Yacht designs

Over the years yachting magazines have carried reviews of new yacht and boat designs. Some of these have gone on to become classics, others have not. Below is a list of some of these designs from as far back as 1891. This is not a comprehensive list because we do not have every copy of every yachting magazine over that period, but we think we have found most of them. If you want to find details of a design then use the search facility below to check if we have what you’re looking for. If we have, then we can send you a copy of the article via email but please note that there may be a charge. To request an article then email us at library@nmmc.co.uk quoting as much information as possible. Please note that copies are provided for personal reference only and normal copyright rules apply.

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ReferenceBoat NameDesignerLOA/ClassBoat TypeMagazineYear/Month
1Jaguar 265Castro, Tony26 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachts and Yachting1992/11
2Hunter Horizon 30Thomas, David30 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachts and Yachting1992/11
3Hawk 20Hawkins & Reid6.1 m LOADinghy, sailingYachts and Yachting1992/12
4J/105Johnstone, Rod35 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachts and Yachting1992/12
5Reflex 21Stimson, Christian6.4 m LOADinghy, sailingYachts and Yachting1993/01
6ChallengeBeneteau9.14 m LOAYacht, sloopYachts and Yachting1993/01
7Dart 6000Richards, Jo5.95 m LOACatamaranYachts and Yachting1993/02
8Shamrock 9.5Breteche, Gilles9.5 m LOAYacht, sloopYachts and Yachting1993/03
9IMX-38Jeppesen, Niels11.40 m LOAYacht, sloopYachts and Yachting1993/04
10Beneteau 210Group Finot6.4 m LOAYacht, sloopYachts and Yachting1993/05
11Splash3.55 m LOADinghy, sailingYachts and Yachting1993/06
12Legend 19Hunter Marine corp.5.78 m LOAYacht, sloopYachts and Yachting1993/08
13BroomstickAlex SimonisYacht, sloopYachts and Yachting1993/08
14Laser 5000Morrison, Phil5.0 m LOADinghy, sailingYachts and Yachting1993/08
15J/808.0 m LOAYacht, sloopYachts and Yachting1993/09
16Hobie 15Hobie cat4.9 m LOACatamaranYachts and Yachting1993/10
17Centurion 47Dubois, Ed47 ft LOAYacht, sloopBoat International1984/04
18Birchwood TS33Andrews, Ted33 ft LOAMotorBoat International1984/05
19Sunseeker San Remo 33Shead, Don33 ft LOAMotorBoat International1984/05
20Shirley BBannenberg, JonYacht, ketchBoat International1985/07
21Tremlett 46Tremlett, Chris46 ft LOAMotorBoat International1985/07
22The HighlanderBannenberg, Jon46 m LOAMotorBoat International1986/11
23MustangNicholson58 ft LOAYacht, sloopBoat International1986/11
24Night CrossingSklarin, Roy110 ft LOAMotorBoat International1986/12
25GalaxyRuggiero, V43 m LOAMotorBoat International1986/12
26SensaReimers, Knut5 m classDinghy, sailingClassic Boat2007/08
27Eleanor MaryBurnett, Ed51 ft LOAPilot CutterClassic Boat2007/08
28BloodhoundCamper & Nicholson63 ft LOAYacht, yawlClassic Boat2007/09
29ShillingSwift, Phil17 ft LOADinghy, sailingWatercraft2007/09
30PumaCumming, Colin13 ft LOADinghy, sailingWatercraft2007/09
31Topaz XenonHowlett, Ian4.5 m LOA 2005Dinghy, sailingYachts and Yachting2007/08
32RS VisionMorrison, Phil4.6 m LOA 2003Dinghy, sailingYachts and Yachting2007/08
33RS200Morrison, Phil4.00 m LOADinghy, sailingYachts and Yachting1997/07
34Topper SpiceTopper International4.25 m LOADinghy, sailingYachts and Yachting1997/08
35Laser PicoRichards, Jo3.5 m LOADinghy, sailingYachts and Yachting1997/08
36Independent BearCorby, John41 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachts and Yachting1997/09
37SonarKirby, Bruce6.96 m LOAYacht, sloopYachts and Yachting1997/10
38Corsair F-28RFarrier, Ian8.66 m LOATrimaranYachts and Yachting1997/10
39Projection 920Thomas, Stephen9.20 m LOAYacht, sloopYachts and Yachting1997/11
40Mustang 30Harley, Nigel9.0 m LOAYacht, sloopYachts and Yachting1997/12
41VelshedaNicholson, CharlesJ Class restoredYacht, sloopYachts and Yachting1997/12
42Dart 164.8 m LOACatamaranYachts and Yachting1997/12
43Topper BlazeTopper International4.2 m LOADinghy, sailingYachts and Yachting1998/01
44Dragonfly 920Quorning Boats9.2 m LOATrimaranYachts and Yachting1998/02
45J/90Hall Spars30 ft LOA Carbon Rocket RangeYacht, sloopYachts and Yachting1998/03
46Laser 2000The Laser Centre4.44 m LOADinghy, sailingYachts and Yachting1998/04
47Beneteau 40.711.99 m LOAYacht, sloopYachts and Yachting1998/06
48RS300Everest, Clive4.25 m LOADinghy, sailingYachts and Yachting1998/07
49Nienke IIde Boer, E32 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1969/03
50BarbaritaGreene, Charles24 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1969/04
51Buckingham Sportsman20 ft LOAMotorPractical Boat Owner1969/09
52Iroquois Mk II30 ft LOACatamaranPractical Boat Owner1969/09
53Springtide24 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1969/10
54HunterLee, Oliver J19 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1969/10
55SnapdragonThames Marine24 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1969/10
56CarbineerLaurent Giles & Partners44 ft LOAYacht, ketchPractical Boat Owner1969/10
57TigerButler, John25 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1969/10
58OceanicO'Brien, Bill30 ft LOACatamaranPractical Boat Owner1969/11
59Kingswift 26William OsborneMotorPractical Boat Owner1969/11
60Gulfstreamer 25John A Bennett & AssociatesMotorPractical Boat Owner1969/11
61Vivacity 24Hill, Alan24 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1970/02
62Seal WeekenderPrimrose, Angus22 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1970/02
63PippaPerryman, JohnYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1970/02
64RowanMacwester22 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1970/05
65Mumm 36Farr, Bruce10.92 m LOAYacht, sloopYachts and Yachting1993/11
66Corsair F-24Farrier, Ian7.3 m LOATrimaranYachts and Yachting1993/13
67EnzaIrens, Nigel92 ft LOACatamaranYachts and Yachting1994/01
68B14EBethwaite, Julian4.25 m LOADinghy, sailingYachts and Yachting1994/01
69Challenger IIIMacalpine-Downie, Rod15 ft LOATrimaranYachts and Yachting1994/02
70Victoria 16Thomas, David16 ft LOADinghy, sailingYachts and Yachting1994/05
71Tripp 26Performance Sailboats27 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachts and Yachting1994/10
72RS400Morrison, Phil15 ft LOADinghy, sailingYachts and Yachting1994/12
73Hobie 21Wake, John6.5 m LOACatamaranYachts and Yachting1995/01
74Hunter 21Hunter Boats Ltd21 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachts and Yachting1995/02
75RS600LDC Racing Sailboats4.47 ft LOADinghy, sailingYachts and Yachting1995/04
76Ultra 30Humphreys, Rob30 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachts and Yachting1995/05
771720Castro, Tony8.00 m LOAYacht, sloopYachts and Yachting1995/08
78FlyerWhitehead, Roland14 ft LOA kit constructionDinghy, sailingYachts and Yachting1995/09
79Sigma 8Peterson, Jakopin8.00 m LOAYacht, sloopYachts and Yachting1995/10
80BH 41Murray, Ian12.5 m LOAYacht, sloopYachts and Yachting1995/11
81BuzzHowlett, Ian & Caig, John4.2 m LOA TopperDinghy, sailingYachts and Yachting1995/11
82Hobie TigerHobie cat5.51 m LOACatamaranYachts and Yachting1995/12
83Raider 18Hawkins, Chris5.56 m LOADinghy, sailingYachts and Yachting1995/12
84Hunter 707Thomas, David23 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachts and Yachting1995/12
85Comet TrioMorrison, Phil15 ft LOADinghy, sailingYachts and Yachting1995/12
86Mount Gay 30Rogers, Simon9.64 m LOAYacht, sloopYachts and Yachting1996/01
87Parker 325Parker Yachts & Dinghies10.21 m LOAYacht, sloopYachts and Yachting1996/01
88Projection 762Thomas, Stephen7.62 m LOAYacht, sloopYachts and Yachting1996/03
89H22Humphreys, Rob6.70 m LOAYacht, sloopYachts and Yachting1996/04
90ZephyrZephyr Aluminium Products9 ft LOADinghy, sailingYachts and Yachting1996/05
91Mumm 30Farr, Bruce9.42 m LOAYacht, sloopYachts and Yachting1996/05
92Gull SpiritProctor, Ian11 ft LOA redesignDinghy, sailingYachts and Yachting1996/06
9349erBethwaite, Julian4.99 m LOASkiffYachts and Yachting1996/09
94Beneteau 25Farr, Bruce7.50 m LOAYacht, sloopYachts and Yachting1996/10
95Laser 4000Laser Centre4.64 m LOADinghy, sailingYachts and Yachting1996/11
96MX-RayMurnikov, Vlad13 ft LOADinghy, sailingYachts and Yachting1998/09
97Inter 20Morelli, Gino6.12 m LOACatamaranYachts and Yachting1998/09
98Sport 14Howlett, Ian4.58 m LOADinghy, sailingYachts and Yachting1998/10
99CruzHowlett, Ian4.47 m LOADinghy, sailingYachts and Yachting1998/10
100ClassicHowlett, Ian4.47 m LOADinghy, sailingYachts and Yachting1998/10
101Sydney 40Murray, Burns & Dovell12.5 m LOA Admirals Cup contenderYacht, sloopYachts and Yachting1998/11
102Laser EPSLoday, Yves4.03 m LOADinghy, sailingYachts and Yachting1998/12
103OD 35Humphreys, Rob10.63 m LOAYacht, sailingYachts and Yachting1998/12
10429erBethwaite, Julian4.45 m LOADinghy, sailingYachts and Yachting1999/07
1051D 35One-Design LLC10.7 m LOAYacht, sloopYachts and Yachting1999/08
106Westerly 33Dubois, Ed10.15 m LOAYacht, sloopYachts and Yachting1999/12
107StealthPierce, John5.05 m LOADinghy, sailingYachts and Yachting1999/12
108MistStrange, Albert26 ft LOAYawlClassic Boat2006/07
109Stella ClassHolman, C R25 ft LOASloopClassic Boat2006/07
110Tahiti WayfarerWharram, J21 ft LOACat.Classic Boat2006/07
111- ex German yacht seized as prize-41 ft LOASloopClassic Boat2006/07
112Laser VortexRichards, Jo4.2 m LOACatamaranYachts and Yachting2000/07
113TopazTopper International5.2 - 8.3 m LOADinghy, sailingYachts and Yachting2000/12
114Laser StratosThe Laser Centre4.94 m LOADinghy, sailingYachts and Yachting2001/02
115Musto Performance SkiffHarpprecht, Joachim4.55 m LOADinghy, sailingYachts and Yachting2001/03
116Comet ZeroComet Dinghies3.45 m LOADinghy, sailingYachts and Yachting2001/04
117MRXO'Neill, Geoff4.27 m LOADinghy, sailingYachts and Yachting2001/06
118Hobie FX OneColby & Booth5.25 m LOACatamaranYachts and Yachting2001/07
119SpitfireLoday & White5 m LOACatamaranYachts and Yachting2001/08
120Crusader Sports TriMorrison, Phil6.10 m LOATrimaranYachts and Yachting2001/11
121RS VareoWadham, Martin4.25 m LOADinghy, sailingYachts and Yachting2001/12
122Beneteau 36.7Farr, Bruce10.98 m LOAYacht, sloopYachts and Yachting2002/01
123Buttercup35 ft LOA 1886 BroadsYacht, sloopYachts and Yachting2002/01
124FirebirdRichardson, Robin33 ft LOA 1996 BroadsYacht, sloopYachts and Yachting2002/01
125RSK6LDC Racing Sailboats5.8 m LOADinghy, sailingYachts and Yachting2002/02
126J-10910.75 m LOAYacht, sloopYachts and Yachting2002/03
127Ker 11.3Ker, Jason11.44 m LOAYacht, sloopYachts and Yachting2002/03
128RS700Peters & Southon4.68 m LOADinghy, sailingYachts and Yachting2002/04
129FunboatLaser Centre3.90 m LOACatamaranYachts and Yachting2002/06
130ShadowLoday & White4.80 m LOACatamaranYachts and Yachting2002/07
131Laser SB3The Laser Centre6.1 m LOADinghy, sailingYachts and Yachting2002/08
132Shearwater CatProut, Roland & Francis17 ft LOA 1956CatamaranYachts and Yachting2002/08
133TornadoMarch, Rodney6.09 m LOA RebuildCatamaranYachts and Yachting2002/08
134JS 9000Swarbrick, John9.125 m LOAYacht, sloopYachts and Yachting2002/08
135Comet RaceMorrison, Phil4.27 m LOADinghy, sailingYachts and Yachting2002/09
13659erBethwaite Designs4.80 m LOADinghy, sailingYachts and Yachting2002/10
137Topper TazWhite, Rob2.95 m LOADinghy, sailingYachts and Yachting2002/11
138Nacra 18Comyn, Alain5.52 m LOAMultihullYachts and Yachting2002/12
139Elan 31Humphreys, Rob9.2 m LOAYacht, sloopYachts and Yachting2003/01
140FevaHandley, Paul3.64 m LOADinghy, sailingYachts and Yachting2003/01
141Magnum 21Virusboats6.30 m LOATrimaranYachts and Yachting2003/02
142Topper BlazeHowlett, Ian4.2 m LOADinghy, sailingYachts and Yachting2003/02
143Topaz Race XHowlett & White3.86 m LOADinghy, sailingYachts and Yachting2003/03
144DragonAnker, Johan8.7 m LOA 1929Yacht, sloopYachts and Yachting2003/03
145Harley C-33Corby, John10.06 m LOAYacht, sloopYachts and Yachting2003/06
146370Jones, Stephen3.8 m LOADinghy, sailingYachts and Yachting2003/06
147KestrelMorrison, Phil4.81 m LOADinghy, sailingYachts and Yachting2003/04
148Seaquest 36Reichel-Pugh11.0 m LOAYacht, sloopYachts and Yachting2003/05
149Hobie TigerHobie Cats5.51 m LOA 1995 designCatamaranYachts and Yachting2003/06
150IMX 4513.76 m LOAYacht, sloopYachts and Yachting2003/06
151Swan 45Frers, German13.83 m LOA 2001 designYacht, sloopYachts and Yachting2003/07
152Sinergia 40Botin & Carkeek12.1 m LOA 2000 designYacht, sloopYachts and Yachting2003/08
153Topper MagnoHowlett & White3.94 m LOADinghy, sailingYachts and Yachting2003/08
154Beneteau First 27.7Finot8.85 m LOAYacht, sloopYachts and Yachting2003/08
155Dragoon XtremeHobie Cat3.91 m LOACatamaranYachts and Yachting2003/09
156Comet VersaSimmons, Andy3.96 m LOADinghy, sailingYachts and Yachting2003/10
157FireballMilne, Peter4.93 m LOADinghy, sailingYachts and Yachting2003/10
158Lymington ScowClaridge, John3.44 m LOADinghy, sailingYachts and Yachting2003/12
159Dragonfly 920 ExtremeQuorning Boats11.1 m LOATrimaranYachts and Yachting2003/12
160DK 46Mills Design14.1 m LOAYacht, sloopYachts and Yachting2004/01
161Devon YawlMorrison, Phil4.87 m LOAYacht, yawlYachts and Yachting2004/01
162GalaxyGiles, Mark4.88 m LOADinghy, sailingYachts and Yachting2004/01
163Stealth F18HTPierce, John5.5 m LOACatamaranYachts and Yachting2004/02
164Mirror RaceHolt & Bucknall3.3 m LOA 1962 upgradeDinghy, sailingYachts and Yachting2004/02
165Hobie TwixxyHobie Cat Europe4.38 m LOACatamaranYachts and Yachting2004/03
166Lymington PramBran, Claridge & Sanders4.42 m LOADinghy, sailingYachts and Yachting2004/03
167J/133Johnstone, Al & Rod13.11 m LOAYacht, sloopYachts and Yachting2004/04
168GP14Holt, Jack2.27 m LOADinghy, sailingYachts and Yachting2004/04
169SplashWester & de Ridder3.55 m LOADinghy, sailingYachts and Yachting2004/05
170RS VisionMorrison, Phil4.55 m LOADinghy, sailingYachts and Yachting2004/05
171RS EliteRS Racing7.3 m LOAYacht, sloopYachts and Yachting2004/07
172Orion SRDGiles, Mark4.66 m LOADinghy, sailingYachts and Yachting2004/10
173Dufour 40Felci, Umberto12.3 m LOAYacht, sloopYachts and Yachting2004/06
174Nacra 580Nacra Design5.80 m LOACatamaranYachts and Yachting2004/06
175Beneteau First 44.7Farr13.37 m LOAYacht, sloopYachts and Yachting2004/07
176Manta EquationGorton, Ian4.75 m LOADinghy, sailingYachts and Yachting2004/07
177Topaz OmegaWhite & Howlett4.7 m LOADinghy, sailingYachts and Yachting2004/08
178Elan 37Humphreys, Ror11.16 m LOAYacht, sloopYachts and Yachting2004/09
179White Formula 20de Vries, John6.085 m LOACatamaranYachts and Yachting2004/09
180SoloHolt, Jack3.78 m LOADinghy, sailingYachts and Yachting2004/10
181OrionGiles, Mark4.66 m LOADinghy, sailingYachts and Yachting2004/10
182Club 1720Key Yachting Ltd8 m LOAYacht, sloopYachts and Yachting2004/11
183LaserKirby, Bruce4.23 m LOADinghy, sailingYachts and Yachting2004/12
184Byte CIIBruce, Ian3.65 m LOADinghy, sailingYachts and Yachting2004/12
185ClubSwan 42Frers, GermanYacht, sloopYachting World2006/09
186Sizzler 60Castro, Tony18.25 m LOAYacht, sloopYachting World2006/09
187FinngulfStrahlmann Karl-Johan37, 41, 46 rangeYacht, sloopYachting World2006/09
188Degero28MS, 331, 36 rangeYacht, sloopYachting World2006/09
189Bristol Channel CutterHess, Lyle C28 ft LOAYacht, cutterYachting Monthly1976/12
190Sunbird 32Boswell, Alan33 ft LOAYacht, junkYachting Monthly1976/12
191Dufour 325Felci, Umberto9.28 m LOAYacht, sloopYachting Monthly2006/09
192Dufour 34Felci, Umberto10.6 m LOAYacht, sloopYachts and Yachting2005/01
193PhantomWright & Taylor4.42 m LOA 1971 designDinghy, sailingYachts and Yachting2005/01
194Bavaria Match 4212.46 m LOAYacht, sloopYachts and Yachting2005/02
195Backman 21Backman, Hans6.6 m LOADinghy, sailingYachts and Yachting2005/02
