thue, WEden Fishercode telegraphy cipher message
Abeking and RasmussenDomizlaff, SvanteDelius Klasing3-7688-0953-6yacht shipbuilding motor sailing lines interior
Abeking and RasmussenGarten, Klaus auf demH M Hauschild3-931-785-48-3shipbuilding German boatbuilding shipyard boatyard lines plans history America Atlantic Class Burgess Stephens Schilling USA
Aberdeen 1986 Port HandbookAberdeenCharter0267-7377Aberdeen Scotland harbour Ro-Ro cargo fishing offshore passenger statistics directory
Aberdeen Colliers [The]Myers, PeterRainbow BooksAberdeen collier WW1 WW2
Aberdeen Maritime MuseumAberdeenharbour whaling shipbuilding fishing shipowning herring trawling wrecks rescues oil gas
Aberdeen Steam Navigation Company LimitedSomner, GraemeWorld Ship Society0-905617-92-4Steamer tourism passenger Aberdeen Steam Navigation
Aberystwyth HarbourTroughton, WilliamNational Library of Wales0-907158-98-6Aberdovey Steam Packet Company John Mathias Cambrian fishing harbourmasters marina
Aboard an American ClassicMoffett, GeorgeMystic Seaport0-939510-78-2Atlantic US Canada Netherlands Caribbean sailplan schooner Brilliant
Aboriginal Bark Canoes of the Murray ValleyEdwards, RobertRobert Hale & Company0-7091-3757-5Aborigines Darling Australia manufacture use Hume Lake Alexandrina Sturt SwanHill Lady Augusta Gerstaeker Taplin
About MevagisseyDuxbury, BrendaBossiney Books0-906456-07-XMevagissey Portmellon Gorran Haven ports harbours fishing
Above the Tay BridgesAitken, JohnJohn Aitken0-9507158-1-6Perth Newburgh Fife paddle coasters lighters Everard
Above us the WavesWarren, C E TGeorge G HarrapWW2 midget submarine
ABP Ports Handbook 1997ABP PortsCharter International0262-1630port handbook Plymouth Teignmouth Southampton statistics ABP
Abridged Callendar Steam TablesCallendar, H LEdward Arnoldtables thermodynamics steam
Absolute Wreck [An]Hicks, JohnScotforth Books978-1-909817-25-8St Agnes lifeboat Scilly isles gig Billy Cook RNLI shipbuilding Tresco Captain Dow Freddy Cook Edward Rowe
According to UffaFox, UffaGeorge Newnes Ltdplans lines Valhalla rigging techniques weather racing cruising
Account of Steam Vessels and of Steam Navigation in British IndiaAccount of SteamGovernment Gazette Press CalcuttaIndia steam vessels navigation
Account of the Arctic Regions with History...Whale-Fishery [An] Vol 1Scoresby, WilliamArchibald Constable0-7153-4361-0arctic Greenland oceanography meteorology wildlife
Account of the Arctic Regions with History...Whale-Fishery [An] Vol 2Scoresby, WilliamArchibald Constable0-7153-4362-9arctic whaling Greenland signal law Spitzbergen tools
Account of the Fishing Gear of England and Wales Vol 21 No 8 [An]Davis, F MHMSOfishing gear trawling seine coracle net shellfish oyster
Account of Wrecks [An]Bray, JohnInstitute of Cornish Studies/Trevithick Socshipwreck Cornwall Bude Barns Morwenstow Waddon Trengrouse John Normand Widemouth Fox Bridgerule Bridge "Ginney" "Jenny" Clovelly Poughill
Achtung! SwordfishBrand, StanleyPropagator Press1-86029-805-2navy aircraft carrier WW2 swordfish
Acquisition of Objects From Underwater Archaeological Sites [The]Acquisition of ObjectsUnderwater Archaeological Committeearchaeology subsea museum
Across the Irish SeaSinclair, Robert CConway Maritime0-85177-524-1merchant Liverpool ferry Belfast Ireland liner passenger cargo coast P&O
Across the ReefCroizat, Victor JBlandford0-7137-1894-3US Pacific Philippines landing amphibious tracked vehicle war
Across the Sea to WarPlowman, PeterRosenberg1-877058-06-8convoy Australia New Zealand troop
Across the Top of the World The Quest for the Northwest PassageDelgado, James PCheckmark Books0-1860-4124-5exploration Arctic kayak Eskimo Inuit Beechey Island Bering Strait Erebus Franklin Ross Frobisher Gjoa Hudson Bay Company King William Island Larsen Parry Rae Ross Terror
Across the Western OceanSnaith, WilliamMacmillancrew Newfoundland Grand Banks Atlantic Falmouth cruising racing
Across Three OceansO'Brien, ConorEdward Arnoldyacht travel adventure Cape Horn Falklands ketch Pacific circumnavigation cruising Saoirse
Act For Erecting a Proper and Convenient Pier at St IvesBritish Parliamentary PapersBritish parliamentary paper Act law St Ives Cornwall pier George III
Act For Erecting Making Pier and Harbour in the Cove of TrevaunanceBritish Parliamentary PapersBritish parliamentary paper Act law Cove Trevaunance Cornwall harbour pier George III
Act For Registering of British Vessels Passed 5th July 1825British Parliamentary PapersBritish parliamentary paper Act law St Ives Cornwall pier George IV vessel register
Act For Repealing Several Duties of Customs Chargable in GBBritish Parliamentary PapersBritish parliamentary Act law custom repeal
Action Stations !Thursfield, H GAdam & Charles BlackRN WW2 Fleet Air Arm FAA destroyer battleship convoy U-Boat torpedo Dunkirk
Action This DayVian, PhilipFrederick Muller LtdWW2 RN navy escort Norway Bismarck Russia Mediterranean Sicily Japan Sumatra Normandy
Activities of Vickers-Armstrongs Limited [The]Activities of Vickersshipbuilding battleship battlecruiser submarine mine Vickers Barrow-in-Furness
Acts of Gallantry Vol 2Fevyer, W HNaval & Military Pressgallantry Stanhope Royal Humane Society recipient
Acts of Gallantry Vol 3 1951-2000Fevyer, W HNaval & Military Pressgallantry Stanhope Royal Humane Society police recipient
Addicted to SailHoyt, Norris DW W Norton0-393-03316-3yacht cruising racing Atlantic canal
Adelaide Line [The]Parsons, Ronald HRonald H Parsons0-909418-06-3Australia Melbourne Queensland history fleet
Adirondack Steamboats on Raquette and Blue Mountain LakesHochschild, Harold KAdirondack Museum0-8156-8025-2Utowana Tuscarora Toowarloondah Durant crews
Adlard Coles Book of Euroregs For Inland Waterways [The]Martin, MarianAdlard Coles Nautical978-1-4081-0141-4canal Europe
Adlard Coles Book of Knots [The]Owen, PeterAdlard Coles Nautical0-7136-8152-7knot rope sailing seizings, splicings, stopper knots, bends, loops
Admiral Benbow [The]Willis, SamQuercus978-1-84916-036-0Barges Barbary Coast court martial Corsairs revolution battles fleets dockyard invasion bombs bombardments convoys benevolence hospital caribbean warships songs
Admiral CollingwoodAdams, MaxWeidenfeld & Nicolson0-297-84640-XNelson Napoleon Italian campaign Egyptian campaign Cadiz Trafalgar Corsica Temeraire
Admiral Lord NelsonAdmiral Lord NelsonPalgrave Macmillan1-4039-3906-3Nelson navy Freemasonry London seamanship Mediterranean
Admiral of the FleetHough, RichardMacmillannavy Jutland biography Fisher Dreadnought WW1
Admiral of the Fleet Earl Beatty: the last naval heroRoskill, StephenCollins0-00-216278-4biography Beatty Jutland Jellicoe tactics
Admiral of the Fleet Sir Provo W P WallisBrighton, J GHutchinsonnavy poetry frigate USN Chesapeake Shannon Wallis
Admiral Paris Native Boats of Asia and the Pacific-1841Admiral ParisAntiques of the Orient Pte Ltd981-00-1059-1Pacific catalogue Africa Arabia India art China Philippines Paris native
Admiral Sir Cloudesley ShovellHarris, SimonSimon Harrisbiography Schovell
Admiral Sir Francis BridgemanRoss, StewartPearson Publishing0-9523628-8-0admiral biography Bridgeman navy
Admiral Sir William FisherJames, WilliamMacmillanbiography navy WW1 Fisher Britannia Jutland uniform
AdmiralsLambert, AndrewFaber & Faber978-0-571-23157-7Howard Blake Anson Hood Jervis Hornby Parker Fisher Beatty Cunningham
Admirals Fremantle [The]Parry, AnnChatto & Windus0-7011-1603-Xadmiral biography Fremantle
Admirals in CollisionHough, RichardHamish HamiltonTyron Victoria RN Camperdown Markham Bourke Gillford Hawkins-Smith Culme-Seymour Hibernia
Admirals in the Age of NelsonBienkowski, LeeNaval Institute Press1-55750-002-9Howe Hood Jervis Duncan Elphinstone Gambier Duckworth Warren Saumarez Pellew
Admirals WidowAspinall-Oglander, CecilHogarth Pressnavy sociology Boscawen letters
Admirals WifeAspinall-Oglander, CecilLongmans, Green and Conavy sociology Boscawen letters
Admiralty [The]Rodger, N A MTerence Dalton0-900963-94-8admiralty Pepys London Mountbatten navy finance law
Admiralty BriefTerrell, EdwardGeorge G Harrapplastic armour WW2 Penlee granite Oerlikon RNVR convoy merchant rocket bomb
Admiralty Chart [The]Ritchie, G SPentland Press1-85821-234-0admiralty chart hydrography survey Arctic Antarctic Beagle
Admiralty Collection [The]Admiralty CollectionAdmiraltycatalogue chart
Admiralty Exhibition of German Naval Gunnery EquipmentAdmiraltyVicker-Armstrongsadmiralty German navy gunnery catalogue exhibition electric
Admiralty Job Numbers 1939-1945Admiralty Job NumbersWorld Ship Society0966-6958navy WW2 NMM Scotland Liverpool Tyneside shipyard Wales
Admiralty Mediterranean Steam Packets 1830-1857Tabeart, ColinJames Bendon9963-579-86-8packet Mediterranean Greece Malta steam
Admiralty Mediterranean Steam Packets 1830-1857Tabeart, ColinJames Brendon9963-579-86-8packet Mediterranean Greece Malta steam
Admiralty Officials 4 1660-1870Admiralty OfficialsAthlone Press0-485-17144-9Admiralty official navy RN Britain
Admiralty Regrets British Warship Losses of the 20th Century [The]Kemp, PaulSutton0-7509-1567-6capital ships aircraft carriers monitors depot ships cruisers destroyers sloops submarines minesweepers frigates corvettes WW1 WW2
Admiralty Regrets...[The]Warren, C E TGeorge G Harrapsubmarine Thetis Thunderbolt HMS salvage personnel
Admiralty Salvage in Peace and War 1906-2006Booth, TonyPen & Sword Maritime978-1-84415-565-1casualty Suez navy Atlantic D-Day Mountbatten tug Belguim WW2 UK UN U-boat salvage
Admiralty Ships Badges Vol 1 A-LStopford, T PHMSO0-9529346-1-2heraldry ships shore establishments naval air stations fleet support units
Admiralty Ships Badges Vol 2 M-ZStopford, T PHMSO0-9529346-2-0heraldry ships shore establishments naval air stations fleet support units
Admiralty Statutes, Supplement to, issued in 1886AdmiraltyHMSOadmiralty document HMSO law
Admiralty Weather Manual 1938AdmiraltyAdmiralty Hydrographic Departmentmeteorology synoptic forecasting equipment instruments tables
Adriatic [The]Denham, H MJohn Murraydirections pilot yacht cruising guide Mediterranean Adriatic
AdriftJones, TristanAdlard Coles Nautical0-7136-5803-7cutter Chile Lake Titicaca adventure South America travel
Adrift in CaledoniaThorpe, NickLittle Brown978-0-316-72688-7Scotland canal Edinburgh Orkney NorthSea Falkirk Caledonia
Advanced Electrotechnology for Engineers Volume 7Kraal, Edmund G RThomas Reed0-900335-41-6mathematics engineering electrotechnology
Advanced First Aid AfloatEastman, Peter FCornell Maritime Press0-87033-169-8First Aid yacht
Advanced RopeworkingPopple, LeonardBrown, Son & Ferguson0-85174-137-1yarn fibre cordage splice knotting fender hawser shackle
Advanced Sailboat CruisingMudie, ColinNautical0-333-318072yacht cruising sails rigging propeller sail plan
Advanced Sailing Advanced HandbookAdvanced SailingRYA0-901501-95-6seamanship skills capsizes day sailing spinnakers safety trapezing racing
Advanced WindsurfingPrade, ErnstfriedA & C Black0-7136-5661-1windsurf
Advances in Berthing and Mooring of Ships and Offshore StructuresAdvances in BerthingKluwer Academic Publishers90-247-3731-1anchoring mooring offshore berthing structures
Advances in Maritime EconomicsAdvances in MaritimeUniversity of Wales Inst of Sci & Tech0-906449-47-2flag discrimination finance size economy dry bulk carriers congestion cost ships lifeboats liferafts
Advent of Steam [The]Advent of SteamConway Maritime0-085177-563-2steam propeller engine screw
Adventure in Oil The Story of British PetroleumLonghurst, HenrySidgwick & Jacksonoil tanker BP history
Adventure of Sail 1520-1914 [The]Macintyre, DonaldPaul Elekart lines deckplan adventure exploration square-rig humour
Adventure of the Faeroe Islands [The]Graham, M HelenArthur H Stockwell Ltdyacht Emanuel cutter cruising Burnham Somerset Ramsey Thorshaven Klaksvig Atlantic fish
Adventure of the Life-boat Service [The]Saville, MalcolmMacdonaldlifeboat rescue RNLI shipwreck
Adventures and PerilsAdventures and PerilsMichael Josephloss shipwreck Doddington Amazon Cumberland Lady Hobart Apollo Ramilles Duke William Vryheid Grosvenor Hercules Winterton Margate rescue Ganges China Torres Anson slaver
Adventures Ashore and AfloatKeyes, RogerGeorge G Harrapbiography navy Keyes yacht sociology
Adventures at Sea in the Great Age of SailSnow, ElliotMarine Research Society, Salem0-486-25177-2sail adventure Falklands Pacific snow
Adventures of a Naval Paymaster [The]Martin, W E RHerbert Jenkinsbiography navy paymaster
Adventures of John Wetherell [The]Adventures of JohnMichael Josephadventure napoleonic shipwreck survival Wetherell
Adventures of Thomas Williams [The]Williams, ThomasBrentford Printing & Publishing Co LtdSt Ives Cornwall napoleonic France Devon prison privateer Williams
Adventures on the Great LakesAdventures on the Great LakesColesGreat Lakes Canada US canal Niagara shipwreck statistics resue casualty ice weather
Adventures under sailTilman, H WVictor Gollancz0-586-06166-5Mischief Patagonia Greenland Montevideo Deception Island Sea Breeze Baroque Spitzbergen Greenland
Adventures with ShipwrecksLoney, J KEric the Red W B Godfrey Speculant Woolamai Casino City of Rayville Black Witch barque barquentine brig brigantine schooner Australia
Adventurous lifeMountevans, LordHutchinsonnavy WW2 destroyer Scott battlecruiser cruiser
Aegean [The]Denham, H MJohn Murray0-7195-3675-8Aegean Cuclades Dodecanese Santorina pilotage cruising yacht Athens anchorage port Dardanelles Gallipolli Bosporus Mediterranean
Aegean Adventures 1940-43Parish, Michael WoodbineBook Guild0-86332-788-5WW2 navy Aegean Crete Mediterranean Jerusalem PoW mining
Aero-Hydrodynamics of SailingMarchaj, C AAdlard Coles Nautical0-7136-5073-7yacht design keel hull stability aerofoil hydrofoil Reynolds performance
Aesthetic Aspects of Ship and Yacht DesignGuiton, JAdlard Coles0-229-97487-2yacht design shipbuilding lines deckplan
AEU Trade Manual 1963-64AEU Trade ManualAmalgamated Engineering Unionmanual tables gears wire insulation tools welding gas temperature
Affair With the Sea [An]Richards, JamesLeslie Frewin0-85632-067-6Mediterranean Lalaguh Anzio Aegean Adriatic
Afloat and Ashore 1 2002/2003Morgan, TomOn Board Publications0-9541900-1-7NT coastwatch Cornwall Devon pilotage Tamar marina Lyner guide Penryn Truro coastguard radio
Afloat and Ashore 2 2002/2003Morgan, TomOn Board Publications0-9541900-2-5NT coastwatch Cornwall Devon pilotage Tamar marina Lyner guide Penryn Truro coastguard radio
Afloat and Ashore 2 Plymouth Salcombe River Yealm and LooeMorgan, TomOn Board Publications0-9541900-2-5
Africa General Service Medal [The]Africa General Service MedalNaval & Military Pressbar multibar Gambia Aro Jubaland Somaliland Jidbali Nigeria despatches
African KeyportPearson, TonyAccucut Books0-620-19494-4history construction harbour engineers port captains Natal South Africa shipping plans charts
Afridi to Nizam British Fleet Destroyers 1937-43English, JohnWorld Ship Society0-905617-95-0builders armament price deployment loss damage WW2
After 50000 MilesRoth, HalStanford Maritime0-540-07170-6yacht rigging steering anchor refrigeration engine dinghy weather tactics tables California ocean design sail
After 70 yearsAfter 70 yearsWezata & Adolf Bratt & CoSweden WW2 barge coal ore insurance shipbuilding engineer
After the Battle the Raid on Saint-NazaireAfter the BattleBattle of Britain Prints International0306-154X
After the StormRousmaniere, JohnInternational Marine/McGraw-Hill0-07-137795-6shipwreck derelicts salvage mariners trauma stress Ariel Shelley Fuller SmeetonElizabethThe Yankee Gale Calliope Portland Hamrah Pollux Mary Celeste First Draft Ames Bangs Blanchard WW1 WW2
After You ColumbusMielche, HakonWilliam Hodgeyacht cruising Denmark Columbus Cuba Caribbean
Against All OddsGallagher, ThomasMacdonald356-03591-3WW2 Aitken Cameron Goddard Kendall Lorimer Meyer Raaby Place Kaafjord Norway X-craft Sea Nymph Sharnhorst Bonaventure Lutzow Stubborn
Against the FlowCaffari, DeeA & C Black978-07136-8441-4yacht racing solo circumnavigation Caffari
Against Wind and WeatherDrushka, KenDouglas & McIntyre0-88894-327-XCanada British Columbia towboat barge lighthouse Puget paddlesteamer timber
Age d'Or de la Voile [L']Lacroix, LouisHorizons de FranceFrance company crew passengers tea Alaska Erikson captains crew
Age of Sail [The] Vol 1Age of SailConway Maritime Press0-85177-925-5sail Nelson exploration trade Canada dockyard
Age of Sail [The] Vol 2Age of SailJohn Lee/Conway Maritime Press0-85177-949-2sail Nelson navy Rodney Australia White Star archaeology
Age of the Galley [The]Age of the GalleyConway Maritime0-85177-634-5history Roman Byzantine Islamic galley fleet merchant oar medieval warfare archaeology trireme hull construction Mediterranean mechanics power rowing
Age of the Galley [The]Age of the GalleyConway Maritime Press0-85177-955-7galley Mediterranean Aegean trireme Roman Byzantium Greece
Aids to NavigationAids to Navigationlight lightship lifebuoys radar solar
Aids to StabilityOwen, HJames Brown & Sondraught displacement co-efficient of fineness deadweight density specific gravity equilibrium buoyancy metacentre trim cargo ballast
Ainsleys Examiner in SeamanshipAinsley, Thomas LThomas Ainsleyseamanship textbook rules signal
Air Battle of Malta [The]Ministry of InformationHMSOaircraft Malta WW2 RAF battle Italy Luftwaffe convoy Rommel blitz airfield
Air DayAir DayAircraft display programme 771 search and rescue squadron
Air Sea RescueMinistry of InformationHMSORAF aircraft WW2 ASR air sea rescue
Aircraft Carrier Story [The]Robbins, GuyCassell & Co0-304-35308-6airarm carrier
Aircraft Carrier Victorious [The]Watton, RossConway Maritime Press0-85177-580-2navy carrier model deckplan Victorious
Aircraft CarriersBrown, DavidMacdonald and Jane's0-354-01008-5Bearn Graf Zeppelin Aquila Japan ArgusHMS EagleHMS HermesHMS FuriousHMS Ark Royal HMS IndomitableHMS UnicornHMS LangleyUSS RangerUSS WaspUSS
Aircraft CarriersMacIntyre, DonaldBallantine BooksWW1 WW2 carrier air arm airplane aeroplane Atlantic Pacific Mediterranean Tirpitz torpedo plane
Aircraft CarriersPolmar, NormanMacdonald356-02805-4carrier warloss WW1 WW2 convoy Malta battle Japan USN
Aircraft CarriersPreston, AntonyBison Books0-86124-197-5WW1 World War One WW2 World War Two Coral Sea Japanese USA Pearl Harbour
Aircraft Carriers of the World, 1914 to the PresentChesneau, RogerArms and Armour1-86019-87-5-9WW1 WW2 aircraft carrier UK USA Japan
Aircraft For the NavyBowyer, Michael J FPatrick Stephens Ltd1-85260-427-1bomber Avro Lancaster Mosquito Stirling Mallard Dakota Mustang Hawker
Aircraft of the British EmpireBridgman, LeonardSampson Low Marstonaircraft
Aircraft Versus SubmarinePrice, AlfredWilliam Kimber1-84415-091-7aircraft submarine WW1 WW2 U-boat convoy warloss
Aircraft-Carrying Ships of the Royal NavyCocker, MauriceHistory Press978-0-7524-4633-2WW1 WW2 RN merchant aeroplane Ocean Beardmore FAA Fleet Air Arm RNAS helicopter
Aire and Calder Navigation [The]Aire and Calder NavigationTempus0-7524-1715-0canal Aire Calder
Airfield Focus: St EvalAshworth, ChrisGMS Enterprises870384-19-9bomber WW2 airfield St Erme
Airman at the helmBlackman, EricArima Publishing1-84549-127-0WW2 World War Two RAF air-sea rescue catalina flying boats
Aith LifeboatNicolson, James RAith Station Branch Committee of RNLIRNLI rescue Shetland KTJS Rankin John and Francis Macfarlane
Akarana The Ports of AucklandRose, JohnAuckland Harbour BoardAuckland Waitemata Mathew Waikato Onehunga Manukau Maori Taniwha DriverHMS Juno Rangitiki Bjarne Arawa Pamir carrier
Aktiebolaget TransmarinAktiebolaget TransmarinTransmarin Hamburg cargo Helsingborg plans sections oil freight grain tanker
Aktieselskabet det Ostasiatiske Kompagni East Asiatic Company Limited [The]Westphall, Povlhistory company management fleet trade cargo factory quay warehouse products route shipping line container ro ro crew officers Andersen
Aktieselskabet det Ostasiatiske Kompagni The East Asiatic CompanyAktieselskabetEast Asiatic Co LtdDenmark Copenhagen fleet Malaya rubber soya shipbuilding Bangkok Siam Thailand
Aku-AkuHeyerdahl, ThorPenguin BooksEaster Island Pacific Raipaiti statues Rano-Raraku Rapa Nui
Alabama Affair [The]Hollett, DavidAvid Publications1-902964-32-2raider US civil war Alabama
AlandPihlstrom, BengtInforma951-713-000-7Finland sociology economics Aland
Aland Islands [The]Mead, W RDavid & Charles0-7153-6734-XAland Finland museum WW1 WW2 Baltic
Alaska BluesUpton, JoeAlaska Northwest Pub Co0-88240-098-3Alaska US fishing salmon Vancouver Canada
Alaska SteamMcDonald, LucileAlaska Geographic0-88240-268-4Gold Rush Northern Waterway Copper Prohibition Depression WW2 World War Two
Alaska Whales and Whaling Vol 5 No 4Alaska WhalesAlaska Geographicwhaling whale Alaska Arctic science trade Pacific
Alaskan MaritimeGibbs, JimSchiffer Publishing Ltd0-7643-0035-0Russia USA coastguard lighthouses shipwrecks oil cruise ships cargo Tlingits
Albert StrangeStrange, Albertyacht design
Albert Strange on Yacht Design Construction and CruisingClay, JamieAlbert Strange Association0-9526160-0-9yawl rig ketch cruiser gaff sloop transom stern racing Solway class ballast rigging
Albert Strange Yacht Designer and ArtistLeather, JohnPentland Press0-946270-73-2yacht design lines pedigree
Albert Strange Yacht Designer and ArtistLeather, JohnPentland Pressyacht design lines pedigree
Alberto DoderoCliment, Aurelio Gonzalezhistory shipbuilding fleet Argentina company
Album dos Navios da Marinha Mercante PortuguesaAlbum dos NaviosJunta Nacional da Marinha MercantePortugal company passenger liner tanker cargo tug
Aldabra World Heritage SiteAldabra World Heritage SiteCamerapix Publishers1-874041-58-Xshellfish ecology Konigsberg Seychelles sociology wildlife
Alderney A Second SelectionBonnard, BrianAlan Sutton Publishing Ltd0-7509-0368-6people industry countryside churches buildings communications railway harbour aircraft coast lighthouses wrecks archaeology Bronze Age militia fort occupation WW2 royalty Queen Elizabeth
Alderney in Old PhotographsBonnard, BrianAlan Sutton Publishing Ltd0-7509-0053-9people industry countryside St Anne's churches buildings communications railway harbour aircraft coast lighthouses wrecks militia fort occupation WW2
Aleutians, Gilberts and Marshalls 1942-1944 Vol 7Morison, Samuel EliotLittle, Brown and CoArctic Komandorski Attu Galvanic Pacific Makin Tarawa Abemama Kwajalein Flintlock Eniwetok Catchpole Truk Hailstone aircraft carrier Hill I-boats LSTs LVTs marines Montgomery Nimitz ordnance Parry Pearl Harbour Pearl Harbor submarines U-boats Turner
Alex Aiken 1895-1945Aiken, AAlex Aiken (author)0-9502134-5-4biography WW1 WW2 Blue Funnel Dreadnoughts Calchas Jason Glenearn Prince Baudouin
Alexander Lindsay a Rutter of the Scottish Seas Circa 1540Alexander LindsayTrustees of the National Maritime Museum0-905555-31-7Scotland pilot charts maps
Alexander RattrayGregory, MartynMartyn Gregorycatalogue guide art China junk medical Rattray
Alexandra Towing Company LtdAlexandra Towing CompanyAlexandra TowingAlexandra towing tug company Liverpool plans
Alfons Hakans 1945-2005Sjostrom, Par-HenrikAlfons Hakanscompany Finland list towage salvage Baltic icebreaker funnel Alfons Hakans
Alfred WallisGale, MatthewTate Publishing978-1-84976-273-1art St Ives
Alfred Wallis Artist and MarinerJones, RobertHalsgrove1-84118-072-4Wallis art Cornwall Penzance fishing sail IoS Nicholson Newlyn herring
Alfred Wallis Artist and MarinerJones, RobertFirst Light Studio978-1-9996467-0-7biography art St Ives Cornwall painting Wallis
Alfred Warrior KingPeddie, JohnSutton0-7509-2105-6Viking Thames navy Alfred
Alfred Yarrow His Life and WorkAlfred YarrowEdward ArnoldYarrow biography WW1 boiler engineering torpedo steam
Algonquin Birchbark Canoe [The]Gidmark, DavidShire Ethnography0-85263-940-6Alonquin birchbark canoe Canada boatbuilding construction
All AboardMeyer, R JNew Zealand Railway and Locomotive Society0-908573-27-8New Zealand Waimea branch line companies contractors engineers Glenorchy Head of Lake Dunedin Invercargill mishaps freight tourism fleet
All About Ships and ShippingAll AboutFaber & Faberflag lighthouse plans funnel signals
All at SeaBox, PeterRushmere Publishing1-872992-05-6journeys mishaps tragedy ships piers ports resorts
All at SeaPurves, LibbyFontana0-00-636764-Xnavy sociology humour folklore anthology
All at Sea with Union CastleBrownlee, CecilyCecily Brownlee (author)0-620-26389-XUnion Castle company passenger liner crew Athlone Castle
All Colour Book of SeashellsClayton, J MOctopus Books0-7064-0276-6seashells univalve bivalve siphon oyster pearl
All Colour World of ShipsRutland, JonathanOctopus0-7064-0748-2Armaments dhow clipper battleship brig brigantine barque bark battleship frigate Brunel construction Viking rigging explorers passenger liners
All for a Bottle of WhiskyArnim, Ralph vonSheridan House1-57409-139-5Ryusei voyage yacht Indian Ocean Atlantic
All Hands on the Main SheetHeckstall-Smith, BGrant RichardsBritannia Ingomar Cowes Germany Scandinavia Americas Cup designers history of yachting
All in a LifetimeLethbridge, MattMatt Lethbridge0-9545250-0-0Scilly lifeboat biography WW2 navy RAF air sea rescue ASR Falmouth RNLI St Mary's Lethbridge
All in a Lifetimes WorkPellow, SteveSteve PellowFalmouth shipping agent family history WW2 Cold War docks port quay punt Robin Knox-Johnston
All Red Route 1893-1953 [The]Hamilton, J HBritish Columbia Historical Quarterlymail passenger liners Australia Canada Huddart Mills Canadian Pacific Railway Union Steamship Canadian Australian Royal Mail Company Warrimoo Miowera Makura Fairrfield Shipbuilding & Engineering
All Seasons YachtsmanHaward, PeterAdlard Colesyacht cruising
All the Ships MenPringle, Sherry JVanwell Publishing Limited1-800-661-6136Athabaskan WW2 World War Two shipwreck Canada naval operations
All the Worlds Fighting FleetsAll the Worlds Fighting FleetsSampson Low, Marstonwarship catalogue uniform shipbuilding victualing badge flag navy flag badge medal
All the Worlds Fighting FleetsAll the Worlds Fighting FleetsSampson Low, Marstonwarship catalogue uniform shipbuilding victualing badge flag navy flag badge medal
All the Worlds Fighting FleetsAll the Worlds Fighting FleetsSampson Low, Marstonwarship catalogue uniform shipbuilding victualing badge flag navy flag badge medal
All the Worlds Fighting FleetsAll the Worlds Fighting FleetsSampson Low, Marstonwarship catalogue uniform shipbuilding victualing badge flag navy flag badge medal
All Well on BoardAll Wellhistory company Svea Sweden Finland trade ferry Baltic routes tourism fleet
Allanson HickAllanson HickHull City Museums & Art Galleries/Hutton Press1-872167-20-9painting Hull Parma biography docks museum art exhibition RA Scotland
Allied Coastal Forces of World War 2 Vol 1Lambert, JohnConway Maritime Press0-85177-519-5WW2 MGB motor gunboat ML motor launch MTB motor torpedo boat ordnance Fairmile shipbuilding establishment
Allied Coastal Forces of World War 2 Vol 2Lambert, JohnConway Maritime0-85177-602-7WW2 VosperT MTB PT-boat plywood turret USN lines dazzle Elco
Allied Convoy System 1939-1945 [The]Hague, ArnoldChatham1-86176-147-3convoy code Atlantic U-boat India Africa Enigma warloss tug
Allied Escort Carriers of World War Two in ActionPoolman, KennethBlandford Press0-7137-1221-Xnavy WW2 carrier escort warloss convoy airarm
Allied Escort Ships of World War 2Elliott, PeterMacdonald and Janes0-356-08401-9destroyers corvettes frifates minesweepers RN Royal Nany Canadian Australian Indian New Zealand South African United States
Allied Landing Craft of World War TwoAllied Landing CraftArms and Armour0-85368-687-4Assault personnel barge ship vehicle amphibious
Allied Minesweeping in World War 2Elliott, PeterPatrick Stephens0-85059-350-6minesweeper WW2 mine Europe Pacific Australia New Zealand
Allied SecretJackson, CarltonNaval Institute Press0-8061-3418-6WW2 Rohna troopship survival guided bombs
Allied Shipping ControlSalter, J AOxfordWW1
Allied Submarine Attacks of World War 2Rohwer, JurgenGreenhill Books1-85367-274-2submarine navy Europe operation Arctic Norway Biscay Baltic
Allied SubmarinesWatts, Anthony JMacDonald and Janes0-354-010107Register
Alluring Antilles [The]Rigg, J LintonD Van Nostrandyacht cruising Antilles Caribbean directions
Almanakki 1930AlmanakkiPf H N Jacobsens BokahandilsFaeroes almanac whaling
Almanakki 1933AlmanakkiPf H N Jacobsens BokahandilsFaeroes almanac whaling
Almanakki 1991AlmanakkiPf H N Jacobsens BokahandilsFaeroes almanac whaling
AloneByrd, Richard EReaders Union and Putnamtravel exploration adventure misc Antarctic survival
AloneGilles, DanielAngus & Robertson0-207-95758-4yacht racing Atlantic solo multihull steering
Alone Across the AtlanticChichester, FrancisGeorge Allen & Unwinyacht race Gipsy Moth solo Solent weather Ambrose Light Vessel Staten New York wrecks
Alone Against the AtlanticPage, FrankObserver Limited0-9507034-1-9yacht racing travel adventure solo
Alone Against the AtlanticSpiess, GerrySouvenir Press0-28562-528-4Falmouth Cornwall boatbuilding solo
Alone Around the WorldJames, NaomiCoward, McCann & Geoghegan0-698-10986-4yacht cruising solo Cape Horn Biscay gear
Alone at SeaHampton, T Ayachting cruising Ling Cape Finisterre
Alone in the CaribbeanFenger, Frederic AHodder & Stoughtonwhaling travel adventure tactics
Alone Through the Roaring FortiesDumas, VitoAdlard Colescircumnavigation solo yacht
Along the CamelDuxbury, BrendaBossiney BooksDoom Bar wrecking smuggling Obby Oss Padstow Wadebridge Lifeboat
Along the Clipper WayChichester, FrancisHodder & Stoughtonsociology square rig clipper windjammer
Along the HudsonMiller, William HAmberley978-1-4456-0555-5shipowners liner QE2 flag cruising
Along the WaterfrontMiller, William HAmberley978-1-4456-5408New York freighters cargo docks
Alow and Aloft in Deep Water SailBrown, DewarPutnamsquare rig travel sociology Cape Horn
Alphabet Fleet [The]Hanrahan, MauraFlanker Press978-1-897317-19-8Newfoundland list merchant
Alphabetical List of British Offshore LifeboatsAlphabetical ListLifeboats Enthusiasts Societyoffshore
Als die Hexen Schiffe schlepptenScholl, Lars UKabel3-8225-0006-2cable chain ferry Rhine steam
Alster Elbe und die SeeAlster Elbe und die SeeTopographikon Verlag Rolf Muller3-920953-18-5Bille Elbe Baunhaus Blockhaus snow ketch cutter schooner frigate
Alte Kanal [Der]Liedel, HerbertSturtz Verlag3-8003-01547Ludwig-Donau-Main canal
Aluminium BoatbuildingSims, Ernest HNautical Publishing Company0-7136-5184-9design lines tools welding fastenings jigs plating decking superstructures painting corrosion sterngear fitting out launching repairs alloys adhesives powerboats ferries
Always a Distant AnchorageRoth, HalW W Norton0-393-03312-0yacht cruising Bermuda Panama Australia Indonesia Suez
Always at SeaWardle, MaryWhittles1-870325-74-5biography merchant
Always Good Ships: Histories of Newport News ShipsFox, William ADonning0-89865-500-5USA Virginia passenger cargo tankers colliers lumber carriers ferries tugs yachts steamers dredges cable aircraft carriers battleships cruisers submarines destroyers gunboats amphibious auxillary coastguard cutters coast guard
Always ReadyHeal, S CTrafford1-55395-135-2tug Canada barge scow dredger dredging radar Vancouver
Amateur Boat BuildingVerney, MichaelJohn Murrayshipbuilding lines yacht clinker carvel tools fastening
Amateur SailorDrew, NicholasConstablecruising WW2 Dunkirk RN SolanderHMS convoy
Amazing AdventureChatterton, E KebleHurst & BlackettWW1 submarine salvage rescue steam warloss U-boat
Amazing Pennsylvanian Canals [The]Shank, William HAmerican Canal and Transportation Center0-933788-37-1Union schuylkill juniata Delaware Beaver Eyrie Wiconisco Hudson Lehigh Susquehanna Conestoga Leiper Codorus Monongahela
Amazing Sea FactsSwallow, SuMitchell Beazley0-85533-931-4seashore coral creatures deeps turtles ice
Amazing World of Pirates [The]Steele, PhilipAnness978-1-84476-600-0junior pirate China Barbarossa
Amazon and its Wonders [The]AmazonThomas NelsonAmazon flora exploration
Amazon to IvanhoeEnglish, JohnWorld Ship Society0-905617-64-9Codrington Acasta Saguenay Skeena Keith Beagle Kempenfelt Crusader Duncan Defender \exmouth Eclipse Faulknor Fearless Grenville Greyhound Hardy Hero Inglefield Intrepid Brazilian H class Turkish I class
AmbleMorrison, Paul GMorrison and Rylancecoal trade boatbuilding Warkworth harbour shipwreck Coquet
America Rides the LinersHarding, A CCoward-McCann IncUS liner Black Ball clipper USLine ferry passenger packet
America Spreads Her SailsAmerica SpreadsNaval Institute Press0-87021-071-8Brownson cable-cutting Spanish-American War China Conrad Cuba discipline Downes Greenland Fiji Forward Friendship Great Republic Hero Jackson Jones Kamehameha Lake Borgne Lopez Low marines navy Paris pirates St Paul Stonington treaties
American Battleships Carriers and CruisersLenton, H TMacdonaldUSA World War 2 WW2
American Bureau of Shipping One Hundredth AnniversaryAmerican Bureau of ShippingAmerican Bureau of ShippingUS New York medal register survey
American Bureau of Shipping Record 1939American Bureau of ShippingUSA merchant register
American Bureau of Shipping Record 1980 Vol 1 A-GAmerican Bureau of ShippingUSA merchant register
American Bureau of Shipping Record 1980 Vol 2 H-PAmerican Bureau of ShippingUSA merchant register
American Bureau of Shipping Record 1980 Vol 3 Q-ZAmerican Bureau of ShippingUSA merchant register
American Clipper Ships 1833-1858 Vol 1Howe, Octavius TArgosy Antiquarian LtdAndrew Jackson Chariot of Flame Donald McKay Dreadnought Flying Cloud Great Republic
American Clipper Ships 1833-1858 Vol 2Howe, Octavius TArgosy AntiquarianN B Palmer Northern Light Red Jacket Ringleader Stag Hound Surprise Syren
American FerryboatsPerry, JohnWilfed Funkhistory power Detroit Chicago Mississippi Civil War
American FishermenChurch, Albert CookRobert HaleAmerica fishing lines sailplan Newfoundland east coast cod
American Fishing Schooners [The]Chapelle, Howard IW W Norton0-393-03123-3schooner fishing America windlass lines gear steering pump
American Fleet and Escort Destroyers Vol 1Lenton, H TMacdonald356-03005-9USA USN destroyer escort World War 2 WW2
American Fleet and Escort Destroyers Vol 2Lenton, H TMacdonald356-03123-3USA USN destroyer escort Wold War 2 WW2
American Forces at Salcombe and Slapton during World War Two [The]Murch, MurielUS Devon WW2 navy landing craft ferry D-Day Overlord Neptune RAF ASR Mullberry
American Forces at Salcombe and Slapton during World War Two [The]Murch, MurielUS Devon WW2 navy landing craft ferry D-Day Overlord Neptune RAF ASR Mullberry
American Gunboats and MinesweepersLenton, H TMacdonald and Jane's0-356-08063-3auxiliary escort decoy WW2
American Journals of Lt John Enys [The]Enys, JohnAdirondack Mus Syracuse Uni Press0-8156-0121-2journal autobiography army revolution Vermount Washington Virginia Niagara Cornwall Boston
American LighthousesCaravan, JillTodtri1-880908-87-5lighthouse US
American LighthousesJones, RayGlobe Pequot Press0-7627-0324-5lighthouse US
American Line [The]Flayhart, William HenryW W Norton and Company0-393-04710-5Aberdeen Atlantic Inman American Steamship Company City Cunard Fairfield Falmouth St Anthony Paris Manacles HAPAG INC International Navigation Company Liverpool & Philadelphia William Cramp
American Maritime Documents 1776-1860Stein, Douglas LMystic Seaport Museum0-913372-62-5US law custom log insurance document crew list shipbuilding
American Merchant Marine [The]American Merchant MarineAmerican Bureau of ShippingUS merchant shipbuilding shipowner steam mail custom
American Merchant Ships 1850-1900Matthews, Frederick CMarine Research SocietyUSA merchant navy sail square rig Blanchard Bosworth Carver Chapman Curtis Emerson Flint Ford Gilmore Hall Herriman Jackson McGilvery McDonald Morrison Nichols Nickels Oakes Pendleton Soule Taylor Thompson Watts Young
American Merchant Ships 1850-1900 Series 1Matthews, Frederick CDover Publications0-486-25538-7USA merchant navy sail square rig Blanchard Bosworth Carver Chapman Curtis Emerson Flint Ford Gilmore Hall Herriman Jackson McGilvery McDonald Morrison Nichols Nickels Oakes Pendleton Soule Taylor Thompson Watts Young
American Merchant Ships 1850-1900 Series 2Matthews, Frederick CDover Publications0-486-25539-5USA merchant navy sail square rig Anderson Baker Bartlett Blanchard Carter Chapman Colley Gates Goss & Sawyer Henry Herriman Lawrence Knowles Murphy Nichols Oliver Otis Patten Pendleton Reed Staples Stetson Taylor Thompson Watts Whitmore Williams Wood
American Nautical Art and AntiquesKranz, Jacqueline LCrown0-517-51891-0art scrimshaw figurehead America USA models
American Naval BroadsidesSmith, Edgar NewboldClarkson N Potter0-517-517612USA USN art Constitution Guerriere Constellation L'Insurgent Frolic United States Macedonian Java Chesapeake Shannon Lake Eyrie Perry Fort Oswego President Endymion
American Neptune [The]American NeptuneThe Peabody Museumart model Peabody shipbuilding tug signal flag shipyard Houghton Morse Sewall Patten Deering-Donnell Rogers Minnot Goss Sawyer Packard McDonald Adams New England Kelly-Spear Hagan Thurlow Percy SmallPendletonTexas Bath Iron Works BIW
American Paddle SteamboatsLane, Carl DCoward-McCannlines Bard C. Vanderbilt Clermont captains Boston Champlain Chateaugay City of Boston War Eagle Western World towboats racing company Fulton
American Passenger Arrival RecordsTepper, MichaelGenealogical Publishing Co0-8063-1380-3US migration passenger guide custom list colony migration archive Canada Germany
American Passenger ShipsEmmons, Frederick EUniversity of Delaware Presses0-87413-248-7liner Atlantic Pacific Africa Caribbean houseflag list
American Practical Navigator Vol 1Bowditch, NathanielDefense Mapping Agency Hydrographic Centernavigation USA piloting dead reckoning Celestial navigation practice safety oceanography weather electonics
American Practical Navigator Vol 2Bowditch, NathanielDefense Mapping Agency Hudrographic Topographictables USA navigation athematics calculation
American President Companies Ltd APLAmerican Presidentfinancial report statement revenue income results director officer vessels fleet APL
American President Lines and its Forebears 1848-1984Niven, JohnDelaware0-87413-299-1company USA container
American SailLaing, AlexanderDuttonUS navy shipwreck Americas colony yacht slavery pirate art
American Sailing Coasters of the North AtlanticMorris, Paul CBloch and OsbornBath Boston New York Philadelphia Rockland Taunton Wyoming Winslow West Coast East Coast
American Sailing CraftChapelle, Howard IBonanza Books0-517-170531shipbuilding lines New Haven Sharpie Skipjack Friendship sloop Cape Cod Catboat Gloucester schooner sloop Pinkies Nova Scotia Tern schooners Bahama Sharpshooter Bermuda sloop Bermuda dinghies pilot
American Sailing Ships their Plans and HistoryDavis, Charles GGeneral Publishing Co0-486-24658-2schooner frigate packet America sailplan deckplan lines
American Ship Models and how to build themGrimwood, V RBonanzahalf-hull model whole-hull model Carrie Price Gundalow Anchor Hoy Regenia S Edith F Todd Agate Boxer Wasp Republican Oliver Cromwell International M Class
American ShipsLaing, AlexanderAmerican Heritage Press07-035846-XUS whaling clipper ironclad packet China shipbuilding screw
American Ships of the Colonial and Revolutionary PeriodsMillar, John FNorton0-393-03222-1construction hull design Arnold Barry Chapelle Effingham Bowen Greenlef and Cross Jones Valcour Island Trumbull
American Small Sailing CraftChapelle, Howard IW W Nortonyacht US lines sailplan skiff scow shallop design yawl sloop
American Steam Navigation in China 1845-1878Haviland, Edward GeorgeAmerican Neptune IncorporatedChina Pacific shipowner tug steam Philippines Russell & Co Shanghai Steam Navigation Augustine Heard Olyphant
American Steamships on the AtlanticRidgely-Nevitt, CedricAssociated University Presses0-87413-140-5US steam Atlantic ocean liner mail iron Liverpool passenger
American Steel NavyAlden, John DAmerican Heritage Press0-87021-681-3USA Special Class Vessels Second Class Battleships Monitors Armored armoured Protected Semi-Armored Cruisers Gunboats Torpedo Boats Destroyers Submarines personnel
American SubmarinesLenton, H TMacdonald356-04190-5USA World War 2 WW2
American Traders in European PortsCarter, John SPeabody Museum0-87577-068-1art US chart
American VikingDugan, JamesHarper & Rowcompany FlyingEnterprise Denmark shipowner whaling oil
American Whaleman [The]Hohman, Elmo PaulLongmans Green & Co0-8432-0029-4whaling US sociology economics finance arctic handicraft
American Yachts and YachtingAmerican YachtsCassellUSA Mayflower and Galatea races steam yachts British yachting
American-Built Clipper Ship [The]Crothers, Williams LInternational Marine/McGraw Hill0-07-014501-6clipper US construction lines deckplan mast rig
Americans Who have Contributed to the United States Merchant MarineAmericans Who Have ContributedEducational Unit US Merchant Marine Cadet CorpsUS merchant Great Lakes clipper
Americas CupBradford, ErnleCountry LifeAmericas Cup yacht racing J
Americas CupVillarosa, RiccardoVerlag Delius Klasing3-7688-0627-8Hundred Guinea Cup J Class 12 metre yacht racing Australia New Zealand history New York Yacht Club
Americas Cup [The]Dear, IanStanley Paul0-09-141430-Xyacht racing Americas Cup statistics
Americas Cup 1851-1983 [The]Rousmaniere, JohnPelham Books0-7207-1503-2
Americas Cup yacht racing
Americas Cup 1987 [The]Fisher, BobAurum Press0-948149-56-6yacht racing Americas Cup club
Americas Cup 87Wheatley, KeithMichael Joseph0-7181-2748-XAmericas Cup yacht racing US
Americas Cup Cartoon Collection [The]Americas Cup CartoonKara International Pty Ltd0-909213-06-2Americas Cup yacht racing Australia
Americas Cup Challenge There is no SecondFairchild, TonyNautical Books Macmillan0-333-32527-3Australia Liberty Dennis Connor John Bertrand Victory Peter de Savary yacht racing
America's Lighthouses An Illustrated HistoryHolland, Francis Ross JrDover Publications0-486-25576-Xlighthouse USA keeper lightship
AmerikabateneKolltveit, BardNorsk Sjofartsmuseum82-90089-14-7NAL histoy company transatlantic liner cargo DFDS Camel Laird plans Kristianiafjord Stavangerfjord Oslofjord Bergensfjord Sagafjord Vistafjord
Amerikanische SchiffsbilderAmerikanische SchiffsbilderAltonaer Museum Hamburgclipper whaler packet schooner brigantine sloop steamer sail Jacobsen Roux Bard Ashley Birch Buttersworth Cammillieri Corne Currier Huge Lane L Stubbs Salmon Leavitt Raleigh
Among the Deep Sea FishersAmong the Deep Sea FishersInternational Grenfell AssociationCanada Newfoundland medical caribou ice canoe
Amphibious Assault FalklandsClapp, MichaelLeo Cooper0-75281-109-6Task Group navy RN Argentina Atlantic Ascension infantry Fitzroy Goose Moore Marines Commandos Canberra
Amphibious Assault Manoeuvre From the SeaAmphibious AssaultRoyal NavyD-Day WW2 WW1 Normandy navy tactics Sicily security training
Amphibious OperationsGregory, BarryBlandford Press0-7137-1547-2World War 2 WW2 Korea Suez Vietnam USA USSR Russia UK Great Britain
AmsterdamAmsterdamH D PfannNetherlands Amsterdam canal
Amundsen Photographs [The]Huntford, RolandHodder & Stoughton0-340-41280-1Amundsen North West Passage South Pole Maud Bering Straight Bjaaland Hanssen Johansen Lindstrom Nilsen Prestrud Ronne Ross Ice Shelf Scott Sundbeck Stubberud Wisting
An East Coast PortMetson, GrahamMcGraw-Hill Ryerson0-07-548418-8WW2 Nova Scotia convoys Atlantic
Anatomy of Nelsons Ships [The]Longridge, C NepeanArgus Books0-85344-091-3plans lines hull decking rigging
Anatomy of the TitanicMcCluskie, TomPRC1-85648-482-3shipbuilding Titanic RMS interior plans cross-section construction machinery accommodation
Ancestors in the ArcticArchibald, MalcolmBlack and White Publishing978-1-84502-715-5Whaling Dundee Inuit seals harpoon baleen blubber scrimshaw
Ancestral TrailsHerber, Mark DSutton Publishing0-7509-3510-3genealogy family history
Ancestry Life and Times of Commander John Macgregor Skinner RN [The]Roberts, Peter ScottPorthyfelin Heritage & Literary GroupWales chronology Falmouth packet navy museum
Anchor and Brocklebank LinesClarkson, JohnJohn and Marion Clarkson0-9521179-2-4company Anchor Brocklebank
Anchor and HopeAnderson, JoHodder and Stoughton0-340-23071-1London Thames social customs docks
Anchor Handling Tugs and Supply Vessels of the WorldAnchor Handling TugsOilfield Publications Ltd1-902157-31-1register owners managers approvability salvage standby OSV Noble Denton towing
Anchor LaneSmith, C FoxMethuen & CoThames mutiny docks slavery London
Anchor Line 1856-1956McLellan, R SAnchor LineAnchor company list flag Clyde packet Canada Atlantic Lisbon
Anchor Line 1856-1956McLellan, R SAnchor LineAnchor company list flag Clyde packet Canada Atlantic Lisbon
Anchor Ships and Anchor MenKirk, A AA H & A W Reedcompany Anchor fleet livery personnel
Anchoring and MooringGree, AlainGranada0-229-11702-3anchor anchoring chains warps stowage equipment
AnchorsCurryer, Betty NelsonChatham1-86176-080-9killicks Roman medieval Old Admiralty Longshank Pering Trotman Rodger Cotsell chain cable stocks stockless Hawkins Martin fluke mooring
AnchorsUpham, N EShire0-85263-636-9archaeology anchor
Anchors and MooringColin, A TMaritime Pressanthology navy rope chain cable grapnel stowage
Anchors AweighGrigsby, JoanHeath Crantonyacht cruising
Anchors AweighSleightholme, DesAdlard Coles Nautical0-7136-4812-0humour sailing
Ancient and Modern Ships Part 1Holmes, George C VHMSOsail construction Mediterranean Greece sections
Ancient BoatsMcGrail, SeanShire Publications0-85263-626-1museum Kent Norway Wasa Suffolk Graveney excavation navigation pilotage
Ancient Boats and ShipsMcGrail, SeanShire Books0-7478-0645-4ancient archaeology Europe raft Sweden
Ancient Boats in North-West EuropeMcGrail, SeanLongman0-582-31975-7archaeology Viking
Ancient Greek Navy [The]Coates, John FTrireme TrustGreece Athens reconstruction steering oar museum trireme
Ancient MarinersSmith, C FoxMethuenShelvocke Thames Mainwaring Lancaster East India Company tea clipper Nelson
Ancient Mariners [The]Casson, LionelPrincton University Press0-691-01477-9Mediterranean exploration pirates Roman Egypt Greece trireme
Ancient Mariners [The]Thubron, ColinTime-Life7054-0640-7Egypt archaeology art ceramics galley trireme battle coin
Ancient Order of Foresters Lifeboats [The]Fawcett, Ralph Slifeboats Foresters
Ancient Port of Whitby and its Shipping [The]Weatherill, RichardHorne and Sonshipbuilders shipyards barque brigantine schooner sloop lugger smack lighthouses
Ancient Tahitian CanoesJourdain, PSociete Des Oceanistes Paris DossierTahiti canoe Kamiloa Kon-Tiki Tahiti-Nui
Ancient Voyagers in PolynesiaSharp, AndrewAngus and Robertsonarchaeology navigation Cook Beechey canoe Fiji Hawaii Heyerdahl Tonga Tupaea Tahiti Suggs New Zealand Marquesas Islands Manihiki Mangareva
And So To BattleJones, BasilB JonesWW2 navy destroyer Russia ordnance
Andrea Doria and Other Recent Liner DisastersMiller, William HAmberley978-1-4456-6129-2shipwrecks liners shipowners salvage rescue
Andrea Merzario: 150yearsBiagi, EnzoAndrea Merzario SpaArt shipping company Italy Egypt
Andrew and the Onions [The]Stranack, IanThe Island Pressnavy Bermuda dockyard floatdock
Andrew Weir ShippingDovey, MikeTPO & Seapost Society978-0-9569662-0-9Bank Line United Baltic MacAndrews & Co British Mexican Petroleum Foreland Shipping Cunard Ellerman Curnow Shipping Compagnie Venture-Weir Inver Tankers Lago Shipping
Anfange der Motorschiffahrt im Rheingebiet [Die]Weber, HeinzBinnenschiffahrts verlagmotor ship Rhine
Angbatarna pa Jamtlands SjoarModig, EvertFrank Stenvalls91-7266-096-1Sweden Hotagen Juvuln Nakten Naldsjon Revsundssjon Stroms Vattudal owners crew builders shipyards passengers design construction towing ferry lograft cargo register
Angbatarna pa Smalands SjoarGustafsson, Lars-ErikFrank Stenvalls91-7266-028-7Sweden Helgasjon Rappe-Asa Canal Bolmen Sommens Tjustbygdens lograft passenger ferry builders register
Angbatarna pa StorsjonModigh, GustafFrank Stenvalls91-7266-034-1Sweden crew lograft register
Angbatarnas AdalenHall, Bo GCEWE91-7542-086-4Sweden Stromkarlen people passengers crew paddle steamer ferry cargo register
Anglesey and its Coastal TraditionSmylie, MikeCwasg Carreg Gwalch0-86381-615-0fishing history port lighthouse herring lifeboat whaling clinker built lobster copper mining fishweir RAF base trawling smuggling pirates footpaths rail line
Anglesey and Lleyn ShipwrecksSkidmore, IanChristopher Davies0-7154-0489-Xshipwreck Wales Anglesey
Anglo American Steamship Rivalry in China 1862-1874Liu, Kwang ChingHistory China cargo tables steam
Anglo Saxon/Shell TankersMiddlemiss, Norman LShield Publications1-871128-04-8tanker oil company Shell
Anglo-American Naval Relations 1917-1919Anglo-AmericanScolar Press0-85967-863-6RN navy US submarine Mediterranean barrage North Sea WW1
Anglo-American Naval Relations 1919-1933Anglo-AmericanAshgate978-1-4094-0093-6Washington conference Geneva London alliance GB USA Admiralty
Anglo-American Travellers Diaries 1817 [An]Adamson, JohnAutobus Review Publications0-907834-28-0Atlantic passenger journal Liverpool packet Boston New York Adamson quaker
Anglo-Dutch Naval Wars 1652-1674 [The]Hainsworth, RogerSutton0-7509-1787-3Netherlands Blake Rupert Monck navy Ruyter Tromp Witt
Anglo-Saxon Sailing ShipsGifford, EdwinCreekside PublishingOttor longships squaresail Sae Wylfing Deben Woodbridge Southampton
Annals of an Ancient Cornish town - RedruthMichell, FrankKerno KensoO-907566-85-5Street parish names public houses schools maps mines railway Basset Dunstanville
Annals of Lloyds RegisterLloydsLloydshistory underwriters shipowners steamers Inquiry re-constitution committees iron ships rules anchors cables load line Steel ships tankers fuel refrigeration motorships staff WW1 post-war electricity yachts testing aircraft surveying chairmen
Annals of our Royal Yachts 1604-1953Grigsby, J EAdlard Colesyacht Royal Stuarts Georges Victoria Edward VII George V Britannia
Annals of the Royal Vancouver Yacht ClubHacking, NormanRoyal Vancouver Yacht Clubyacht club Canada cruising racing
Annapolis Book of Seamanship [The]Rousmaniere, JohnSimon and Schuster0-671-67447-1seamanship textbook navigation instrument rigging weather
Anne Bonny the Infamous Female PirateTucker, Phillip ThomasFeral House978-1-62731-045-1piracy buccaneer
Anni della Fenice[Gli] il Gruppo Finmare e le compagnie Sovvenzionate dal 1945 al 1985Ogliari, FrancescoCavallotti EditoriItaly transport cargo tanker passenger Finmare
Annuaire de la Marine Marchande 1958Annuaire de la MarineComite Central des Armateurs de FranceFrance French list register shipowners
Annuaire de la Marine Marchande 1970Annuaire de la MarineComite Central des Armateurs de FranceFrance French list register shipowners
Annual Review June 1993Trinity House Lighthouse ServiTrinityTrinity
Annual Summary of Admiralty Notices to Mariners 2000AdmiraltyHydrographic Office UKchart tide safety rescue aircraft mine minelaying navigation shipwreck satellite cable