196Zoom 8Segerkrantz, Henrik2.65 m LOA 1991 designDinghy, sailingYachts and Yachting2005/03
197FinnSarby, Richard4.5 m LOA 1949 designDinghy, sailingYachts and Yachting2005/03
198Hobie 16 spiAlter, Hobie5.25 m LOA 1971 designCatamaranYachts and Yachting2005/04
199First Class 7.5Finot, Groupe7.49 m LOAYacht, sloopYachts and Yachting2005/05
200StreakerHolt, Jack3.75 m LOA 1975 designDinghy, sailingYachts and Yachting2005/05
201SL16Loday, Yves4.8 m LOA 2003 designCatamaranYachts and Yachting2005/06
202FireflyFox, Uffa3.65 m LOA 1946 designDinghy, sailingYachts and Yachting2005/06
203Laser VagoRichards, Jo4.20 m LOA 2004 designDinghy, sailingYachts and Yachting2005/07
204Corby 29Corby, John8.8 m LOACatamaranYachts and Yachting2005/07
205Topaz ZenonHowlett, Ian4.5 m LOADinghy, sailingYachts and Yachting2005/08
206EnterpriseHolt, Jack4.4 m LOA 1956 designDinghy, sailingYachts and Yachting2005/09
207Radio LaserKirby, Bruce1.05 m LOAYacht, modelYachts and Yachting2005/10
208Sigma 33Thomas, David9.88 m LOA 1978 designYacht, sloopYachts and Yachting2005/11
209RS500Morrison, Phil4.34 m LOADinghy, sailingYachts and Yachting2006/06
210ETAP 46DSVon Ahlen Yacht Design47 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting World2005/12
211Wauquiez 47PSBerret & Racoupeau47 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting World2005/12
212Nauticat 385Gustaffson, Kai11.65 m LOAYacht, sloopYachting Monthly2006/07
213MarmaladeBorge and Jens Quorning8 m LOA DragonflyTrimaranYachting Monthly2006/07
214Regina 35Regina af Vindo10.8 m LOAYacht, sloopYachting Monthly2006/10
215Sprint 15March, Rodney4.54 m LOA 1978 DesignCatamaranYachts and Yachting2005/11
216Seacart 30Lombard, Marc9 m LOATrimaranYachts and Yachting2005/12
217Lake CruiserWolstenholme, Andrew7.16 m LOAMotorWatercraft2005/11
218PassagemakerHarris, John C12 ft LOADinghy, sailingWatercraft2005/11
219Fairline Targa 38Bernard Olesinski40 ft LOAMotorMotorboat and Yachting2006/06
220Fjord 39Banfield, Patrick39 ft LOAMotorMotorboat and Yachting2006/06
221Windy 52 XanthosJohnsen, Hans Jorgen52 ft LOAMotorMotorboat and Yachting2006/07
222Galeon 440Castro, Tony45 ft LOA 2005MotorMotorboat and Yachting2006/07
223Absolute 41Absolute 200541 ft LOAMotorMotorboat and Yachting2006/10
224Aicon 56Aicon 200257 ft LOAMotorMotorboat and Yachting2006/10
225Princess V65Olesinski, Bernard67 ft LOAMotorMotorboat and Yachting2006/06
226Cumberland 44Flahault, O & Joubert-Nivelt44 ft LOAMotor CatMotorboat and Yachting2006/06
227Lion 22Butler, John22 ft LOAYacht, cutterClassic Boat2006/08
228OwendoGiles25 ft LOA Vertue classYacht, sloopClassic Boat2006/08
229Tai-Mo-ShanRouse, H S54 ft LOA Built 1933Yacht, ketchClassic Boat2006/08
230SulaliSadler, David26 ft LOA Contessa 26Yacht, sloopClassic Boat2006/09
231LulworthWhite, Herbert152 ft LOA ex Terpsichore 1920Yacht, sloopClassic Boat2006/09
232RaineachOughtred, Ian15 ft LOA Norwegian faeringDingy, sailingClassic Boat2006/09
233Lively LadyShepherd, Fred36 ft LOA 1948 Sir Alec RoseYacht, yawlClassic Boat2006/10
234KatrinaHarbottell, Laurie24 ft LOA Finesse 24Yacht, sloopClassic Boat2006/10
235Preditor 62Sunseeker & Don Shead64 ft LOAMotorMotorboat and Yachting2007/02
236Targa 62Fairline & Bernard Olesinski62 ft LOAMotorMotorboat and Yachting2007/02
237V65Princess Bernard Olesinski67 ft LOAMotorMotorboat and Yachting2007/02
238Azimut 62SStephano Righini & Carlo Galeaxxi90 ft LOAMotorMotorboat and Yachting2007/02
239Azimut 85Righini & Galeazzi88 ft LOAMotorMotorboat and Yachting2007/02
240Sealine SC38Sealine39 ft LOAMotorMotorboat and Yachting2007/03
241Ferreti 630Zuccon/Ferreti66 ft LOAMotorMotorboat and Yachting2007/03
24242 NovaNimbus41 ft LOAMotorMotorboat and Yachting2007/04
243Atlantis 50Ausonio & Falleta & Atlantis50 ft LOAMotorMotorboat and Yachting2007/04
244Flyer 12Beneteau41 ft LOAMotorMotorboat and Yachting2007/04
245Monte Carlo 37Andreani & Beneteau37 ft LOAMotorMotorboat and Yachting2007/05
246Azimut 47Righini & Galeazzi47 ft LOAMotorMotorboat and Yachting2007/05
247Sabre 38 Hardtop ExpressSabre43 ft LOAMotorMotorboat and Yachting2007/05
248Etap 23de Ridder, Jac24 t LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1984/04
249Celtic LadyHawes, Michael19 ft LOA Skanner CruiserYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1984/05
250Tiki 21James Wharren Designs21 ft LOACatamaranPractical Boat Owner1984/05
251PentireHamer, Richard26 ft LOA ODYacht, sloopClassic Boat2006/10
252Nacra BlastComyn, Alain4.80 m LOACatamaranYachts and Yachting2003/11
253Bavaria Match 38Peterson, Doug11.36 m LOAYacht, sloopYachts and Yachting2003/11
254Bavaria Match 35J&J10.79 m LOAYacht, sloopYachts and Yachting2004/08
255Martin 164.9 m LOADinghy, sailingYachts and Yachting2005/07
256J/100Johnstone, Rod10 m LOAYacht, sloopYachts and Yachting2005/08
257Hurricane 5.9XWhite, Reg5.9 m LOA 1987 designCatamaranYachts and Yachting2005/09
258Volvo Extreme 40Loday, Yves12.192 m LOACatamaranYachts and Yachting2005/10
259Malbec 240Mastracchio, Pablo7.50 m LOAYacht, sloopYachts and Yachting2005/12
260First 21.7Beneteau6.4 m LOAYacht, sloopYachts and Yachting2006/01
261CapricornFischer, Martin1.01 m LOACatamaranYachts and Yachting2006/01
262470Cornu, Andre4.7 m LOA 1963 designDinghy, sailingYachts and Yachting2006/02
263Pogo 40Groupe Finot40 ft LOA +supplement -Supersail WorldYacht, sloopYachting World2006/10
264Predator 62Sunseeker 6264 ft LOAMotorMotorboat and Yachting2006/11
265Princess 58Princess59 ft LOAMotorMotorboat and Yachting2006/11
266Nimbus 42 Nova41 ft LOAMotorMotorboat and Yachting2006/11
267Azimut 43S44 ft LOAMotorMotorboat and Yachting2006/11
268GhibliGouteron22 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1970/07
269HirondelleHammond, Chris23 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1970/07
270TweeHine, S C19 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1970/08
271PageantLaurent Giles & Partners23 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1970/09
272JousterLaurent Giles & Partners21 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1970/09
273Vivacity 650Russell Marine21 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1970/09
274Four 21Aquaboats22 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1970/10
275Spirit of HollandDas, Robbert27 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1970/10
276Sea WychSadler. John19 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1970/10
277Ocean BirdWestell, JohnTrimaranPractical Boat Owner1970/11
278Gouwzee IIScheeps-en Jachtwef30 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1970/11
279RebellColeman Eric17 ft LOADinghy, sailingPractical Boat Owner1970/11
280Sailor 23Laurent Giles & Partners23 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1970/12
281WildfireProctor & O'Day17 ft LOADinghy, sailingPractical Boat Owner1970/12
282Prim'Vent18 ft LOADinghy, sailingPractical Boat Owner1970/12
283Snapdragon 600Thames Marine20 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1971/01
284HalberdierHill, Alan36 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1978/01
285Dehler 44Simonis & Voogd45 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting World2007/03
286X-35Jeppesen, Niels10.61 m LOAYacht, sloopYachts and Yachting2007/01
287Pronavia 38Stimson, Christian11.58 m LOAYacht, sloopYachts and Yachting2007/01
288Etap 285Bentone29 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting Monthly2007/01
289Norske 35Perryman, John35 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1978/05
290QuasarProut45 ft LOACatamaranPractical Boat Owner1978/05
291SolarisSolaris Marine42 ft LOACatamaranPractical Boat Owner1978/05
292CatfisherCompton, Terry28 ft LOACatamaranPractical Boat Owner1978/05
293QuestProut31 ft LOACatamaranPractical Boat Owner1978/05
294Shipmaster 85Watson, G L28 ft LOAMotorPractical Boat Owner1978/07
295Telstar 35Smith, Tony35 ft LOATrimaranPractical Boat Owner1978/07
296Invicta 12Cory, Brian12 ft LOADinghy, sailingPractical Boat Owner1978/07
297ML 22Hill,Alan22 ft LOAMotorPractical Boat Owner1978/09
298Salty DogMilne, Peter27 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1978/10
299Salty PupMilne, Peter23 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1978/10
300ImpalaThomas, David28 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1978/10
301Broom 365Broom Boats37 ft LOAMotorMotorboat and Yachting2006/11
302Pershing 56Ventura59 ft LOAMotorMotorboat and Yachting2006/11
303Menorquin MY16052 ft LOAMotorMotorboat and Yachting2006/11
304Boarncruiser 40AC41 ft LOAMotorMotorboat and Yachting2006/11
305Privateer 52Privateer Yachts51 ft LOAMotorMotorboat and Yachting2006/11
306Nord West 42044 ft LOAMotorMotorboat and Yachting2006/11
307Van Der Valk 175057 ft LOAMotorMotorboat and Yachting2006/11
308Phantom 48Failine50 ft LOAMotorMotorboat and Yachting2006/11
309Superhawk 43Sunseeker44 ft LOAMotorMotorboat and Yachting2006/11
310Pearl 50Pearl Motor yachts49 ft LOAMotorMotorboat and Yachting2006/11
311Pershing 37Pershing39 ft LOAMotorMotorboat and Yachting2001/05
312Island BlossomLeather, John18 ft LOA winkle brigYacht, gafferYachts and Yachting1962/03
313FireballMilne, Peter16 ft LOADinghy, sailingYachts and Yachting1962/03
314Show BoatVosper Ltd45 ft LOAMotorYachts and Yachting1962/04
315TeneriffeFox, Uffa31 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachts and Yachting1962/04
316Troll class31 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachts and Yachting1962/05
317Elizabethan 29 classHolman, C R29 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachts and Yachting1962/05
318 Blake, W M 12 ft - East Suffolk Restricted classDinghy, sailingYachting Monthly1934/12
319 Brown, F B R 10 ftDinghy, sailingYachting Monthly1934/06
320 Fox, Uffa - airborne - Mk I 23 ft and MK II 30 ftLifeboatClassic Boat1998/04
321 Laurent Giles & Partners61 ft LOA C BYacht, schoonerYachting World1946/08
322 Oertz, M8 m LOAYacht, sloopYachting Monthly1913/04
323 Parker, F R 29 ft LOA C BYacht, sloopYachting Monthly1954/10
324 Smith, J A40 ftYacht, motorYachting Monthly1913/10
325 Soper, J M18 ft B R A raterYacht, sloopYachting Monthly1915/07
326 Thornycroft30 ft LOAMotorYachting Monthly1957/02
327 Paine, Chuck W42 ftYacht, cutterClassic Boat1997/04
3281 RaterAlexander, F H21 ft LWLYacht, sloopThe Yachtsman1892/05
3291 RaterHope, Linton20 ft LWLYacht, sloopThe Yachtsman1892/04
3301/2 RaterHogg, Jeffery25 ft LOAYacht, sloopThe Yachtsman1892/08
3311/2 RaterHope, Linton23 ft LOA Yacht, sloopThe Yachtsman1892/05
33210 Rater - see also Ymn 1891/12 p 700YachtThe Yachtsman1891/11
3333/4 Ton Cup YachtKaufman, Scott32 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting World1976/04
334365 Grand LargeFelci, Umberto & Roseo, Patrick35 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting World2005/09
335BloodhoundNicholson, Charles E63 ft LOAYacht, yawlYachts and Yachting1962/05
336Spurn classvan de Stadt, E G21 ft LOAYacht, yawlYachts and Yachting1962/07
337Cinder classTyler Boat Co22 ft LOAYacht, yawlYachts and Yachting1962/07
338My Fair LadyRayner, Walter38 ft LOAYacht, ketchYachts and Yachting1962/07
339Viking of MerseaBuchanan, Alan31 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachts and Yachting1962/08
340Finesse class21 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachts and Yachting1962/09
341Dragonfly classBuchanan, Alan18 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachts and Yachting1962/09
342FanfareEckford, Alan27 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachts and Yachting1962/11
343Fair MaidA Mylne & Co36 ft LOAWorkboatYachts and Yachting1962/11
344HurricaneMilne, Peter21 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachts and Yachting1962/12
345PhyleneParker, Frederik R41 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachts and Yachting1961/01
346MirandaLeather, John33 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachts and Yachting1961/02
347Pearson 27MacLear & Harris27 ft LOAMotorYachts and Yachting1961/03
348Glass Slippervan de Stadt, E G49 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachts and Yachting1961/03
349Holman 26Holman, Kim26 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachts and Yachting1961/04
350Rapier 3600Cox & Haswell36 ft LOAMotorYachts and Yachting1961/04
351455 Grand LargeFelci, Umberto & Roseo, Patrick45 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting World2005/09
3525 RaterYachtThe Yachtsman1891/11
35350/50McBryde W G66 ft LOAYacht, ketchYachting Monthly1945/01
354A La ViaChiggiato, A27 ft LOA C B Yacht, sloopYachting World1949/02
355A RRasmussen, Henry63 ft - seefahrtkreuzerYacht, yawlClassic Boat1995/12
356A SperanziellaLevi, Renato30 ft LOAMotorYachting World1963/10
357A&MCoade, H G 31 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting Monthly1960/11
358Aas TerneAas, BjarneMotorClassic Boat1993/05
359AberVivier, Francois14 ft LOA - see also Bmn 1993/04 p 35, WC 2004/03Dinghy, sailingThe Boatman1993/06
360Able CustomPaine, Chuck W34 ftYacht, motorClassic Boat1997/04
361Able DowneastPaine, Chuck W44 ftYacht, motorClassic Boat1997/04
362AbsoluteDaniels, W J Model, 10 raterYacht, cutterYachting Monthly1920/10
363AceFox, Uffa18 ft LOADinghy, sailingYachting World1938/08
364Achilles 840Butler, Chris27 ft LOA - see also YW 1981/07 p 68Yacht, sloopYachting Monthly1983/02
365Achilles 24Lee, Oliver & Butler, Chris23 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting World1976/06
366Achilles 9m30 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting World1980/06
367AcornOughtred, Iain15 ftRowingClassic Boat1993/02
368Laurent Giles & Partners67 ft LOAYacht, yawlYachts and Yachting1961/05
369CarrucaWestrell, John33 ft LOAYacht, yawlYachts and Yachting1961/05
370Game FishernanCox & Haswell35 ft LOAMotorYachts and Yachting1961/05
371Gypsy Moth IIIClark, Robert39 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachts and Yachting1961/05
372The AlbatrossBuchanan, Alan42 ft LOAYacht, ketchYachts and Yachting1961/05
373Blue CharmIlingworth & Primrose30 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachts and Yachting1961/05
374JancyMylne. A34 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachts and Yachting1961/05
375DanegeldCheverton & Partners35 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachts and Yachting1961/05
376CalypsoTruman26 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachts and Yachting1961/05
377EclipseWestrell, John21 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachts and Yachting1961/05
378FiferMiller, James N31 ft LOAYacht, ketchYachts and Yachting1961/06
379Spring TimeHolman, KimYacht, yawlYachts and Yachting1961/06
380Morag classMylne & Co.Dinghy, sailingYachts and Yachting1961/06
381King's class28 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachts and Yachting1961/07
382Stormvogelde Stadt, Illingworth & Giles75 ft LOAYacht, ketchYachts and Yachting1961/07
383AllegroWestell, John21 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachts and Yachting1961/10
384Aphrodite 101Kjaeruff, Jan33 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1978/10
385OOD 34Peterson, Doug34 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1978/10
386SearangerWilson, G32 ft LOAMotorPractical Boat Owner1978/10
387Corribee 21Tucker, Robert21 ft LOAYacht, junkPractical Boat Owner1978/12
388Rowan CrownRoy, C S J24 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1979/01
389Drascombe DrifterWatkinson, John22 ft LOAYacht, yawlPractical Boat Owner1979/01
390Dockrell 37Dockrell, Bolton36 ft LOAYacht, cutterPractical Boat Owner1979/01
391Illusion 37Keith Nelson37 ft LOAMotorPractical Boat Owner1979/01
392JuraWatson, G L31 ft LOAMotor sailorPractical Boat Owner1979/01
393TracerLee, Oliver17 ft LOADinghy, sailingPractical Boat Owner1979/05
394Victor 34Bennett, John34 ft LOAYacht, ketchPractical Boat Owner1979/06
395Seeker 31Primrose, Angus30 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1979/07
396Falcon 17James, Leslie17 ft LOADinghy, sailingPractical Boat Owner1979/07
397Channel Islands 22Buchanan, Alan22 ft LOAMotorPractical Boat Owner1979/09
398First 27Mauric, Andre26 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1979/09
399Challenger 31Trident Marine30 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1979/09
400Skagen 50J&J Design54 ft LOAMotorMotorboat and Yachting2007/08
401Boston Whaler Outrage 320Boston Whaler32 ft LOAMotorMotorboat and Yachting2007/09
402Trader 70Tarquin Boat Co.71 ft LOAMotorMotorboat and Yachting2007/09
403Rodman Muse 74Peters Opal76 ft LOAMotorMotorboat and Yachting2007/09
404Numarine 54Numarine54 ft LOAMotorMotorboat and Yachting2007/09
405Azimut 58Peters Opal59 ft LOAMotorMotorboat and Yachting2007/09
406Elan Power 48Elan Power48 ft LOAMotorMotorboat and Yachting2007/09
407Marquis 42 FCMarquis Yachts41 ft LOAMotorMotorboat and Yachting2007/09
408Cranchi 43 MediterraneeCranchi, Aldo45 ft LOAMotorMotorboat and Yachting2007/09
409Galeon 530Castro, Tony53 ft LOAMotorMotorboat and Yachting2007/09
410NadaWilliam Fife6 m LOA 1930 ResoredYacht, sloopClassic Boat2007/01
411TreenlaurCamper & Nicholson30 ft LOAYacht, sloopClassic Boat2007/01
412FireflyFox, Uffa12 ft LOADinghy, sailingClassic Boat2007/01
413ThembiBurnett, Ed35 ft LOAYacht, sloopClassic Boat2007/02
414KanjedzaYachting World23 ft LOAYacht, sloopClassic Boat2007/03
415Enavigo 33Gondola, Tony42 ft LOAYacht, sloopClassic Boat2007/03
416YiltRYYC25 ft LOA Yorkshire 1 designDinghy, sailingClassic Boat2007/03
417Corel 45Farr, Bruce13.83 m LOAYacht, sailingYachts and Yachting1996/11
418SupernovaGiles, Mark4.3 m LOADinghy, sailingYachts and Yachting1996/11
419Dart HawkLoday, Yves5.5 m LOACatamaranYachts and Yachting1996/12
420FireflyFox, UffaHistorical reviewDinghy, sailingYachts and Yachting1997/01
421Topper BreezeTopper International6.00 m LOADinghy, sailingYachts and Yachting1997/02
422Laser 3000Laser Centre4.4 m LOADinghy, sailingYachts and Yachting1997/03
423BH36Murray, Ian11 m LOAYacht, sloopYachts and Yachting1997/03
424Concept 3023.02 m LOADinghy, sailingYachts and Yachting1997/05
425MallardWolstenholme, Andrew12 ft LOADinghy, sailingThe Boatman1994/08
426LoctudySergent, Francois17 ft LOAYacht, sloopThe Boatman1994/09
427ZinniaPoirier16 ft LOADinghy, sailingThe Boatman1994/09
428BloodhoundRichardson, Michael70 ft LOA replicaYacht, sloopThe Boatman1994/10
429Brock ThomasEyre, Martin14 ft LOADinghy, sailingThe Boatman1994/10
430Conway O DFarrer, Peter20 ft LOADinghy, sailingThe Yachtsman1992/07
431TigrisMylne & Co.50 ft LOA Re commisionedYacht, sloopThe Yachtsman1992/07
432SheevraFife, William III46 ft LOA RestoredYacht, sloopThe Yachtsman1992/09
433MaitaDyevre8 m LOAYacht, sloopThe Yachtsman1992/09
434Brown BoatsHope, Linton24 ft LOA Broad One-DesignYacht, sloopThe Yachtsman1992/11
435SatanitaSoper, Joseph132 ft LOAYacht, cutterThe Yachtsman1993/01
436JupiterKroes, Gait27 ft LOAYacht, sloopThe Yachtsman1993/01
437Swan 40Sparkman & Stephens40 ft LOAYacht, sloopThe Yachtsman1993/01
438Cantieri di Sarnico 65Nuvolari & Lenard65 ft LOAMotorMotorboat and Yachting2002/07
43936 SedanSabreline41 ft LOAMotorMotorboat and Yachting2002/07
440680 Sun SportSea Ray 200170 ft LOAMotorMotorboat and Yachting2002/07
441Azimut 62Azimut65 ft LOAMotorMotorboat and Yachting2002/07
442Prima 38Jones, Stephen11.59 m LOAYacht, sloopYachts and Yachting1998/07
443Humming BirdGoode, Philip26 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachts and Yachting1961/10
444TomahawkSparkman & Stephens48 ft LOA restorationYacht, yawlClassic Boat2006/11
445Cutlass 27Hill, Alan F27 ft LOAYacht,yawlClassic Boat2006/11
446RomolaNicholson, Charles85 ft LOA 1903Yacht, motorClassic Boat2006/11
447AdelaDijkstra, Gerry140 ft LOAYacht, schoonerYachting World2000/06
448Adelaide of RoundwoodMackay, W18 ftYacht, cutterClassic Boat1995/11
449AdeleHoek, Andre179 ft LOA - see also YW 2005/09 p 100Yacht, ketchYachting World2001/09
450AdeleStorey, A C150 ft LOA - formerly HearteaseYacht, schoonerClassic Boat1992/04
451AdixHolgate, Arthur174 ft LODYacht, schoonerClassic Boat1992/07
452AdrenaFeltham, G A & Sons32 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting World1954/11
453AdvanceCooper, Fred40 ftMotorYachting Monthly1931/08
454Adventure 25Roberts-Goodson, Bruce25 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting Monthly1977/08
455Adventure-ShipMudie, Colin131 ft LOA - T SJunkYachting World2001/11
456AdventuressFife, William82 ft LOAYacht, schoonerYachting Monthly1924/07
457AdventuressSoper, J M365 tonYacht, steamYachting Monthly1913/01
458AdventuressWilliams, H G 39 ft LOAYacht, ketchYachting Monthly1945/03
459AegleWall, Raymond30 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting World1964/12
460Aegre20 ft - lug rigYacht, sloopClassic Boat1998/02
461AeolianClark, Robert40 ft LOAYacht, yawlYachting World1954/05
462AeroliteFowler, A20 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting Monthly1953/03
463Aethelberhta IIGreen, A R25 ft LOAYacht, ketchYachting Monthly1918/07
464AfreetHarrison Butler, T32 ft LOAYacht, cutterYachting World1934/10
465AfreetStrange, Albert20 ft LWLYacht, sloopYachting Monthly1912/02
466AfricaMead, Harley37 ft LOAYacht, yawlYachting Monthly1942/11
467AgnesPowell, Luke46 ft LOA - Pilot typeYacht, cutterClassic Boat2002/07
468AideenShepherd, F41 ft LOA - see also YM 1934/11 p 62Yacht, ketchYachting Monthly1955/11
469AileenPeters, Frank16 ft - St Mawes O D classDinghy, sailingClassic Boat2001/01
470Ain-Al-BahrGrimston Astor Ltd60 ft - PakistanYacht, motorMotorboat and Yachting1951/03
471AjaxLee, Oliver J23 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting World1969/06
472AkabaCrane, Clinton68 ft - 12 m classYacht, sloopYachting World1937/03
473AkaranaLogan, Robert39 ft - New Zealand designYacht, cutterClassic Boat1990/10
474Akka of TjornDjupvik54 ft LOA - MFV typeYacht, motorThe Yachtsman1965/11
475Al MalikaMcGruer, E32 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting World1933/10
476AlaCrossley, P C 29 ft LOAYacht, cutterYachting Monthly1942/02
477Alacrity 22/670Butler, Frank 21 ft LOA - see also YW 1971/06 p 72Yacht, sloopYachting Monthly1971/06
478Alan IIHolman, C R34 ft LOAYacht, ketchYachting Monthly1960/01
479Alan IIIRiggs, Tom C29 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting Monthly1974/05
480AlannahCockshott, George38 ft LOAYacht, cutterYachting Monthly1914/03
481AlannahWhite, H W 32ft 3in LOA Solent One DesignYacht, cutterYachting Monthly1911/03
482AlanoWarrington Smyth, R35 ft LOAYacht, cutterYachting World1960/03
483AlarmFox, Uffa14 ft - International 14 classDinghy, sailingYachting World1972/05
484AlbannWatson, G L & Co40 ft LOA - see also YM 1951/07 p 37Yacht, ketchYachting World1951/12
485AlbaquilaOsborne, William Ltd46 ft LOA - see also YW 1949/03 p 92Yacht, motorMotorboat and Yachting1949/01
486AlbatrossAlbatross Marine Ltd12 ftMotorMotorboat and Yachting1951/03
487AlbatrossOertz, M23 ftYacht, sloopYachting Monthly1909/11
488Albatross12 m LOAYacht, cutterYachting Monthly1928/06
489Albatross III61 ft LOAYacht, ketchYachting Monthly1940/08
490Albin BallardMagnusson, Rolf29 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting Monthly1973/01
491Albion58 ft - Norfolk Broads - built 1898WherryClassic Boat2002/09
492AlchemyMaurice Griffiths33 ft LOAYacht cutterThe Boatman1995/11
493AlcorLaurent Giles & Partners75 ft LOAYacht, yawlYachting World1960/01
494AlcyoneGunning, M F32 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting Monthly1949/01
495Alcyone IIGunning, M F 36 ft LOA C B Yacht, sloop Yachting Monthly1957/11
496AldebranEstlander, GustafYacht, sloopClassic Boat2002/08
497Alden 36Alden, John G36 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting World1966/03
498Alden 99Alden, John G100 ft LOAYachtYachting World1980/02
499AldermanTatchell, E R12 metreYacht, modelYachting Monthly1907/07
500AldicDunlop, J92 ft LOAYacht, motorYachting Monthly1931/08
501AlertBolger, Philip C 33 ftYacht, yawlWatercraft1998/07
502Alethea IILuke & Co25 ft LWLYacht, ketchYachting Monthly1912/01
503Alethea IIILuke Bros34 ft LOAYacht, ketchThe Yachtsman1935/03
504Alethea IIILuke, A R34 ft LOAYacht, yawlYachting World1935/04
505AleutkaLetcher, John S25 ft LOAYacht, cutterYachting Monthly1978/03
506Alfa RomeoPugh, Reichel Yacht Design90 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting World2003/02
507AlgueAlden, John G58 ft LOAYacht, ketchYachting World1953/05
508AliaWatts, O M 72 ft LOAYacht, ketchYachting Monthly1938/02
509AliceMunroe, R M 52 ft LOA - see also YM 1930/09 p 347Yacht, ketchYachting Monthly1930/08
510AlicePlatten, David10 ftDinghy, sailingClassic Boat1999/07
511Alice IIIRogers, Simon38 ft LOAYacht, yawlClassic Boat2000/10
512AlietaThornycroft50 ft - VenezuelaPassengerMotorboat and Yachting1946/08
513TumlareReimers, Knud27 ft LOA 1935Yacht, sloopClassic Boat2006/12
514Spirit of BermudaLangan, Bill85 ft LOASchoonerClassic Boat2006/12
515FerrochA Mylne & Co.40 ft LOAMotorYachts and Yachting1963/02
516PeregrineProctor, Ian19 ft LOADinghy, sailingYachts and Yachting1963/02
517Blue CharmIllingworth & PrimroseYacht, sloopYachts and Yachting1960/07
518Ski - Sail classChippendale Boats14 ft LOADinghy, sailingYachts and Yachting1962/09
519Fireball classMilne, Peter16 ft LOADinghy, sailingYachts and Yachting1962/09
520Ballerina IITucker, Robert21 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachts and Yachting1962/06
521Buchanan, Alan24 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachts and Yachting1959/01
522Falcon classDennis, Harry19 ft LOADinghy, sailingYachts and Yachting1959/01
523Kingcraft ExpressBuchanan, Alan37 ft LOAMotorYachts and Yachting1959/01
524FulmarFairey Marine20 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachts and Yachting1958/12
525TamarindParker, Frederik105 ft LOAMotorYachts and Yachting1958/12
526Kiwi IIA Milne & Co.34 ft LOAMotorYachts and Yachting1961/11
527Caravel Mark IICheverton, David25 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachts and Yachting1961/12
528GypsyWarrington-Smyth, R24 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachts and Yachting1961/12
529AlineMylne, Alfred48 ft LOAYacht, cutterYachting Monthly1917/06
530AlisdairLentsch, G de Vries95 ft LOAYacht, motorYachting World1936/10
531AlitiaCamper & Nicholson49 ft LOA - ex YeomanYacht, cutterYachting Monthly1955/09
532AllegroWestell, John20 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting World1963/05
533Allround Mass, Frans42 ft LOAYacht, cutterYachting World1963/01
534AllureLuke, A R54 ft LOA - see also YM 1942/08 p 236Yacht, cutterYachting World1938/07
535AlohaDawes, H H12 ftDinghy, sailingYachting World1948/05
536AlohaVosper & Co56 ft LOA - see also Ymn 1932/06 p 189MotorYachting Monthly1932/07
537AlomaDawes, HH20 ftMotorYachting Monthly1946/09
538AlpenraeMylne, Alfred42 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting World1958/09
539AlphaLiver & Wilding - Bristol ChannelPilotClassic Boat1992/08
540AlphaLord, G G 25 ft LOA - North East Coast class Yacht, sloopYachting Monthly1947/01
541AlphaSmart, W31 ft LOAYacht, cutterYachting Monthly1920/05
542AlsklingClayton, Harold25 ft CBYacht, cutterYachting Monthly1907/04
543AltairFife, William109 ft LOA - see also YM 1988/01 p 104Yacht, schoonerYachting Monthly1931/05
544AltonaHyland Ltd61 ftYacht, motorYachting World1935/07
545SevenFarrar, Austin7 m LOADinghy, sailingYachts and Yachting1988/12
546Hobie 2121 ft LOACatamaranYachts and Yachting1988/12
547The CardFarr, Bruce80 ft LOAYacht, ketchYachts and Yachting1989/01
548ScavengerProctor, IanWayfarerDinghy, sailingYachts and Yachting1989/01
549SkytrainCorby, John28 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachts and Yachting1989/05
550AlarmFox, UffaFireflyDinghy, sailingYachts and Yachting1989/06
551JunoCastro, TonyYacht, sloopYachts and Yachting1989/06
552Old Mother GunHumphreys, RobYacht, sloopYachts and Yachting1989/07
553EndeavourNicholson, Charles EJ class restoredYacht, sloopYachts and Yachting1989/07
554Gib'Sea 313Humphreys, Rob30 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachts and Yachting1989/09
555Action 26Thomas, David26 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachts and Yachting1989/11
556Leader 2 TurboSothcott, Jeremy14 ft LOADinghy, sailingYachts and Yachting1989/11
557Moody 336Dixon, Bill33 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachts and Yachting1989/11
558UltraHumphreys, RobYacht, sloopYachts and Yachting1989/12
559CatapultMontgomery, John16 ft LOADinghy, sailingYachts and Yachting1990/01
560EquipeLaurent, Marc13 ft LOADinghy, sailingYachts and Yachting1990/05
561KillicrankieParker, Fred36 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachts and Yachting1961/12
562Etap 23de Ridder, Jack24 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachts and Yachting1985/01
563ChismePrimrose, AngusHalf ton cup designYacht, sloopYachts and Yachting1972/06
564Pearl 50Dixon & Marshall49 ft LOAMotorMotorboat and Yachting2007/01
565Pioneervan de Stadt30 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachts and Yachting1963/02
566PankinaRayner, Walter F38 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachts and Yachting1963/02
567ScimitarLaurent Giles & Partners20 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachts and Yachting1963/03
568Pacemaker 29Port Hamble Ltd29 ft LOAMotorYachts and Yachting1963/06
569Echo classClark, Robert32 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachts and Yachting1963/06
570FiferJames N Miller & Son31 ft LOAYacht, motorYachts and Yachting1959/01
571OrthopsClark, Robert37 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachts and Yachting1959/01
572Brooke Marine Ltd40 ft LOAMotorYachts and Yachting1959/02
573Camper & Nicolson39 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachts and Yachting1959/02
574Vale of YorkLaurent Giles36 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachts and Yachting1959/03
575Camper & Nicolson41 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachts and Yachting1959/03
576TheaLaurent Giles41 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachts and Yachting1959/04
577PleonieLeather, John24 ft LOAYacht, cutterYachts and Yachting1959/08
578DanegeldCheverton, David35 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachts and Yachting1959/09
579AnitraSparkman & Stevens48 ft LOAYacht, yawlYachts and Yachting1959/09
580Brooke Marine37 ft LOAMotorYachts and Yachting1959/10
581SuiviFreeman, Reg37 ft LOAYacht, yawlYachts and Yachting1959/10
582FeliseCamper & Nicloson39 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachts and Yachting1959/11
583Proctor & Wilson12 ft LOADinghy, sailingYachts and Yachting1959/11
584Fantasy IITough Bros.40 ft LOAMotorYachts and Yachting1959/12
585DeborineAlden, John39 ft LOAYacht, yawlYachts and Yachting1959/12
586Ceol MaraBuchanan, Alan20 tonnerYacht, ketchYachts and Yachting1960/08
587Ocean CommanderAlden, John67 ft LOAMotorYachts and Yachting1960/09
588Reed BuntingMartins, R M30 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachts and Yachting1960/09
589BorrascaCibert, Pablo A35 ft LOAYacht, yawlYachts and Yachting1960/11
590Andel :Associates31 ft LOAYacht, ketchYachts and Yachting1960/11
591Alfred Mylne & Co29 ft LOAMotorYachts and Yachting1960/12
592Sorebones IIIDavid Thomas Designs40 ft LWLYacht, ketchYachts and Yachting1988/04
593Beneteau 32s59.68 m LOAYacht, sloopYachts and Yachting1988/11