Another kind of courageFranks, NormanPatrick Stephens Limited1-85260-441-7Air Sea Rescue ASR walrus RAF WW2 World War Two
Ansons VoyageAnsons VoyageWar Spain expedition Spanish settlements squadrons equipment South Seas Mexico Panama Chile Manilla Cape Horn China
Ansons VoyageWilcox, L AG Bell7135-1563-5Anson circumnavigation Cape Horn treasure
Ansons Voyage Round The WorldWalter, RichardMartin Hopkinson LtdAtlantic Africa Pacific Mexico slavery privateer China
Anstriche und Tarnanstriche der Deutschen KriegsmarineJung, DieterBernard & Graefe3-7637-5147-5camouflage dazzle German navy
Anstruther Lifeboat Station 1865-1985Welch, MichaelRNLI rescue Firth of Forth Admiral Fitzroy Royal Stuart James and Mary Walker Nellie and Charlie James and Ruby Jackson The Doctors Sir James Knott Calouste Gulbenkian Switha Ansgar Scow Chingford Mars Island Bjornhaug Thomas L Devlin
Antarctic Oasis Under the spell of South GeorgiaCarr, TimW W Norton & Co0-393-04605-2Antarctic Falmouth quay punt wildlife ice seal whaling BAS British Arctic Survey Curlew glaciers Lurcock Carr Shackleton
Antarctic Ocean [The]Owen, RussellMuseum Pressantarctic Shackleton exploration Ross Scott survival
Antarctic on Board S V John Biscoe 1952/53 [The]Allan, John RobertPrivateSouthern Ocean Falklands South Georgia whaling Port Stanley
Antarctic Problem [The]Christie, E W HunterGeorge Allen & Unwinexploration antarctic whaling Cook Falklands chart seal
AntarcticaDebenham, FrankHerbert JenkinsAntarctic exploration Shackleton Scott Amundsen fauna
Anthony Roll of Henry VIII Navy [The]Anthony RollAshgate0-7546-0094-7picture Tudor galley
Antique Maps of Cornwall and the Isles of ScillyQuixley, R C ER C E Quixley978-1-5272-1503-0history atlas geology railway port
Antiques AfloatVassilopoulos, PeterPanorama0-919317-00-6yacht motor interior
Anti-Submarine WarfareHill, J RIan Allan0-7110-1435-3aircraft WW1 WW2 mortar nuclear sonar missile RepulseHMS Soviet NATO radar tactics
Anton Otto Fischer Marine Artist: His Life and WorkFischer, Katrina SigsbeeTeredo Books0-903662-04-3art biography Fischer
Antonio de Gaztaneta 1656-1728Antonio de GaztanetaUntzi Museoa - Museo NavalSpain Basque San Sebastian museum
Antonio Jacobsen Checklist Addenda List 2Antonio JacobsenMariners Museum Newport News0-917376-42-0JacobsenArt art US
Antonio Jacobsen Checklist [The]Antonio JacobsenSanford & Patricia Smith Galleries0-917376-39-0art directory Jacobsen
Antwerp A Port for All SeasonsAntwerpMIM Publishing Company90-341-0155-XAntwerp Belgium port history construction trade shipbuilding management
Antwerp Portrait of a PortCauwenbergh, George vanAntwerpse Lloyd N VScheldt port river industrial terminal
Antwerp Shipping Federation 1901-2001Devos, GretaPandora90-5325-163-4Antwerp port company WW1 WW2 timber cargo dock barge liner
Any More for SailingWilson, MikePrestymeBridlington harbourmasters Yorkshire Belle Yorkshireman Flamborian Bridlington Queen Thornwick New Royal Sovereign paddle steamers dredger Gypsey Race coble Three brothers Siddall speedboats lifeboats fishing
Anymore for the SkylarkChalk, David LDavid L Chalk0-9506960-0-5rowing sailing speed motor boat passengers Bolson
Anything But SailingMillar, JohnJohn Millar [UK]0-9510965-0-8sailing dinghy yacht regatta cruising cruiser laser design
Appledore Handmaid of the SeaBeara, JohnJohn Beara0-9504018-1-1dockyard mail barque boatbuilding railway schooner trawler
Appledore Rope MatsWells, AnnFW Publications978-0-9562279-0-4knotting knitting weaving history materials techniques
Appledores Maritime HeritageAppledores Maritime HeritageAppledore Visual ArtsDevon shipbuilding community education DVD
Applied MechanicsWalker, J DEnglish Universities Pressmathematics engineering textbook
Applied Mechanics ExamplesDrabble, G EForest Publishingtextbook mechanics exams questions
Applied Mechanics for EngineersDuncan, JMacmillanengineering
Aquila 27 Motor Launch [The]Aquila 27British Marine Foundationmotorboat Cockwells Mylor boatbuilder Cornwall
Aquitania [The]: The Quadruple-screw Turbine-driven Cunard LinerAquitania1-85260-022-5Aquitania construction launch outfitting Cunard liner passenger engineering
Ar 1970 pa Arhus HavnMikkelsen, BentBetty Nordgas Production87-986590-1-4Denmark ice tanker tug docks Copenhagen
Ar Vag: Voiles au Travail en Bretagne AtlantiqueAr VagEditions des 4 SeigneursBrittany working boats fishing rigging lobster crab Douarnenez costume dress
Ar Vag: Voiles au Travail en Bretagne Atlantique Vol 1Ar VagEditions des 4 Seigneurs2-85231-048-1fishing lines deck plan design France sardines ray mackerel sprats sardiniers tuna chaloupes canots dundee thoniers dredger trawl crew food clothing equipment rigging emblems line fishing drift nets decoration Douarnenez Concarneau Audierne Groix Breton
Ar Vag: Voiles au Travail en Bretagne Atlantique Vol 2Ar VagEditions des 4 Seigneurs2-85231-064-3sail sloop France lines langoustes Dublin Bay prawns langoustiers sloups dundees mauritaniens construction rigging Breton Camaret Rochebonne Belle-Ile Douarnenez Ireland Hebrides Tunisia Morocco Mauritania losses coasters caboteurs
Ar Vag: Voiles au Travail en Bretagne Atlantique Vol 3Ar VagEditions de l'Estran2-903-707-13-8luggers schooners sloops sloups drag-net dragueurs borneurs France Breton Rade de Brest Plougastel Crozon Lampaul Odet Pont-Aven port shipbuilding lines sail plan construction rigging coasters caboteurs shellfish
Ar Vag: Voiles au Travail en Bretagne Atlantique Vol 4Ar VagChasse-Maree2-9142-0858-8France Breton Finisterre Morbihan Kerhor Camaret Audierne Ile de Sein Ouessant Rade de Brest Sauzonfishing shellfish crustaceans sloop chaloupes canots boatbuilding crew conditions drag-nets senne seine-nets forbans Le Bono
Arab SeafaringHourani, George FPrinceton0-691-00032-8dhow
Arab Shipping 1979Arab ShippingSeatrade Publications0-905597-10-9shipbuilder shipyard shipowner register port ship repair fleet maritime government bunker towing pilotage cargo trade
Arab Shipping 1980Arab ShippingSeatrade Publications Ltd0-905597-14-1trade oil
Arab Shipping 1981Arab ShippingSeatrade Publications0-905597-18-4history fleet cargo development shipowner port dock berth trade bunkering tanker Suez canal stevedoring shipyard
Arab Shipping 1982Arab ShippingSeatrade Publications0-905597-22-2flags liners tankers bunkers company middle east freight oil
Arab Shipping 1983Arab ShippingSeatrade Publications0-905597-26-5Arab fleet shipowner shipyard cargo trade port dock bunkering container shipyard tanker freight
Arbroath LifeboatSutherland, AlasdairR N L I Arbroath BranchRNLI rescue Scotland Geddy Auchmithie Lloyds Bell Rock Jobson Peoples Journal William Soutar James Stevens XIII John and William Mudie Robert Lindsay Islandmagee Duke of Montrose Shoreline
Arby Boat [The]Arbman, HolgerStatens Historiska Museum and Batdokumentationsgruppen91-87360-07-1Viking archaeology Sweden Norway clinker rowing
ArcadiaRobinson, BruceP & O Cruisesliner cruising P&O company
Arcadia and Iberia: P and Os Sisters for the 1950sMcCart, NeilFan Publications0-9519538-3-4P&O Arcadia Iberia passenger liner White Sisters
Arcadia Naming Celebration Tuesday 12 April 2005ArcadiaP&ODVD P&O Arcadia
Archaeological Evaluation of St Michaels Mount An]Herring, PeterCornwall County Council1-871162-37-8archaeology Cornwall
Archaeological Survey of Mounts Bay [An]Camidge, KevinCISMASIoS Cornwall sonar survey magnetometer bathymetric anchor shipwreck
Archaeology and Coastal ChangeArchaeology and Coastal ChangeSociety of Antiquaries0-500-99031-Xarchaeology coast
Archaeology of Boats and Ships [The]Greenhill, BasilConway Maritime Press0-85177-652-3shell skeleton skin bark log sewn plank Mediterranean Viking clinker-built round-hulled flat-bottomed cog
Archaeology of Ships [The]Johnstone, PaulBodley Head0-370-01579-7archaeology Viking Humber Mary Rose Mediterranean diving
Archaeology of the BoatGreenhill, BasilAdam & Charles Black0-7136-1645-8shell skeleton archaeology raft skin bark dugout clinker round-hull flat-bottom Viking
Architects Apprentice [The]Schwarzman, GarySheridan House1-57409-008-9boatbuilder design sailing plans plywood
Architects Story [The]Long, M JLong & Kentish0-9543895-0-6NMMC museum architecture Falmouth construction harbour dock
Architectura Navalis MercatoriaChapman, Frederik Henrik afHinstorff Rostock0-229-97491-0yacht shipbuilding lines deckplan frigate rigging sloop snow
Architecture Navale en 1947 [L']Architecture NavaleLe Chasse-Maree/Armen2-914208-15-4France yacht dinghy catamaran boatbuilding construction lines drawings fishing sloop whaler dragon dinghy cruiser Le Cadet J Class Enterprise Endeavour Rainbow
Architektura OkretowUrbanowicz, Witold JWydawnictwo Morskiedesign liners
ArchiveMeteorological OfficeMeteorological Officemeteorology
Arctic and AntarcticBertram, ColinW Heffer & SonsArctic Antarctic travel survival victualling
Arctic Cod [The]Cushing, D HPergamon Pressfishing trawling beam trawl history Norway surveys Atlantic catches records research
Arctic Convoy PQ8Wadsworth, MichaelPen & Sword Maritime978-1-84884-051-5WW2 Russia weather Zamalek US U-boat torpedo Gnat Tirpitz Stalin Somali Norway Murmansk
Arctic Convoys 1941-1945Woodman, RichardJohn Murray0-7195-5079-3navy convoy arctic WW2 destroyer escort minesweeper corvette
Arctic WarArctic WarHMSOWW2 weather meteorology Tirpitz Scharnhorst sociology
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Argo-Reederei und Atlas Levante-LinieThiel, ReinholdH M Hauschild3-929902-14-1German shipping
Argosy of SailHawkins, Clifford WCollins0-00-216964-9felucca dhow thoni junk canoe Maori scow Thames barge Baltic
Argyll shipwrecksMoir, PeterMoir Crawford0-9513366-1-4shipwreck diving
Aria la Storia il Recupero il Restauro di un 8m S IAriaArieAria 8 metre
Ark Before Noah [The]Finkel, IrvingHodder and Stoughton978-1-444-75705-7cuneiform tablet coracle Gilgamesh Atrahasis Babylonia map bible floods George Smith Utnapishti Sennacherib Assyria Nebuchadnezzar Judea
Ark RoyalBeaver, PaulPatrick Stephens0-85059-381-6RN aircraft carrier
Ark RoyalMinistry of InformationHMSOWW2 carrier
Ark RoyalMinistry of InformationHMSOWW2 carrier shipbuilding
Ark RoyalPoolman, KennethWilliam Kimbernavy WW2 carrier airarm Norway convoy Malta Mediterranean
Ark RoyalRossiter, MikeBantam978-0-552-15367-0wreck Bismarck Valiant U-boats Trondheim Tovey Swordfish aircraft Somerville Skinner Scapa
Ark RoyalRussell, Sir HerbertJohn Lane the Bodley Headcarrier navy airarm
Arklow Last Stronghold of SailRees, JimJim Rees & Liam Charltonship-builders owners barque schooner brigantine barquentine
Arklow Maritime MuseumArklowpaintings navigation equipment safety Lusitania shipwright tools sketches models photographs figurehead
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Arlington CourtArlington CourtNational Trust1-84359-048-4catalogue model bottle art
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Armada 1588Plowden, AlisonEnglish Heritage1-85074-197-2Elizabethan armada Spain castle Drake navy galleon fireship
Armchair Sailor [The]Fisher, BobWaterline1-85310-426-4Newport Brightlingsea singlehander yachting sailing
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Armements MarseillaisBois, PaulChambre de Commerce et d'Industrie de Marseille2-900732-01-8France company flags funnels
Arming and Fitting of English Ships of War 1600-1815Lavery, BrianConway Maritime0-85177-451-2navy ordnance capstan pump gunnery steering pinnace barge
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Armys Navy [The]Habesch, DavidChatham1-86176-157-0army landing DUKW barge railway canal mine target
Arnold Bernstein Ein Judischer ReederBernstein, ArnoldConvent Verlag3-934613-18-7biography shipowner WW1 WW2 freight Germany Russia north Atlantic freight shipowners car transport Judaism Palestine
Around Alone BOC Challenge 1986-87 [The]Knox-Johnston, RobinRobertsbridge0-947178-08-2yacht racing solo
Around and About Clay Country Cornwall and Devon 1872-1924Bray, PeterCorran Publications1-871273-10-2China clay Fowey St Austell transport
Around and About Mevagissey 1869-1936Bray, PeterCorran Publications1-871273-00-5Cornwall Mevagissey Gorran Haven Pentewan Port Mellon Heligan St Ewe Caerhayes
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Around and About the FalMudd, DavidBossiney Books0-948158-59-XCowlands Cornwall Tregothnan King Harry Ferry Falmouth Grampound Trewithen Trelissick Devoran Fox Ganges
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Around the Waterways of the FalBird, SheilaBird of Freedom0-9512236-3-1Falmouth estuary ecology GangesHMS WW2 WW1 dock
Around the World AloneColas, AlainBarrons0-8120-5219-6yacht cruising
Around the World in the Franconia 1930Around the WorldCunard Line & Thos CookCunard cruising ports touring fares
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Around the World Single-HandedPidgeon, HarryRupert Hart-Davisyacht cruising solo Islander
Around the World With P and O-Orient LinesP&O-Orient LinesOrient Canberra Chusan
Around the World with the FleetAround the WorldUnited States Naval InstituteUSA West Indies South America Honolulu Australia Philippines Japan Manila Colombo Suez Gibraltar
Arran ShipwrecksJohnston, DonaldJohnstons Marine Stores09-5-22-86602shipwreck paddlesteamer Scotland Clyde
Ars MaritimaSanti-Mazzini, GiovanniGribaudo88-8058-155-4Line drawings
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Art and the SeafarerArt and the SeafarerViking Pressart design model shipbuilding carving scrimshaw bottle
Art de la Guerre sur Mer [L']Giamberardino, Oscar diMinistero della Marinanavy doctrine strategy tactics organisation
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Art et la Maniere de Construire des Modeles de VoiliersDauchez, PhilippeSociete d'Editionslines plans sections rigging Breton canot fishing Chat yacht J Class America's Cup Enterprise Leonie-Celine Paimpol Misericorde herring boat Fecamp Bretagne chasse-maree Pouliguen L'Henriette-Marie pilot Le Havre Volonte-de-Dieu bombarde
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Art of Ship Modeling [The]Mansir, A RichardArms & Armour Press0-85368-505-3model compass square rig hull lines hydrodynamic wood Greece
Art The CollectionArtInternational Corporate ArtRoyal Caribbean International Norway artists artwork paintings Finn Graff
Artesania Latina Catalogue 2003Artesania Latina CatalogueArtesania Latinacatalogue model
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Arthur RansomeWardale, RogerGreat Northern Books0-9535035-4-2Swallows and Amazons
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Arun Lifeboats an Illustrated History 1971-2009
Illustrated History 1971-2009
Leach, NicholasKelsey Publishing978-1-907426-21-6Falmouth P58-9 Humber Cornwall Elizabeth Ann
Arung Samudera 95Arung SamuderaPT Gramedia Pustaka Utama979-605-355-0yacht racing square rig fore and aft
A-Sailing WestWest, ArthurArthur West/Wordfactoryautobiography Falmouth oyster Cornwall RNLI Toby West
Ashburner Schooners [The]Latham, TimReady Rhino0-9516792-0-1shipbuilding schooner Barrow Dee shipowner
Ashley Book of KnotsAshley, Clifford WFaber0-571-09659-Xrope splicing blackjacks buttons monkey's fist lanyards turkshead deadeyes thimbles
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Astilleros de Sevilla INIAstillerosshipyard shipbuilder Empresa Nacional Elcano port equipment
Astragalus of Tin [The]James, HenryEdward StanfordCornwall Falmouth tin dredging
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Astronomical DiagramsAstronomical DiagramsJames Reynolds and SonsSolar system sun eclipse planet earth rotation atmosphere moon comet seasons meteorology latitude longitude
At Close Quarters: PT Boats in the United States NavyBulkley, Robert JNaval History Division, WashingtonPT boats Pearl Harbour Philippines Solomons Campaign New Guinea Aleutians South West Pacific D-Dayt
At Home in Deep WatersFraser, BruceNewnesradio rigging admiralty anchor astro buoyancy compass engine
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At Sea on LandJames, NaomiHutchinson/Stanley Paul0-09-144630-9yacht racing solo
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At the Port of Bristol Vol 2: The Turn of the Tide: 1900-1914Neale, W GPort of Bristol Authorityport Bristol
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At the Wheel Ashore and AfloatGrahame-White, MontagueG T Foulisyacht biography motor cruiser
At War with the SmugglersArnold-Forster, DWard, Locksmuggling custom cutter law Isle of Wight French Revolution
Athel LineSolly, RayHistory Press978-0-7524-4827-5company Athel list lines deckplan WW2 Anco shipowner Sugar
Athenian Trireme [The]Morrison, J SCambridge University Press0-521-31100-4trireme Greece navigation navy construction archaeology
Atlantic [The]Butel, PaulRoutledge0-415-10690-7slaves Cuba exploration seafaring railway passengers Irish Viking Iberia Dutch Liverpool
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Atlantic BattleKnox, CollieMethuen & Coconvoy submarine U-boat
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Atlantic Challenge [The]Palmer, DavidHollis & Carter0-370-30031-9racing yacht sail Plymouth US boatbuilding deckplan
Atlantic CharterKing, CecilStudio PublicationsAtlantic USN Spain WW1 WW2 Japan colony impressment France
Atlantic Coast: Cape Cod to Sandy Hook Vol 2United States Coast PilotUS Department of Commercepilotage US directions
Atlantic Coast: Eastport to Cape Cod Vol 1United States Coast PilotUS Department of Commercepilot directions US Atlantic
Atlantic Coast: Sandy Hook to Cape Henry Vol 3United States Coast PilotUS Department of Commercepilotage US directions
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Atlantic Ferry [The]Maginnis, Arthur JWhittaker and Coferry Atlantic steam passenger
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Atlantic OrdealHuxley, ElspethChatto & Windusevacuee Canada City of Benares lascar navy RN WW2 CORB Fazackerly
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Atlantic SchoonersPullen, H FBrunswick PressNova Scotia New Brunwick Prince Edward Island Newfoundland Labrador dory
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AtlantisMohr, UlrichWerner LaurieVanaVana Philippines WW2 RN navy U-boat St Nazaire Rogge Balzac
Atlantsolia Sjomanna Almanak 2004AtlantsoliaFramtidarsyn hf9979-9629-0-9Sailing almanac vessels permitted catches tides maps flags ports lights security law and regulations yellow pages Atlantic Oil Hafnir Reykjavik
Atlas and Encyclopaedia of the SeaAtlas
Atlas of British HistoryFreeman-Grenville, G S PRex CollingsWessex Boer War Civil Scotland Ptolemy Orosius Spain Wales WW1 WW2
Atlas of DiscoveryRoberts, GailAldus/Jupiter490-00300-1Conquistador New World South America Asia Africa Australia Arctic Antarctic underwater space
Atlas of Maritime HistoryLloyd, ChristopherCountry Lifeatlas WW1 WW2 Roman Venice Panama Japan Australia Canada
Atlas of Maritime HistoryNatkiel, RichardBison Books0-86124-781-7Ancient world Medieval Viking Hanseatic League British Sea Power Napoleonic Wars Arctic Antarctic Slave Trade Pax Britannica Falklands WW2 World War Two WW1 World War One
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Atlas of the Seas Around the British IslesAtlas of the SeasMinistry of Agriculture0-907545-00-9environment oceanography wave chemical ocean spawn safety
Atomic SubmarinesPolmar, NormanD van Nostrand Co Incsubmarine nuclear US navy U-boat WW1 WW2 navigation
Attack on St Nazaire [The]Ryder, R E DJohn MurrayCambeltown dock U-boat intelligence navy Falmouth commandos Germany
Attacks on the Tirpitz [The]Frere-Cook, GervisIan Allan0-7110-0490-0Tirpitz Fleet Air Arm Operation Title X-Craft Bomber Command
Attention All ShippingConnelly, CharlieLittle Brown0-316-72474-2Beaufort weather travel meteorology Scotland IoM Norway
Au Fil de l'EtraveWiele, Annie Van deArthaudyacht cruising Atlantic France Azores Bermuda Salcombe Antilles Zeebrugge Virgin Islands Hierro
Au Temps des Grands Voiliers 1850-1920Scal, Yves leDuponchelleFrance photography sail square rig shipbuilding shipwreck
Auckland a PortraitAucklandBarkfire0-9583668-0-2New Zealand photography racing yacht
Audit of War [The]Barnett, CorrelliMacmillan0-333-35376-5industry coal steel shipbuilding aircraft radar education economics politics WW2 GB
Auf Blauem WasserHeims, P GGeorge Westermanships Germany harbour marine education steamer Suez Canal Bremerhaven drydock
Auf Donauwellen durch Osterreich-UngarnMayer, Horst FOsterreichische Staatsdruckerei3-7046-0141-1steamer Babenberg Budapest Samson
Augustin-Normand [Les]VarendeFrance shipbuilding Honfleur Le Havre
Augustus EarleHackforth-Jones, JocelynNational Library of Australia0-85967-631-5art interior
Augustus Herveys JournalAugustus HerveysWilliam Kimberbiography navy yacht tactics
Aurora and OrianaSmith, Brian DFerry Publications978-1-906608-46-0P&O cruise fleet design construction Robert Tillberg shipyard crew tonnage dimensions accommodation
Australia Run [The]Loney, JackMarine History Publications0-909191-53-6convicts migration Antipodes Suez ice collison mutiny piracy fire storms disease chronology company Australia
Australia: Colonies to Commonwealth 1850-1900Adams, K MLansdowne Press207-951-43-8Australia colony gold
Australian and New Zealand Sail TradersAustralian and NewLynton0-86946-136-2Australia New Zealand trade lugger scow Tasmania shiptype
Australian and New Zealand Warships 1914-1945Gillett, RossDoubleday Australia Pty0-86824-095-8Australia New Zealand warships
Australian Challenges 1898 and 1998 [The]Basley, JohnCatford Press0-9534990-0-6Medway yacht Club racing challenge
Australian Coastal ShippingPemberton, BarryMelbourne University Press0-522-84131-7trade passenger steam ferry Tasmaia motor defence overseas
Australian Commercial Vessel Yearbook 1989-90Australian CommercialBaird Publications1030-0759Australia directory yearbook multihull charter fishing ferry patrol trawler engine
Australian Commonwealth Shipping LineBrennan, FrankRoebuck Society0-909434-11-5Austral German coal sail Dale migration fleet dazzle Echuca
Australian Merchant Ships 2005Australian Merchant ShipsNautical Association of Australia0-9599079-7-1Australia merchant paddlesteamer register fishing Ro-Ro
Australian Merchant Ships 2008Australian Merchant ShipsNautical Association of Australia Inc978-0-9756896-2-2Australia Murray Darling paddle steam waterjet diesel excursion ferry owner
Australian National Line [The] 1956-1981 History and Fleet ListClark, RobinWorld Ship Society0-905617-23coastal cargo trade Vietnam war loss bulk carrier routes historic
Australian Shipowners and their Fleets Book 5Parsons, RonaldRonald Parsons0-909418-14-4Australia Tasmania owners whalers
Australian Shipowners and their Fleets Book 6Parsons, RonaldRonald Parsons0-909418-16-0register list Sydney chronology
Australian Shipowners and their Fleets Vol 1Parsons, RonaldRonald Parsons0-9599387-3-7Sydney North Coast Steam Navigation Company Booth Breckenridge Cain Clarence Corrigan Davis Fenwick Gollan Kelly Kethel Langley
Australian Shipping 1984Australian ShippingAustralian Government Publishing Service0812-0730Australia list shipowner shipbuilding offshore ferry tug
Australian ShipsGillett, RossChild & Associates Publishing Pty Ltdhistory Australia
Australian Ships SketchbookSlevin, AlanRigby0-85179-421-1ore iron lighthouse pilot Sydney harbour tug passenger
Australian Shipwrecks 1622-1850 Vol 1Bateson, CharlesReed0-589-07112-2Australia history shipwreck
Australian Shipwrecks 1851-1871 Vol 2Loney, JackReed0-589-50100-3chronology list Columbine Helen Harriete Pioneer Sydney Howie Phoenix Antares Winchester Emu Juno Australia
Australian Shipwrecks 1901-1986 Vol 4Loney, JackMarine History Publications909244-31-6Australia shipwreck
Australian Shipwrecks Update 1622-1990 Vol 5Loney, JackMarine History Publications0-909191-40-9Australia shipwreck Victoria
Australian Shipwrecks Vol 3 1871-1900Loney, JackList Publishing0-949589-00-4Australia shipwreck list brigantine chronology weather
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Australias Island ShipwrecksLoney, JackNeptune Press0-909131-57-0Australia shipwreck diving barrier reef salvage law
Australias Worst ShipwrecksHalls, ChrisRigby0-7270-0949-4Netherlands Batavia migration Sydney Macquarie lighthouse diving
AustralienfahrtSeiler, Otto JE S Mittler & Sohn3-8132-0270-4Germany Austalia steamships Cook Queensland New Zealand Victoria Godeffroy Weber Tonga deckplan
Austro-Hungarian Warships of World War 1Greger, ReneIan Allan0-7110-0623-7WW1 World War One battleship cruiser torpedo craft Black Sea Danube Sebenico Lussin Trieste Pola
Autobiography of a Cornish Smuggler [The]Carter, HarryGibbings & Co/PollardCornwall smuggling autobiography
Autobiography of James Silk Buckingham Vol 1Buckingham, James SilkLongman, Brown, Green and LongmansPIBN 1000122949Autobiography family portraits early years Flushing Falmouth Naval Academy Cornwall voyages travels adventures Europe Mediterranean Gibraltar West Indies America
Autobiography of James Silk Buckingham Vol 2Buckingham, James SilkLongman, Brown, Green and LongmansPIBN 1000122875Autobiography voyages travels adventures middle east Egypt Turkey India Africa character sketches of public men
Autofahren und Passagierschiffe der WeltFrick, CurtWerner Classen3-7172-0217-0company silhouettes abbreviations Belgium Germany DDR France Greece Britain Italy Yugoslavia Spain