594Beneteau 35s510.60 m LOAYacht, sloopYachts and Yachting1988/11
595New BlossomLeather, John19 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachts and Yachting1966/04
596JavelinMilne, Peter18 ft LOADinghy, sailingYachts and Yachting1966/04
597Rehua MoanaG Prout & Sons Ltd42 ft LOACatamaranYachts and Yachting1964/10
598KennebecLagner, R M43-52 ft LOAMotorYachts and Yachting1964/10
599Rover classWestell, John16 ft LOADinghy, sailingYachts and Yachting1964/05
600ValsanaCox & Haswell Ltd45 ft LOAMotorYachts and Yachting1964/02
601Excaliburvan de Stadt, E G36 ft LOAYacht, sailingYachts and Yachting1964/01
602Cape classRayner, Tom26 ft LWLYacht, ketchYachts and Yachting1964/01
603Eton Revenue CutterEllis, DavidDinghy, sailingYachts and Yachting1984/01
604SeafarerBuchanan, Alan18 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1967/01
605SpringtideEvans, Kenneth21 ft LWLYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1967/01
606SturgeonKok, J22 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1967/01
607Jaunty 22Francis Jones J22 ft LOAMotorPractical Boat Owner1967/01
608NirvanaMylne, A39 ft LOA 1900 rebuiltYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1967/01
609Halcyon 23Buchanan, Alan23 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1967/02
610JolidaCoote, John25 ft LOAMotorPractical Boat Owner1967/03
611Seattle 272Monk, Ed22 ft LOAMotorPractical Boat Owner1967/03
612Sea-ChangeWarren, Nigel23 ft LOAMotorPractical Boat Owner1967/03
613FairwayGibbons, Paul15 ft LOADinghy, sailingPractical Boat Owner1967/04
614Ocean Bird30 ft LOATrimaranPractical Boat Owner1967/05
615T23Tucker, Bob23 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1967/05
616Hurley 22Hurley, George22 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1967/06
617Havencraft 16Havencraft16 ft LOADinghy, sailingPractical Boat Owner1967/07
618Leisure17 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1967/07
619Picarini30 ft LOATrimaranPractical Boat Owner1967/08
620PotterSmith, Stanley14 ft LOADinghy,sailingPractical Boat Owner1967/10
621Kingfisher 26Neirop, R A G26 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1967/11
622SturgeonKok, J23 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1967/12
623Super Silhouette S20Tucker, Robert20 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1967/12
624Macwester 2828 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1968/01
625Macwester KelpieRoy, C S J15 ft LOADinghy, sailingPractical Boat Owner1968/02
626AltriciaMcGruer, J41 ft LOA - 8 m classYacht, sloopThe Yachtsman1965/07
627AlusiaRampart45 ft LOAMotorYachting World1938/08
628AlythMorgan Giles, F40 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting World1945/10
629AmaraWarrington Smyth, R31 ft LOAYacht, ketchYachting Monthly1954/08
630AmaranthPenny, Claude S29 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting Monthly1912/02
631AmarisBayzand, A P33 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting Monthly1952/04
632AmarisKok Bros35 ft LOA - Amuthon classYacht, sloopYachting Monthly1961/11
633AmarylisDixon Kemp22 ftYacht, steamClassic Boat1990/02
634AmarylisFisher, Paul30 ft Yacht, steamThe Boatman1995/01
635Amarylis IILaurent Giles, Jack43 ft LODYacht, yawlClassic Boat2000/09
636Amazon13 ft - Arthur Ransome vesselDinghyClassic Boat1989/11
637AmazoneThornycroft127 ft LOAYacht, motorYachting Monthly1936/09
638AmazonianAnderson, Ian40 ft LOAYacht, motorThe Yachtsman1965/12
639AmbleBrown, F B R 28 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting Monthly1960/03
640Amelia35 ft LOA - Rival 36 classYacht, sloopYachting Monthly1998/07
641AmericaScarano, John105 ft - replica of America Cup race - see also Yacht, schoonerClassic Boat1995/05
642America - original winner of America Cup - see also YM Yacht, schoonerYachting World1942/11
643America Jane IISparkman & Stephens38 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting World1974/06
644American ExpressSparkman & Stephens69 ft LOAYacht, motorYachting World1940/02
645AmethystHeffer, David23 ft LWLYacht, cutterWatercraft1997/05
646Amherst GalleyBolger, Philip C 26 ft LODYacht, schoonerWatercraft2001/11
647AmioneStewart, Tony45 ft LOAYacht, cutterYachting Monthly1947/12
648AmokuraShepherd, Fred555550 ft - see also CB 1999/07 p45Yacht, yawlClassic Boat1997/12
649AmphitriteHolman & Pye42 ft LOAYacht, yawlYachting World1975/08
650AmphoraBrabourne Marine Ltd18 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting Monthly1969/07
651AmsterdamBenton, Charles140 ft - East IndiamanEast IndiamanClassic Boat1993/06
652AmteaRabeneck, E35 ft LOAYacht, ketchYachting Monthly1953/08
653AmyClark, Robert35 ft LOA - Y M competition 1908Yacht, ketchClassic Boat2000/01
654AmyPain, J Clark35 ft LOA - see also CB 2000/01 p 35Yacht, ketchYachting Monthly1908/11
655AmyWelsford, John14 ft - New Zealand deisgnYacht, yawlWatercraft1999/07
656AnahitaBertrand, M T40 ft LOAYacht, cutterYachting World1936/11
657AnaurusFox, Charles H & Son45 ftYacht, motorMotorboat and Yachting1937/12
658Ancas Queen 2424 ftMotorYachting Monthly1968/04
659Anco112 ft - Fairmile conversionYacht, motorMotorboat and Yachting1946/10
660AndagoParkins & MacAlister30 ft - ferro designYacht, sloopYachting Monthly1972/08
661AndanteDallimore, N E38 ft LOA - see also YW 1936 p 290Yacht, cutterYachting Monthly1936/07
662Anderson 22Lee, Oliver 21 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting World1976/06
663Anderson 30Anderson, Ian30 ft LOAYacht, cutterYachting Monthly1978/09
664AndiamoHands, W H47 ft LOAYacht, schoonerYachting Monthly1919/06
665Andreas AaroArcher, Colin39 ft - Norwegian rescue boatYacht, yawlClassic Boat1988/05
666AndreyaleJoubert, Michel32 ft LOAYacht, motorThe Boatman1996/01
667Andries Jacob47 ft - Zeeland HoogaarFishingClassic Boat1996/10
668AndromedaHolman, Kim25 ft LOA - Stella classYacht, sloopThe Boatman1995/04
669AndromedaHolman, Kim25 ft LOA - Stella classYacht, sloopThe Boatman1995/04
670AnemoneStow, E A21 ft LWL C BYacht, sloopYachting Monthly1907/05
671Anemone IIIFreeman & Watts42 ft LOAYacht, cutterYachting Monthly1939/05
672AngleseyFox, Uffa Ltd40 ft LOA - offshore powerboatMotorMotorboat and Yachting1963/01
673Anholt Havn34 ft - DenmarkLifeboatMotorboat and Yachting1924/08
674AnitraSparkman & Stephens48 ft LOAYacht, yawlYachting World1959/10
675Ankle DeepFox, Uffa25 ft - see also Bmn 1992/06 p 63MotorMotorboat and Yachting1971/01
676AnnSingapore Y C classYacht, sloopYachting Monthly1922/04
677Anna JaneLetcher, T C64 ft LOA -? Designer - see also YM 1933/11 p 58Yacht, ketchYachting World1933/09
678AnnabellaWatson, G L & Co65 ft LOAYacht, motorThe Yachtsman1934/08
679Anne-Lise IIGrenier, Jean-Louis - modified Drascombe LuggerYacht, yawlClassic Boat2004/06
680AnneloryJones, J Francis30 ft LOAYacht, ketchYachting Monthly1949/09
681AnnetteCole, Robert17 ft LWLYacht, sloopYachting Monthly1911/12
682AnniePaine, Chuck29 ft LOA - see also CB 1997/04 p 39Yacht, sloopYachting World1980/04
683AnnieVivier, Francois20 ft approx - replica of South Brittany canot a FishingClassic Boat1993/11
684Antartic ExplorerBouvet, Luc & Petit, Olivier120 ft LOAYacht, ketchYachting World2000/05
685Anthea IIMcGruer, James40 ft LOAYacht, sloopThe Yachtsman1956/06
686Antigua 37 Joubert, M & Nivelt, B37 ft LOACatamaranYachting Monthly1991/10
687AntonHobbs, W L - 5 tonnerYacht, cutterClassic Boat1997/02
688Anzac66 ft LBPClyde PufferClassic Boat1989/05
689ApacheMacAlpine-Downie, J R40 ft LOA - see also YM 1971/12 p 673CatamaranYachting World1970/07
690Aphrodite 101Elvstrom & Kjaerulff33 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting World1978/01
691Aphrodite 33Beyer, Carl33 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting Monthly1989/08
692ApolloBuchanan, Alan33 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting Monthly1952/12
693AppleDunderdale, Tom15 ft LOA - yawl rigDinghy, sailingWatercraft2002/03
694AprilStrange, Albert36 ft LOAYacht, yawlYachting Monthly1936/04
695Aquaries IIParker, F R33 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting World1964/04
696AquilaBain, John36 ftYacht, motorMotorboat and Yachting1932/07
697Aquila 27Wolstenholme, A27 ft LOAYacht, motorClassic Boat2004/09
698ArabellaWalton Yacht & Launch Co30 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting Monthly1933/11
699Arabella RoseHathaway, Bob36 ft LOA - see also CB 1997/12 p 68Yacht, yawlThe Boatman1996/01
700ArachneBolger, Philip39 ft LOACatamaranYachting World1967/09
701AramintaFreeman, Reg31 ft LOAYacht, cutterClassic Boat1997/02
702AramintaHerreshoff, L Francis33 ft LOAYacht, yawlClassic Boat2004/04
703AramisWestmacott, A30 ft - see also CB 1991/08 p 43Yacht, motorYachting Monthly1907/10
704ArapahoWilson, Andrew D35 ft LOACatamaranYachting Monthly1980/02
705Arcadia Castro, Tony28 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting Monthly1984/05
706Arcadia 48Brackenbury, Mark48 ft LOAYacht, ketchYachting Monthly1983/08
707ArchimedesBuehler, George43 ft LODYacht, schoonerWatercraft2001/03
708Arcona 40DSQviberg, Stefan39 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting Monthly2002/04
709Arcona 400Qviberg, Stefan39 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting World2003/01
710Arcona 460Qviberg, Stefan46 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting World2005/02
711Arden Clansman23 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting Monthly1971/02
712Arden FourArden Yachts23 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting World1966/08
713ArditaUniversal Launches Ltd32 ft LOAMotorYachting World1956/11
714ArethusaCannell, David72 ft LOAYacht, ketchYachting World1980/01
715ArgoLaurent Giles & Partners33 ft LOAYacht, yawlYachting Monthly1931/07
716Argosy 39Steel-Kit39 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting Monthly1995/10
717ArgusGates, G E23 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting World1953/04
718ArgusThornycroft40 ft - ambulance launch - PlymouthMotorMotorboat and Yachting1950/02
719ArgyllSparkman & Stephens57 ft LOAYacht, yawlYachting World2003/04
720ArielEwen, C35 ft LOAMotorYachting Monthly1911/03
721ArielFifeYacht, cutterClassic Boat1998/09
722ArielStrange, Albert25 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting Monthly1929/05
723ArielThornycroft40 ft - Sierra LeonePassengerMotorboat and Yachting1950/06
724ArielleMarin40 ftYacht, motorYachting World1942/06
725AriesCamper & Nicholson92 ft LOAYacht, ketchMotorboat and Yachting1953/03
726ArikiWharram, James41 ft LOACatamaranYachting Monthly1968/05
727AristocatAristocat Marine Ltd30 ft LOACatamaranYachting Monthly1970/12
728Aristocrat 30Musters, R 30 ft LOACatamaranYachting World1974/07
729Ark40 ftHouseboatMotorboat and Yachting1944/01
730Arlette IICamper & Nicholson117 ft LOAYacht, motorYachting World1936/09
731ArmedaMc Callum, J A50 ftMotorYachting Monthly1919/04
732ArmorelAnderson, A40 ft LOAYacht, cutterYachting Monthly1940/10
733ArohaMcCallum, J A56 tonYacht, motorYachting Monthly1914/03
734ArpegeDufour, Michel29 ft LOA - see also YW 1967/07 p 303, YW 1968/02 Yacht, sloopYachting Monthly1992/06
735ArpegeZiegler, Carl29 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting Monthly1969/07
736ArsinoeGartside, Paul21 ft LODYacht, sloopWatercraft2003/11
737Arthur H daviesDias, Antonio28 ft LODYacht, cutterThe Boatman1995/01
738Artic TernSandison, Duncan20 ft LOA Dinghy, sailingWatercraft2003/03
739ArusaCamper & Nicholson72 ft LOA -later Samraa - see also YM 1955/09 p 1Yacht, ketchYachting World1950/05
740ArwenLaurent Giles & Partners35 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting Monthly1967/02
741AsaliLaurent Giles & Partners33 ft LOA - Brittany classYacht, sloopClassic Boat1987/09
742Asgard IITyrell, Jack84 ft LOAYacht, schoonerYachting World1978/07
743AshokBurnard, C W32 ft - IndiaYacht, motorMotorboat and Yachting1950/08
744AskadilHarrison Butler, T29 ft LOA - see also YM 1937/01 p 202, YW 1943/09Yacht, cutterYachting Monthly1934/06
745AskewAskew, Bruce24 ft LOA C B - New ZealandYacht, cutterClassic Boat1997/12
746AskoyKuyck, M H van54 ft LOA - see also YM 1942/08 p 236, YW 1942/12Yacht, schoonerYachting Monthly1938/04
747AssegaiClark, Robert37 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting World1960/07
748AsthoreHart, E P19 ft LWLYacht, sloopYachting Monthly1911/12
749Asti VMorgan Giles34 ft LOAYacht, sloopClassic Boat1988/07
750Astra Nicholson, C E115 ft LOA - see also CB 1991/03 p 34Yacht, cutterYachting Monthly1941/03
751AstrapeBrooks, Richard56 ft LOAYacht, cutterYachting Monthly1939/06
752AstrapeRichards, Francis Brooks56 ft LOAYacht, cutterClassic Boat1997/05
753AstronEstuary Yacht Co Ltd24 ft LOAMotorYachting World1950/04
754AtahualpaLaws, G U32 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting Monthly1916/08
755Atair Nicholson, C E115 ft LOAYacht, motorYachting Monthly1912/06
756Atalanta 26Vines, Alan26 ft LOAYacht, sloopClassic Boat2002/12
757AtarSoc Generale des Auiles de Petrole114 ft - FranceTankerMotorboat and Yachting1923/04
758AthenaDijkstra, Gerald & Partners295 ft LOAYacht, schoonerYachting World2004/12
759Athena Huisman, Wolter292 ft LOAYacht, schoonerYachting World2001/04
760Athena 38Joubert, M & Nivelt, B38 ft LOACatamaranYachting Monthly1996/04
761Atlanta 28Atlanta Marine28 ft LOA - see also YW 1975/07 p 70Yacht, sloopYachting Monthly1972/09
762Atlanta 32Bennett, J A & Assoc32 ft LOAYacht, yawlYachting Monthly1973/06
763AtlanticRayner, W F38 ft LOA - see also YM 1978/08 p 1572Yacht, ketchYachting Monthly1962/03
764Atlantic 36Zaal, Dick36 ft LOAYacht, cutterYachting Monthly1989/10
765Atlantic 430Judel & Vrolijy & Baltic Yachts41 ft LOA BavariaYacht, sloopYachting Monthly1990/06
766Atlantic Challenge GigKilling, Steve40 ftRowingClassic Boat2004/10
767Atlantic ClipperGriffiths, Maurice35 ft LOAYachtYachting World1972/07
768Atlantica 375Rode, Christian37 ft LOA GranadaYacht, sloopYachting Monthly1989/06
769AtlantisWycoff28 ft LOAYacht, ketchYachting World1942/01
770Atlas RoggerLe Feber46 ft LOAYachtYachting World1975/04
771Atlas Rogger 46 FD46 ft - M F V typeYachtMotorboat and Yachting1975/07
772AtraposMudie, Colin20 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting World1957/01
773AudacityLaurent Giles & Partners21 ft LOA - see also YW 1960/02 p 85Yacht, sloopYachting Monthly1960/02
774AudreyBurgoine, Alfred20 ft LOA - Thames 1/2 RaterYacht, sloopClassic Boat1991/07
775Augusta 33 ft - sailingLifeboatYachting Monthly1934/08
776AukOughtred, Iain7 ft - also modified 8 ft versionDinghyClassic Boat2005/10
777Aunis 58Brix, Victor24 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting Monthly1960/04
778Auralyn IIParker, F R45 ft LOAYacht, yawlYachting Monthly1974/07
779AureaEriksson, Anders25 m LOAYacht, ketchYachting Monthly1927/07
780Aurora36 ft - ex lifeboatYacht, motorYachting World1941/04
781Austin 2121 ft MotorMotorboat and Yachting1950/09
782AustralSmaalders, Mark29 ftYacht, cutterWatercraft1999/09
783Autumn LeafLyster, Cecil A28 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting Monthly1952/03
784Avalanche of AldershotFayle, L R E56 ft LOAYacht, cutterYachting Monthly1951/06
785AvalonRaynor, W F30 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting World1956/12
786Avant GardeSciomachen46 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting World1983/12
787AvelNicholson, C E59 ft LOA Yacht, cutterClassic Boat1995/02
788AvenHerve15 ft -lug rig - French designDinghyClassic Boat1991/03
789AvengerFox, Uffa14 ft -- International 14 class - see also CB 200Dinghy, sailingThe Boatman1992/06
790Aventura Fontaine, Ted115 ft LOAYacht, motorYachting World2003/06
791Aventura 28GO Catamaran27 ft LOACatamaranYachting Monthly2003/03
792AvilaBain, John43 ft Yacht, motorMotorboat and Yachting1939/04
793Avon14 ftDinghy, sailingYachting Monthly1935/09
794AvrionBuchanan, Alan58 ft LOAYachtThe Yachtsman1964/08
795AwardCallahan, George E25 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting World1969/05
796AweighSparkman & Stephens47 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting World1935/03
797AyeshaClarke-Lens, Steve30 ftFelucaClassic Boat1996/01
798AyeshaGraham, S N26 ft LOAYacht, ketchYachting Monthly1908/04
799AyuthiaGriffiths, Maurice45 ft LOA - C B - see also Bmn 19934/01 p 19Yacht, ketchYachting World1937/08
800Azimut 68 PlusBannerberg, Jon70 ftYacht, motorMotorboat and Yachting2001/01
801AzulaoKelsall, Derek31 ft LOATrimaranYachting World1976/05
802AzurPhilip & Son100 ftMotorYachting Monthly1929/12
803B 25Binks, David25 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting Monthly1980/04
804B T Challenge 72Humphreys, Rob72 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting World2000/10
805BabetSoe, G33 ft LOA Pilot typeYacht, yawlYachting Monthly1913/07
806Baby BuntingJenkins, A Brian18 ft LOAYacht, ketchYachting Monthly1928/02
807Baby IBrookes, John Walter25 ftMotorClassic Boat1996/03
808Baby SharkNewel Ltd12 ftMotorYachting World1958/01
809Bac-a-deriveArcachon SardineFishingYachting Monthly1910/07
810BacchantFox, UffaYachtYachting World1941/02
811BacchantReimers, Knud H63 ft LOA - 75 sqm classYacht, cutterYachting Monthly1937/01
812BacchanteLaurent Giles & Partners50 ft LOA - see also YW 1950/09 p 443Yacht, sloopYachting Monthly1950/08
813BacchusPrimrose, Angus24 ft LOAYacht, cutterYachting World1943/06
814Bad Mor37 ft approx - IrelandHookerThe Boatman1994/01
815BadgerBenford, Jay 34 ft LOA - junk rigYacht, ketchYachting Monthly1997/02
816BadjaTaylor, James Ltd35 ftYacht, motorMotorboat and Yachting1946/09
817BagatelleJones, J Francis26 ft LOA - see also YW 1953/11 p 486Yacht, sloopYachting Monthly1953/07
818Baia Aqva 54Baia55 ft Yacht, motorMotorboat and Yachting2002/01
819Baia Zero 43Baia43 ft Yacht, motorMotorboat and Yachting2001/04
820BallardMagnusson, Rolf29 ft LOA - see also YW 1975/07 p 71Yacht, sloopYachting Monthly1993/01
821Baltic 42Peterson, Doug42 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting Monthly1983/01
822Baltic 35Judel/Vrolijy/Baltic Yachts34 ft LOA - see also YM 1986/03 p 112Yacht, sloopYachting Monthly1984/09
823Baltic 37C & C Design37 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting World1981/01
824Baltic 38 DPPeterson, Doug38 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting Monthly1984/11
825Baltic 40Judel/Vrolijy/Baltic Yachts39 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting Monthly1988/05
826Baltic 66Judel & Vrolijk56 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting World2003/10
827Baltic LuggerSelway Fisher Design17 ft LODYacht, yawlWatercraft1999/11
828BalticaNilsen, AageYacht, sloopYachting Monthly1935/09
829BambulaTagg, Harry32 ft LOA - lifeboat conversionMotorYachting World1949/04
830Banba IVShepherd, F38 ft LOA - Colin Archer type - see also Bmn 19Yacht, ketchYachting Monthly1913/09
831Band of Hope40 ft LOA - Harwich BawleyYacht, cutterYachting Monthly1936/09
832Bandicoot10 ftPunt, sailingYachting Monthly1923/01
833BanjerLe Feber36 ft LOA - see also YW 1972/07 p 75Yacht, motorYachting World1969/02
834BanjerWerf, Eista36 ft LOAYacht, motorYachting Monthly1972/03
835BansheeWoods, R & L35 ft LOACatamaranYachting Monthly1986/11
836Bar Creek 44Gartside, Paul44 ft LOAYacht, yawlYachting World1976/12
837Bar GooseLaurent Giles & Partners28 ft LOA - Peter Duck classYacht, ketchClassic Boat1993/04
838BarbaryRayner, Walter F32 ft LOAYachtYachting World1972/07
839BarbicanBuchanan, Alan & Hayman, Bernard32 ft LOA - see also Bmn 1995/07 p 48, CB 1997/11Yacht, cutterYachting Monthly1995/01
840Barbican 35Holman & Pye34 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting Monthly1988/12
841Barbovento IIRhodes, Philip L71 ft LOAYacht, ketchYachting World1960/10
842Bardu - Guantlet 8 tonYacht, sloopClassic Boat2004/02
843Bare Bones Primrose, Angus30 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting Monthly1977/07
844BargettaHenderson, A R 20 ft LOAYacht, bargeYachting Monthly1921/02
845BarinthusOwle, John16 ftDory, sailingThe Boatman1995/05
846Barka KAT 27Schmidt, Henryk30 ft approxFishingClassic Boat1991/05
847BarleycornParker, W L38 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting Monthly1956/04
848BarloventoGruber, Henry64 ftYacht, schoonerClassic Boat2005/01
849Barlovento IIRhodes, P L 71 ft LOA Yacht, ketchYachting Monthly1960/02
850BarnacleAlden, John33 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting Monthly1941/11
851BarnswallowBurgess39 ft LOAYacht, cutterYachting World1935/04
852BarracudaHill, A J47 ft LOAYacht, cutterYachting World1945/12
853Barrier Reef 38Griffiths, Maurice38 ft LOAYacht, yawlYachting Monthly1976/04
854BarunaSparkman & Stephens72 ft LOA - see also YM 1938/08 p 328Yacht, yawlYachting World1938/07
855BassChiggiato, A22 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting World1950/09
856Bass BoatWarrington Smyth, R15 ftMotorYachting World1959/12
857BataviaVos, Willem185 ft LOA - replica of Dutch East India Company Classic Boat1992/02
858Bateau Nantais - Loire regionBarge, sailingClassic Boat1991/06
859Bavaria 30Mohnhaupt, Alex28 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting Monthly1993/08
860Bavaria 31J & J Designs31 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting Monthly1999/08
861Bavaria 320Bavaria Yachts31 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting Monthly1997/01
862Bavaria 32HJ & J Designs32 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting Monthly1997/07
863Bavaria 33J & J Designs33 ft LOA - see also YW 2005/07 p48Yacht, sloopYachting Monthly1996/04
864Bavaria 34Mohnhaupt, Alex33 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting Monthly1987/07
865Bavaria 340Mohnhaupt, Alex32 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting Monthly1988/07
866Bavaria 36J & J Designs35 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting Monthly2002/05
867Bavaria 370Mohnhaupt, Alex37 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting Monthly1991/12
868Bavaria 38J & J Designs40 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting Monthly2002/12
869Bavaria 38 HolidayBavaria Yachts38 ft LOA - see also YM 2004/12 p 48Yacht, sloopYachting Monthly1997/01
870Bavaria 38 MatchPeterson, Doug37 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting Monthly2003/09
871Bavaria 38 OceanJ & J Designs38 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting Monthly1998/05
872Bavaria 42 MatchJ & J Designs41 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting World2004/08
873Bavaria 44J & J Designs44 ft LOA - see also YW 2002/01 p 134Yacht, sloopYachting Monthly2002/01
874Bavaria 49J & J Designs50 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting World2003/04
875Bay of IslandsGriffiths, Maurice47 ft LOAYacht, yawlYachting Monthly1982/05
876BayboatTatchell, Percy14 ftRowingYachting Monthly1920/01
877Beach CruiserO'Brien, Conor18 ft - adapted luggerYachtYachting Monthly1950/05
878Beach YawlTeale, John16 ft - Beach yawlYacht, yawlClassic Boat1990/08
879Beatrice50 ft - Essex smackFishingThe Boatman1996/01
880Beatrix 43Sorensen-Viale, Niels43 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting World1981/03
881BeaufryBushnell, John Ltd30 ftYacht, motorMotorboat and Yachting1952/10
882Beaumaris 24Fisher, Paul20 ft LWL - also yawl rigYacht, cutterWatercraft1997/05
883BeaverSelway Fisher Design15 ft CanoeWatercraft1998/01
884BeaverTupman, R E47 ft LOAYacht, ketchYachting Monthly1933/01
885Bebe GrandeBurness Kendall & Partners Ltd53 ft LOAYacht, motorYachting World1956/08
886BedazzledNewton, Darren32 ft LOACatamaranYachting Monthly2003/06
887BeeStrange, AlbertR C C A classCanoe, sailingYachting Monthly1909/12
888Beer LuggerMorrison, Phil & Adkin, Justin17 ft - modifiedFishingClassic Boat2003/09
889Beetle CatboatConcordia Co12 ft - American designDinghy, sailingClassic Boat1991/09
890Beg LannRobbe, J-P Dole20 ft LOAYacht, sloopClassic Boat1996/04
891Believe It or NotClark, Robert25 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting Monthly1937/03
892BelisariusHerreshoff, L Francis56 ft LOAYacht, yawlYachting World1935/03
893BelkovPrice, Mick34 ftYacht, motorClassic Boat1999/06
894Bella30 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting Monthly1929/007
895Bella MiaRivers, A F35 ft Yacht, motorClassic Boat1994/04
896BellerophonModel 10 mYacht, sloopYachting Monthly1921/11
897BelougaLebrun, Jacques21 ft LOA C B Yacht, sloopYachting World1950/01
898Beluga 46Stadt, Kees van de46 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting World2004/04
899Bembridge Red WingNicholson, C E27 ft LOAYacht, sloopClassic Boat2001/03
900Ben BowAtkin, William28 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting Monthly1931/05
901BenbowClark, Robert71 ft LOAYacht, cutterClassic Boat1999/05
902BeneliBalfour, A K25 ft LOAYacht, sloopThe Yachtsman1941/09
903Beneteau 36.7Farr International36 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting World2002/04
904Beneteau 57Farr, Bruce57 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting World2003/11
905Beneteau Cyclades 4343 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting World2005/07
906Beneteau First 44.7Farr, Bruce43 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting World2004/10
907BenigeutVivier, Francois19 ft LOADinghy, sailingClassic Boat2006/01
908Benjamin F PhillipsBinney, Arthur - AmericaSchoonerClassic Boat2001/06
909BeowulfMaynard, Frank45 ft LOAYacht, motorMotorboat and Yachting1923/01
910BeraniaCooper, Fred57 ftMotorYachting World1932/08
911Berbice72 ft LOD - armed schooner - AmericaSchoonerYachting Monthly1943/09
912Berck9 m LOAFishingYachting Monthly1907/09
913BeroeWatson, G L & Co Ltd35 ft LODYacht, cutterClassic Boat2005/09
914Beton IFerro-cementBargeYachting Monthly1917/11
915BettineLaurent Giles33 ft - Classic Boat SupplementYacht, cutterYachting Monthly1991/07
916BettyBurnard, C W52 ft LOAYacht, motorYachting World1934/11
917BettyStrange, Albert44 ft LWLYacht, cutterYachting Monthly1910/06
918Betty IIStrange, Albert63 ft LOAYacht, ketchYachting Monthly1915/10
919Beulakermeer CruiserTingen,. H24 ft - HollandYacht, sloopClassic Boat2002/05
920BevindaTaylor, James Ltd56 ft LOAYacht, motorYachting World1959/03
921BeyondLaurent Giles & Partners43 ft LOA - see also YW 1951/10 p 505Yacht, cutterYachting Monthly1951/10
922Bianca Christensen, A27 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting World1967/07
923Bianca 26Elvestrom & Kjaerulff27 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting World1974/04
924Bianca RivieraSparkman & Stephens32 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting Monthly1979/08
925Big AppleHolland, Ron Yacht Design44 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting World1977/07
926Big BoleroThomas, David35 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting World1980/05
927Billie Jane17 ft - Breton smackYacht, cutterThe Boatman1995/05
928Billie JaneThe Boatman1995/05
929BillimarRichardson, W29 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting Monthly1942/04
930Billy BraySlade, J & Son40 ft LOA - converted Looe luggerYacht, cutterYachting Monthly1939/06
931BillycanFreer, Chris32 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting World1976/05
932Bingo23 ft LOAYacht, yawlYachting Monthly1929/09
933BinkerKennedy, G O'Brien32 ft LOA - see also YW 1950/08 p 391Yacht, sloopYachting Monthly1950/07
934Bipolar DisorderWall, Peter49 ft LOACatamaranYachting World2001/12
935Bird of PeaceParker, F R30 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting Monthly1942/09
936Birdham CutterLaurent Giles & Partners42 ft LOAYacht, cutterClassic Boat1988/03
937Biscay 36Hill, Alan F35 ft LOA - see also YW 1976/08 p 100Yacht, ketchYachting Monthly1974/08
938BitsHolman, C R28 ft LOA - Twister classYacht, sloopYachting Monthly1990/04
939Bitter SweetDias, Tony22 ft LOA C BYacht, cutterWatercraft2002/03
940BitternWorth, Claud37 ft LOAYacht, cutterYachting Monthly1936/10
941Black CapHope, LintonThames O D classDinghy, sailingYachting Monthly1907/09
942Black DragonWhite Bros40 ft LOAYacht, cutterYachting Monthly1912/07
943Black Joke IIAdams, H W76 ft LOA - see also YW 1943/09 p 263Yacht, motorYachting World1942/12
944Black PearlZaal, Dick41 ft LOA C BYachtYachting World1978/04
945Black SquawRyton Marine Ltd28 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting Monthly1973/01
946Black SwanCourtney, R C W30 ft LOA - see also Mbt 1949/10 p 408, YM 1950/0MotorYachting World1949/12
947Black SwanFisher, Paul22 ftYacht, cutterClassic Boat1997/07
948Black Velvet III Rock, John42 ft LOA - Tradewind 35 classYacht, cutterYachting Monthly1993/08
949BlackjackPocock, Mike37 ft LOAYacht, cutterYachting Monthly1994/10
950BlackwaterBush, Fabian20 ft approxCanoe, sailingThe Boatman1994/05
951Blackwater SloopWebb, Dan20 ft - see also YW 1936/07Yacht, sloopClassic Boat2004/09
952Blanche-Neige Camper & Nicholson100 ft LOAYacht, ketchMotorboat and Yachting1939/04
953Blithe SpiritHowlett, Ian40 ft LOA - 30sq m classYacht, sloopClassic Boat1993/07
954BlitzenSparkman & Stephens55 ft LOAYacht, cutter Yachting Monthly1938/12
955Blixten36 ft approx - replica of Swedish SpidsgatterFishingClassic Boat1999/09
956BlizzardStaheli, E14 ftDinghy, sailingYachting World1965/01
957Block Island Cowhorn22 ft - New England double-enderYacht, ketchClassic Boat1990/08
958Block Island CutterBuehler, George31 ft LWLYacht, cutterWatercraft1997/01
959Blodwen129 ton - sail planSchoonerClassic Boat1995/03
960BlondeHope, Linton45 ft LOAYacht, cutterYachting Monthly1934/03
961BloodhoundNicholson, C E63 ft LOA - see also YW 1962/03 p 114, YW 1962/05Yacht, yawlYachting Monthly1962/03
962Blue BirdBalfour, R A 48 ft LOAYacht, yawlYachting Monthly1945/08
963Blue BirdBalfour, Robin25 ft - AustraliaYacht, sloopClassic Boat1993/03
964Blue BirdGatehouse, R FYacht, sloopYachting Monthly1911/01
965Blue BirdWatson, G L & Co104 ft LOA -sed by Campbell - see also CB 1992/0Yacht, motorYachting Monthly1938/07
966Blue BonnetDallimore, Norman E38 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting World1947/12
967Blue CharmIllingworth & Primrose30 ft LOA - see also YM 1960/12 p 306Yacht, sloopYachting World1960/08
968Blue CoralSharp & Penn26 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting Monthly1938/11
969Blue CygnetParker, F R31 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting Monthly1953/04
970Blue Disa Laurent Giles & Partners31 ft LOA - R N A S 24 classYacht, sloopYachting World1949/06
971Blue Hills42 ft LOAYacht, motorYachting Monthly1939/06
972Blue HorizonShepherd, F35 ft LOA - article refers to Lively LadyYacht, sloopYachting Monthly1968/10
973Blue IIBeneteau 34 ft LOACatamaranYachting Monthly1987/11
974Blue JacketPayne, Arthur20 ft LWL Yacht, cutterClassic Boat1993/01
975Blue LeopardLaurent Giles & Partners111 ft LOA - see also YW 1963/03 p 132, YW 1963/0Yacht, yawlYachting Monthly1963/08
976Blue SkiesGartside, Paul20 ftMotorThe Boatman1995/09
977Blue TroutDallimore, Norman60 ft LOAYacht, cutterYachting World1937/08
978Blue WaterBeinhard, H93 ftYacht, schoonerYachting World1942/08
979Blue WaterGeiger, Frederick26 ft LOAYacht, ketchYachting World1942/06
980BluebirdWatson, G L & Co97 ft LOAYacht, motorYachting World1938/02
981Bluebird25 ft LWLYacht, sloopYachting Monthly1929/06
982Bluebird of ChelseaThornycroft51 ft Yacht, motorClassic Boat1988/01
983Bluebird of ThorneRobb, Arthur C50 ft LOA - twin keel - see also YW 1965/12 p546Yacht, yawlYachting Monthly1964/03