Automata and Papier MacheStewart, BrianFalmouth Art Gallery1-903913-15-2Falmouth art TukeArt Brunel education
Automation in ShipsLloydsLloydsengineering electronic engine instrument hydraulic electric
Autos on the Water: A History of the Great Lakes Automobile CarriersBrough, Lawrence AChatham Communicators Inc0-910347-06-0automobile transport
Autour du MondeSerrec, Robert leArthaudyacht cruising Australia shipwreck Panama inflatable France
Auxiliary Barque Marques [The]Department of TransportHMSOBermuda Tall Ships ocean racing loss
Auxiliary Patrol [The]Chatterton, E KebleSidgwick & Jacksonnavy WW1 auxiliary Zeebrugge CMB coastal motorboatML trawler drifter mine
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Background of Eastern Sea PowerEldridge, F BPhoenix HouseChina India carrack Europe Dutch Portugal trade exploration
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Battle of the Atlantic [The]Ministry of InformationHMSO
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Battle of the Nile [The]Warner, OliverB T Batsfordnavy Nelson woodenwall uniform France Alexandria
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Battle of the River Plate [The]Pope, DudleyWilliam KimberWW2 battleship GrafSpee cruiser warloss tactics
Battle of the River Plate 70th AnniversaryAllan, John RobertFalklands Port Stanley WW2 WW1 Invincible Inflexible Sharnhorst Gneisenau Graf Spee Achillies
Battle of the Seas [The]Hurd, ArchibaldHodder and StoughtonMechant navy u-boat Athenia Empress of Britain Jervis Bay Queen Mary
Battle of the SeawaysJohnston, George HVictor Gollanczpartisans Yugoslavia S-boat MTB convoy Tunis
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Battle of the Wine Dark SeaLind, LewKangaroo Press0-86417-562-0Mediterranean RN WW2 World War Two Agean Greece Crete
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Battles of the British NavyLow, Charles RGeorge Rouledge & SonAlfred Crusades Drake Armada Grenville Blake Penn Medway Sandwich Gibraltar Rooke Ogle
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Battles of the Malta Striking Forces [The]Smith, Peter CIan Allan0-7110-0528-1World War Two WW2 Duisberg convoy HMS Penelope
BattleshipSimkins, PeterImperial War Museumnavy battleship Bismarck Jellicoe ordnance WW1 WW2 German
Battleship Commanders Order Book [A]Arbuthnot, R KJ Griffinregulations Royal Navy
Battleship Cruiser DestroyerHaines, GregoryIan Allanbattleship cruiser destroyer navy USN Dardanelles warloss
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BattleshipsPreston, AntonyBison Group0-86124-259-9battleship WW2
Battleships and Battlecruisers of the Royal Navy Since 1861Coward, B RIan Allan0-7110-1573-2list loss aircraft class turret Hector Valiant gun King George V armament Sopwith
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Battleships in Action Vol 2Wilson, H WSampson Low, Marston0-85177-642-6navy battleship tactics warloss Jutland Jellicoe German
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Battleships of the Grand FleetBurt, R AArms and Armour0-85368-563-0battleship WarspiteHMS shipbreaking
Bawleymen [The]Coombe, DerekPennant0-9506413-0-8fishing Medway dredger bawley oyster doble
Bay of Islands Shipping Arrivals and Departures 1803-1840Richards, RhysParemata Press0-473-01601-XNew Zealand list chronology port whaling Maori register
Bay of Storms [The]Burman, JoseHuman and Rousseau0-7981-0670-0South Africa history Cape Town Table Bay Dutch fleet history Hottentots De Saldanha harbour port lighthouse shipwreck battle Britain whaling Dutch East India company storms
Bay Steamers and Coastal FerriesLoney, JackReed Pty Ltd0-589-503839Australia Melbourne
BCK Motorboats Vol 1Addison, John MBuckie & District Fishing Heritage Centre978-0-9556241-6-2seine trawler Lossiemouth Frazerburgh Aberdeen Scotland Banff
BCK Motorboats Vol 2Addison, John MBuckie & District Fishing Heritage Centre978-0-9556241-7-9trawler seine Lerwick Fleetwood Stornoway Rosyth Maryport
Beach Boats of BritainSimper, RobertBoydell Press0-85115-195-7Viking coble sixern skiff crab cockle wherry lugger capstan
BeachcruisingAlvord, DouglasInternational Marine Publishing0-87742-973-1Maine gear weather navigation environment conservation food kayak safety
Beachhead AssaultLee, DavidGreenhill Books1-85367-619-5navy WW2 amphibious commando Normandy Mediterranean Sicily
Beachmen [The]Higgins, DavidTerence Dalton0-86138-047-9salvage company Norfolk Suffolk shipwreck lifeboat tug
Beachy HeadBoyle, MartinB & T Publications1901043118Keepers construction WW1 WW2 optics electrification
Beacon on the RockWilliams, PeterAurum1-85410-817-4light source lens lightships lighthouse design tourism conservation preservation
Beadnell a History in PhotographsPorteous, KatrinaNorthumberland Library0-9513027-6-0fishing sociology herring limekiln
Beancaker to BoxboatDick, H WNautical Association of Australia0-9599079-3-9China merchant company Hong Kong Jardine Matheson Swire Douglas Lapraik Nisshen Kisen China Merchants Tung Japan chronology Dominion Indo China Macao tramp tanker container tug
BeardmoreHume, John RHeinemann0-435-32589-2shipbuilding Scotland airship engineering Clyde railway
Beardmore Built. Rise and Fall of a Clydeside ShipyardJohnston, IanClydebank District Libraries & Museums0-906938-05-8shipbuilding Clyde carrier airship ordnance aircraft tank
Beating the Big OneHolkham, TonySafe T net0-9520305-5-1RIB Round Scotland Round Britain Round Ireland Biscay Atlantic challenge
Beatty Papers Vol 1 1902-1918 [The]Beatty PapersScolar Press0-85967-807-5RN navy Singapore Jutland WW1 Dogger Bank
Beatty Papers Vol 2 1916-1927 [The]Beatty PapersScolar Press0-85967-964-0RN navy Singapore Jutland WW1 Dogger Bank
Beaufort of the AdmiraltyFriendly, AlfredHutchinson0-09-128500-3Beaufort hydrography admiralty navy Napoleonic biography
Beaulieu River Goes to War [The]Cunningham, CyrilMontagu Ventures Ltd0-9523386-0-2Hampshire Mulberry D-Day MastodonHMS bomber Shute Westkapelle beetles Southampton Mountbatten Beatty
Beautiful SwimmersWarner, William WLittle Brown0-14-004405-1crab fishing Chesapeake Bay USA
Because the Horn is ThereSmeeton, MilesNautical0-246-12672-8yacht cruising
Becks Scheepvaartkantoor N V 1861-2003BecksStegro978-90-79152-02-5coaster fleet
Bed of Nails [A]Hume, John RLang & Fulton0-900673-16-8Scotland Lang Dunbarton iron steel steam engine industrial Denny Clyde Glasgow paddlesteamer
BEF ShipsWinser, John de SWorld Ship Society0-905617-91-6Dunkirk France Dynamo evacuation Canada liner navy CI Channel Isles NMM
Before the Aircraft CarrierLayman, R DConway Maritime0-85177-516-0aviation
Before the Box BoatsKinghorn, A WKenneth Mason0-85937-297-9container refrigeration biography cargo Booth Line heavy lift Adelaide Star
Before the DreadnoughtHumble, RichardMacdonald & Janes0-356-08234-1RN Trafalgar slaver coal steam steel Crimea Baltic AchillesHMS battleship Victorian chronology
Before the IroncladBrown, D KConway0-85177-532-2navy shipbuilding dockyard engine steam ordnance propeller
Before The MastBaynham, HenryT Fisher Unwin0-09-107170-4Arctic exploration Crimean War Slave Trade
Before the Mast and AfterRunciman, WalterT Fisher Unwinbiography shipowner shanty poetry
Before the Mast In the Grain Races of the 1930sRobertshaw, Geoffrey SykesBlue Elvan Books978-0-9559950--0-2Tall ships Olivebank Winterlude Ponape personal log grain races sailplan four masted barque
Before the WindTyng, Charles Memoir of American Sea Captain 1808-1833Penguin0-14-02-9191-1USA merchant mariners schooner Zephyr Munroe brig Creole
Beginner in Sail [A]Williamson, J AEdward Arnoldyacht cruising seamanship
Beginners Guide to CanoeingByde, AlanPelham Books0-7207-0628-9canoeing resue competition
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Benjamin Bowring and his Descendants
Benjamin Bowring and his Descendants
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Bergenske FjordabaterBergenskeUtgitt82-7131-007-0Bergen ferry Norway
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Best Stories of the NavyBest StoriesFaber and Faber LtdShetland Lerwick weather Malta convoy
Bethel Ships [The]Hawkins, L WRoyal National Mission to Deep Sea Fishermanboat mission Bethel
Bethlehem BuiltBethlehem Builtsteel shipbuilding repair USA cruiser frigate destroyer passenger cargo tanker
Beting en Sleeptros [Van]Beting en SleeptrosNational Sleepvaartmuseum Maassliusmuseum Ijmuiden Rotterdam Europoort tugs barges Hector Wijsmuller Amsterdam Orca Mighty Servant
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BF Motor Fishing Boats Alphabetical IndexAddison, John Mfishing
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monitor WW1 WW2
Big Ship [The]Beaver, PatrickHugh Evelyn LtdGreat Eastern Brunel steam
Bij Nacht en OntijSpeerstra, HylkeDe Boer Maritiem90-228-1944-2dazzle radio mine coal Resolution uniforms Rozenburg Mammoth crane Nestor Umbria Geestland reefer
Bilder aus dem Museum fur Meereskunde in Berlin 1906-1945Rohr, AlbertDeutsches Schiffahrtsmuseummodels Richthofen Drygalski
BIMCO Review 1996BIMCOBIMCOBIMCO directory law finance training IMO shipowner tax
BIMCO Review 1998BIMCOBIMCOBIMCO IMO insurance safety environment document bunkering
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BinnenvaartschepenMartens, RDe Alk90-6013-692-6Netherlands
Biogeographical Identification of English Channel Fish and Shellfish StocksPawson, M GMAFF Directorate of Fisheries ResearchISSN 0308-5589scallops cuttlefish lobster crab spider ray herring pilchard cod pollack hake ling mackerel gurnard
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Biographica Navalis Vol 2Charnock, JohnNaval & Military Press Ltdofficer navy list
Biographica Navalis Vol 3Charnock, JohnNaval & Military Press Ltdofficer navy list
Biographica Navalis Vol 4Charnock, JohnNaval & Military Press Ltdofficer navy list
Biographica Navalis Vol 5Charnock, JohnNaval & Military Press Ltdofficer navy list
Biographica Navalis Vol 6Charnock, JohnNaval & Military Press Ltdofficer navy list
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Biscay Harbours and Anchorages Vol 2 Lorient to La RochelleColes, K AdlardAdlard Colespilot directions Biscay
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Bismarck Episode [The]Grenfell, RussellFaber and FaberWW2 Bismark
BismarkBallard, RobertHaynes Publishing978-1-84425-667-9WW2 shipwreck artillery Atlantic Churchill survivors Lindemann Hood crew search biplane location battle
BISN Co Ltd Service Regulations 1887BISN Co Ltdnavigation seamanship mail coal stores officer engineer clerk steward uniform
Bisquine de Cancale et de Granville [La]Bot, Jean leEditions des 4-Seigneurs2-85231-063-5construction rigging sails fishing regattas La Perle
Bisquines [Les]Boell, Denis-MichelChasse-Maree2-903-708-19-3fishing France lugger oyster museum La Houle lines rigging construction regatta reconstruction La Perle La Cancalaise
Bizarre ships of the nineteenth centuryGuthrie, JohnHutchinson Scientific and Technical09-100010-6shipbuilding submarine engine hull
Bla Skipene [De]Lillegaard, Leif B82-990-770-01history sail steam ferry Norway Vesteraalens Dampskibsselskab VDS
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Black Diamond Line of Colliers [The]Parsons, RonaldRonald H Parsons0-9599387-4-0Henry Simpson collier Australia
Black Diamond Line of Colliers [The]Parsons, RonaldRonald H Parsons0-9599387-4-0company collier Diamond
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Black FlagPaterson, LawrenceSeaforth Publishing978-1-84832-037-6WW2 submarines Donitz Norway France SteinhoffUS Kriegsmarine Emmermann
Black Night Off FinisterreHawkey, ArthurAirlife1-84037-095-5CaptainHMS CowperColes turret
Black Sailed TradersClark, RoyPutnamWherry Keel Norfolk Suffolk Southwold Blue Water Wherries
Black SaturdayMcKee, AlexanderSouvenir PressWW2 battleship U-boat warloss
Black Ship [The]Pope, DudleyWeidenfeld and Nicolsonmutiny Royal Navy West Indies
Blackbeard and Other Pirates of the Atlantic CoastRoberts, NancyJohn F Blair0-89587-098-3Teach Tew privateering North Carolina Bonnet Barbados
Blackpool LifeboatsMorris, JeffRobert William Samuel Flether John Rowson Lingard Sarah Ann Austin Maria Noble Edgar George Orlando Eva child
Blackwall Frigates [The]Lubbock, BasilBrown, Son & Fergusoncompany East India passenger Methven Green Wigram Edinburgh Balcarres colliers Hotspur Alnwick
Blackwater MenEmmett, ArthurSeax Books1-870112-17-2yacht Maldon fishing oysters dredging Norway minesweeper
Bland GibraltarSomner, GraemeWorld Ship Society0-905617-16-9company history shipowner ship repair fleet steamer tug tender paddle screw Mediterranean
Blandy Family of Companies [The]Blandy FamilyBlandyMadeira London Canary Lisbon Funchal wine Portugal coal Reids Tenerife Las Palmas
Blasket Islands [The]Stagles, JoanO'Brien Press0-86278-071-3Ireland fishing harbour Dingle Atlantic
Blaydon Christmas Annual 1944 [The]Blaydon Christmasnavy poetry magazine
Bless our shipHough, RichardHodder & Stoughton0-340-54396-5navy destroyer WW2 Mountbatten Mediterranean Norway warloss
BlighMcKinney, SamInternational Marine Publishing Co0-87742-981-2Cape Horn Atlantic Pacific Indian Australia reef Timor Pitcairn chronology victuals Capetown
Bligh and the BountyBligh, WilliamBligh Bounty mutiny
Bligh Notebook [The] Vols 1 and 2Bligh, WilliamNational Library of Australia0-642-99337-8Bligh Bounty mutiny mutineers plans lines navigation
Blighs Other MutinyHawkey, ArthurPurnell Book Services LtdBligh Camperdown Copenhagen court martial Macarthur
Blind Horns Hate [The]Hough, RichardHutchinson0-09-104370-0Cape Horn Tierra Chile Argentina Magellan exploration
Blind Mans BluffSontag, SherryHutchinson0-09-180075-7USA Russia USSR cold war navy submarine espionage
Blitz the Attacks on PlymouthWasley, GeraldDevon Books0-86114-868-1WW2 fire raid Luftwaffe Devonport defence Germany Cornwall dockyard Goering
Blizzard of '91 [The]Carter, CliveDavid & Charles0-7153-5137-0Shipwrecks Flying Dutchman weather charts GWR LSWR trains railways ports harbours
BlockadeCarse, RobertRinehartCorwin Giraffe Robert E Lee blockade American civil sea war paddle steamers
Blockade 75Cargill, GavinMolendinar Press0-904002-15-2fishing Aquilla seine herring Tyne Humber Banff Aberdeen N
Blockade Busters [The]Barker, RalphChatto & Windus0-7011-2198-0blockade WW2 Norway Sweden
Blockade Runners of the ConfederacyCochran, HamiltonBobbs-Merrill CoUS blockade Atlantic Caribbean cotton navy Bahamas
Blockade Running During the Civil WarBradlee, F B CEssex Institute0-87991-328-2blockade USN railway US army
Blocking of Zeebrugge [The]Carpenter, Alfred F BHerbert JenkinsZeebrugge WW1 submarine
Blohm and VossPrager, Hans GeorgKoehler0-904-609-14-6shipbuilding German Hamburg turbine diesel Ballin Neva dock gear passenger Europa Savarona shipyard Blom&Voss OEW
Blokes up North Through the Heart of the Northwest Passage by Sail and OarOliver, KevLodestar Books978-1-907206-24-5Arctic North West Passage Norseboat sailing rowing
BlondieSouthby-Tailyour, EwenLeo Cooper/Pen and Sword0-85052-950-6Hasler cockleshell SBS ocean racing biography selfsteering
Blood on the SeaMcCormick, DonaldFrederick Muller Ltdcannibalism dinghy chronometer quadrant trial Parker reef Australia Falmouth
Bloody War [A]Lawrence, HalMacmillan of Canada0-7705-1734-Xnavy Canada WW2
Blow FiveHallam, W BJournal of Commerce & Shipping Telegraph Ltdcompany Liverpool Alexander tug towage Mersey
Blow for the Landing: 100 Years of Steam NavigationTimmen, FritzSchiffer Publishing Ltdf0-7643-0318-xColumbia River steam stern wheeler
Blown AwayPayson, HerbStanford Maritime0-540-07403-9yacht cruising Pacific
Blue Book of Coastal Vessels ThailandBlue Book of Coastal VesselsDhow Prau junk fishing contraband
Blue Catalinas of World War 2Mills, James CSunflower University Press0-89745-190-2Catalina flyingboat Seattle PearlHarbour Hawaii Pacific
Blue For a GirlDrummond, John DW H Allennavy WW2 sociology WRNS
Blue FunnelHyde, Francis ELiverpool University PressRochdale Ocean tea cargo accidents losses China Batavia Singapore Glasgow textiles Australia Manchester
Blue Funnel and Glen Line bulletinBlue Funnel and Glen LineAlfred Holtcompany navy merchant uniform Holt liner passenger
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Blue Funnel LineCollard, IanAmberley978-1-4456-3385-5history company WW2 steam liner WW1 WW2 bulk carrier tanker owner tonnage
Blue Funnel Line [The]BlueAlfred Holt history trade China fleet Australia WW1 cruising construction
Blue Funnel Line [The]Moore, TerryS B Publications1-870708-12-1history shipbuilder steam shipowner engine WW2 tonnage dimensions
Blue Funnel the Later Years 1925-1982Blue FunnelKinglish Ltd0-9513202-2-XBlue Funnel Holt Agamemnon Priam Troilus Titan Cyclops
Blue Funnels in the Mersey in the 1920sBlue FunnelKinglish Ltd0-9513202-0-3company Holt Ajax Centaur Diomed Jason Laertes Nestor Perseus Rhesus
Blue Gum Clippers and Whale Ships of TasmaniaLawson, WillGeorgian House MelborneAustralia Hobart whaling colonial shipbuilding list hulks harbours California shipwrecks Launceston
Blue LatitudesHorwitz, TonyHenry Holt & Co0-312-42260-1adventure exploration Hawaii Pacific Cook Maori
Blue Riband [The]Lee, Charles ESampson Low Marstonhistoric transatlantic Cunard liner Collins Norddeutscher Inman White Star Guion Morgan shipbuilder
Blue Riband of the Atlantic [The]Hughes, TomPatrick Stephens0-85059-146-5Cunard Lusitania Mauretania White Star historic WW1 WW2 Inman migration shipbuilder
Blue StarAtkinson, TonyWorld Ship Society0-905617-37-1fleet shipbuilder Vestey launch shipyard company
Blue Star LineTaffrailcompany merchant warloss WW2 Blue Star medal
Blue Star Line A Fleet HistoryBlue Star LineShips in Focus Publications978-0-9928263-8-3Vestey family fleet lists dimensions shipbuilders owners cargoes routes flags funnels WW2
Blue Strand Guide to Better Wire Rope LifeBlue StrandBritish Ropesrope wire mooring
Blue WaterHildebrand, Arthur SJonathan CapeNew York Scotland Gibraltar France Mallorca Italy Spain Paragas Capri
Blue Water CruisingTate, MichaelTemple Press BooksCorinth crew Mediterranean Gibraltar Adriatic Corfu Malta Istanbul Canaries Barbados
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Bluebird: a dream of a boat in six ActsSummers, MartinCollectors Books Limited0-946604-03-7Dunkirk Malcolm Campbell Henley restoration
Bluebirds Over ConistonBluebirdsThe Ruskin Museumspeed Lakes Cumbria K7 Leo Villa jet Metropolitan Vickers Robinson
Blue-Water Boundary: Epic Highway of the Great Lakes and St LawrenceMalkus, AlidaHastings HouseFur trade Indian heritage Wolfe history
Bluewater HandbookDashew, SteveBeowulf0-688-04195-7yacht Tortola winch Plexiglas storm Fiji New Zealand
Bluewater SeamanshipMort, S WMurray Book85566-392-8yacht cruising textbook seamanship medical rescue collision
Bluff HarbourHall-Jones, JohnSouthland Harbour Boardferries Stewart oyster whaling Maori Tiwai aluminium Molineux Endeavour Cook Foveaux
Blyth, Greene, Jourdain and CoMuir, AugustusNewman Neamecompany Blyth interior
Blythe in Old Picture PostcardsBalmer, RobertEuropean Library Zaltbommel Netherlands90-288-2172-4church bridge Ridley planning lighthouse hospital railway quay colliery ferry Thunderer shipbuilding tug
Boadicea CK 213Frost, MichaelAngus & Robertsonsailing Colchester Maldon Essex Mersea marshes Blackwater Harwich bawley Wivenhoe
BoatHeaton, PeterKaye & Ward7182-0802-1yacht poetry shanty sociology fiction folklore humour
BoatKentley, EricDorling Kindersley0-86318-793-5junior
Boat [The]BoatTime-Life Bookshull design motor sail California kayak wood rig sloop
Boat [The]Gibson, WalterW H Allensurvival WW2 lifeboat Sumatra
Boat BuildingBlandford, Percy WFoyles Handbooksboatbuilding canoe dinghy praam rowing lines plans hardchine
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Boat Building SimplifiedAshcroft, Herbert JCapt O M Wattsshipbuilding dinghy tools lines
Boat Building Techniques IllustratedBirmingham, RichardGranada0-229-11670-1boat wood abrasion plywood corrosion steel aluminium copper
Boat Data BookNicolson, IanNautical Books0-85177-345-1fishing anchors rope mooring winch safety tools lights materials brass metric
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Boat ElectricsWatney, JohnDavid & Charles0-7153-8578-Xelectric electronic battery boat
Boat EnginesHewitt, DickFernhurst Books0-906754-82-8diesel yacht engine petrol corrosion electric outboard
Boat fishing in Cornwall and the Isles of ScillyPender, SDyllansow Truran0-907566-66-9fishing sport Cornwall
Boat HandlingBoat HandlingTime-Life Booksrules safety rudder rowing ferry outboard anchor engine
Boat Handling under Sail and PowerAnderson, BillFernhurst Books1-898-660-15-8Wind tide safely rope berthing
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Boat in the BluePereira, W DLine One0-907036-22-8RAF ASR rescue Newlyn Cornwall
Boat Interior ConstructionNaujok, MichaelAdlard Coles Nautical0-7136-6357-Xfitting out sails wood
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Boat Joinery and Cabinetmaking SimplifiedBingham, Fred PInternational Marine0-87742-354-7wood tools electric deckplan sailplan yacht adhesive dinghy
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Boat Maintenance by the AmateurVerney, MichaelKaye & Wardyacht maintenance tools paint spar rigging canvas dinghy
Boat Museum [The]Boat MuseumBoat Museum Trustmuseum canal
Boat Museum [The]Boat MuseumBoat Museum TrustEustace Carey narrow boats Worester Weedcutter Starvationers Sarah Lansdale Scorpio Liverpool Sider monarch dumb flat Gifford George Friendship Ethel Cedar Bigmere
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Boat Owners Sketch Book 2 Saving Her Skin!Everitt, DickPractical Boat Ownerrope safety battery rudder trailing outboard signals flag
Boat Owners Sketch Book 3 Cleaning Her BottomEveritt, DickPractical Boat Ownersteering wood inflatable tall dinghy anchors trailing mast
Boat Owners Sketch Book Inflatable IdeasEveritt, DickPractical Boat Ownerrope inflatable sail compass chart engine rig battery dinghy
Boat Plans at Mystic SeaportBray, AnneMystic Seaport Museum0-913372-86-2Herreshoff Warner Geiger Kromholz Condon motorsailer cutter deckplans lines
Boat Race [The]Ross, GordonSportsmans Book Clubrowing Thames Boat R
Boat Repairs and ConversionsVerney, MichaelJohn Murray0-7195-3437-2restoration yacht gear planking plastic deck lifeboat rigs fabrication keel engine steering anchor
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Boat Safety Handbook:RYARYAsail anchor bilge pump navigation radar reflectors pyrotechnics fire clothing buoyancy aids liferaft radio first aid
Boat Sailing and RacingFitzgerald, C CGriffin & Cosailing sails weather racing boat junk yacht bombayboat
Boat Sailing for BeginnersRanken, G PBrown, Son & Ferguson, LimitedRig sail centre board steersman wind mooring
Boat Trains and Channel PacketsBucknall, RixonVincent Stuartpacket ferry railway Folkstone Dover harbour Chatham London British
Boat trips in Devon and CornwallBoyle, IanFerry Publications
Ferry Publications
978-1-906608-26-2tourism tourist Falmouth
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Boatbuilders Story [A]Mitchell, PercyKingstonboatbuilding Cornwall yacht cruiser Tosher Hauley II Ibis Mermaid Ark Royal Mongoose Torbay Belle Bittern Windfall Hauley III Windstar Corserine Morva
Boatbuilders Story [A]Mitchell, PercyKingston, MevagisseyMitchell Portmellon Cornwall boatbuilding fishing, toshers, yachts, luggers
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Boatbuilding with Baltek DurakoreBrown, David GInternational Marine0-07-008212-Xshipbuilding boatbuilding wood balsa laminate GRP
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Boating etiquetteFoster, Queene HooperHearst Marine0-688-09457-0yacht flag signal etiquette custom US
Boating For SportsmanEmmett, JimHarper & Rowdesign construction canoe dory cruiser
Boatmans Index [the] Issues 1-18, 21-30Boatmans IndexBoatman's IndexIndex
Boatmen of BroadlandDye, MargaretLarks Press0-948400-79-XBroads dinghy wherry Norfolk fishing
BoatopiaBoatopiaMalcolm Saunders0-947728-16-3photography
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Boatowners Practical and Technical Cruising ManualCalder, NigelAdlard Coles0-7136-6127-5cruising fitting out
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Boats Boffins and BowlinesDrower, GeorgeSutton Publishing0-7509-3364-Xyacht racing pioneers navigation pilotage weather signals rigging keels hulls engines steering anchors emergencies
Boats For SailingProctor, IanMacdonald & Coyacht racing dinghy shipbuilding gear rudder sails deckplan
Boats Oars and RowingCuller, R DInternational Marine Publishing Companyrowing oars oarlocks double-paddle canoes
Boats of East PakistanGreenhill, BasilMariners MirrorSylhet ferry fishing Khula patam pallar Bihar Barisal lakhai Tippera ghazi Noakhali
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Boats of the LongshoremenGlasspool, JohnNautical0-245-53111-4fishing lugger Devon whaler lugsail pilot Newlyn Cornwall hull Ireland curragh clinker yawl
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Boats Ships and ShipyardsBoats Ships and ShipyardsOxbow Books1-84217-093-7archaeology Venice Mediterranean Europe Greece Viking report
Boats We Rode [The]Roberts, Franklin BQuadrant Press IncNew York ferry excursion pier company Hudson list