984BlueblackMiller, J P 38 ft LOAYacht, yawlYachting Monthly1971/09
985BluebottleModel 10 mYacht, sloopYachting Monthly1921/11
986BluenoseRoue, W J143 ft LOA - fishing type - see also CB 1993/11 Yacht, schoonerYachting World1935/06
987Blues TrioDavis, Dennis7 ft - with twin sponsonsDinghy, sailingThe Boatman1997/05
988Bluewater 60Skilowitz, Paul60 ft LOAYachtYachting World1995/07
989Boadicea IIFoppiano, Franseco30 ft LOAYacht, sloopClassic Boat2005/03
990Bob Brooks FourteenWatts, Tony14 ft - International 14 classDinghy, sailingYachting World1973/01
991Bob Kat IIStephens, Olin - 6 m classYacht, sloopClassic Boat1999/10
992BobcatPayson, H D12 ft LOA - cat rigDinghy, sailingWatercraft2002/03
993BoemerangKroes, F G A & Zonen22 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting World1956/10
994BoisterousStadt, E G van de15 ftDinghy, sailingYachting World1965/02
995BolehKilroy, R A 38 ft - junk rigYacht, sloopYachting Monthly1950/12
996BoleroSparkman & Stephens73 ft LOAYacht, yawlYachting World2004/07
997BolsKay, Gordon93 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting World2003/07
998Bon MarcheHarrison Butler, T18 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting Monthly1921/04
999Bona FideOertz, M35 ft LOA - see also CB 2000/04 p 34Yacht, sloopYachting Monthly1908/03
1000Bonaventure37 ft LOAYacht, yawlYachting Monthly1970/02
1001BonitaCrossfield, William35 ft LOA - sail planYacht, yawl Classic Boat1997/08
1002BonitaCrossfields28 ft - replica smack - see also CB 1993/04 p 52Yacht, ketchClassic Boat1992/12
1003BonitaLane, Derek30 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting Monthly1962/10
1004BonitoFowler, Arnott23 ft Yacht, motorMotorboat and Yachting1962/01
1005Bonne ChanceTorolf25 ft LOAYacht, cutterClassic Boat1997/11
1006Boojum22 tonYacht, bargeYachting Monthly1921/01
1007BoomkeHoevell, G W W C van22 ft LOA C BYacht, sloopYachting World1949/06
1008Bo-PeepHotchkiss, Donald V18 ft - internal cone propellorMotorMotorboat and Yachting1927/07
1009Borkumriff IVDijkstra, Gerry164 ft LOAYacht, schoonerYachting World2001/04
1010BorsalinoDubois, Ed33 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting World1976/04
1011BosphorusLewis, W H29 ft - inland waterways vesselYacht, motorMotorboat and Yachting1943/08
1012Bottle FriendZaal, Dick20 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting World1969/05
1013Boule de NeigeArbeaut6 metre classYacht, sloopYachting Monthly1908/08
1014BountyHerreshoff, L Francis37 ft LOAYacht, ketchClassic Boat1996/11
1015BountyWarrington Smyth, R31 ft - see also YW 1957/01 p 31, CB 2001/03 p 48Yacht, sloopYachting World1955/11
1016Bowery BoyGunning, M F36 ft LOAYacht, cutterYachting Monthly1950/11
1017Bowman 26Anderson, Ian26 ft LOA -see also YW 1969/10 p 456Yacht, sloopYachting Monthly1968/04
1018Bowman 36Holman & Pye36 ft LOA - see also YM 1970/06 p 830Yacht, ketchYachting World1969/12
1019Bowman 40Paine, Chuck39 ft LOA - see also YM 1988/05 p 90Yacht, sloopYachting Monthly1987/02
1020Bowman 44Paine, Chuck44 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting Monthly1994/07
1021Bowman 45Paine, Chuck45 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting Monthly1995/06
1022Bowman 46Holman & Pye46 ft LOA - see also YW 2005/02 p 77Yacht, yawlYachting Monthly1971/12
1023Bowman 48Paine, C W Design Inc48 ft LOAYacht, cutterYachting Monthly1993/01
1024Bowman 57Holman & Pye56 ft LOA - see also YW 1980/09 p 177Yacht, ketchYachting World1975/05
1025BowstringClark, Robert42 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting World1963/06
1026Boy mark20 ft approxYacht, cutterThe Boatman1994/03
1027Boys BoatGoeller, F W 14 ftDinghy, sailingYachting Monthly1917/04
1028BrabantBuchanan, Alan30 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting World1959/01
1029BraboHope, Linton80 tonYacht, motorYachting Monthly1913/03
1030BraemarWhite, J Samuel & Co123 ft LOAYacht, motorYachting Monthly1931/11
1031Braemar97 ft LOAMotorYachting Monthly1929/09
1032BrandaneEwen, C42 ft LOAMotorYachting Monthly1908/03
1033BrandarisLentsch, G de Vries52 ft LOA - see also YM 1938/08 p 172BoeierYachting Monthly1939/01
1034Brandaris60 ft - DutchLifeboatMotorboat and Yachting1923/02
1035Bras d'OrSaunders-Roe59 ft - CanadaHydrofoilMotorboat and Yachting1957/11
1036BratNicholson, C E38 ft LOAYacht, yawlYachting Monthly1913/08
1037BrendenKortenoever, Arthur20 ft LOA CatboatWatercraft2002/11
1038Brett 56Brett, Peter55 ft LOAYacht, cutterYachting Monthly1983/08
1039Briand Classic 62Briand, Philippe 61 ft LOAYacht, ketchYachting World1996/05
1040BrideJackson, H D23 tonYacht, ketchYachting Monthly1909/06
1041BrigadierDias, Tony33 ft LOAYacht, ketchWatercraft1997/03
1042BrigandCamper & Nicholson24 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting World1970/08
1043Brighter Dawn35 ftYacht, sloopYachting World1941/03
1044BrilliantStephens, Olin61 ft LOA - see also YW 20-04/07 p 82, CB 1998/07Yacht, schoonerYachting Monthly1988/01
1045BrilligMeer, S M Van de31 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting Monthly1995/02
1046Brin de FolieJoubert29 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting World1975/07
1047Brise de MerFinot, Jean-Marie30 ft LOA - Half Ton classYacht, sloopYachting World1971/05
1048BriskBain, John52 ftYacht, motorYachting Monthly1931/08
1049Bristol Channel 28Hess, Lyle C28 ft LODYacht, cutterThe Boatman1993/10
1050BritanniaDirector of Naval Construction412 ft LOA - Royal YachtYacht, motorYachting World1954/06
1051BritanniaWatson, G L121 ft LOA - YM 1911/09 p 399, YM 1924/08 p 266, Yacht, cutterYachting Monthly1910/06
1052Britannia IWhite BrosMotorYachting Monthly1907/02
1053British SteelClark, Robert59 ft LOAYacht, ketchYachting World1970/08
1054British MaidLawrence, Walter & Son Ltd36 ft LOAMotorYachting Monthly1958/10
1055British Moth11 ft Dinghy, sailingYachting Monthly1951/04
1056BrittanyLaurent Giles33 ft LOA - Brittany classYacht sloopClassic Boat2005/04
1057BrittinaWatson, G L75 ft LOAYacht, motorYachting World1968/10
1058BrittyTatchell, Percy13 ft Dinghy, sailingYachting World1944/04
1059Broadblue 42Broadblue42 ft LOACatamaranYachting Monthly2003/12
1060Broadblue 38538 ft LOACatamaranYachting Monthly2005/11
1061BrockEyre, Martin11 ft LOADinghy, sailingClassic Boat1990/03
1062BrookeShepherd, F35 ftMotorYachting Monthly1907/03
1063Brooke IShepherd, Fred40 ftYacht, motorClassic Boat1999/07
1064Brooke IIBrooke, J W & Co24 ft - see also CB 1990/03 p 59MotorYachting Monthly1908/07
1065Broom Ocean 38Wolstenholme, A38 ftYacht, motorClassic Boat1998/05
1066Brother CupThomas, David30 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting World1973/06
1067Brown BoatHope, L24 ft LOA - Norfolk Broads O D class - see also Yacht, sloopClassic Boat2001/06
1068Brown ElfBraithwaite, A W 20 ft - Una rigYachtYachting Monthly1949/12
1069Brown OwlBain, John42 ft MotorYachting Monthly1929/02
1070Brown OwlBain, John58 ft LOAYacht, motorYachting World1937/02
1071Brown OwlTovey, W S42 ft LOAYacht, motorYachting World1942/07
1072Brown TroutWilson, George & Sons25 ftYacht, motorMotorboat and Yachting1946/07
1073BrownseaParker, F29 ft LOA - Brownsea classYacht, sloopThe Yachtsman1955/12
1074Brunnhilde35 ft LOA - Tancook whaler typeYacht, schoonerClassic Boat1999/04
1075BrychanAlan-Williams, David42 ft LOAYacht, cutterYachting Monthly1995/08
1076BryherFreeman, R F 21 ft LOAYacht, cutterYachting Monthly1940/08
1077BrynbellaWarrington Smyth, R31 ft LOA - see also CB 2001/03 p 49Yacht, sloopYachting World1953/04
1078BrynhildeParker, F R 32 ft LOA - see also Ymn 1958/06 p 56Yacht, sloopYachting Monthly1958/08
1079BrynhildrMacpherson, W23 ft LOA - square riggedYacht, yawlYachting Monthly1939/03
1080BryonyFranken, Jim45 ft LOAYacht, cutterClassic Boat2004/05
1081BubbleHope, Linton 16 ftCanoe, sailingYachting Monthly1906/10
1082BuccaneerStadt, E G van de23 ft LOA - sponsored by YW - see also YW 1962/05Yacht, sloopYachting World1962/04
1083BuckDias, Tony21 ft LOA C BYacht, yawlWatercraft2000/05
1084BucklerMayo, R & Hine, S23 ft LOAYachtYachting World1976/06
1085BunnieAmateur17 ft - see also YM 1920/07 p 303Dinghy, sailingYachting Monthly1920/03
1086BunnieDallimore, N E15 ftDinghy, sailingYachting Monthly1921/06
1087BunnieLane, A L17 ftDinghy, sailingYachting Monthly1918/10
1088BuntyMcBryde, W G39 ft LOAYacht, sloopMotorboat and Yachting1949/09
1089Burnham SloopDallimore, Norman E21 ft LOA - see also CB 2000/11 p 30Yacht, sloopYachting World1945/12
1090Butcher BoyGoularte, M & Madruga, M29 ft - built 1902 - AmericaYacht, sloopClassic Boat2003/01
1091ButtercupClark, Robert25 ft LOAYacht, sloopClassic Boat1999/05
1092ButtercupFoster, C E 25 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting Monthly1944/07
1093ButterflyKemp, Dixon48 ft LWLYacht, cutterClassic Boat2000/03
1094ButtonBuehler, George33 ft LWLYacht, cutterWatercraft1997/05
1095BuxeyBuchanan, Alan17 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting Monthly1952/08
1096Buzzard Bay 15Herreshoff, Natt24 ft LOAYacht, sloopThe Boatman1995/11
1097BylgiaMorgan Giles, F C 20 ft LWL 6 m classYacht, sloopYachting Monthly1909/03
1098C 41Norlin, Peter & Ostermann, Jens41 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting Monthly1983/03
1099C & C 48C & C48 ft LOAYacht, sloopMotorboat and Yachting1973/09
1100C & N One TonnerCamper & Nicholson35 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting World1974/06
1101C and C 24C & C Design24 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting World1975/12
1102C and C 25Cuthbertson & Cassian25 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting World1973/03
1103C and C 35Cuthbertson & Cassian34 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting World1970/10
1104C and C 46C & C Yacht Design Group46 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting World1975/01
1105C and NCamper & Nicholson29 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting World1972/06
1106C S 22Butler, John21 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting World1971/09
1107CachalotBanham, H C18 ftYacht, motorMotorboat and Yachting1965/12
1108CachalotBeddington, Claude76 ft LOAYacht, ketchYachting World1935/07
1109CachalotDewdneyBrixham 67 ftYacht, ketchYachting Monthly1911/06
1110Cacin SanMull, Gary30 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting World1981/02
1111CadaquesLaurent Giles & Partners34 ft LOAYacht, motorYachting Monthly1958/05
1112CadetHolt, Jack10 ft -YW class - see also Bmn 1993/06 p24, CB 2Dinghy, sailingYachting World1947/09
1113Cal 40Lapworth, C W39 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting Monthly1967/01
1114California 6.60Beneteau, A20 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting Monthly1985/09
1115CalistoVosper134 ft LOAYacht, motorYachting Monthly1951/10
1116CallaoJones, J Francis29 ft LOA - see also Ymn 1955/12 p 88Yacht, sloopYachting Monthly1956/05
1117CalliopeVeronese, Bruno51 ft LOAYacht, cutterYachting Monthly1954/11
1118Calliope I XThompson, G31 ft LOAYacht, yawlYachting Monthly1958/10
1119Calliope VIThompson, Guy C33 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting World1954/04
1120Calliope VIIIThompson, G34 ft LOAYacht, yawlYachting Monthly1957/04
1121Calliope XVThompson, Guy37 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting World1967/08
1122Callisto 385Dixon, Bill38 ft LOAYacht, cutterYachting Monthly1985/08
1123CallooWall, Raymond25 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting Monthly1963/05
1124CalypsoCannell, David18 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting Monthly1975/05
1125CalypsoHunter, John18 ft LOAYacht, cutterYachting World1953/02
1126CalypsoVeronese, Bruno28 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting Monthly1953/06
1127CambriaFeltwell, J G Model International 18 ftYacht, sloopYachting Monthly1922/07
1128CameleonReimers, Knud H29 ft LOAYacht, sloopThe Yachtsman1955/09
1129CamillaWebber, Thomas27 ft -built 1876CatboatClassic Boat2003/07
1130CampaignerCheverton, D & Partners28 ft LOA - see also YW 1959/07 p 340Yacht, sloopYachting Monthly1959/06
1131Campion30 ft LOAYacht, cutterYachting Monthly1967/03
1132CandideMcBryde, W G47 ft LOAYacht, ketchYachting World1953/05
1133CanguroVeronese, Bruno32 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting Monthly1954/07
1134CanispBridge, Ian C40 ft LOAYacht, cutterYachting Monthly1945/04
1135CanoresPape, A M40 ft LOAYacht, motorYachting World1952/06
1136Cape Clipper 46Garden, William45 ft LOA - see also YM 1974/10 p 1446Yacht, ketchYachting World1974/09
1137Cape Cutter 19Dix, Dudley19 ft LOA - see also CB 2003/09 p 22Yacht, cutterYachting Monthly2003/06
1138Cape Henry 21Dudley Dix Yacht Design20 ft LOD - see also WC 2004/11 p 48, WC 2005/03Yacht, sloopWatercraft2004/01
1139CapellaSaundres, R J & Henson, C H22 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting Monthly1952/09
1140Capella of KentBuchanan, Alan41 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting World1964/11
1141CaplinAnderson, Andrew32 ft LOAYacht, yawlClassic Boat1993/05
1142CapreolusNewman, R A & Sons34 ft LOAYacht, yawlYachting Monthly1960/03
1143CapriceMareschal, Yves24 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting World1971/03
1144CapriceWitsen, Nicolaas & Vis55 ft Yacht, motorMotorboat and Yachting1950/08
1145CapriciaSparkman & Stephens73 ft LOAYacht, yawlYachting World1964/02
1146Capriol IIRadcliffe, Walter20 ft LWLYacht, sloopYachting World1942/08
1147Capriol IIIRadcliffe, W24 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting World1959/11
1148Captain James CookParnell, F G200 ft - training shipBarquentineYachting World1944/05
1149Captain Scott144 ft LOA - S TYacht, schoonerYachting World1972/04
1150CaraFife, William III55 ft YachtClassic Boat1990/06
1151CaraMylne, Alfred20 ft LWL - Scottish Island classYacht, sloopClassic Boat1994/05
1152CaracoleHarrison Butler, T25 ft LOAYacht, cutterYachting World1934/10
1153CarambaParker, F R63 ft LOA Yacht, motorThe Yachtsman1962/08
1154Caravel Mk IIICheverton, David24 ft LOACatamaranYachting World1965/05
1155Caravela 22Costa, Leo da22 ft LOA - see also YM 1970/08 p 1908Yacht, sloopYachting Monthly1978/08
1156CarawayBingham, Bruce24 ft LOA - Flicka 20 classYacht, cutterClassic Boat1994/07
1157CardhuLaurent Giles, Jack41 ft LOAYacht, cutterYachting World1963/03
1158Cardigrae IVOsborne, William & Co70 ft LOAYacht, motorYachting World1951/10
1159CareemaWarrington Smyth, R & Fox, Uffa37 ft LOAMotorYachting World1954/11
1160Cariad47 ft LOA - Bristol ChannelPilotYachting Monthly1933/07
1161Cariad51 ft LOA - Bristol ChannelPilotYachting Monthly1936/01
1162CaribShepherd, Fred60 ft LOAYacht, yawlThe Boatman1996/08
1163CaribbeeCalvert, R A23 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting Monthly1949/06
1164CarinaCrossley, P C 47 ft LOAYacht,cutterYachting Monthly1945/04
1165CarinaHaywood, W Scott23 ft - 3/4 RaterYacht, sloopClassic Boat1995/02
1166CarinaRhodes, Philip L46 ft LOAYacht, yawlYachting World1953/10
1167CarinaRhodes, Philip L53 ft LOA - see also YM 1957/09 p 128, YW 1959/07Yacht, yawlYachting World1956/05
1168CaritaClark, Robert170 ft LOA - see also CB 1999/05 p 40SchoonerYachting World1959/05
1169Carita IIIAdam, James & Son35 ft LOA - see also CB 2004/03 p 18Yacht, sloopYachting Monthly1944/01
1170Carn DhuWarrington Smyth, B22 ft LOAMotorYachting Monthly1929/07
1171CarolaScotts70 ftYacht, steamClassic Boat1988/01
1172CarrickCurrie, Tyrone15 ftCanoeClassic Boat1997/06
1173CarrickFisher, Paul15 ft - sloop rigCanoe,sailingWatercraft2002/09
1174CarrickPiles 176 ft - ex City of Adelaide ex HMS Carrick - cClipperMotorboat and Yachting1949/01