Boats with an Open MindBolger, Philip CInternational Marine0-07-006376-1Unconventional design concept dart dinghy punt rowboat canoe skiff schooner mooring pleasure craft vacation barge houseboat plywood catamaran dugout longship rowing motor trailer sailing trailer period sail power cruisers bow hull rudder sails stability
Boat-Sailing For AmateursDavies, G ChristopherBazaar Exchange & Martsailing dinghy yacht
Boats-Crew BarbaraLorentzen, BarbaraBarbara LorentzenWW2 wrens WRNS Falmouth Plymouth Dartmouth Dart RN Alethia Devonport
Boatswains Manual [The]Chase, H FNautical Pressseamanship rigging knot signal instrument Plimsoll textbook
Boatyard Television ProgrammesBoatyardDiscovery Channelrestoration DVD boatbuilding
Boatyards and BoatbuildingWilson, Robert JRobert Wilsoncanal barge
Bocks World ShippingBocks World ShippingChristian Wolffship owners shipping lists
Bocks World Shipping Appendix No 1Bocks World ShippingChristian Wolffregister list German
Bodmin and Wadebridge RailwayWhetmath, C F DForge Books0-904662-20-9Cuckoo Valley railway construction
Bodmin Goal CornwallBrunton, AlanOrchard Publications0-9519027-0-9Bodmin Cornwall prison history
Boeles ScheepswervenGuijs, GerIlco Productions90-73235-01-4Netherlands docks sociology machine boiler Celebes Groenlo Spaarnestroom Sacrapuer Jokra
Boelwerf TemseBoelwerfshipyard port shipbuilder tanker bulkcarrier chemical tanker car ferry cargo bridge lockgate tank chemical repair
Boiler Corrosion and Water TreatmentBoiler CorrosionHMSO11-770658-2oxidation temperature oil grease alkalies phosphates organic oxygen fouling thermodynamic aerodynamic hydrodynamic
Bois and d'Acier [De]Bois and d'AcierChasse-Maree2-914-08-898shipbuilding St Malo France lines construction
Bois et d'Acier [De]Bois and d'AcierChasse-Mareeshipbuilding St Malo France plans Lys Prudente pilot luggers President-Clemenceau Pere-Pierre Germaine Hygie Christophe-Colombe Grande-Hermine Lemarchand Gautier SICCNa
BolehKilroy, Robin AHodder and Stoughtonyacht cruising India tactics victualling deckplan
Bolton Group [The]Hennessy, ElizabethPublications for Companies0-904928-15-2Bolton Group trade oil WW1 WW2 insurance
Bomb Ketch Salamandre [The]Boudriot, JeanANCRE Societe CivileFrance warship lines plan Xebec lateen Mediterranean galiote
Bomb Vessel [The]Ware, ChrisConway0-85177-631-0navy woodenwall cannon ordnance lines deckplan mortar bomb
Bombard Story [The]Bombard, AlainAndre DeutschAtlantic inflatable survival France
Bombay BuccaneersBombay BuccaneersBritish Association for Cemeteries in South Asia0-907799-15-9India badge volunteers Antarctic marine submarine administration law engineering
Bombay Country Ships 1790-1833 [The]Bulley, AnneCurzon0-7007-1236-4Bombay Fleet East India Company trade troop transport cotton opium
Bombay Dockyard and The Wadia Master Builders [The]Wadia, R ARuttonjee, Ardeshir Wadiashipbuilding dockyard India Bombay
Bomschuit een Verdwenen Scheepstype [De]Petrejus, E WMaritime Museum RotterdamNetherlands lines construction deckplan
Bonny Fisher Lad [The]Bonny Fisher LadThe People's History Ltd1-902527-48-8village Craster Holy Island lime cockles smack Seahouses Beadnell coble
Book About Smuggling in the West Country 1700-1850 [A]Coxe, Antony D HippisleyTabb House0-907018-32-7smuggling Cornwall Devon Fowey custom Falmouth
Book of Bremen PortsBook of Bremen Portsinternationale Verlagsgesellschaft Robert Bargmanntrade Bremerhaven history WW2 World War Two steamship
Book of Diesel Engines [The]RYAAdlard Coles0-7136-6358-8fuel oil electric air propellers controls
Book of Falmouth & Penryn [The]Dunstan, BobBarracuda Books Limited0-86023-002-3History Glasney Pendennis castle mansions taverns houses churches hotels docks port packets railway lifeboats Trafalgar Pamir
Book of Famous Ships [A]Smith, C FoxMethuen & Coclipper tea wool White Star Blackwall migration
Book of Flags [The]Campbell, GordonOxford University Pressflag houseflag funnel
Book of Fowey [the]Keast, JohnBarracuda Books0-86023-266-2history pirates Treffry Rashleigh Pilchards
Book of Gosport [The]Burton, LesleyHalsgrove1-84114-336-7Gosport Hampshire tram railway navy Solent D-Day Normandy
Book of HMS Eagle [The]Book of HMS EagleAdmiraltynavy carrier airarm
Book of LooeCamp, MarkHalsgrove978-1-84114-621-8Looe tourism fishing WW1 WW2
Book of Merchant Shipping NoticesBook of Merchant ShippingMinistry of Transportrescue casualty search helicopter coastguard signal distress
Book of Old Ships [The]Culver, Henry BGarden city Pubishing Company Incgalley trireme Viking long ship galleass corbita warship carrack caravel cromster buss galleon galliot ketch lugger howker bugalet frigate felucca barque tartane polacre xebec saique brig brigantine corvette schooner goelette packet barquentine clipper
Book of Ornamental Knots [The]Hensel, JohnCharles Scribers Sons684-15566-4knot ropework design
Book of Outboard Motors [The]RYAAdlard Coles0-7136-4848-1outboard
Book of Pembroke Dock [The]Carradice, PhilBarracuda0-86023-484-3wartime hospital ship dockyard
Book of Penzance [The]Noall, CyrilBarracudda Books Ltd0-86023-066-XCornwall promenade wherry harbour
Book of Practical Knots [The]Budworth, GeoffreyAdlard Coles0-7136-5456-2rope cordage overhand bowlines bends whipping Turks Head hitch lanyard
Book of Ropework for YachtsmenDearn, RobertDavid and Charles Inc USA0-7153-8937-8knots splices rope construction
Book of Sea Journeys [A]Book of Sea JourneysCollins0-00-216310-1anthology poetry interior migration travel
Book of Shanties [A]Smith, C FoxMethuen & Comusic song shanty
Book of ShipsBook of ShipsNew English Library450-02463-6Wasa galleon junk Sweden Atlantic Viking Cook Australia
Book of Ships [A]Mitchell, CharlesPenguin Bookscarrack Zonchico Prince Royal Royal Sovereign Royal George frigate Victory
Book of Ships [The]Dunn, LawrenceMacdonaldhistory papyrus Viking sail barque schooner steamboat transatlantic passenger liner hydrofoil longship nuclear carrack sloop east Indiaman Cunard barquentine diesel commercial
Book of Shipwrecks [The]Hudson, KennethMacmillan0-333-22092-7archaeology prehistory medieval exploration Tudor Renaissance whaler liner radio radar
Book of St Mawes [The]Pollard, ChrisHalsgrove978-1-84114-631-7Cornwall smuggling fishing pilot WW1 WW2 regatta
Book of the Anchor Line [The]Book of the Anchor LineEd J Burrow and Co LtdWW1 racing yachts liner passengers freight Glasgow sail steam India cruising
Book of the Blue Sea [The]Newbolt, HenryLongmans, Green and CoLittle Amiable Medusa Menelaus Leander Franklin Trafalgar Edward Pellew Essex
Book of the Bounty [A]Book of the BountyJ M Dentmutiny Bligh Bounty
Book of the Sea [The]Book of the SeaEyre and Spottiswoodeanthology shipwreck Trafalgar poetry
Book of the Sextant [The]Hughes, A JBrown Son & Fergusonnavigation sextant textbook instrument astro
Book of the Ship [The]Hardy, A CSampson Low Marston & Cocargo passengers liner tramp tanker whaling fishing tugs salvage dredgers hoppes lighthouses lightships
Book of the Ship [The]Jackson, G GSampson Low Marston & Co Ltdclipper warship steamer Cunard Anchor P&O Elder Dempster Union-Castle diving docks salvage
Book of Tides [The]Thomson, WilliamQuercus Editions978-1-78648-079-8Britain coast harbour marine maritime whirlpool eddy tsunami wind waves weather diving swimming surfing Cornwall wavehub flood ebb lifeboat disaster barrage energy WW1 WW2
Book of Victory in EuropeThompson, JulianSidgwick & Jackson0-283-06161-8WW2 army D-Day
Boomsticks and TowlinesHeal, S CTrafford1-55395-134-4tug raft barge Canada towboat Vancouver
Booth LineHeaton, P MStarling Press0-9507714-8-1company shipowner Holt Singlehurst Iquitos amalgamation WW1 WW2
Boots und Holzschiffbau an der UnterweserJanssen, Heinz DH M Hauschild978-3-89757-350-5history Germany Lower Weser boatbuilding yacht boatyard plank boat inland freight
Bore 1897-1997Pietikainen, MattiBore Shipowners952-90-9264-4Turku Finland Saimaa chronology list Helsinki Boris Skiftet Delet Oulu Nordstjernan Halland Goole
Bores Breakers Waves and WakesTricker, R A RMills and Boon Limitedoceanography moon tides Bernoulli hydrodynamics
Born of the SeaBorn of the SeaCammell Lairdshipbuilding company Cammell
Born to WinBertrand, JohnSidgwick & Jackson0-553-17249-2yacht racing America Australia
Bornholmske Strandinger Bind I (1830-1919)Pedersen, ErikBornholmerens87-88134-22-9Shipwrecks
Bornholmske Strandinger Bind II (1920-1986)Pedersen, ErikBornholmerens87-88134-32-6Shipwrecks
Bos Kalis WestminsterBos Kalis Westminsterdrilling dredging marine engineering hydraulic pipeline construction oil termial
Bosphorus Steamers of the Sirket-i HayriyeGuleryuz, AhmetDenizler Kitabevi975-92686-1-2paddlesteamer Turkey
Boston Deep Sea FisheriesStopper, MarkHutton Press1-872167-68-3fishing company east coast Hull Lowestoft Grimsby Iceland cod
Boston Looks Seaward: The Story of the Port 1630-1940Boston Port AuthorityBruce Humphries Inc0-8432-0028-6trade fishing explorers clippers civil war migration
Boston Putford Story [The] Part 1White, Malcolm RMalcolm R Wright09532485-8-5fishing safety at sea
Both Sides of TamarBoth SidesBossineyCornwall mining Fal
BottersPeereboom, JAlk bv Alkmaar90-6013-673-XDutch fishing botter
Bougainville In TahitiTaillemite, EtienneSociete des OceanistesPacific navigation France health frigate Paris
Boulderson and related familiesGrylls, Richard G Morley Rogers Barkworth Money Broadhurst Hill Cowell packet ship captains East India Company family history
Boulle to Jansen Part 3 2003/06/12ChristiesChristie'sart auction Spain
Bound for AustraliaBourke, Edward JEdward Bourke09523027-3-XCharles Tayleur Bank Quay Foundry migration Australian passenger trade White Star Line Lambay island wreck passengers crew
Bounty Ships of France [The]Villiers, AlanPatrick Stephens0-85059-102-3Cape Horn France finance list steel barque square rig warloss
Bowring Story [The]Keir, DavidGalitzine Chant Russell & PartnersTower Hill
Bowring Story [The]Keir, DavidBodley HeadNapoleonic wars Newfoundland Liverpool trade sealers fishing Grand Banks passenger ships tankers Lloyds insurance
Box BoatsCudahy, Brian JFordham University Press0-8232-2568-2container history pan Atlantic US Navy cargo United States vessels fleets company troopship tanker passenger construction
Boxes and BarnaclesRodwell, SimonHITcontainer terminal Whampoa Hutchison Dock Company cranes Kwai Chung
Boxing Fleet [The]Boxing FleetMalet Lambert Local Historyfishing log Hull signals trawler
Boy and the Painter [The]Rowe, AlbertTabb House1-873951-41-8Wallis artist St Ives fishing lifeboat
Boys Book of Steamships [The]Howden, J RGrant Richardsliner Atlantic engine steam interior Cunard cargo White Star
Boys Book of the Sea [The]Monsarrat, NicholasCassellyacht pirate Bligh survival Slocum Scott salvage anthology
BP Book of Industrial Archaeology [The]Cossons, NeilDavid & Charles0-7153-6250-Xwindmill wind water steam engine coal iron steel glass textiles chemical cooper tin
BP Fifty Years in PicturesBP Fifty YearsBritish Petroleum tanker oil exploration
BP Tanker CompanyBP Tanker CompanyBritish Petroleum Elizabeth Watts WW2
BP TankersHarvey, W JChatham1-86176-251-8tanker British Petroleum construction Liverpool deckplan rescue list
Bragozzo [Il]Marzari, Mariobragagna bragozzo brazzera passera topo trabacolo Adriatic
Bragozzo [Il]Marzari, MarioMursiafishing Adriatic net sailplan trawler gear boatbuilding
Brancaster Lifeboats 1874-1935 [The]Softley, MichaelNorfolk & Suffolk Research Group0-9522799-4-0Joseph & Mary Alfred S Genth Winlaton Eliza Adams Lily Bird Earl of Wemyss
Branches and Byways CornwallVaughan, JohnOxford Publishing0-86093-566-3railway Cornwall clay mine port Tamar
Brandy For the ParsonPearce, FrankFotasiasmuggling fishing Cornwall Penzance boatbuilding St Ives
Brasseys Naval Annual 1890BrasseysGriffinnavy training establishments deckplan shipbuilding ordnance
Brasseys Naval Annual 1897BrasseysGriffinnavy training establishments deckplan shipbuilding ordnance
Brasseys Naval Annual 1938BrasseysWilliam Clowestreaties WW2 fleets weapons transatlantic aircraft carriers cruisers merchant routes flying boat statistics dimensions defence torpedo WW1 fishing battleships flotillas
Brasseys Naval Annual 1940BrasseysWilliam Clowesforeign WW2 merchant warfare submarine air operations aircraft dimensions flotillas tables Treasury minute officials shipbuilders
Brasseys Naval Annual 1941BrasseysWilliam Clowesforeign WW2 sea operations US allies submarine Mediterranean Mahan Narvik u-boat submarine merchant aircraft fleet air arm plans dimensions Cherbourg Dunkirk
Brasseys Naval Annual 1942BrasseysWilliam ClowesUS navy merchant foreign air operations Japan River Plate submarine St Nazaire commando Benghazi battleship Ark Royal WW2
Brasseys Naval Annual 1944BrasseysWilliam Clowesforeign navies airwar u-boat fleet air arm landing craft future development transport flotillas strategy WW2
Brasseys Naval Annual 1945BrasseysWilliam Clowesforeign fighting forces maritime industries airwar Pacific Normandy Tirpitz carrier US flotillas amphibious carrier operations WW2
Brasseys Naval Annual 1946BrasseysWilliam Clowesforeign Japan aircraft French airwar shipping restoration amphibious operation RN air service losses commonwealth WW2
Brasseys Naval Annual 1947BrasseysWilliam Clowesforeign navies aviation collaboration sea land air flying boat Australia Japan atomic bomb pay treaties officials missions attaches WW2
Brasseys Naval Annual 1948BrasseysWilliam Clowesconferences survey air power fleet estimates First Lord white paper Nimitz invasion revolt fuehrer Russia Mediterranean WW2
Brasseys Naval Annual 1949BrasseysWilliam Clowessea power defence foreign navies US marine engineering science dimensions estimates First Lord prize money officials missions attaches plans elevations diagrams WW2
Braune Segel im WindStutz, TimmTranspress3-344-00165-5regatta traditional wooden boat
Braunstons BoatsWebb, MikeJ M Pearson0-907864-04-Xcanal narrowboat sociology lock Braunston
Braunton Home of the Last Sailing CoastersAndrew, Robert D'ArcyBraunton & District Museum978-1-902310-04-6Devon Cornwall ketch barge steel schooner Exeter canal lock IoS Q-ship
Braunton Ships and SeamenEllacott, S EBraunton MuseumDevon barge coaster ketch steamer
Brave BenbowBenbow, William AWilliam Benbownavy RN mutiny West Indies Spain Portugal Restoration privateer canal apprentice
Brave Seaman of YoughalHackett, MikeOn Stream Publications1-897685-92-0shipwreck lighthouse WW2 World War Two driftnet fishing ropemaking
Bravo Zulu Bravo AlphaBravo ZuluGosling Foundationnavy Royal gig marine officer Dartmouth Devon
Break ThroughWake-Walker, Edward
Walker, Edward
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British Fishing-Boats and Coastal Craft Part 1White, E WHMSOlugger trawler Brixham quay punt coracle prawner yole
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British Moth [The]British MothBritish Moth Boat Associationracing dinghy restoration lines design plywood Wroxham
British Motor CoastersWaine, Charles VBlack Dwarf9781903599-24-2Appledore Shipbuilders Brons Cleland Coppack Crossley Drypool Engineering Everard Grangemouth London & Rochester Polar Pollocks Ruston diesel Mirlees Blackstone Robertson Shipowners deckplan section lines
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British Motor YachtsHarvey, DerekRobert rossyacht steam motor
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British Naval Aircraft since 1912Thetford, OwenPutnam0-370-30021-1seaplane helicopter FAA Fleet Air Arm RNAS airship Sopwith Camel Fairey Avro Beardmore
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British Ocean FreightersFleming, H M LeIan AllanShipping company merchant ship recognition
British Ocean FreightersFleming, H M LeIan AllanShipping company merchant ship recognition
British Ocean FreightersMoody, BIan AllanShipping company merchant ship recognition
British Ocean LinersFleming, H M LeIan AllanShipping company merchant ship recognition
British Ocean LinersFleming, H M LeIan AllanShipping company merchant ship recognition
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British Ocean RacingPhillips-Birt, DouglasAdlard Colesyacht racing club Fastnet Bermuda RORC
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British Ocean TankersFleming, H M LeIan AllanShipping company merchant ship recognition
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British Yachts and YachtsmenBritish Yachts
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Britse Schotse and Ierse Visserij in BeeldHameeteman, CornelisLanasta978-90-8616-924-2Dutch Fishing
BrittanyLeprohon, PierreMinervaMont St-Michel St Malo granite calvary Brest Locronan Bigouden
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Broads [The]Ellis, E ACollinsBroads
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Bromley Shipping plc Offer for SubscriptionBromley Shippingship charter continental waterways UK waterways
Bronze Cross [The]Roe, F GordonP R Gawthornmedal
Brooke Marine Limited Shipbuilders and Engineers LowestoftBrooke Marineshipbuilding Brooke passenger pilot trawler tug interior
Brostrom Concern of Shipping Companies [The]BrostromSwedish Orient Line Fern Steamship Company Motortank Company Swedish East Asiatic Company Swedish America Mexico Line Swedish America Line Halland Steamship Company Gothenburg Towage and Salvage Company Albatross Company Brostrom Lines Agency
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Browns Flags and FunnelsBrownsBrown Son & Ferguson0-85174-179-7houseflag funnel
Browns Flags and FunnelsBrownsBrown Son & Ferguson0-85174-634-9houseflag funnel
Browns Flags and FunnelsBrownsJames Brown & Sonhouse flag funnel
Browns Flags and FunnelsBrownsBrown Son & Ferguson0-85174-440-0houseflag funnel
Browns Flags and FunnelsBrownsBrown Son & Fergusonhouseflag funnel
Browns Flags and FunnelsBrownsBrown Son & Fergusonhouseflag funnel steam company Germany Denmark Sweden France Netherlands Norway
Browns Flags and FunnelsBrownsBrown Son & Fergusonhouseflag funnel company Germany US London Barcelona San Francisco Belfast Cardiff
Browns Flags and FunnelsBrownsBrown Son and Ferguson Ltdhouse flag funnel
Browns Flags and FunnelsBrownsBrown Son and Fergusonhouseflag funnel steam company Netherlands Spain Germany Finland Denmark Sweden Italy Panama Japan UK
Browns Knots and SplicesBrownsBrown Son & Fergusonknot rope rigging splicing
Browns Nautical Almanac 1947BrownsBrown Son & Fergusonalmanac
Browns Nautical Almanac 1993BrownsBrown Son & Fergusonalmanac
Browns Nautical Almanac 2006BrownsBrown Son & Ferguson0-85174-730-2almanac tide tables meteorology
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Browns Pocketbook for YachtsmenBrownsBrown Son & Ferguson LtdBoat building construction
Browns Rule of the Road ManualStewart, W KBrown Son & Fergusoncollision, signals boyage system fog signals
Browns Sailing Directions for the East CoastBrownsBrown Son & Ferguson LtdDungeness Dunnet Head
Browns Seamans Wages CalculatorBrownsBrown Son & Ferguson Ltdmerchant wages calculation tables
Browns Signal ReminderBrownsBrown Son & Ferguson Ltdsignal flag morse code light buoy pilot fishing trawler
Browns SignallingBrownsBrown Son and Fergusonflags letters pendants semaphore morse sound wireless buoys beacons
Browns Star AtlasBrownsBrownsastro atlas navigation
Browns Tidal Streams For the British Coasts Ireland and North SeaBrownsBrown Son & Fergusontide atlas
Browns Winds and CurrentsBrownsJames Brown & Sonmeteorology wind current
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Brunel's ss Great Britain GuidebookBrunel's ss Great Britainss Great Britain TrustGreat Western dockyard museum launch windjammer salvage migration steerage decks saloon dining crew
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BT Global Challenge Round the World Race 1996-1997BT Global ChallengeYachting WorldCommercial Union Concert Courtaulds Global Teamwork Group 4 Heath Insured Motorola Nuclear Electric Ocean Rover Pause to Remember Save the Children 3Com Time & Tide Toshiba Wave
Buccaneers [The]Cooper, BryanPurnellJapan torpedo Mediterranean invasion Pacific Philippines Arakan Channel Vosper zebra dazzle
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Bucklers HardBucklers HardBeaulieu Enterprises LtdMontague Adams Nelson navigation
Bucklers HardHolland, A JKenneth Mason0-85937-328-2shipbuilding woodenwall sawyer dockyard tools
Bucklers HardHolland, AlecMontagu Beaulieu Nelson Agamemnon Illustrious Henry Adams
Bucklers Hard and its ShipsMontagu, JohnPrivateshipbuilding Agamemnon Adams list slipways
Buckley-Class Destroyer Escorts [The]Franklin, Bruce Hampton0-086176-118-Xdestroyer US WW2
Bude Canal [The]Harris, HelenDavid & Charles0-7153-5574-0Bude canal
Bude Canal Past and PresentYoung, BillBill Young0-9532669-0-7inland waterway canal Cornwall construction route engineering shipbuilding
Bude Wrecks Bencoolen and CapricornoBude WrecksJ E CornishCornwall Goldsworthy Gurney shipwreck castle list
Budes Forgotten Genius Sir Goldsworthy GurneyStamp, B DudleyBude-Stratton Town CouncilCornwall Bude steam invention
Budock Parish War Memorial 1914-1919Budock ParishWW2 service men burial places
Build a Fleet Lose a FleetMcDonell, RHawthorn Press0-7256-0165-5Australia Sydney Newcastle Queensland company
Build a Simple DinghyNicolson, IanAdlard Coles0-229-11806-2dinghy construction boatbuilding sailplan deckplan
Build a Winning Model YachtMoore, ThomasFrederick A Stokesyachts design construction rigging rating rules power boats
Build the MusashiYoshimura, AkiraKodansha International4-7700-1579-8Japan navy battleship warloss lines deckplan
Build the ShipsMinistry of InformationHMSOWW2 shipbuilding
Build the ShipsMinistry of InformationHMSOWW2 shipbuilding
Build Your Own BoatBlandford, Percy WStanley Paul0-09-080020-6yacht shipbuilding lines tools dinghy engine GRP
Build Your Own BoatMytton-Davies, PeterArco Publicationsboatbuilding construction wood aluminium design catamaran
Build Your Own BoatNicolson, IanGeorge Allen & Unwin0-04-623014-9yacht motor shipbuilding lines deckplan rigging engine gear
Build Your Own Boat with Hartleys Boat PlansBuild Your OwnHartleyspraam dinghy canoes plywood steel design aluminium fibreglass trawler keel
Build Yourself a Model YachtDaniels, W JPercival MarshallSharpie Restricted Class design decks hulls racing
Builders of Great ShipsBuildersRichard Garrett ServicesCammel Laird shipbuilder history WW1 Ark Royal shipyard passenger cargo Royal Navy
Building a Little ShipJohnston, W HGeorge Allen & Unwin Ltdboatbuilding sailplan rigging compass charts flax canvas
Building and Detailing Model Sailing ShipsCampbell, George EModel & Allied Publications Argus Books0-85242-662-3model sail
Building and Sailing CatamaransBlandford, Percy WW & G Foyle Ltdcatamaran boatbuilding sailing construction fibreglass
Building and Trials of the Replica of an Ancient Boat The Gokstad Faering [The] Part 1McGrail, SeanNational Maritime MuseumViking archaeology lines construction strake Ness Yole Oselver tools Graveney
Building and Trials of the Replica of an Ancient Boat The Gokstad Faering [The] Part 2Building and TrialsNational Maritime MuseumViking replica rowing Shetland sixern stability statistics
Building and Trials of the Replica of an Ancient Boat The Gokstad Faering [The] Part 2McKee, EricNational Maritime MuseumViking replica rowing Shetland sixern stability statistics
Building Britains Wooden WallsBarnard, John EAnthony Nelson0-904614-63-8Harwich East India Deptford Essex shipbuilding Ipswich Suffolk
Building Chine BoatsVerney, MichaelYachting Monthlyboatbuilding hardchine
Building Classic Small CraftGardner, JohnInternational Marine/McGraw-Hill0-07-142797-Xpunt pram plywood flattie skiff Chamberlain Quincy dory wherry Whitehall Barnegat
Building for the FutureBuilding for the FutureIrish Sea Fisheries Boardfishing Ireland
Building for VictoryMoore, GeorgeWorld Ship Society0-9543310-1-Xnavy shipbuilding WW2 carrier submarine warship
Building Small BoatsRossel, GregWooden Boat Publications0-937822-50-7Tools wood adhesives drawings plans hulls planking moulds centreboards rudders interiors
Building Small Boats Surf Craft and Canoes in FibreglassFlett, JohnStanford Maritime0-540-07196-Xshipbuilding dinghy canoe surfboard GRP plugs moulds
Building Small ShipsPollock, WalterWalter Pollock (Executors)shipbuilding company tug submarine propeller barge engine
Building the Crosby CatboatThomas, BarryMystic Seaport Museum Inc0-913372-48-Xboatbuilding Osterville Cape Cod manual US timber lines traditional
Building the Emergency FleetMattox, W CPenton Publishing0-8432-0020-0merchant Germany navy charts construction shipyard protection planning statistics
Building the Steam NavyEvans, DavidConway Maritime Press0-85177-959-XVictorian navy dockyard steam Portsmouth iron Baltic Devon
Building the TriremeWelsh, FrankConstable0-0-09-466880-9trireme rowing shipbuilding
Building Your Own BoatBell, GrahamMethuenyacht multihull dinghy spar shipbuilding rudder rigging
Buildings of Central Cape Town 1978 [The] Vol 1 Formative Influences and ClassificationBuildings of Central Cape TownCape Provincial Institute of Architects0-620-03733-4environment history architecture van Riebeeck plans settlement map
Built by Nobles of GirvanHenderson, SamHistory Press978-0-7524-5451-1fishing boats shipyard Scotland
Built on Honor, Sailed with SkillKaiser, Frederick FSarah Jennings Press0-931781-05-1US schooner Chesapeake tall shipwreck yawl fore and aft steel
Built on ScillyLarn, RichardShipwreck & Marine978-0-952397-17-5Edwards Cousins Banfield Mumfords Stedifords Hicks Sherris Gluyas John Pown Beach Porthcressa sloop barque rope making newspaper reports schooner cutter yawl brigantine census returns timber
Built with Pride Tyne Ships: 1969-1994Smith, KenNewastle upon Tyne City Libraries1-85795-091-7shipbuilding Tyne warship
Built-up Ship Model [The]Davis, Charles GEdward W Sweetmanmodel lines ordnance gear spar anchor tools
BuiswaterMeulen, Cees van derP N Van Kramen & Zoon N Vtrawler fishing pilotage steamer cruiser
Buitenlandse SleepbotenMeylof, Louis90-366-0250-5tugs
Bukser og Bjergning: 75 ar 1913-1988Bakka, Dag JrKrohn Johansen Forlag82-90528-36-1Norway barge Oslo offshore towboat salvage
Bulk Carrier PracticeIsbester, JNautical Institute1-870077-16-4bulk
Bulk Carrier Register 1972 [The]Bulk Carrier RegisterH Clarkson & Cobulk carrier register
Bulk Carrier Register 1973 [The]Bulk Carrier RegisterH Clarkson & Cobulk carrier register
Bulk Carrier Register 1975 [The]Bulk Carrier RegisterH Clarkson & Cobulk carrier register
Bulk Carrier Register 1976 [The]Bulk Carrier RegisterH Clarkson & Cobulk carrier register
Bulk Carrier Register 1978 [The]Bulk Carrier RegisterH Clarkson &Cobulk carrier register
Bulk Carrier Register 1982 [The]Bulk Carrier RegisterH Clarkson & Cobulk carrier register
Bulk Carrier Register 1983 [The]Bulk Carrier RegisterH Clarkson & Cobulk carrier register
Bulk Carrier Register 1984 [The]Bulk Carrier RegisterH Clarkson & Cobulk carrier register
Bulk Carrier Register 1986 [The]Bulk Carrier RegisterClarkson Research Studiesbulk carrier register
Bulk CarriersBes, JGrand Books & Recordsbulk cariers ore oil tramp shipping
Bulk CarriersTolerton, NickWillson Scott Publishing0-9582535-6-0bulk
Bulk Carriers 1956-1970 Built For GreeksFoustanos,Georgios MArgo Publishing978-960-9479-05-9blk carrier Greece Onassis dockyard Niarchos
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Bureau Veritas Rules and Regulations Building Classification Wooden Vessels 1911Bureau VeritasBureau VeritasVeritas rules
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Burleigh Marine International Marine Fender CatalogueBurleigh MarineBurleigh Marine Internationalfender catalogue marine
Burmah ... the Early DaysBurmahBurmah Oil Trading LtdBurma Rangoon Twinzas crude Singu Madras geology
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Business and Law for the ShipmasterHopkins, F NBrown Son & Fergusonlaw contract insurance pilotage salvage textbook lighthouse
Business and Law For the ShipmasterHopkins, F NBrown Son & Ferguson0-85174-537-7law contract insurance pilotage salvage textbook lighthouse
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Busy Channel [The]Ireland, BernardIan Allan0-7110-1138-9Coasters Traders Roll-on Rol-off Container Tankers Ferries Warships Fishin vessels Liners Tugs Tows Service craft
Buyers Guide to Marine ElectronicsBuyers GuideBMEASatnav radar naviators auto pilot echo sounders sonar radio-telephone
Buying a New YachtRYARYAinsurance registration mooring law contract
By and LargeDomvile, BarryHutchinsonbiography navy WW1 sociology
By GeminiDavidson, AnnPeter DavisIntracoastal Mississippi cruising
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By Way of the Golden IslesRushworth-Lund, AnthonyChapman & Hallyacht cruising
By Way of the Spanish IslesRushworth-Lund, AnthonyChapman & HallSpain Mallorca Minorca Hampshire Ibiza Gibraltar cruising
Byen ved de syv havBakka, Dag JrSeagull Publishing82-91258-10-4Norway Bergen port ferry company houseflag funnel tanker
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Caister Lifeboats [The]CaisterCVRSNorfolk rescue yawl Beauchamp
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Caledonian the monster canalHutton, GuthrieRichard Stenlake1-872074-16-2WW1 construction tourism Neptune's staircase Laggan Avenue Loch Oich Fort Augustus Gondolier Glengarry Scot Cavalier Lochness Monster John Cobb Crusader Loch Gochgarroch Margaret Reid Muirtown basin
Calendar [The]Duncan, David EwingFourth Estate1-85702-721-3time
Calendar of Early Chancery Proceedings relating to West Country Shipping 1388-1493 [A]Calendar of EarlyDevon and Cornwall Record Societylaw maritime
Calendar of Early Chancery Proceedings relating to West Country Shipping 1388-1493 [A]Calendar of EarlyDevon and Cornwall Record Societylaw maritime
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Call To The SouthMcLaughlin, W R DGeorge G Harrapwhaling Antarctica Norway factory
Calling All ArmsFairfax, ErnestHutchinson & CoWW2 aircraft tank Coventry Birmingham Oxford engine gun
Caltex Book of Flags and FunnelsCaltexflag funnel Africa
CamaretLozac'hmeur, Pierre deFrance Brittany Finistere churches Celtic port Rocacadour saints
Camcraft IncCamcraftCamcraft Incshipbuilding deckplan offshore aluminium
Camel Footpath [The]Ingrey, JackLodenek Press0-946143-06-4Cornwall Padstow
Camera at SeaEastland, JonathanAjax0-904746-00-3yacht photography powerboat
Camera in ConvoySaul, SaulEllisons Editions0-946092-52-4convoy Russia Malta Norway Scapa
Camera on the WaterfrontThomas, MifflinSeacoast PressUS Vancouver SanFrancisco Blue Star liner cruising timber ferry Alaska
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Campaign in Burma [The]Ministry of InformationHMSOWW2 army
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Campbell at Coniston a Film by John LomaxCampbell at ConistonJohn Lomax Film ArchiveDVD records Bluebird Lake District TVlink
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Camping by WaterCamping by WaterPeter Daviesriver Thames Medway wildlife Broads Severn canal
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Canadian Pacific 1883-1968Musk, GeorgeCanadian Pacifictrans Pacific Atlantic freight bulk carrier ferry steamer tug salvage barge WW1 WW2 shipbuilder great lakes
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Canadian Pacific 1891-1957Musk, GeorgeWorld Ship SocietyCanadian Pacific Atlantic Beaver Allan Canadian Australasian Line fleet WW1 mail cargo
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Canadian Warship NamesFreeman, David JVanwell1-55125-048-9Canada badge WW2 Korea warship trawler list
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Canal RecollectionsHolland, JulianParkgate Books1-85585-396-5canal lock costume iceboat
Canal Transport LtdWheat, GeoffMaiwand Publishingcanal Liverpool steam barge motor diesel Mersey Leeds
Canali e BurciCanali e BurciLa Galiverna Battaglia Termecanal
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Canals of the West Midlands [The]Hadfield, CharlesDavid & Charlescanal Midland
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Canals of Yorkshire and North East England [The] Vol 2Hadfield, CharlesDavid & Charles0-7153-5975-4canal
Canals, Locks and Canal BoatsMcKnight, HughWard, Lock Ltd0-7063-1821-8canal
Canary Islands Cruising GuideCanary Islands Cruising GuideWorld Cruising Publications0-9517486-0-2ARC Atlantic Race for Cruisers navigation radio beacons weather Quincentenary Rally Lanzarote Fuerteventura Gran Canaria Tenerife La Palma La Gomera El Hierro
Canary Islands Cruising GuideCornell, JimmyWorld Cruising Club Publications0-9517486-7-XARC Graciosa Lanzarote Fuerteventura Gran Canaria Tenerife La Palma La Gomera El Hierro
Canberra: The Ship That Shaped The Future
McCart, NeilKingfisher Railway Productions0-946184-54-2P&O history cruising Argentinia shipbuilding launch emergency fire drydock voyage
Cannery RowHemp, Michael KennethHistory Company0-941425-00-2California sardine canning
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Cannon of Pendennis and St Mawes Castles Cornwall [The]Carpenter, Austin Ccannon ordnance Cornwall
Canoe [The]CanoeFirefly Books1-55209-509-6Birchbark dugouts kayaks umiaks recreation Adney Wipper Adirondack construction Canada hunting Peterborough Canoe Company racing skinboats whaling
Canoe An Illustrated History [The]Poling, JimCountryman Press Vermont0-88150-503-XSkin canoe bark canoe dugout Pacific canoe kyack Fur Trade Hudson Bay Company Grey Owl
Canoe Boys [The]Dunnett, AlastairNeil Wilson1-897784-42-2Scotland Clyde canoe fishing herring Hebrides Skye HEP
Canoe Design and ConstructionByde, AlanPelham Books0-7207-0862-1mould standards calculations kayak Aleut drawings lines
Canoe RigBradshaw, Todd EWoodenBoat Books, Maine, USA0-937822-57-4canoes canoeing
Canoe Touring AbroadSeal, GabrielRobert Hale7091-0950-4canoe touring France German Mediterranean
CanoeingByde, AlanAdam & Charles Black0-7136-1826-4canoe
Canoeing and Camping AdventuresAnderson, R CC Gilbert-Woodcanoe touring sailing Sweden Russia
Canoeing Chinook Country RiversBuhrmann, HansDavid YoungCanada canoe flora fauna
Canoeing Down EverestJones, MikeHodder & Stoughton0-340-22847-4canoes Himalayas
Canoeing Down the RhoneWilson, JohnChapman & Hallcanoe touring France
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Canoeing Ontarios RiversReid, RonDouglas & McIntyre0-88894-489-6Canada Ontario canoe Arctic Great Lakes geology fur lake France
Canoes and CanoeingBlandford, Percy WLutterworth Press0-7188-0130-Xtools Kittiwake Griffin Gannet Puffin Teal Canada plywood fabric folding paddles organisations safety
Canoes Dinghies and Sailing PuntsCanoes DinghiesBoys Own Papercanoe dinghy sailing
Canoes of OceaniaHaddon, A CBernice P Bishop Museum
Bernice P Bishop Museum
0-910240-19-1outrigger double canoes catamarans paddle types raft war canoe plank built fishing sail
Canoes the World OverQuirke, Terence TUniversity of Illinois
University of Illinois
canoe Pacific coracle America
Canonieres de Chine 1900-1945 [Les]Estival, BernardMarines Editions2-909675-74-2navy France China gunboat river Shanghai Canton junk rapids
Canterbury CoastersMcLean, GavinNew Zealand Ship & Marine Society09597834-0-7coaster New Zealand colony clipper BlackF CanterburySt
Cantiere F.LLI OrlandoMarchi, VittorioBelforte Editore Libraio88-7997-026-7construction history Livorno
Cantieri Riuniti Dell AdriaticoCantieri Riuniticompany shipbuilding shiprepairing CRDA Cantieri Riuniti Dell Adriatico Italy Stabilimento Teenico Triestino Trieste Cantiliere S Rocco Muggia Cantiere Navale Triestino Monfalcone
Cantieri Riuniti Dell'AdriaticoGerolami, GiovanniEditoriale Libraria, Triesteshipbuilding Italy Adriatic WW2 warship
Canvas WorkHoward-Williams, JeremyAshford Press1-85253-109-6handicraft canvas
Canvaswork and Sail RepairCasey, DonAdlard Coles Nautical0-7136-5004-4Sewing machine bags cushions upholstery sailcover awnning dodger flags
Capable Cruiser [The]Pardey, LinW W Norton0-393-03321-Xyacht seamanship cruising medical insurance finance safety
Cape Breton IslandLotz, PatDavid and Charles0-7153-6072-8sociology tanker ferry migration
Cape Breton Ships and MenParker, John PGovernment of Nova Scotiaschooner brig barque brigantine barkentine pinky cargo Marie Celeste
Cape CameosTait, Barbara CampbellStewartdock Simonstown Cape Town slavery
Cape Cod Canal [The]Farson, Robert HWesleyan University Press0-8195-60-50-2canal Cape Cod costruction casualty
Cape HornKnox-Johnston, RobinHodder & Stoughton0-340-41527-4yacht Cape Horn whaling clipper solo
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Cape Horn The Logical RouteMoitessier, BernardAdlard Coles Nautical0-7136-6707-9Joshua circumnavigation
Cape Horn to PortBruce, ErrollNautical0-245-53273-0yacht racing Cape Horn
Cape Horn to the PacificRydell, Raymond AUniversity of California Presshistory Magellan Cook Falkland exploration seal hunters Antarctic trade gold weather crew
Cape itself [The]Finch, RobertW W Norton0-393-02994-8photography shellfish fishing anthology America
Cape of Good Hope [The]Knox-Johnston, RobinHodder & Stoughton0-340-41528-2shipwreck travel exploration GrafSpee clipper company trade
Cape of StormsPopham, HughRupert Hart-Davisfishing trawlers
Cape Run [The]Mitchell, W HTerence Dalton0-86138-030-4company Union-Castle Cape Town British and Commonwealth Bullard King Springbok Shipping King Line South African Marine Shipping
Cape Town HarbourNewall, PeterPortnet0-620-17537-0history port docks Table Bay convict colony Victoria harbour Union Castle liner White Star mail Boer war Duncan WW2 Suez shipowner cruise container South pier
Cape Town ShippingNewall, PeterBlack Dog Press0-9539391-0-3harbour repair Anglo-Boer War Cunard White Star HMS Penelope Union-Castle Clan Line
Capful of Wind [A]Selincourt, Aubrey deMethuenyacht cruising Cowes Falmouth
Cap-Horniers Francais Vol 1 Memoire de Marins des VoiliersCap-Horniers FrancaisChasse-Maree / Editions Ouest-France2-7373-3212-05Armement Dominique Bordes & Fils shipping company France Chile coal nitrates Petibon Obet Atlantic Australia captains crews
Cap-Horniers Francais Vol 2 Histoire de l'Armements Bordes et de ses NaviresCap-Horniers FrancaisChasse-Maree2-9142-0828-6Armement Dominique Bordes & Fils shipping company France Cape Horn Chile Le Quellec Ballande
Capital Formation in South-West EnglandCapital FormationUniversity of Exeter0-85989-038-4wool technology industry Devon Wiltshire
CapperbarSullivan, DickCoracle Books0-9062-8050-8poetry
CapsizeKing, BillNautical245-59638-0yacht lines survival solo
Capsize Safety for Fishing VesselsCapsize SafetyRNLIRNLI safety fishing capsize gear
Capstan BarsBone, David WPorpoise PressSea shanties sea chanties
Capt Nat HerreshoffHerreshoff, L FrancisSheridan House1-57409-004-6shipbuilding yacht biography design lines
Captain BlighHumble, RichardArthur Barker Ltd0-213-16584-8Bounty biography Camperdown Copenhagen Nore mutiny Parker Australia Tahiti flogging
Captain BlighKennedy, GavinDuckworth0-7156-2231-5Bligh Tahiti mutiny
Captain Bligh and Mr ChristianHough, RichardHutchinsonBounty mutiny
Captain Bligh in Wapping 1785-1790Darby, MadgeHistory of Wapping Trust978-1-873086-07-0Bounty Resolution Britannia Providence
Captain Blighs Portable NightmareToohey, JohnFourth Estate1-84115-078-9mutiny cartography Java Cook aboriginal lines Australia voyage
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Hydropgraphic Department of the Navy
England Wales Ireland Scotland North Sea west coast France agents
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Catalogue of Ship Models SupplementAnderson, R CHMSOmodels
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Catalogue of the Maritime CollectionCataloguelibrary collection list
Catalogue of the Maritime CollectionCatalogue of the MaritimeSouthampton Reference Librarycatalogue
Catalogue of the Scott Collection of Books Manuscripts Prints and DrawingsCatalogueInstitution of Naval Architectsshipbuilding engines ehgineering navigation Royal Navy RN naval architecture rigging
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Caught by a Nazi RaiderBarley, Geoffrey AlanNew Zealand Shipping CoWW2 raider German New Zealand
Caul and Some Wartime Experiences [A]Lewis, A HWW2 Scotland Scapa Devon chronology Yarmouth Dover Kent NATO MTB WestIndies Gibraltar
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Celtic Voyaging St Pirans CurraghCeltic Voyagingcurragh
Cement, Mud and Muddies: A History of the APCM BargesWillmott, F GMeresborough Books0-905270-02-9cement barges Medway Thames
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Centralized and Automatic Controls in ShipsGray, DPergamon Pressengineering construction actuator diesel refrigeration
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Century For Cornwall [A]Brown, H MilesOscar Blackford LtdAnglican Cornwall Benson Hoblyn Wilkinson Gunwalloe Frere Leonard
Century in Fair and Foul Weather [A]Dendermonde, MaxMeijer IndustrieleCompany history Vinke Amsterdam Netherlands cargo timber tramps steam sail Stoomvaart-Maatschappij Oostzee Stoomboot-Maatschappij Hillegersberg Nederlandse Maatschappij voor de Walvisvaart Houtvaart
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Century of Air and Water [A]Century of Air and WaterGroupe Zodiacinflatables Bombard Sevylor Sweepy Baracuda
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Century of Burmeister and Wain [A]Lehmann, JohannesBurmeister & Wain historic shipbuilder engineering foundries Copenhagen shipyard bridges diving bell steam engine
Century of Cross-Channel Passenger Ferries [A]Greenway, AmbroseIan Allan0-7110-1069-2ferry channel Guernsey Dover Ostend Torquay Brest Jersey Newhaven Dieppe
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Century of Progress 1839-1939 [A]City LinesCity of Glasgow City of Benares City of Poonah City of Canterbury City of Agra City of Oxford City of Madas City of Simla City of Paris City of Nagpur
Century of Progress 1849-1949 [A]Centuryshipbuilding history San Francisco shiprepair shipyard railroad ironworks United States Spanish American war naval
Century of Sailing [A]Reksten, TerryOrca0-920501-80-Xyacht club Canada cruising racing
Century of Sailing on the Thames [A]Holford, IngridWeston Publicationsyacht club Thames dinghy
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Century of Service 1909-2009 [A]Watson, NigelSt Matthews Press0-9543782-6-1history port Tilbury docks WW2 river docks quays development trade tide harbour regulations navigation dredging mechanisation refinery import export sport
Century of Ship Agency and Brokerage [A]Century of Shipbrokerage US New York WW2 chartering
Century of Shipbuilding [A]Clark, TDalesman Books0-85206-123-4shipbuilding Admiralty Polaris submarine Vickers Cammel Laird
Century of Shipping [A]Knap, Ger HRoyal Netherlands Steamship Companypassengers freight
Century of Shipping [A]Masterton, SimonGuernsey Press Publication0-902550-21-7Medina Princess Royal Queen of the Isles Courier Rescue Alert Serk paddle steamers screw steamers
Century of Shipping [A]: Oslo Shipbrokers Association 1899-1999Bakka, Dag JrOslo Shipbrokers Association82-91258-13-9history shipbroker Norway shipowner WW2 fleet Oslo charter offshore industry North Sea bulk carrier
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Century of South African Steam Tugs [A]Reynolds, DavidDownstairs Graphics0-620-05562-6tug South Africa paddlesteamer funnel Falmouth
Century of Tankers [A]Newton, JohnIntertanko82-996596-0-4tanker WW1 WW2 bulk oil VLCC chemical safety regulations
Century of the North West European Ferries [A] 1900-2000Cowsill, MilesFerry Publications1-871947-52-9DFDS Dart Line Brittany Ferries Wightlink Irish Ferries Stenna Line Irish Sea Operations Caledonian MacBrayne
Century of the Royal Navy at Malta [A]Bonnici, JosephBonnici-Cassar BDLnavy Malta
Century of Valour 1878 - 1978Froom, JackRNLIDunkirk WW2 World War Two Albert Edward Edward Z Dresden Madeleine Sir Godfrey Baring Valentine
Wyndham-Quin Zona Pisces
Century on the River Dart [A] Part 1Century on the River Darthistory
Century on the River Dart [A] Part 2Century on the River Darthistory
Century on the river Dart: Part 2 [A]Griffiths, DaveDartmouth Museumnavy Dartmouth destroyers WW2
Ceredigion ShipwrecksTroughton, WYstwyth Press0-9552125-0-2shipwreck Wales
Ceremonial Barges on the River ThamesPalmer, Kenneth NUnicorn Press0-906290-17-1barge Thames flag music uniform heraldry London company
Certificates of Competency in the Merchant NavyDepartment of TransportHMSO0-11-550816-3seamanship textbook
ChallengeAsaria, GeraldSidgwick & Jackson0-283-98503-8yacht solo Atlantic racing multihull catamaran
Challenge [The]: The Official Story of the British Steel ChallengeBlyth, ChayHodder and Stoughton0-340-59190-0British Steel Challenge yacht racing round the world southern ocean
Challenge of Antarctica [The]Honnywill, EleanorMethuen & Co0-904614093Antarctic exploration Scott Shackleton Cook Ross seal
Challenge of the Atlantic [The]Pike, DagPatrick Stephens1-85260-002-0liner inflatable Atlantic migration packet solo
Challenge Official Souvenir Race Programme for the British Steel Challenge 1992/3ChallengeYachting MonthlyBritish Steel Challenge Chay Blythe British Steel II Assurance Coopers and Lybrand Group 4 Heath Insured Hofbrau Lager Interspray Nuclear Electric Pride of Teeside Rhone-Poulenc
ChallengerRitchie, G SHollis & Carterexploration chart oceanography Pacific Suez survey
Chambers Technical DictionaryChambers Technical DictionaryChambersdictionary
Chambly CanalChambly CanalChambly PQ CanadaCanada Iroquois River Richelieu River
Champagne Mumm Admirals Cup [The]Jeffery, TimothyBloomsbury0-7475-19838yacht racing Admirals Cup lines
Champagne Mumm Admirals Cup 1985Champagne MummYachting WorldFastnet yachting racing Admirals Cup
Champagne Mumm Admirals Cup 1987Champagne MummYachting WorldJude Port du Crouesty Indulgence Caiman Turkish Delight Goldcorp Mayurca Container Saudade yachting racing Red Rooster Morning Cloud Police Car Jameson Whiskey Corum
Champagne Mumm Book of Ocean Racing [The]Dear, IanSevern House0-7278-2031-1yacht racing Whitbread AZAB Transat OSTAR Fastnet Admirals Cup
Champion of SailWalker, DavidConway0-85177-402-4Liverpool docks port crew cargo wrecks Otterspool Speke Wavertree New York
Champions of the FleetFraser, EdwardJohn Lane the Bodley HeadDreadnaught Formidable Trafalgar Victory Hawke Boscawen
Championship TacticsJobson, GaryNautical Books0-7136-3342-5Americas Cup tactics steering instruments wind weather spinnaker
Champlain to ChesapeakeMcKelvey, William JCanal Press Incorporated0-916838-196Vermont Delaware barge concrete lock steamboat sidewheel tug
Chandris Liners [The]Miller, William HCarmania Press0-9518656-2-5Charlton ferry Romantica Patris Bretagne Regina
Changing Scene of Merchant Shipping [The]Hucknall, DavidThe History Press978-0-7524-9339-8container cargo ro-ro bulk carrier reefer passenger tug tanker
Changing Seaway [The]Sagon-King, Alfred FStonehouse0919549-12-8Great Lakes St Lawrence Seaway cargo
Changing Tide The Final Years of Wear ShipbuildingNichols, RaySunderland and Hartlepool Publishingshipbuilding Wear Doxford ferry tanker bulk
Changjiang River Transportation Picture AlbumChangjiang River TransportationChangjiang Shipping AdministrationChina gorge freight port cargo construction navigation
Changjiang the Longest River in ChinaLiu, JiangForeign Languages Press BeijingTongtian river Jinsha river Sichuan Three Gorges Jianghan plain Dongting Lake Poyang Lake
Channel [The]Harrison, ShirleyCollins0-00-447385-Xfishing channel lighthouse trade France Falmouth smuggling
Channel CrossingSmith, SebastianHamish Hamilton0-241-14077-3Channel dinghy adventure sociology lighthouse Penzance
Channel Crossings around Britain for Power and SailCumberlidge, PeterAdlard Coles0-229-11852-6navigation
Channel Fleet and the Blockade of Brest 1793-1801 [The]Channel FleetAshgate0-7546-0268-0RN navy Napoleonic Channel logistics mutiny Spithead France Ireland Bruix Cornwallis Warren St Vincent
Channel Harbours and AnchoragesColes, K AdlardNautical0-7136-3418-9yacht cruising CI Channel Isles pilotage directions France Channel
Channel Islands [The]Channel IslandsImray Laurie Norie & Wilson0-85288-361-7pilot yacht CI
Channel Islands and add Coasts of France pocket tidal stream atlasAdmiraltyHydrographer of the Navynavigation tides atlas
Channel Islands Merchant Shipping 1940-1945Wallbridge, JohnChannel Island Occupation Society Jersey Branchhistory WW2 convoy shipowner cargo passenger dimensions engine torpedo warloss ports Channel Islands
Channel Islands PilotRobson, MalcolmNautical Books0-85177-340-0pilot yacht CI Channel Isles directions
Channel Islands Railway SteamersScelleur, KevinPatrick Stephens Limited0-85059-707-2Channel Islands Steam Packet Company ferries
Channel SweepChannel SweepMaritime Books0-907771-40-8trawler minelayer minesweeper aircraft carrier Ark Royal Bulwark submarine tanker destroyer frigate cable vessel destroyer cruiser patrol boat tanker battleship salvage MTB
Channel West and Solent 1980Channel WestChannel Press0-906781-01-9pilotage Solent Falmouth Brittany
Chantier et Ateliers de Saint-Nazaire (Penhoet) 1900-1950Chantier et AteliersSociete des Chantier et Ateliers de St Nazaireshipbuilders France industry Normandie Touraine WW2 WW1 turbines battleship gunboat
Chantiers de L'AtlantiqueChantiers de L'Atlantiqueshipyard history shipbuilding naval WW2 port fleets merchant passenger tanker cargo battleship cruiser torpedo dispatch patrol dimensions refrigeration Brittany St Nazaire Loire Penhoet Normandie France
Chantiers de l'Atlantique 1968 [Les]Chantiers de l'Atlantiqueshipbuilding Brittany St Nazaire Loire Penhoet
Chapman of NewcastleLingwood, JohnWorld Ship Society0-905617-35-5company history fleet flag funnel Chapman Newcastle steamer tramp Miller Willan Cambay Steamship
Chargeurs ReunisChargeurs Reuniscompany France Africa Indo-China Brazil South America fleets postal service routes passengers fares
Chargeurs Reunis 1872-1972Chargeurs Reuniscompany history
Chariots of WarHobson, Robert WULRIC Publishing0-9541997-1-5chariot submarine award medal Sunderland frogman
Charles Brooking 1723-1759Joel, DavidAntique Collectors Club1-85149-277-1art flag Brooking Stubbs Serres Pocock
Charles Mitchell 1820-1895; Victorian ShipbuilderMcGuire, D FNewcastle upon Tyne City Libraries & Arts0902653-58-XMitchell shipbuilding Aberdeen Tyne Low Walker section deckplan
Charles Napier Hemy RA 1841-1917Greg, AndrewTyne and Wear CCM0-905974-18-2catalogue art guide HemyArt
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Charlies Charts of the Hawaiian IslandsWood, Charles ECharlie's Charts0-9697265-1-1Pilot guide weather radio surfing