1175Carrie D KnowlesBurgess, Arthur - AmericaSchoonerClassic Boat2001/06
1176Carrie E PhillipsBurgess, Arthur - AmericaSchoonerClassic Boat2001/06
1177CarrucaWestell, John32 ft LOA - see also YW 1962/03 p 143Yacht, yawlYachting Monthly1962/02
1178Carry-onSteele, Mark25 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting Monthly1921/04
1179Carter 30Carter, Dick29 ft LOA - see also YW 1980/06 p 107Yacht, sloopYachting Monthly1998/11
1180Carter 33Carter, Dick32 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting Monthly2002/04
1181Carter 35Carter, Dick34 ft LOAYacht, ketchYachting Monthly1983/09
1182Carter 3/4 TonnerCarter Offshore32 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting World1976/04
1183Carter 37Carter, Dick37 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting World1980/05
1184Carter 40Carter, Dick39 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting World1970/10
1185Cartop [Heron]Holt, Jack11 ft - sponsored by YW - later known as HeronDinghy, sailingYachting World1951/04
1186CasamajorBuchanan, A H32 ft LOA - London Rowing ClubMotorMotorboat and Yachting1956/07
1187Casco BayFisher, Paul16 ftCanoe, sailingClassic Boat1997/07
1188CasquetRobb, Arthur C36 ft LOAYacht, yawlClassic Boat2004/04
1189CassandraMcCallum, J A32 ft LOA C BYacht, ketchYachting Monthly1932/01
1190CassetteFearnley, Jack10 ftDinghy, sailingThe Yachtsman1950/03
1191CassyHolmes, George14 ft - see also CB 1991/10 p 44Humber yawlClassic Boat1987/01
1192Castle 48Stadt, E G van de48 ft LOAYacht, yawlYachting World1975/10
1193Castro 55Castro, Tony55 ft LOA - lifting keelYacht, yawlYachting Monthly1984/07
1194CatalacDuff, M G & Lack, Tom29 ft LOACatamaranYachting World1974/07
1195Catalac 10mCatalac Catamarans33 ft LOACatamaranYachting Monthly1987/11
1196Catalina 22Butler, Frank & Finch, Robert21 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting Monthly1995/08
1197Catalina 310Catalina Design31 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting Monthly2000/04
1198Catalina 320Catalina Yachts32 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting Monthly1994/05
1199Catalina 34Catalina34 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting Monthly1990/11
1200Catalina 380Catalina Design38 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting Monthly1997/03
1201Catana 401Crowther, Lock41 ft LOACatamaranYachting Monthly2001/12
1202Catana 522Barreau, Christophe51 ft LOACatamaranYachting World2003/02
1203CataniaDallimore, Norman40 ft LOAYacht, cutterYachting World1941/06
1204CatrionaBain, John62 ft LOA - SilverYachtYachting Monthly1929/08
1205CatrionaLaurent Giles & Partners44 ft LOAYacht, yawlYachting World1957/09
1206CatrionaSanderson, L N24 ft LOAYacht, yawlYachting Monthly1938/06
1207CavalierCheverton, David30 ft LOAYacht, sloopThe Yachtsman1965/12
1208CavalierHolt, Jack14 ftDinghy, sailingYachting World1965/11
1209CavalierMudie, Colin30 ft LOABrigClassic Boat2002/11
1210CavalierQuincey, Roger de29 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting World1953/06
1211Cawana90 ft approx.Yacht, bargeYachting Monthly1923/11
1212CayenneClark, Robert43 ft LOAYacht,cutterYachting World1938/07
1213CayucaHarrison Butler, T36 ft LOAYacht, cutterYachting Monthly1933/12
1214CeanothusJones, J Francis27 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting World1950/10
1215CecilyGriffiths, Maurice39 ft LOAYacht, cutterYachting Monthly1956/12
1216Cei NewyddTucker, Robert31 ft LOAYacht, cutterYachting Monthly1975/10
1217CejoThornycroft46 ft LOAMotorYachting World1937/03
1218CelaHart, Norman109 ft LOAYacht, motorYachting World1931/08
1219CelaenoMcGruer & Co Ltd30 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting Monthly1951/08
1220CelandineCamper & Nicholson94 ft LOAYacht, motorYachting Monthly1960/10
1221CelandineParker, William22 ft LOA - Waveney O D classYacht, sloopClassic Boat2000/10
1222Celandine Jones, J Francis37 ft LOAYacht, ketchYachting Monthly1967/03
1223CelerityFulton68 ft - conversion of fishing boatYacht, motorMotorboat and Yachting1922/05
1224Celia MarySunden, Tord25 ft LOA - Folkboat classYacht, sloopYachting Monthly1992/08
1225Celtic SeasHarris, F J 38 ft LOA - ferro designYacht, yawlYachting Monthly1975/03
1226CenturionHolman & Pye32 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting World1970/04
1227Centurion 38 Dubois, Ed37 ft LOA - see also YM 1987/12 p 94Yacht, sloopYachting Monthly1987/07
1228Centurion 40Dubois, Ed39 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting Monthly1986/09
1229Centurion 40SBerret & Racopeau40 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting Monthly2004/03
1230Centurion 42Dubois, Ed42 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting Monthly1984/12
1231Centurion 45Berret & Racopeau45 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting World2003/09
1232Centurion 47Dubois, Ed47 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting Monthly1985/10
1233CenturyHusk30 ft LOAYacht, sloopThe Yachtsman1934/02
1234Ceol MaraBuchanan, Alan42 ft LOAYacht, ketchYachting World1960/06
1235Ceol Mara IIMcBryde, W G 70 ft LOAYacht, ketchYachting Monthly1929/05
1236CetewayoLaurent Giles & Partners47 ft LOAYacht, sloopClassic Boat1993/09
1237CetoVosper & Co105 ftYacht, steamYachting Monthly1935/06
1238ChabukaWolstenholme, A23 ft LOAYacht, sloopClassic Boat1999/03
1239ChadorTaylor, K V32 ftYacht, motorMotorboat and Yachting1951/12
1240ChaleurYacht, schoonerYachting World1936/06
1241ChallengeSparkman & Stephens45 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting World1981/02
1242ChallengerParker, F R 37 ft LOAYacht, yawlYachting Monthly1936/05
1243Challenger Mk IIOsborne, W Ltd34 ft LOAMotorYachting World1956/10
1244Challenger Mk IIBraithwaite, A L16 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting Monthly1952/01
1245Chambel IVCamper & Nicholson149 ft LOAYacht, motorThe Yachtsman1966/01
1246ChamleonFife, William57 ft LOAYacht, cutterYachting Monthly1920/05
1247ChampakThornycroft40 ft LOAMotorThe Yachtsman1904/08
1248ChampionGlacer, H E21 ft LOA - see also YM 1964/03 p 133Yacht, sloopYachting World1964/02
1249ChamplainBolger, Philip C 22 ft LOAYacht, motorWatercraft2002/11
1250ChanceBain, John40 ft LOA SilverYacht, motorYachting World1949/06
1251ChanceSparkman & Stephens38 ft LOAYacht, yawlYachting World1953/02
1252Chance 53Chance, Britton52 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting World1980/07
1253Channel 27Thomas, David26 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting Monthly1999/05
1254Channel Cruiser37 ft LOAMotorYachting Monthly1929/07
1255Chanson de LecqSadler, David32 ft LOA - Contessa 32 classYacht, sloopYachting Monthly1995/05
1256ChanteclerYacht, schoonerYachting Monthly1916/05
1257Chantue of Emsworth41 ft LOA - Sigma 41 classYacht, sloopYachting Monthly1998/03
1258Charles MacIverWatson, G L & Co Ltd153 ft - fishery patrol vesselYacht, motorYachting World1936/12
1259CharnaWatson, G L & Co79 ft LOAYacht, motorYachting World1951/08
1260CharnaWatson, G L & Co Ltd79 ftYacht, motorMotorboat and Yachting1951/07
1261ChartreuseSharp & Brewster23 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting Monthly1936/09
1262ChartreuseThomas, David35 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting World1974/06
1263Chassiron DHJoubert, M33 ft LOAYacht, ketchYachting World1980/12
1264ChebaccoBurnham, Harold36 ft - Essex schooner - America - 1804FishingClassic Boat2001/06
1265Chebacco 20Bolger, Philip C 20 ftYacht, yawlWatercraft1997/05
1266CheckstoneBickford, J J 34 ft LOA - ferro constructionYacht, sloopYachting Monthly1970/12
1267CheemanBalfour, A K52 ft LOAYacht, motorThe Yachtsman1966/05
1268CheermannBerthon Boat Co52 ft LOAYacht, motorYachting World1966/07
1269Cheers46 ft LOAProaYachting Monthly1968/08
1270CherokeeMacAlpine-Downie, J R35 ft LOACatamaranYachting World1974/07
1271CherubStrange, Albert20 ft LOACanoe, sailingYachting Monthly1908/03
1272Cherub IIIStrange, Albert28 ft LOAYacht, yawlYachting Monthly1949/04
1273ChevalierCheverton, D Ltd49 ft LOAYacht, cutterYachting Monthly1964/07
1274Cheverton CaravelCheverton, D24 ft LOA - see also Ymn 1965/01 p 74, Bmn 1995/0Yacht, sloopYachting Monthly1958/06
1275Cheverton CorsairLevi, Renato27 ft Yacht, motorMotorboat and Yachting1964/02
1276ChicaneMylne, Alfred56 ft LOAYacht, cutterMotorboat and Yachting1927/03
1277ChieftainBuchanan, Alan27 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting World1963/01
1278Child of the SeaWharram, James & Boon, Hanneke37 ft LOACatamaranWatercraft2003/07
1279Chincoteague SkiffFisher, Paul16 ftCanoe, sailingClassic Boat1997/07
1280Chippendale CockleWolstenholme, A9 ftDinghy, sailingThe Boatman1996/06
1281Chippendale DayboatFisher, Paul14 ftDinghy, sailingThe Boatman1996/06
1282ChiquitaJeffery, D24 ft LOACatamaranYachting Monthly1956/01
1283Chiquita VMacAlpine-Downie, J R30 ft LOACatamaranYachting Monthly1990/08
1284ChloeShort, William H16 ft - Pelican class - American designDinghy, sailingThe Boatman1994/11
1285Chloe MayDalton, Percy51 ft LOAYacht, cutterClassic Boat1998/02
1286ChopsticksWestfield Engineering21 ft LOA - Kingfisher 20 with Junk rigYachtYachting World1976/05
1287ChouetteBuchanan, A H27 ft LOA - East Anglian Restricted classYacht, sloopYachting Monthly1957/09
1288ChouetteBuchanan, A H48 ft LOAYacht, yawlYachting Monthly1965/12
1289ChristelaParker, F R34 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting Monthly1961/05
1290ChristianaArcher, Colin45 ft LOD - sailing cutter - NorwayLifeboatClassic Boat2001/03
1291ChristinaNicholson, Charles20 ft LOA - Victory O D classYacht, sloopClassic Boat1991/01
1292ChristineSelway Fisher Design13 ftCanoe Watercraft1998/01
1293ChristoffelDijkstra Yacht Design & Partners106 ft LOAYacht, cutterYachting World2004/09
1294ChristoffelDijkstra, Gerald & Partners106 ft LOAYacht, cutterYachting World2001/09
1295Christ-RoiArgentin33 ft - French crevettierFishingClassic Boat1993/12
1296ChryesisParker, Fred41 ft LOA - won 1st prize in YM design competitiYachtClassic Boat1992/02
1297ChubascoSparkman & Stephens67 ft LOAYacht, yawlYachting World1940/04
1298ChubbyDawes, Harold H17 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting World1947/04
1299Chummy DinghyMcIlvenny, John7 ft - see also CB 1995/07 p 12Dinghy, sailingClassic Boat1995/02
1300CiacconaLaurent Giles & Partners40 ft LOAYacht, cutterYachting World1956/10
1301CicelyFife, William III130 ft LOAYacht, schoonerClassic Boat1990/07
1302CicilaHutchinson, H W 55 ft LOAYacht, motorYachting Monthly1922/10
1303Cimba IIArthur-Brand, G W34 ft LOAYacht, cutterYachting Monthly1945/07
1304Circus GirlNicholson22 ft LOA - Bembridge Redwing classYacht, sloopClassic Boat1995/04
1305CirisLombardi, Vittorio15 ftDinghy, sailingYachting World1965/01
1306CirrusFrers, German33 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting World1978/09
1307CirrusWesterly Marine Con Ltd22 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting Monthly1968/08
1308CirrusWolstenholme, A33 ft LOA - Norfolk BroadsYacht, sloopWatercraft1991/03
1309Cirrus 32 Halacre, Douglas32 ft LOAYacht, yawlYachting Monthly1974/12
1310Clair de LuneHolman, C R39 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting World1959/11
1311ClaireMorgan Giles - 6 m classYacht, cutterClassic Boat2002/12
1312ClaireMorgan Giles & May20 ft LWL 6 m classYacht, sloopYachting Monthly1910/08
1313ClansmanCheverton, David36 ft LOAMotorYachting World1964/03
1314ClaraGraham, S N22 ft LWLYacht, sloopYachting Monthly1906/11
1315Clara IIGraham, S N48 ft LOAYacht, ketchYachting Monthly1912/12
1316ClareParker, F R26 ft LOA - Warsash O D classYacht, sloopYachting Monthly1963/08
1317ClaribelSimpson, H22 ft LOA Conway River classYacht, sloopYachting Monthly1914/02
1318ClassiqueDickies110 ftYacht, motorClassic Boat1991/04
1319Cleone36 ftYacht, yawlClassic Boat1994/07
1320Cleopatra 23Cleopatra Cruisers Ltd22 ft LOAMotorYachting Monthly1967/10
1321Cleopatra Super 30Essex Yacht Builders30 ft LOAMotorYachting Monthly1969/04
1322ClioFife, William30 ft - National Restricted classYacht, sloopYachting Monthly1925/04
1323Clipper 393Berret & Racopeau38 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting Monthly2001/06
1324Clipper 68 Dubois, Ed68 ft LOAYacht, cutterYachting World2002/11
1325Clipper of ArgenteuilIbold, Peter20 ft - also cat rigYacht, sloopClassic Boat1997/08
1326CloettaRobb, Arthur C35 ft LOA - Lion classYacht, sloopYachting World1950/12
1327CloonHolding, T H18 ftCanoe, sailingYachting Monthly1912/07
1328CloudHess, Lyle40 ft LOA - see also CB 1994/06 p 47Yacht, cutterYachting Monthly1998/12
1329CloudStrange, Albert30 ftYacht, ketchYachting Monthly1908/11
1330Cloud NineHazel, R J23 ft LOAYacht, sloopClassic Boat1997/11
1331ClovellyJames, J M 22 ft LWLYacht, sloopYachting Monthly1908/01
1332CloverLukes59 ft LOAYacht, cutterYachting World1938/11
1333Club 19Stewart, Andrew19 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting World1980/01
1334ClymeneGiles, J Laurent52 ft LOAYacht, yawlYachting Monthly1930/09
1335Clyst VBickford, J J 21 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting Monthly1967/11
1336CMBThornycroft40 ft and 50 ft designs - see also CB 2003/05 p 5WarshipClassic Boat2003/04
1337CoasterHill, Alan F32 ft LOA - see also YW 1973/05 p 86Yacht, sloopYachting Monthly1973/07
1338CobraKnights, Jack23 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting World1966/01
1339Coch-y-bondhuPaul, Rodney35 ft LWL GauntletYacht, cutterYachting World1936/08
1340Coch-y-BondduCrossfields13 ft - Arthur Ransome's dinghyDinghy, sailingClassic Boat1995/11
1341Cock-a-WhoopPayne, Alfred27 ft LOA - lug rigYacht, sloopClassic Boat2000/12
1342CockleBuchanan, Alan6 ftDinghy, rowingYachting Monthly1949/10
1343CockleWolstenholme, A9 ft - see also WC 1997/03 p 49, CB 1998/05 p41Dinghy, sailingWatercraft1997/01
1344Cockle16 ft LOADinghy, sailingYachting Monthly1944/03
1345CockleshellBarber, Arthur21 ftYacht, sloopClassic Boat1990/08
1346Cocky lionMorgan Giles14 ft - West of England Conference classDinghy, sailingClassic Boat2002/12
1347Cocky LionMorgan Giles, F C 14 ftDinghy, sailingYachting Monthly1908/09
1348CohoeCamper & Nichoson34 ft LOAYacht, yawlYachting Monthly1952/03
1349Cohoe Reimers, Knud H32 ft LOA - 30 sq m typeYacht, sloopYachting World1948/08
1350Cohoe IIINicholson, C A32 ft LOA - see also YW 1957/11 p 497Yacht, sloopYachting Monthly1957/09
1351Cohoe IVCamper & Nicholson36 ft LOA - Nicholson 36 classYacht, sloopYachting Monthly1994/10
1352CoigachMcGruer, J43 ft LOAYacht, yawlYachting Monthly1963/11
1353CoilaMylne, A & Co50 ft LOACatamaranYachting World1968/04
1354CoimbraDawson, Dudley35 ftYacht, ketchYachting Monthly1910/03
1355CoimbraLaurent Giles & Partners42 ft - see also CB 2001/06 p 40Yacht, cutterYachting Monthly1952/12
1356Colibri27 ft LWL - Puerto RicaYacht, sloopClassic Boat1995/08
1357Colin ArcherArcher, Colin39 ft - Norwegian rescue boat - see also CB 1998Yacht, yawlClassic Boat1988/05
1358Colin ArcherArcher, ColinYacht, yawlClassic Boat1998/02
1359ColleenBuchanan, Alan23 ft LOA Colleen class - see aslo CB 1998/04 p Yacht, sloopYachting Monthly1950/08
1360Colleen McCallum, J A37 ftYacht, motorYachting Monthly1914/08
1361Colleen DhuMcCallum, J A29 ftMotorYachting Monthly1910/02
1362CollinetteStockman & Pickett21 ft LWL C BYacht, cutterClassic Boat1997/07
1363Collins 40Collins, Warwick40 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting Monthly1996/12
1364Columbia 25Laurent Giles Naval Architects25 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting Monthly1987/02
1365ColumbineAllen, J81 ft - built 1890Yacht, yawlClassic Boat2001/04
1366Colvic Watson 31Watson, G L & Co Ltd31 ft LOAYacht, yawlYachting Monthly1979/03