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Chasing the WindRoth, HalW W Norton0-924486-55-4yacht racing solo
Chasse-maree Index des Numeros 1 a 120Chasse-mareeChasse-mareeFrance Europe Africa America Asia Oceana Autralasia Antarctica naval archiology architecture company flags navigation construction fishing military marine museums loss rescue cruising yachting restoration reconstruction steam sail
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Chautauqua Lake SteamboatsFenton Historical Societyferry recreation excursion
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Cheoy Lee ShipyardCheoy LeeCheoy Lee Shipyard CLS shipyard shipbuilding ship repair engineering merchant sloop ketch trawler LCT landing craft bunkering lighter plan section
Chepstow ShipsFarr, GrahameThe Chepstow Society and the Newport and Monmouthshire Branch of the Historical AssociationSteam packets shipbuilding West-Indiamen trade
Cherish the SeaVarende, Jean de laFlammarionEgypt Phoenicia Greece Rome Byzantium Vikings Crusades Arab Malta Venice Genoa Portugal Spain England Holland France Clippers
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Cheshire ShipyardsBarratt, Antony JBernard McCall1-902953-02-9shipbuilding shipyard Dee Mersey dredger barge
Cheverton Workboats Built for the JobCheverton, DChevertonshipbuilding launch wheelhouse loadmaster pilot tug twin-screw
Chi-CheemaunSalen, RickMariner Chart Shop TobermoryCanada lifeboat coastguard Montmorency Huron Bruce Baymouth Griffin Norgoma Norisle lumber
Child Under Sail [A]Linklater, ElizabethRupert Hart-DavisScotland Norval Shaw Saville New Zealand food
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China Bird [The]MacGregor, David RConway0-85177-381-8cargo trade tea sugar shipbroking sail steam
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Christopher Webb SmithGordon-Brown, AHoward Timminsart South Africa
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Chronik der deutschen Küstenmotorschiffe (Band2) Ges-Mon 253-496 [Die]Detlefsen, Gert U3-928473-24-7coasters Germany
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Church shipsHarley, BasilCanterbury Press1-85311-094-9model votive
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Cinque Ports [The]Jessup, R FB T Batsford LtdChurhill Lord Warden fishing net-houses castle lighthouse Roman marsh canal Yarmouth
Circuit Racing HandbookRYARYAclass rules licence equipment rules records ToR
Circumnavigating Australias Coastline 2 Ports and Anchorages [The]Toghill, JeffReed0-7301-0213-0harbour anchorage southern ocean
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Circumnavigators Handbook [The]Dashew, SteveW W Norton0-393-03275-2seamanship navigation safety food victualling finance
Cita [The]Larn, RichardShipwreck & Marine0-9523971-1-0IoS shipwreck cargo container salvage oil lifeboat diving
Cities From the SeaCities From the SeaWm Cory & Son Ltdhydrographer sand Southampton Portslade Portsmouth concrete Tamar Bridge Falmouth Dock Plymouth
Citta dei Marinai [La]Serafini, FlavioMursiaPorto Maurizio Oneglia pirates slave trade shipbuilding shipwreks exploration Cape Horn
Civil Engineering Heritage Southern EnglandCivil Engineering HeritageThomas Telford for Inst of Civ Eng07277-19712-8mines chain ferry Charlestown canal dock harbour lighthouse sea defence waterwheel viaduct
Civil War Naval Chronology 1861-1865Civil War Naval ChronologyDept of Naval HistoryBrother privateers Farragut Mobile Confederate Texas blockade salvage
Clan LineClarkson, JohnShips in Focus Publications978-1-901703company Liverpool flag funnel Suez Glasgow shipbuilding Australia turret Clan
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Clan Line in Photographs Vol 2 From Peace to Peace 1918-1945Clan Line in PhotographsAvid Publications1-902964-0-3-9steam sail
Clan Line in Photographs Vol 3 The Final Years 1945-1986Clan Line in PhotographsAvid Publications1-902964-0-55Clan company houseflag
Clan Line in the Great War [The]Hurd, ArchibaldClan Line SteamersWW1 torpedo submarine warfare
Clan Line Steamers Ltd [The]Middlemiss, N LShield Publications1-871128-00-5Clan Line cargo WW1 WW2 container fleet
Clarkson Chronicle [The] 1852-1953Clarkson ChronicleH Clarkson & Coinsurance WW1 WW2 World War One World War Two shipowning
Classic A Mason Sailboats Vol 1Mason, AA Mason Designwood yacht dinghy sloop dory cutter ketch yawl US deckplan
Classic Boat [The]Classic BoatTime-Life Booksconstruction design rigs half model seamanship
Classic Boat Index 1987-2009Classic Boat IndexI P C Mediaindex yacht magazine
Classic Boat Index Jan 1995-Dec 1995 Nos 79-90Classic Boat IndexBoating Publicationslines yacht motor
Classic Boat Museum [The]Classic BoatClassic Boat MuseumIsle of Wight power boats Bembridge Redwing Kestrel autogyro rig canoes rowing boats
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Classic ClassesBird, VanessaAdlard Coles Nautical in association with Classic Boat978-1-4081-5891-3yachts keelboats dinghies insignia Cornish shrimper Currey Dragon Fairey Fife Firefly Flying Dutchman Fox Giles Griffiths Holt Hope Laurent Giles Mylne Nicholson Proctor Sharpie Sparkman & Stephens Westmacott
Classic CoastersBoot, PaulShips in Focus0-9521179-8-3steam coasters
Classic Dutch-built CoastersMcCall, BernardBernard McCall978-1-902953-68-7Netherlands Coasters trade cargo
Classic Marine Catalogue of Traditional Yacht and Boat Fittings and EquipmentClassic MarineClassic Marinecatalogue spar mast bronze galvanised fabrications blocks shackles cleats
Classic Narrow BoatsRanieri, MalcolmHalsgrove978-0-85704-204-0inland waterways canals working boats
Classic offshore boats and notesLawrence, CharlesCharles LawrenceBertram Fairey Coronet Levi Morgan Giles Nelson Halmatic Omega Pacemaker Dell Quay Swordfish Solent Spear Swardsman Triana
Classic One-DesignsCoote, JackWaterline Books1-85310-347-0Solent Wag Doyle Howth Yorkshie Bridlington Seabird Lancashire Broads Belfast Waverley Yare Bure
Classic PassagesClassic PassagesYachting Monthly/RCC Pilotage Foundation85037-869-9Channel Normandy Brittany CI Channel Isles IoS pilot pilotage navigation
Classic SailsCollier, WilliamRatsey & Lapthorn0-9534603-0-4yacht design photograph Cowes Solent IoW Beken sail tall
Classic Scottish Paddle SteamersPaterson, Alan J SDavid & Charles0-7153-8335-3paddlesteamer Scotland Clyde railway shipowner WW2 navy
Classic ShipsFaith, NicholasBoxtree0-7522-1022-Xherring Fox liner wherry Thames Henley skiff J scaffie
Classic ShipsHavers, RichardHaynes978-1-844257-08-9sail tall ships liners lifeboats paddlesteamers Queen Mary Queen Elizabeth
Classic Yacht InteriorsBobrow, JillConcepts0-961-1712-0-0yacht interior
Claude Berrys Padstow 1895-1925Berry, ClaudeLodenek Press0-902899-47-3Padstow Cornwall lifeboat tug
Claytons of OldburyFaulkner, Alan HRobert Wilsoncanal barge oil gas Oldbury Thames chemicals crude tar Berkhampstead Adderley Stanlow
Clean Sweet WindPyle, Douglas CEasy Reach Pressculture history boatbuilding design
Clenched Lap or ClinkerMcKee, EricNational Maritime Museum Greenwichclinker boatbuilding dinghy construction
Cliffhanger [The]Butcher, DavidEaro0-86361-004-8fishing Lowestoft trawling sail steam diesel smacks herring drifters
Clinker Boat ConstructionClinker Boat Constructionboatbuilding construction clinker France Norway
Clinker BoatbuildingLeather, JohnAdlard Coles0-229-11504-7boatbuilding clinker
Clinker Plywood Boatbuilding ManualOughtred, IainIan Oughtred0-95377742-6-1design keel cruiser wood tools dory mast
Clipper Ship [The]Knight, FrankCollins00-192147-9tea opium East India Cutty Sark steam Willis Sir Lancelot Ariel Fiery Cross
Clipper Ship Era [The]Clark, Arthur HG P PutnamsEast India Company East Indiaman Oriental Soverign of the Seas Challenge Nightingale Stornoway Nrosl Emanuela Red Jacket James Baines Schomberg Ariel Taeping California Clipper Ships China Tea Clippers
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Clipper Ships [The]Whipple, A B CTime-Life Books7054-0631-8Sea Witch US Great Republic China tea opium Houqua ivory Maury California
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ClippersTeenstra, AnnoHoldert and Coclipper
Clippers FrancaisBriot, ClaudeLe Chasse-Maree2-903708-46-0clipper France shipbuilding signal pilot lines dock Brazil Rio Normand Cape Horn Le Havre Berthe Calcutta Carioca Charles-Dupin Cid Claire Commerce-de-Paris Compte-Roger Constantin Deux-Eulalie Dome Pedro Éclair Emma-et-Mathilde Empereur-du-Bresil
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Clippers Packets and Men O'WarClippers PacketsBlandford978-0-7537-1140-08Cross Gardner Groves Hunt Myers artist
Clocks and Watches of Captain James Cook [The]Howse, DerekAntiquarian HorologyCook clock instrument chronometer longitude
Close to the WindClose toHeinemannbiography admiral
Close to the WindGoss, PeteHeadline Book Publishing0-7472-2126-Xyacht racing solo circumnavigation
Closed Lifeboat Stations of Anglesey [The]Morris, JeffLlanddwyn Rhosneigr Rhoscolyn Porth Rhuffydd Cemlyn Cemaes Bull Bay Penmon
Closed Lifeboat Stations of Kent [The]Morris, Jefflifeboat Kent RNLI
Closed Lifeboat Stations of Lincolnshire [The]Morris, JeffGrimsby Cleethorpes Donna Nook Theddlethorpe Mablethorpe Huttoft Sutton Chapel
Closed Lifeboat Stations of North Wales [The]Morris, JeffLifeboat Enthusiasts SocietyRNLI Wales Anglesey rescue selfrighting inshore launch
Closed Lifeboat Stations of Northumberland [The]Morris, JeffHoly Island Bamburgh Castle Boulmer Alnmouth Hauxley Cresswell
Closed Lifeboat Stations of Yorkshire [The]Morris, JeffJeff Morrislifeboat RNLI Yorkshire
Close-HauledColes, K AdlardSeeley, Serviceyacht cruising Baltic
Closing Down SailBenn, W MartinW Martin BennCanada Dry Dock Lloyds Mersey Mercantile navy List fore and aft IoM IoW Isle of Man Isle of Wight
Cloud FormsMeteorological OfficeHMSOmeteorology weather HMSO
Cloudspotters Guide [The]Pretnor-Pinney, GavinHodder and Stoughton978-0-340-89590-0Cloud formations UFO
Club on the Park [The]Club on the ParkLowestoft & Oulton Broad Motor Boat Club Ltdmotor racing Broads Lowestoft engine
Clyde [The]Moss, MichaelCanongate Books0-86241-584-5Scotland Glasgow shipbuilding Napier Cunard passenger liner Burrell Dalmuir rudder hydraulic
Clyde [The]Riddell, JohnFairlie Press1-871209-00-5docks dockyard shipyard paddle steamer tobacco dredging timber grain paddle steamer Burns Laird passenger Anchor Line migration Allan Line Clan Line herring fishing John Brown
Clyde 19/24 Feet Class Yachts [The]Teacher, John HJackson Wylie & Cosailing Scotland Verenia Vashti Tarbert
Clyde and Other Coastal SteamersDuckworth, Christian LeslieT Stephenson & Sons0-901314-19-6Burns & Laird Lines Coast Lines William Sloan Belfast Steamship P & O Ferries British & Irish Steam Packet City of Glasgow Steam Packet MacIver Clyde Shipping Co
Clyde and Other Coastal SteamersDuckworth, Christian LeslieBrown Son & FergusonBurns & Laird Coast Lines Group Belfast Steam Ship Company British & Irish Steam Packet Company David Hutcheson David MacBrayne Clyde Shipping Company William Sloan & Company Waterford William Sloan
Clyde at War [The]Osborne, Brian DBirlinn1-841-58-187-9troopship Home Front Glasgow WW1 WW2 submarine Dunoon casualties U-boats
Clyde Built: A History of Shipbuilding on the ClydeShields, JohnMaclellanarchaeology steam trade clipper sail
Clyde NavigationRiddell, John FJohn Donald0-85976-045-6dredger shipbuilding trade dock paddlesteamer
Clyde Passenger Steamers [The]Davies, KennethKyle0-906955-05-Xsteam passenger
Clyde Passenger Steamers [The]Williamson, JamesJames MacLehose and Sonsrailway steamers packet companies turbine excursions Robert Napier Peter Denny
Clyde Puffer [The]McDonald, DanDavid & Charles0-7153-7443-5puffer Clyde Scotland Crinan Glencloy
Clyde River and Other SteamersDuckworth, Christian LeslieBrown Son & FergusonCaledonian Steam Packet Glasgow & South Western Railway London, Midland & Scottish Wiliamson-Buchanan Steamers North British Railway Loch Lomond Steamers David MacBrayne Clyde & Campbeltown British Transport Ship Management
Clyde River and Other Steamers Supplement to 3rd EditionDuckworth, Christian LeslieBrown Son & Ferguson0-85174-421-4Scotland loch canal steamers ferries Argyll Waverley list Rothsay Gourock Innellan Ardrossan Caledonian Steam Packet David MacBrayne Sealink Scotland Waverley Steam Navigation Firth of Clyde Steam Packet Western Ferries
Clyde River SteamersMcQueen, AndrewGowans and GreyHutcheson Boomielaw railway Clutha Gourock
Clyde Shipbuilding from Old PhotographsHume, JohnB T Batsford Ltd0-7134-2913-5shipbuilding Clyde company submarine warship interior
Clyde ShippingPottinger, James ATempus0-7524-2138-7Clyde shipbuilding cargo liner tanker ferry tug RFA
Clyde Shipping Company 1815-2000Harvey, W JP J Telford0-9542527-0-5Kidston Corsewall Kinsale Rockabill Copeland Cumbrae Saltees tug steamer
Clyde Shipping Company Limited a HistoryCuthbert, Alan DRobert Maclehosecompany Clyde Kidston Logan Carton fleet tugs coasters tramps war Ireland ports Scotland
Clyde shipwrecksMoir, PeterMoir Crawford0-9513366-2-2shipwreck diving warloss
Clyde SteamersClyde SteamersClyde River Steamer ClubScotland Stornoway Caledonian ferry Hebrides skipper paddle history route ports owners fleets WW2 disasters crews
Clyde Steamers and Loch Lomond Fleets in and after 1936Milne, PeterIan AllanMacBrayne British Railways Fleet LNER LMS
Clyde Steamers of YesteryearClyde SteamersMacArthur, McCrorie & MacHaffieAtalanta Caledonia Columba Comet Dalriada Duchess of Argyll Duchess of Fife Glen Rosa Glen Sannox Grenadier Isle of Arran Jupiter Kenilworth King Edward Lord of the Isles Lucy Ashton Marchioness of Lorne Mercury Queen-Empress
Clyde Steamers RememberedClyde SteamersPaddle Steamer Preservation Soc0-9505177-6-3paddlesteamer Clyde
Clyde Submarine Base [The]Clyde Submarine BaseTempus0-7524-1657-Xsubmarine Clyde WW2 Scotland missile shiplift
Clydebank 100Castle, ColinWest Dunbartonshire Libraries & Museums0-906938-22-8Clydebank Engineering Merchant Navy J & G Thomson Napier Shanks and Bell John Brown Scott & Sons William Beardmore Napier & Miller Puffer shipbuilding
ClydebuiltGraham, Eric JBirlinn Ltd978-1-84158-584-0USA Confederacy Scotland shipbuilding Clyde Verne Glasgow Russell Begbie
CMB 100 A Century of Commitment to ShippingDevos, GretaLannoo90-209-26810company CBM Antwerp Belgium Africa WW1 WW2 shipowners fleet
Coaches Resource PackRYARYAwindsurfer windsurfing racing training rules tactics techniques
Coal Was There For Burning [The]Milsom, C HMarine Media Management0-900967-50-0Atlantic Ismay Oceanic class
Coals From NewcastleFinch, RogerTerance Dalton Ltd900963-39-5keel collier wreck rescue steam Whitbybrig Tyne Wallsend leadline hoy canal Nene Wiswech Fens
Coal-Scuttle Brigade [The]McKee, AlexanderSouvenir Pressconvoy collier WW2 yachting Solent Eagle Squadron e-boat Normandy
CoastSomerville, ChristopherBBC Books0-563-52279-8Dover Exe Severn Cardigan Wirral Solway Firth Northern Ireland Skye Shetland Scotland Yorkshire Wash Thames
Coast and Cliff Names of Gwithian and North CliffsThomas, Charlesdictionary guide Cornwall
Coast Guard to the RescueBaarslag, KarlFarrar & Rinehartcoastguard US
Coast is Clear [The]Minett, EricEric Minett Scriptsit0-9549108-0-XBYMS WW2 US minesweeper shipbuilding deckplan Lowestoft list
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Combined Operations 1940-1942Ministry of InformationHMSO
Combined Operations 1940-1942Ministry of InformationHMSO
Combined Operations 1940-1942Ministry of InformationHMSO
Combined Operations 1940-1942Ministry of InformationHMSOWW2 St Nazaire operation MGB MTB
Combined Operations 1940-1942Ministry of InformationHMSOnavy marine WW2 HMSO Dieppe St Nazaire Norway
Come AboardHiscock, Eric COxford0-19-217573-4yacht cruising
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Come Wind or WeatherFrancis, ClarePelham Books0-7207-1104-5Whitbread Auckland weather spinnacker Cape Town
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Comecon Merchant ShipsGreenway, AmbroseKenneth Mason0-85937-349-5merchant navy Russia tanker ferry training passenger Ro-Ro
Comecon Merchant ShipsGreenway, AmbroseKenneth Mason085937-2545Bulgaria Czechoslovakia Germany Hungary Poland Romania Cuba Vietnam
Comecon Merchant ShipsGreenway, AmbroseKenneth Mason0-85937-326-6passenger ferry Ro-Ro container reefer tanker gas fish factory trawlers research training icebreaker salvage tugs
Comet Centenary [The]Comet CentenaryHenry MunroVickers Cunard Orient White Star Blue Funnel Clyde engine
Comet Centenary CelebrationCometGlasgow City CorporationWarship merchant programme Comet
Comfort in Small CraftHousley, S JBlakes Ltdweather rules knots mooring Norfolk anchor dinghy
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Coming SouthDay, DavidAustralia Post Philatelic GroupAustralia stamp
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Commerce Compass and Correspondence Captain Nathaniel UringWilson, T MartinUniversity of Portsmouthcompass Atlantic trade
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Conquest of the Ocean [The]
Conquest of the Ocean [The]
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Cornish Characters and Strange EventsBaring-Gould, SJohn Lane Bodley HeadTrengrose Killigrew Dolly Pentreath Pitt
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Cornish Fisherboy to Master Mariner Part 2Parsons, Jack and NoraBournemouth Local Studies0-906287-98-7bibliography Mousehole London
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Cornish Inheritance The Harveys of Chacewater [A]Gore, DavidDavid Gore0-9530912-0-1mining Thomas Pellew Hichens Penrose
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Cornish Oasis...Hart, CyrilLizard Press0-9516965-0-5Cornwall sociology biography
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Cornish Pioneers and the Odd VillainRichards, BobThe History Press978-0-7509-4713-1Harvey miners architect Perranwell St Agnes diamond Newlyn
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Cornish Place NamesPadel, O JAlison Hodge0-906720-15-Xhistory Cornwall
Cornish RecipesCornish RecipesCornwall Federation of Womens InstitutesCornwall recipes
Cornish Riviera [The]Heath, SidneyBlackie and SonFowey Truro Polruan Lerryn River St Michaels Mount Newlyn Penzance Lands End St Ives Newquay
Cornish Sea LightsMudd, DavidBossiney Books0-906456-01-0lighthouse navigation Cornwall
Cornish SeafarersJenkin, A K HamiltonJ M DentSmuggler smuggling wrecks wrecking fishing huer excise Newlyn pilchards lighthouse IoS Scilly seine rocket
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Cornish Shipwrecks South Coast Vol 1Larn, RichardDavid & Charles7153-4289-4Cornwall Falmouth Lizard Mousehole lifeboat Penzance submarine
Cornish War and PeaceActon, VivLandfall Publications1-873443-21-8WW2 Tolverne Ferry Boat inn airfields radar D Day American forces Leonard Cheshire Lancastria Mutin Festival of Britain housing Wild Goose Flora Day Royal Observer Corps radar
Cornish Wrecking 1700-1860Pearce, Cathryn JBoydell Press978-12-84383-555-4theft revenue shipwreck scavenging salvage Cornwall law crime
Cornish YearsTreneer, AnneJonathan CapeRestormel Gorran Haven Cornwall history Truro Devon Godrevy Liverpool Troon Oxford
Cornishmen and TrueMudd, DavidFranck Graham902833-20-0Cornwall immigation packet law mining
CornubiaJoseph, PeterPeninsula Projects978-0-9575660-9-5Hayle Bristol Packet Service paddle steamer American civil war blockade runner John Burroughs Richard Haynsworth Gayle John Alexander Johnstone
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CornwallCornwallRovingEarCornwall mining signal fishing art IoS Scilly trade National Trust properties attractions food
CornwallLambert, J WPenguin Booksguide Cornwall infrastructure
CornwallPayton, PhilipAlexander Associates1-899526-90-9Mines mining migration Australia Bodmin Brittany copper tin china clay Carew Camborne Duchy Exeter Falmouth Fowey Helston Ireland Launceston Lostwithiel Newlyn Padstow Plymouth Redruth WW2 St Austell St Michael's Mount Tamar Truro Wales
CornwallRobinson, ChrisMabecron Books0-9532156-0-1Falmouth Tamar Kingsand Cawsand Rame Newquay Mevagissey Fowey
CornwallStanier, PeterShire Publications0-85263-860-4Cornwall guide infrastruct
Cornwall and Isles of Scilly Gig GuideTregenna, Lynpilot elm wood boatbuilder St Mawes Newquay IoS St Agnes Cadgwith Padstow Mevagissey
Cornwall and the Tumbling SeaTangye, NigelWilliam Kimber0-7183-0258-3shipwrecks smuggling Cloudesley Shovell privateers Bounty Bligh pilchards Francis Tregian D Day launch Mary Broad
Cornwall at WarHotten, ElizabethHistory Press978-0-7509-5079-8WW1 WW2 Boer War rationing Civil Defence refugees
Cornwall Aviation CompanyChapman, TedGlasney Press0-9502825-8-8Cornwall aircraft company
Cornwall County MemoriesStanier, PeterFrancis Frith Collection1-84589-113-9heritage industry archaeology recipes
Cornwall Family History Society Publications Price List and Order Form [The]Cornwall Family HistoryCornwall FHScatalogue prices photograph Torpoint Kernow Delabole
Cornwall For Ever Kernow Bys VykenCornwall for EverCornwall Heritage TrustCornwall history environment coasts geology mining language feasts festivals religion politics people migration
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Cornwall Local Survey 1871British Parliamentary PapersPopulation parish houses rental value owner address
Cornwall Maritime 2003Cornwall Maritime 2003West BritonFalmouth Laser Sunbeam Ajax OD RS200 RS400 RSK6 St Mawes OD Regatta Working Boats
Cornwall Online Census Project 1841Cornwall Online CensusCornwall Onlinecensus Cornwall archive genealogy
Cornwall Online Census Project 1891Cornwall Online CensusCornwall OnlineCornwall census genealogy archive
Cornwall Record OfficeCornwall Record OfficeCornwall County & Diocesan Record Office0-902319-73-6history sources research CRO Cornwall
Cornwall Record Office Review and Accession List 1987-1988Cornwall Record OfficeCornwall County CouncilCRO Cornwall archives catalogue Truro Penzance education
Cornwall Record Office Review and Accession List 1992-1993Cornwall Record OfficeCornwall County CouncilCRO Cornwall statistics Truro archives WW2 catalogue
Cornwall Record Office Sources For Cornish Family HistoryCornwall Record OfficeCornwall County Council0-902319922Parish Registers transcripts Methodist Quaker Roman Catholic census probate cemetery deeds leases pedigrees
Cornwall Since 1900Gregory, ColinArchive/Western Morning News0-948946-80-6Cornwal document Falmouth packet trade Flushing FlyingEnterprise lifeboat
Cornwall the Canaries and the AtlanticCornwall the CanariesUniversity of Exeter0-903686-76-7Cornwall journal document Falmouth packet trade
Cornwalls Coastal FootpathHunter, W VTor Mark PressCornwall coast travel guide
Cornwalls Communications HeritageMoyle, JohnTwelveheads Press978-0-906294-63-5beacon Bass Lizard Nelson Maker signal Lloyds flags huers Packet
Cornwalls Electric TramsBarham, FisherGlasney PressCornwall tram
Cornwalls Fisherfolk Art and ArtificeO'Neill, MarySansom & Co978-1-908326-59-1fishing sociology society methodist
Cornwalls Lighthouse HeritageTarrant, MichaelTwelveheads Press0-906294-20-7lighthouse Cornwall lightship daymark
Cornwall's Marine Guide & Directory 2008Cornwalls Marine GuideCornwall Marine Networkboat brokerage hire design repair layups chandlery diving surveys
Cornwalls Marine Guide and Directory 2006Cornwalls Marine GuideCornwall Marine Networkdirectory weather coastguard RNLI Beaufort harbour estuary
Cornwalls Marine Guide and Directory 2007Cornwalls Marine GuideCornwall Marine Networkdirectory weather coastguard RNLI Beaufort harbour estuary
Cornwalls Marine Guide and Directory 2010Cornwalls Marine GuideCornwall Marine NetworkFalmouth company harbour Aquacab ferry Scilly Ancasta Looe
Cornwalls Marine Guide and Directory 2011Cornwalls Marine GuideCornwall Marine Networkdirectory weather coastguard RNLI Beaufort harbour estuary
Cornwalls Maritime HeritageKittridge, AlanTwelveheads Press0-906294-15-0fishing port rigging ferry smuggling lifeboat trade Cornwall
Cornwalls PeopleMartin, CarolynTamar Books978-1-906474-03-4biography Davy Borlase Jefferies Killigrew Arwenack Robartes Rowse
Cornwalls Royal EngineersMead, C J HUnderhill (Plymouth)Cornwall engineer
Coronel and FalklandPitt, BarrieCassellWW1 battleship CornwallHMS Falklands cruiser tactics
Coronel and the FalklandsBennett, GeoffreyBatsfordWW1 battleship CornwallHMS Falklands cruiser navy Falklands Scharnhorst German GrafSpee tactics
Coronel and the FalklandsIrving, JohnA M Philpotnavy Falklands Scharnhorst German GrafSpee tactics
Correos Maritimos Espanoles Vol 3 1521-1884Unibaso, Francisco GarayMensajero84-271-1686-1history mail post Fernando de Magallanes Philippines voyages ports routes Marianas Indochina Spain
Correos Maritimos Espanoles Vol 4 1862-1898Unibaso, Francisco GarayMensajero84-271-2023-0history Spain post ports routes vessel Atlantic mail steamer Antonio Lopez Trasatlantica Espanola
Corrosion for Marine and Offshore Engineers Vol 2 Pt 2Rowlands, J CInstitute of Marine Engineers0-900976-55-1engineering corrosion
Corrosion Inhibitors in ConservationCorrosion InhibitorsUnited Kingdom Institute for Conservation0-9504155-4-5anti tarnish treatments acid stripping industrial archaeology conservation amines vapour phase copper alloys
Corsairs of France [The]Norman, C BSampson Low & Coprivateer Windsor Castle Jeune Richard Trurot Surcouf Duguay William Rogers John Bull
Corsairs of the China SeasBokHerbert Jenkinspirate corsair junk
Corsairville The Lost Domain of the Flying BoatCoster, GrahamViking / Penguin Group0-670-86653-9Croydon Windermere Florida Empire boats Nairobi Naivasha WW2 Cape Maclear Victoria Falls Alaska Sisson
Corsica MarittimaFinidori, CharlesEditions PayanSNCM shipping companies sail steam ferry freight WW11
Corsican CommandWhinney, PatrickPatrick Stephens Ltd1-85260-090-XCorsica Sardinia France WW2 OSS navy US Maxted dinghy Salerno dazzle Bastia
Corvettes [The]Nesdale, IrisNesdale0-949552-00-3WW2 World War Two Australia Ambon Japanese POW
Cory Towage Ltd: A Group HistoryHarvey, W JWorld Ship Society0-905617-93-2shipbuilding Milford Haven oil tanker technology Tyne list Liverpool company
Cosens of WeymouthClammer, RichardTwelvheads Press0-906294-47-9motorboats paddlesteamers speedboats Torquay ice WW2 passenger fleet list IoW Dorset Hampshire Solent
Cosmography Maps From Ptolemys GeographyPagani, LelioMagma Books1-85422-103-5cartography Italy GB Mediterranean France Corsica Egypt
Costa Liners [The]Eliseo, MaurizioCarmania Press0-9518656-6-8Ravenna Catherina Genoa Eastern Trader Giovanna Luisa Andrea Anna Southern Prince Franca Roma
Costa MediterraneaCosta MediterraneaCostaliner cruising Italy Mediterranean
Count in the Fo'c'sle [A]D'Esque, Jean LouisHurst & Blackett Ltdnitrates US navy Baltimore Cape Horn South Africa pirates Capetown
Count Luckner the Sea DevilThomas, LowellGarden City Publishing CoWW1 biography Atlantic Pacific Germany navy Seeadler Australia Cameroons Falklands Fiji New Zealand
Countess Story [The]Jones, Robert JCountess Owners AssocationVerity-K Ro-Ro Project Delvecourt Era Colvic Era
Counties of Britain [The]Speed, JohnPavilion Books1-85145-131-5Cornwall map atlas
Country Companion Traditional Britain 99 Making it Shipshape [The]Country CompanionMarshall Cavendish
Country Life Book of Sailing Boats [The]Manvell, LouiseCountry LifeRacing Keel Boats Dinghies Fastnet Race Britannia Sailing Clubs
County Class Guided Missile DestroyersMcCart, NeilMaritime Books978-1-904459-63-7Royal Navy warship warfare shipyard launch Falkland islands NATO exercises officers exocet
County Maps of Old England [The]Moule, Thomas1-85170-403-5cartography GB Wales Cornwall Cheshire Kent Northumberland
Courage at SeaJames, Naomi0-7126-2488-0Magellan Anson Shackleton survival Bligh rowing trimaran
Courage at SeaJames, NaomiStanley Paul0-09-171250-5Magellan Anson Shackleton survival Bligh rowing trimaran
Cours de Navigation des GlenansCours de NavigationEditions du CompasLes Glenans yacht textbook France seamanship
Course in Elementary Meteorology [A]Meteorological OfficeHMSOtextbook meteorology HMSO weather
Courses and DistancesUnderhill, ArthurCruising Clubnavigation
Courses and DistancesUnderhill, ArthurJ D PotterEngland Berwick Dover Longships Solway Scotland Ireland
Cousin Jacks Mouth-Organ Travels in Cornish AmericaKent, Alan MCornish Hillside Publications
Cornish Hillside Publications
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CousteauMadsen, AxelRobson Books0-86051-517-6France diving archaeology oceanography shark research
Coverack Lifeboats 1901-1980Morris, JeffConstance Melanie Three Sisters William Taylor shipwrecks
Cowes Torquay 1961-1978Lawrence, CharlesCharles Lawrence Chiswick978-0-9927773-9-5powerboat racing classes winners retired finishers
Crabs and ShannocksStibbons, PeterPoppyland0-946148-02-3fishing
Cracker HashStenhouse, J RPercival MarshallQ-ship Shackleton WW1 Antarctic
Cradle of the Deep [The]Treves, FrederickSmith, Elder & Coyacht Caribbean
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Craft of Sail [The]Adkins, JanWalker & Co0-8027-7214-5seamanship knots ropework textbook mooring rigging
Craftsmanship in WoodBlachford, GFrederick Warne & Cowoodworking timber tools
Craigendoran SteamersBrown, AlanAggregate Publicationsferry paddlesteamer
Crash Boats 63ft Aircraft Rescue Boats Part 1Crash Boatslines identification design hull SAAF US navy Dutch RNZAF Belguim list
Crash Boats 63ft Aircraft Rescue Boats Part 2Crash Boatslist lines construction USAF Turkey Greece Cambodia Jamaica Japan torpedo ferry fishing engine
Creative RopecraftGrainger, StuartGeorge Bell and Sons0-7136-5377-9cordage standard multi-strand single splices plaits sennits combination covering netting design practical projects
Creative Techniques in Marine and Seascape PhotographyEastland, JonathanBatsford0-7134-41470-4light circumnavigation IoW QE2 powerboat ferry hydroplane tug Great BritainSS
Cree Journals [The]Cree JournalsWebb & Bower0-906671-36-1navy China troopship pirate Russia Dardanelles journal art
Creek to a Haven [A]Creek to a HavenOrkney Fishermens Society0-9534553-2-7fishing Orkney
Creeks and Harbours of the SolentColes, K AdlardNautical0-245-50662-4yacht cruising directions pilotage Solent
Crescent ShippingGarrett, K SShips in Focus978-1-901703-58-0company fleet history barge London Rochester docks Maidstone Cresence Cabby Clarabut
Crest of the Wave [The]Fox, UffaPeter DaviesBrynhild Valhalla Vigilant Ariel dinghy Falmouth Quay punts Twilight Diablesse Typhoon International 14 foot
Crest of the Wave [The]Fox, UffaPeter DaviesBrynhild Valhalla Vigilant Ariel dinghy Falmouth Quay punts Twilight Diablesse Typhoon International 14 foot
Crestitalia Military and Work Boat ProductionCrestitalia
Crew (The)Peppitt, TomChaffcutter Books0-9532422-2-6personnel apprentice seamens mission mate engineer cook communication radio coal burning history facilities equipment food tramps steam
Crew List and Agreements for the years 1863-1913Crew ListS & N Genealogy 20021861502737crew list
Crewing OffshoreHollingsworth, AlanAdlard Coles Ltdocean racing Fastnet navigation weather RORC Rating sail drill
Crews of the Cutty Sark [The]Bailey, S FCutty Sark Society0-9514579-0-Xcrew log cargo sociology apprentice Australia
Crime Against the World [A]Lysenko, VladilPossev Verlag0-575-03139-5biography fishing conservation cod war Russia Latvia Shchokino method prices KGB Khrushchev accidents
Crimean War at Sea [The]Duckers, PeterPen & Sword Maritime978-1-84884-267-0Baltic Black Sea invasion White Sea Pacific Azoff Fort Kinburn Kertch Sebastlopol VC
Crises Do HappenCarter, GeoffreyMaritime Books978-1-904459-24-8carrier helicopter Ocean Theseus Toreador US Harridan canal FAA Fleet Air Arm Egypt Port Said
Crisis Convoy:Gretton, PeterPeter Davis432-06340-4German submarine Inglefield Tay U-Boat torpedo Vidette Snowflake Shillong Lowenherz Loosestrife Churchill
Critical Convoy Battles of March 1943 [The]Rohwer, JurgenIan Allan0-7110-0749-7convoy WW2
Crociera del Corsaro alle AzzorreAlbertis, Enrico Alberto D'Fratelli Trevesyacht cruising Mediterannean Atlantic Azores Canary Italy
Croisiere CruelleBourdens, HenriArthaudyacht cruising France Indonesia Malasia shipwreck Singa Betina
Cromer Lifeboats 1804-1981 [The]Malster, R WPoppyland Publishing09504300-9-9shipwrecks Benjamin Bond Cabbell Louisa Hartwell Alexandra Harriot Dixon Jose Neville Bailey City of Bradford Proundfoot Milie Walton Henry Blogg Irwin Cunard Reed Good Hope Wlliam Gammon
Cross and the Ensign [The]Elliott, PeterGranada0-586--05550-9Napoleon Nelson WW1 WW2 Ark RoyalHMS IllustriousHMS EgmontHMS St AngeloHMS
Cross and the Ensign [The]Elliott, PeterPatrick Stephens0-85059-425-1Napoleon Nelson WW1 WW2 ArkRoyalHMS IllustriousHMS EgmontHMS StAngeloHMS
Cross Channel and Coastal Paddle SteamersBurtt, FRichard Tillingferry paddlesteamer
Cross Channel and Short Sea FerriesGreenway, AmbroseSeaforth Publishing978-1-84832-17-0Paddle steamer steam turbine WW1 WW2 ferry
Cross Channel River and Lake Passenger ShipsArgyle, E WPicton0-90263305-8stamp ferry hovercraft
Cross Channel Trade Between Gaul and Britain in the Pre Roman Iron AgeCross Channel TradeSociety of Antiquaries of London0-500-99036-0Coriosolites Alet pottery amphorae wine trade coins
Cross in the Topsail [A]Finch, RogerBoydell Press0-85115-113-2Thames barge
Cross of Sacrifice Vol 1 [The]Jarvis, S DNaval & Military Press1-845748-86-7WW1 names memorials cemeteries Europe Egypt Africa Asia Australia India Middle East Pakistan West Indies
Cross of Sacrifice Vol 2 [The]Jarvis, S DNaval & Military Press978-1-84574-996-5WW1 names memorials cemeteries Europe Asia Africa Australia Bermuda Burma Canada America Egypt Middle East India West Indies Newfoundland Pakistan
Cross of Sacrifice Vol 3 [The]Jarvis, S DNaval & Military Press978-1-84574-986-6
WW1 names memorials cemeteries Europe Africa Asia Australia Central America Egypt Middle East New Zealand Newfoundland Pakistan New Guinea West Indies
Cross of Sacrifice Vol 4 [The]Jarvis, S DNaval & Military Press1-897632-97-5
WW1 names memorials cemeteries Europe Africa America Asia Australia Bermuda Canada India Middle East New Zealand Newfoundland Pakistan West Indies
Cross of Sacrifice Vol 5 [The]Jarvis, S DNaval & Military PressWW1 names memorials cemeteries Europe Bermuda Middle East Nova Scotia Africa Russia America West Indies India
Cross-Channel Trade Between Gaul and BritainCross Channel TradeThe Society of Antiquaries of London0-500-99036-0Alet Armorica Belgae Braughing coins Hengistbury Head pottery Skeleton Green Thames routes wine trade metalwork
Crossed Flags:Crossed FlagsWorld Ship Society0-905617-87-8New Zealand Shipping Federal Steam Navigation P&O Avenue Shipping Black Ball
Crossing of the Copula [The]Filloux, JeanCollinstravel adventure catamaran lines oceanography meteorology
Crossing the ChannelHenderson, RoySilver Link Publishing1-85794-103-9Channel Dover ferry passenger steam London packet hovercraft
Crossing the HarbourBurton, LesleyMilestone Publications1-85265-103-2Portsmouth
Crossing the LineTurpin, HarrietFour Way Print Ltd0-9545735-0-1clipper voyage Australia Port Adelaide Prince Regent
Crossing the TyneManders, FrankTyne Bridge Publishing1857951212Tyne Newcastle bridge ferry railway tunnel
Crown PrincessFerranti, MarcoP&O shipbuilding transatlantic liner design construction shipyard tonnage dimensions crew propulsion accommodation cruiser Fincantieri Roiter
Crownies of LowestoftWhite, Malcolm RMalcolm R White0-9532485-3-4Lowesoft trawler steam fishing
Cruel Coast of North Devon [The]Nix, MichaelBadger Books0-946290-01-6casualty Appledore Bideford Lundy Ilfacombe lighthouse Lynmouth customs
Cruel Cornish Sea [The]Mudd, DavidBossiney0-906456-09-6shipwrecks Torrey Canyon Flying Enterprise Cloudsley Shovell Scillies Queen transport Darlwyne
Cruise AmericaCartwright, RogerThe History Press978-0-7524-4911-1US company liners Caribbean Bermuda Miami Admiral Viking Regency Carnival
Cruise Cape BretonCruise Cape BretonDiversity Special Inteest Publishing Co LtBras d'Or Cape Breton Nova Scotia cruising
Cruise in an Opium Clipper [A]Anderson, LindsayAllen & UnwinEamont typhoon opium trade Japan
Cruise of a CorsairArmstrong, WarrenCassellAlabama Confederate Semmes Bulloch Kell
Cruise of the Alerte [The]Knight, E FRupert Hart-Davisyacht
Cruise of the Amaryllis [The]Muhlhauser, G H PRupert Hart-DavisWest Indies Pacific Australia New Zealand Malaya circumnavigate
Cruise of the Antarctic [The]Bull, H JEdward Arnoldexpedition Kerguelen steam whaler sealing Australia
Cruise of the Cachalot [The]Bullen, Frank TJohn Murraysea serpent Kraken sperm humpback bowhead whale South sea islands New Zealand Pacific
Cruise of the Calgaric [The]Kerr, RoseThe Girl Guides Associationhistory Scandinavia Holland Scouts triple screw steamer Baden Powell
Cruise of the ConradVilliers, AlanHodder and Stoughtonship training square rig Good Hope South Seas East Indies Cape Horn
Cruise of the Daring [The]Armstrong, F CLever Brothersfiction
Cruise of the Dream Ship [The]Stock, RalphWilliam Heinemannyacht cruising travel Pacific Vigo Canaries West Indies Panama Galapagos Marquesas
Cruise of the Dunottar CastleDalgleish, W ScottEdinburgh University PressRoyal Mail steamer Union Castle Scotland
Cruise of the Falcon [The]Knight, E FSampson Low, Marston, Searle & Rivingtonyacht travel exploration adventure tactics
Cruise of the Kate [The]Middleton, Empson Edwardyacht cruising
Cruise of the Kronprinz Wilhelm [The]Niezychowski, Alfred vonSelwyn and BlountWW1 battleship raiderAtlantic
Cruise of the Nona [The]Belloc, HilaireConstable0-7126-0280-1yacht cruising
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Cruise of the Portsmouth [The]Downey, Joseph TYale University PressCalifornia sloop shipbuilding Pacific navy US crew
Cruise of the Raider WolfAlexander, RoyYale University PressSeeadler minelaying Trinidad WW1 First World War
Cruise of the RYS EvaKavanagh, ArthurHodges, Smith & Coyacht cruising Mediterranean
Cruise of the Snark [The]London, JackMills & Boonyacht cruising
Cruise of the Teddy [The]Tambs, ErlingRupert Hart-Davisyacht cruising Pacific New Zealand Panama Canary sociology
Cruise of the Walrus on the Broads [The]Patterson, Arthur AJarroldsNorfolk ketch wildlife Broads cruising
Cruise of the Widgeon [The]Robinson, Charles EChapman and Hallyacht yawl cruising German Dover Dutch France
Cruise of the Zaca [The]Crocker, TempletonHarper & Brothersyacht cruising medical Indonesia Suez Mediterranean Panama
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Cruise ShipsMayes, WilliamOverview Press978-0-9547206-2-9company passenger Caribbean flag Europe QE2 Adriatic Africa
Cruise ShipsMayes, WilliamOverview Press0-954-7206-1-Xpassenger liner company fleet QE2
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Cruise Ships an evolution in designDawson, PhilipConway Maritime Press0-85177-660-4design specifications naval architects refit
Cruise Ships Of the World [The]Nakamura, Tpassenger liner cruising Japan Norway Queen Elizabeth 2 Canberra
Cruise Ships The Small Scale FleetSmith, Peter CPen & Sword Maritime978-1-78159-281-6passenger safety owner operator funnel
Cruiser at WarHaines, GregoryIan Allan0-7110-0848-5cruiser navy WW2 Mediterranean crew convoy Arctic German
Cruiser Belfast [The]Watton, RossConway Maritime0-85177-956-5model navy cruiser lines deck plan airarm
Cruisermart 1992/1993CruisermartCruisermartcatalogue cruising cruiser marine chandlery
Cruisermart Express Discount Marine Catalogue 2000-2001Cruisermart ExpressCruisermartmarine equipment compass radar navigation instrumentation electrical barometers chandlery generators pumps outboard liferafts hardware emergency lights binoculars anchors reefing clothes
CruisersIreland, BernardHamlyn0-600-34975-6wood RN WW1 WW2 Doris Levant Emden Indian Coronel Falklands Zeebrugge Ostend Jervis Sirte Savo
CruisersPreston, Antonycruiser Pacific WW2
CruisersPreston, AntonyBison Books0-86124-064-2WW2 Jutland convoy Pacific missile nuclear
Cruisers Corsairs and SlaversLubbock, BasilBrown Son & Ferguson Ltd0-85174-593-8pirate slavery navy Caribbean Africa Cuba corsair gun dhow
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Cruisers of World War TwoWhitley, M JBrockhampton Press1-86019-8740WW1 WW2 builder dimensions design modifications range armaments guns launch fate
Cruises in Small YachtsSpeed, H FiennesImray Laurie Norie & Wilsonyacht cruising log Solent Dutch
Cruises of the JoanSinclair, W EEdward Arnold978-1-907206-03-0quay punts cruising voyages Britain Madeira Baltic Iceland
CruisingCruisingTime-Life Bookscruising sail motor yacht weather US gas chart electric
CruisingHeaton, PeterPenguinyacht seamanship knot rope houseflag shanty chart lines song
CruisingSleightholme, J DGranada0-229-11591-8yacht cruising
Cruising Almanac 1992Cruising AlmanacPractical Boat Owner1-85277-076-7almanac cruising radio radar weather coastguard tide tables
Cruising and Ocean RacingCruisingSeeley Serviceyacht seamanship rope law anchoring food document spar club
Cruising Association Handbook 1928 [The]Cruising Associationconstitution collision regulations sailing directions lights rescue resuscitation distance tables harbour surveying ropes blocks anchors cables fishing boat flags waterways inland
Cruising Association Handbook 1971Cruising AssociationCruising Association0-9503742-0-2yacht navigation pilot directions
Cruising Association Handbook 1981Cruising AssociationCruising Association0-9503742-1-0yacht navigation pilot directions
Cruising Association Handbook 1996Cruising AssociationCruising Association0-9503742-8-8yacht navigation pilot directions
Cruising Association Library CatalogueCruising AssociationCruising Associationcatalogue list biography club yacht cruising
Cruising Association Yearbook [The] May 2001 - April 2002Cruising Association YearbookCruising Associationcruising
Cruising for the NoviceWoodcock, PercyFrederick Mullercruising yacht textbook
Cruising GroundsCruising GroundsTime-Life BooksVancouver Canada California Caribbean Florida Great Lakes
Cruising Guide for the Hawaiian IslandsCruising GuidePacific Writers CorporationHawaii wind anchor navigation buoy yacht insurance radio
Cruising Guide to Belize and Mexicos Caribbean CoastRauscher, FreyaWestcott Cove Publishing Co0-918752-11-6weather tides current marinas anchorages Maya climate diving
Cruising Guide to Coastal North CarolinaYoung, Claiborne SJohn F Blair0-89587-033-9navigation anchorage danger marina Albemarle Virginia Cape Fear
Cruising Guide to the Bay of Fundy and the St John River [A]Tracy, NicholasGoose Lane Editions0-86492-129-2route planning orientation Harfang navigation customs anchorages
Cruising Guide to the Caribbean [A]Stone, William TG P Putnam's Sons0-399-13547-2Panama Canal navigation anchorage
Cruising Guide to the Chesapeake [A]Stone, William TDodd Mead & Co0-396-06826-XUS New England Atlantic anchorage Potomac Maryland canal
Cruising Guide to the Florida KeysPapy, FrankPublication Arts Inc0-9619838-2-5Miami weather steamboat chart birds dolphin lobster architecture Florida
Cruising Guide to the LabradorCruising Guide to the LabradorPuffin PressCanada Newfoundland harbour directions Atlantic port
Cruising Guide to the Lesser Antilles [A]Street, Donald MSail Books Inc0-914814-01-Xdirections pilot Caribbean
Cruising Guide to the Maine Coast [A]Taft, HankMcGraw Hill0-07-063132-8Cape Small Marshall Point Isle au Haut Schoodic Point West Quoddy Head Calais Ferries
Cruising Guide to the NetherlandsNavin, BrianImray Laurie Norie & Wilson0-85288-131-2dykes windmills polders navigation weather radio rescue lifeboats
Cruising Guide to the New England Coast [A]Duncan, Roger FDodd, Mead & Co0-396-08166-5Hudson River Long Island Sound New Brunswick
Cruising Guide to the Northwest CaribbeanCalder, NigelInternational Marine Publishing Maine0-8774-2303-2Panama Canal route planning anchorag Yucatan Mexico Belize Guatemala Honduras Bay Islands
Cruising Guide to the Nova Scotia CoastCruising GuideCruising Club of AmericaCanada touring
Cruising Guide to the Nova Scotia CoastCruising GuidePilot Presschart fuel weather Fundy customs port harbour lock
Cruising HintsCooke, Francis Bracing club rig headsail light mooring buoy mainsail knot galley quay punt
Cruising in and Around the MediterraneanStokes, Charles WJ Burrowcruising travel liner funnel signal flag uniform
Cruising in New CaledoniaCruising in New CaledoniaClub Marine Services PtyFauna flora navigation anchoring weather tides
Cruising in Scotland The Log of the MigrantKerr, LennoxCollinsMigrant lifeboat Clydeside
Cruising in SeraffynPardey, LinSeven Seas Press0-915160-87-0yacht cruising Canada Panama Caribbean
Cruising in Strange WatersHay, DavidStanford0-541-00033-0yacht cruising France Dutch motor canal food
Cruising in StyleBenis, MichaelteNeues Publishing978-3-8327-9310-4MSC cruise fleet shipowner tonnage dimensions launch shipbuilder
Cruising Instructors HandbookRYARYAqualifictions shore based scheme ICC Competent Crew Day Skipper Coastal Skipper
Cruising Life [The]Norgrove, RossInternational Marine Publishing0-87442-144-5yacht cruising lines sailplan deckplan seamanship finance
Cruising LogbookRYARYARYA cruising log
Cruising LogbookRYARYARYA cruising log
Cruising Mates Handbook [The]Sleightholme, JoyceAdlard Coles0-229-11868-2sail crewing cruising first aid emergency
Cruising Multihull [The]White, ChrisInternational Marine1-85310-287-3yacht cruising catamaran multihull seamanship shipbuilding
Cruising Nova Scotia 1997Cruising Nova ScotiaDiversity Special Interest Publishingweather fishing diving customs Fundy Shore South Shore Halifax Dartmouth Eastern Shore Cape Breton North Shore
Cruising Rigs and RiggingNorgrove, RossGranada0-229-11701-5yacht cruising racing rigging spar
Cruising Sail or PowerHeaton, PeterPenguincruising yacht catamaran trimaran rig engines wood plastic
Cruising Sailboat KineticsGreene, DannySeven Seas0-915160-69-2yacht cruising
Cruising Sailing HandbookGurnell, PeterCollins0-00-435222-10yachting crewing navigation helsman pilotage weather planning emerencies maintenance first aid
Cruising ShipsMitchell, W HMacdonaldMerchant ship recognition
Cruising the New South Wales CoastLucas, AlanHorwitz Grahame0-7255-2166-Xanchor bar bearings currents cyclones buoys weather fog reefs seasons
Cruising Under SailHiscock, Eric COUP0-7136-3564-9yacht cruising deckplan steering navigation instruments
Cruising Under SailHiscock, Eric COUPyacht cruising seamanship lines navigation dinghy weather
Cruising under SailHiscock, Eric COxford University PressConstruction rigging cruising weather navigation safety signalling laying up engines
Cruising With ChildrenCornell, GwendaAdlard Coles Nautical0-7136-3561-4cruising sailing safety dinghy medical fishing education
Cruising Yacht Equipment and NavigationDelmar-Morgan, E LAdlard Colesextinguisher buoys radar sextants corrosion fire binoculars engines magnetos fuel accumulators
Cruising Yacht Safety Sail and PowerRYARoyal Yachting Association0-901501-55-7yacht cruising RYA safety textbook
Cruising YachtsButler, T Harrisonyacht lines drafting sailplan deckplan
Cruising Yachtsmans TroubleshooterSimpkin, RichardBarrie & Jenkins0-214-20384-0cruise rigging engines safety galley weather navigation man overboard mooring anchoring fog emergency drill
Cruising: Coastwise and BeyondJarman, ColinNautical Books0-85177-349-4cruising design seamanship pilotage navigation engine
CrusaderSeverin, TimArrow Books0-09-968350-4Jerusalem travel
Crusoes and CastawaysRogers, StanleyGeorge G Harrapfiction travel shipwreck adventure exploration pirate arctic
Cudmore and the Americas CupMcKeag, MalcolmKingswood Press0-434-98120-6yacht racing America
Cuerdale Hoard [The]Graham-Campbell, JamesBritish Museum978-086159-185-5Jewellery coins ingots anglo-saxon anglo-viking Britain Ireland discovery dispersal manufacture decoration Halton Moor Cup
Cumberland Endeavour [A]Hine, IanWords by Design978-1-909075-03-0coal trade shipwreck Robert Bruce Holme Hine Brothers Maryport
Cumberland Fleet [The]Phillips-Birt, DouglasRoyal Thames Yacht Clubyacht club Thames cruising racing Royal America flag rowing
CunardMcCutcheon, JanetteAmberley978-1-4456-1803-6company history passenger liners cruises White Star WW1 losses
Cunard 125th Anniversary 1840 - 1965CunardCunardMenu cruising Woodward
Cunard 150 glorious yearsMaxtone-Graham, JohnDavid and Charles0-7153-9344-8Cunard Atlantic mail steam Liverpool New York
Cunard A Pictorial History 1840-1990Ryan, DavidThe Board of Trustees of the National Museums and Galleries0-906367-43-3history steam liner Aquitania Mauretania Lusitania Queen Elizabeth 2 WW2 WW1 Falklands cruise Bell transatlantic
Cunard and the North Atlantic 1840-1973Hyde, Francis EMacmillan Press333-17313-9history management WW1 WW2 trade migration shipbuilder Lusitania Mauretania ship dimensions tonnage engine Royal Mail Packet
Cunard Book of Cruising [The]Thomas, David St JohnDavid and Charles0-7153-9074-0QE2 Alaska Caribbean itinerary ports South America Orient Norway world Arctic Atlantic Black sea Panama excursion
Cunard Cook BookWright, Carol460-03875-3recipes breakfasts breads seafood salads soups meat vegetable poultry game desserts savouries buffets canapes
Cunard LineNewall, PeterShips in Focus Publications978-1-901703-24-5Company history transatlantic paddlesteamers liners White Star cruise Mediterranean Havre Channel Islands Middle East Ellerman CAMEL cargo containerisation tanker bulk carrier Moss Brocklebank refrigeration tugs tenders barges Halifax-Bermuda mail flags
Cunard Line [The]CunardElectrotype CompanyChicago World Fair history steamship dimensions ports destinations mail tours
Cunard Line [The]Mitchell, W HMarinart0-904478-11-4Cunard liner passenger White Star
Cunard Line [The] A Pictorial History 1840-1990Woolley, Peter WShip Pictorial Publications0-9516038-0-9Cunard company Liverpool passenger liner
Cunard Liner Queen Mary [The]Watton, RossConway0-85177-529-2liner passenger gear
Cunard PortraitsIsherwood, John HWorld Ship Society0-905617-57-6company carrier passenger steam steel hospitalship cruising
Cunard Story [The]Johnson, HowardWhittet Books0-905483-57-XCunard company mail packet Atlantic WW1 WW2 Southampton
Cunard White Star Liners of the 1930sFleming, H M LeIan Allanpassenger liner Cunard White Star
Cunard White Star Liners of the 1930sMiller, William HAmberley978-1-4456-4968-9history liners transatlantic WW1 cruising WW2 cruise
Cunard White Star Quadruple-screw North Atlantic Liner Queen MaryQueen MaryPatrick Stephens0-517-27929-0liner Atlantic engine Cunard interior Queen Mary
Cunard: The Golden Years in ColorMiller, William HAmberley978-1-4456-1853-1Cunard passenger liner fleet
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