1367Colvic 28Anderson, Ian28 ft LOA - see also YW 1979/03 p 141Yacht, sloopYachting Monthly1979/06
1368Colvic WatsonWatson, G L & Co Ltd25 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting Monthly1975/03
1369Colvic Watson 28.628 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting Monthly1995/10
1370ComancheMacalpine-Downie, J R40 ft LOACatamaranYachting World1965/09
1371Comanche 32Macalpine-Downie, J R32 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting Monthly1980/04
1372CometComet Marine15 ftMotorYachting Monthly1923/07
1373CometSparkman & Stephens52 ft LOA - now CometaYacht, yawlClassic Boat2004/11
1374Comet 38Group Finot37 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting Monthly2003/03
1375Comet 383Group Finot37 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting Monthly1986/05
1376Comet 45Studio Vallicelli45 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting World2004/10
1377Comet IIGroup Finot35 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting Monthly1978/12
1378Comet IIIGroup Finot36 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting Monthly1982/11
1379Comfort 30Albinsson, Kenneth30 ft LOA - see also YM 1978/11 p 2229Yacht, sloopYachting World1974/04
1380Comfortina 32Albinsson, Kenneth31 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting Monthly1988/05
1381ComfyMcBryde, W G 29 ft LOAMotorYachting Monthly1931/02
1382Commander IBranwhite, Trevor37 ft - Norfolk BroadsYacht, motorMotorboat and Yachting1947/01
1383Commodore TrunnionMunro, D & Son45 ftYacht, ketchYachting Monthly1927/03
1384Compromis 11.30 DSMaas, Frans37 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting Monthly2002/03
1385Compromis 39Maas, Frans38 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting Monthly1994/02
1386Compromis C-34Maas, Frans33 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting Monthly2000/12
1387ConcordBelchambers, S W 36 ft LOAYacht, yawlYachting Monthly1941/02
1388ConcordiaHunt, Ray39 ft LOA - see also CB 2004/03 p 77Yacht, yawlClassic Boat2000/05
1389ConcubineCarter, Dick32 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting Monthly1995/02
1390ConcubineNorth Shore Yacht Yards Ltd32 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting Monthly1978/10
1391CondorOsbourne, William Ltd45 ftMotorYachting Monthly1939/03
1392CondorReimers, Knud33 ftYacht, cutterClassic Boat2002/10
1393Condor 37Sharp, John77 ft LOAYacht, cutterYachting World1977/09
1394Condor 37Sparkman & Stephens38 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting Monthly1996/01
1395ConewagoStephens, Olin48 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting Monthly1935/12
1396ConidawBain, John80 ft Yacht, motorMotorboat and Yachting1939/03
1397ConstanceEyre, Martin24 ft C B - Brock 24 classYacht, yawlClassic Boat1997/05
1398ConstanceHooper, D A70 ftCanal boatMotorboat and Yachting1944/01
1399ConstanceMorgan Giles, F26 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting World1951/04
1400ConstanterFrers, German62 ft LOA - Swann 62 RS classYacht, sloopYachting World2003/03
1401ConsutaSaunders, Sam50 ft LOA - see also WC 2003/07 p 26, CB 2002/08 Yacht, steamWatercraft2000/03
1402ContenderMiller, R C15 ftDinghy, sailingYachting World1968/07
1403Contention 30Peterson, Doug29 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting World1977/06
1404Contention 33Peterson, Douglas32 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting World1976/04
1405ContessaSadler, David25 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting World1969/10
1406ContessaTucker, Robert24 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting Monthly1964/07
1407Contessa 26Sadler, David25 ft LOA - see also CB 1990/07 p 29Yacht, sloopYachting Monthly1992/06
1408Contessa 27Humphreys, Rob27 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting Monthly1985/04
1409Contessa 28Peterson, Doug27 ft LOA - see also YW 1977/12 p 102, YW 1981/07Yacht, sloopYachting Monthly1977/12
1410Contessa 32Sadler, David32 ft LOA - see also YM 1994/08 p 35, YM 2000/07 Yacht, sloopYachting Monthly1996/09
1411Contessa 33Sadler, David32 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting Monthly1984/09
1412Contessa 34Peterson, Doug & Williams, Alan33 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting Monthly1983/03
1413Contessa 35Peterson, Doug35 ft LOA - see also YM 1994/08 p35, YW 1975/05 pYacht, sloopYachting World1974/06
1414Contessa 37Anderson, Ian37 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting Monthly1981/10
1415Contessa 38Alan- Williams, David38 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting Monthly1981/03
1416Contessa 38Alan-Williams, David38 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting Monthly1982/06
1417Contessa 43Peterson, Doug43 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting World1976/11
1418Contest 25Zaal, Dick24 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting Monthly1973/05
1419Contest 30Essen, U van & Conyplex30 ft LOA - see also YW 1975/07 p 73Yacht, sloopYachting World1969/10
1420Contest 31 HTZaal, Dick31 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting World1973/03
1421Contest 32 CSZaal, Dick31 ft LOAYacht, ketchYachting Monthly1978/07
1422Contest 33Essen, U van32 ft LOA - see also YW 1971/10 p 54Yacht, sloopYachting Monthly1972/02
1423Contest 35sZaal, Dick34 ft LOA - see also YW 1981/10 p 107Yacht, sloopYachting Monthly1989/06
1424Contest 36 Zaal, Dick35 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting Monthly1974/06
1425Contest 36 Zaal, Dick35 ft LOA - see also YM 2004/10 p 52Yacht, yawlYachting Monthly1974/12
1426Contest 36SZaal, Dick35 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting Monthly1986/04
1427Contest 37Zaal, Dick36 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting Monthly1995/12
1428Contest 38SZaal, Dick Yacht Design37 ft LOAYacht, yawlYachting World1981/03
1429Contest 40SZaal, Dick39 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting Monthly1994/01
1430Contest 43Zaal, Dick42 ft LOAYacht, cutterYachting Monthly1990/12
1431Contest 44csNissen, George43 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting World2001/07
1432Contest 50Nissen, George49 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting World2003/10
1433Contest 58Peterson, D & Zaal, D58 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting Monthly1992/10
1434Contrast 33Magnusson, Rolf32 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting Monthly1985/08
1435Conway & Menai Strait O DFife, William24 ft LOAYacht, sloopClassic Boat2003/09
1436CookieWharram, James21 ft LOACatamaranYachting Monthly1998/09
1437Cooper Cooper, C Ltd28 ft LOAYacht, cutterYachting Monthly1935/09
1438Cooper 30Cooper, Charles Ltd14 ft - see also YW 1935/02 p 132Dinghy, sailingYachting Monthly1935/03
1439Cooper 50Cooper, Charles14 ft Dinghy, sailingThe Yachtsman1935/02
1440CooroybaClark, Robert35 ft LOAYacht, cutterYachting Monthly1945/07
1441CootWolstenholme, A9 ft - see also WC 1997/03 p 49 , CB 1998/05 p 41Dinghy, sailingWatercraft2004/07
1442CopnorCooper, F & Norris, E W30 ft LOAYacht, cutterYachting Monthly1920/06
1443CoppeliaTew, John30 ft LOA - Dancing Ledge classYacht, sloopClassic Boat1990/03
1444CoqueteSkidmore, Anthony G20 ft LODYacht, cutterClassic Boat1989/07
1445Coquina IIHerreshoff, Natt16 ft - replica of Riviera built 1874Yacht, yawlWatercraft2001/11
1446Cora31 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting Monthly1942/03
1447CorabiaClark, Robert45 ft LOAYacht, sloopThe Yachtsman1956/06
1448Coralline IIPape, A M34 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting World1952/01
1449Corals LieWall, Raymond49 ft LOAYacht, cutterYachting World2001/12
1450CorbieJacobs, Dennis22 ft LOAYacht, cutterYachting Monthly1936/01
1451Corby 29Corby, John29 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting World2005/04
1452CordeliaGriffiths, Maurice27 ft LOAYacht, cutterYachting Monthly1952/07
1453Cordelia IIDickie, A M & Sons70 ftYacht, motorYachting Monthly1930/07
1454CordobaOsborne, William71 ft LOA - see also Ymn 1965/10 p 35MotorYachting Monthly1965/10
1455CorinnaClark, Robert45 ft LOAYacht, cutterYachting Monthly1939/08
1456CorinthianHolt, Jack13 ftDinghy, sailingYachting World1965/02
1457CoristaJones, J Francis46 ft LOA - see also CB 1988/01 p 37Yacht, cutterYachting Monthly1952/07
1458Cork Harbour O DFife, William III29 ft LOAYacht, cutterClassic Boat2004/07
1459CormorantGunning, M F 28 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting Monthly1962/11
1460Cornelia30 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting Monthly1929/09
1461Cornish CrabberDongray, Roger29 ft LOA - see also YM 1986/01 p 148Yacht, cutterYachting World1974/10
1462Cornish Crabber 17Dongray, Roger17 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting Monthly1992/07
1463Cornish ShrimperDongray, Roger19 ft LOA - see also YM 1979/08 p 132, Bmn 1996/0Yacht, sloopYachting Monthly1981/03
1464Cornish TraderDongray, Roger40 ft LOA - see also YW 1979/08 p 132Yacht, ketchYachting Monthly1979/10
1465Cornish YawlDongray, Roger34 ft LOAYacht, yawlYachting Monthly1989/09
1466CornubiaCornubia Yacht yard60 ft - converted RAF launchYacht, motorMotorboat and Yachting1952/10
1467CoromandelTucker, Robert20 ft - junk rigYachtYachting Monthly1982/09
1468CoronaShepherd, F50 ft - see also CB 1999/07 p 42Yacht, yawlYachting Monthly1913/11
1469CoronadoButler, F & Edgar, E25 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting Monthly1969/02
1470CoronetElvstrom & Kjaerulf37 ft LOA - see also YW 1979/11 p 98Yacht, sloopYachting Monthly1976/05
1471CoronetPoillon, C & R133 ft - built 1885SchoonerClassic Boat2004/01
1472CoronetWynne, Jim32 ft HouseboatMotorboat and Yachting1970/12
1473Corribee 21Tucker, Robert21 ft LOA - see also CB 2003/11 p 79Yacht, sloopYachting Monthly1968/11
1474CorsairPearce, A M G & Hives, P A9 ftHydroplaneYachting World1949/10
1475Corsair42 ftMotorYachting Monthly1929/03
1476Corsair 36Dubois, Ed35 ft LOA - see also YM 2003/07 p 103Yacht, sloopYachting Monthly1984/01
1477CorsaireGrimston, Brian18 ftMotorYachting World1956/05
1478CorserineBaxendale, J F N32 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting Monthly1942/04
1479CorsiareBain, John22 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting Monthly1921/04
1480CorypheeLaws, G16 ft LOA - Whitebaiter classDinghy, sailingClassic Boat1992/07
1481Cosair IIDubois, Ed35 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting Monthly1997/04
1482CossarRayner, Rowland & Co22 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting Monthly1948/06
1483Cotton Blossom IIAnker, Johan31 ft LWL - Q classYacht, sloopClassic Boat2005/03
1484CountessJohnson, P33 ft LOAYacht, ketchMotorboat and Yachting1971/11
1485CountessLoynes, J - BristolPassengerClassic Boat1994/02
1486Countess 32Anderson, Ian33 ft LOA Colvic - see also YM 1983/04 p 761Yacht, ketchYachting Monthly1981/04
1487CourierTolfrey, Stewart18 ftMotorClassic Boat1995/05
1488CourlisHolm, Tor38 ft approx - 6 m classYacht, sloopClassic Boat1999/08
1489Cove BoatWebster, Paul13 ftDinghy, sailingThe Boatman1996/07
1490CowalMorris & Lorimer25 ftYacht, sloopMotorboat and Yachting1966/12
1491CowrieBuchanan, Alan36 ft LOA - Colin Archer typeYacht, ketchClassic Boat1992/03
1492CoyaHope, Linton8 tonYacht, cruiserYachting Monthly1908/11
1493CR 400DSCR Yachts39 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting Monthly2002/04
1494Cr 46Jones, Stephen46 ft LOAYacht, cutterYachting Monthly2002/07
1495CraicNewland, Matt21 ft LOA Yacht,yawlClassic Boat2006/01
1496Crealock 34Crealock, Bill34 ft LOAYacht, cutterYachting Monthly1997/01
1497Crealock 37Crealock, Bill36 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting Monthly1993/04
1498CremonaMorgan Giles, F C 6 m classYacht, sloopYachting Monthly1913/08
1499CreoleAllan, F A52 ft LOAYacht, motorYachting Monthly1911/01
1500CreoleCamper & Nicholson190 ft LOAYacht, schoonerYachting World1944/03
1501CreoleWatson, G L54 tonYacht, cutterYachting Monthly1910/08
1502CrescendoDufour, Michel29 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting World1977/05
1503CressyTrent Navigation Co72 ft Canal boatMotorboat and Yachting1944/05
1504CrestWenlock, S W51 ft LOAYacht, motorYachting Monthly1911/01
1505CrestellaTucker, Robert20 ftYacht, motorMotorboat and Yachting1963/01
1506CrieCollins, S T16 ftCanoe, sailingYachting World1943/09
1507Crin d'OrCamper & Nicholson120 ft LOAYacht, motorThe Yachtsman1966/01
1508CristinaHolme, Tore - 8 m classYacht, sloopClassic Boat1996/02
1509CrocusGarden, William26 ft LOAYacht, sloopMotorboat and Yachting1943/11
1510CrocusGarden, William26 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting World1994/07
1511Cromarty 36Wyatt & Freeman Design36 ft LOAYacht, ketchClassic Boat1991/01
1512Cromarty 36Wyatt & Freeman Design36 ft LOAYacht, ketchYachting Monthly1990/04
1513CrossbowMacAlpine-Downie, J R60 ft LOA - outriggerYachtYachting World1972/10
1514Crossbow IIMacAlpine-Downie, J R74 ft LOACatamaranYachting World1976/06
1515CruiseaboutRichardson33 ftMotorYachting Monthly1938/03
1516CrusadeGurney, Alan62 ft LOA C BYacht, sloopYachting Monthly1969/02
1517CrusaderBrookes, John Walter33 ftHydroplaneClassic Boat1996/03
1518CrusaderCane, Peter du31 ft LOAHydroplaneYachting World1952/08
1519CrusaderCooper, Fred39 ftMotorYachting Monthly1930/04
1520Crusailer 41Stephens, Olin41 ft LOAYacht, yawlYachting World1944/08
1521CrystalBuchanan, A H22 ft LOA - see also YW 1962/04 p 194Yacht, sloopYachting World1961/03
1522CrystalShepherd, F37 ft LOAYacht, yawlYachting Monthly1928/02
1523CS 36Wall, Raymond36 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting Monthly1980/07
1524C-ShellMarine Design Enterprises36 ft LOA - ferro cement constructionYacht, ketchYachting Monthly1967/09
1525CT 38Warwick, Alan37 ft LOA - see also YM 1983/10 p 1970Yacht, sloopYachting Monthly1983/04
1526CuanDawson, Dudley30 ft LWLYacht, sloopYachting Monthly1908/12
1527CubCastle, Martin10 ftDinghy, sailingClassic Boat1995/02
1528CuckooPiggott, T B C29 ft LOAYacht, sloopThe Yachtsman1941/09
1529Cuckoo17 ft - Gorran Haven crabber - built 1881FishingClassic Boat2001/04
1530CurlewBaker-Carr, J30 ft LOAYacht, bargeYachting Monthly1952/01
1531CurlewBurt, R S28 ft - Fal Quay Punt - see also CB 1997/08 p 29Yacht, cutterClassic Boat1991/05
1532CurlewRossiter, Hugh32 ft LOA - see also YM 1982/06 p 1261, CB 1988/0Yacht, sloopYachting Monthly1981/09
1533CurlewSilver, J A Ltd30 ftMotorYachting World1934/10
1534Curlew of WalneyFlather, K D29 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting Monthly1959/04
1535CurtsyBuchanan, A H32 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting World1962/07
1536Cushie' dooShepherd, F54 ft LWLYacht, yawlYachting Monthly1906/12
1537Cutlass 27White, E27 ft LOA - see also YW 1969/10 p 448, Ymn 1967Yacht, sloopYachting Monthly1994/11
1538Cutty SarkLinton, Hercules280 ft LOA - see also CB 1993/03 p 7, CB 2005/04 ClipperYachting World1954/12
1539CuttyhunkPape, Alan 38 ft LOAYacht, ketchYachting Monthly1973/05
1540Cuttyhunk 54Pape, Alan54 ft LOAYacht, ketchYachting Monthly1990/01
1541CyaneSparkman & Stephens46 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting World1960/06
1542CybeleMcCallum, J A40 ftYacht, motorYachting Monthly1911/02
1543CycloneHarrison Butler, T21 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting Monthly1925/05
1544CycloneHarrison Butler, T21 ft LOA - improved designYacht, sloopYachting Monthly1937/07
1545CycloneWebb, Dan35 ft LOAYacht, motorYachting Monthly1913/04
1546Cygne ChanteurHolland , RonSwan 42Yacht, sloopYachting Monthly1982/01
1547CygnetRestler, J D K 32 ftYacht, yawlYachting Monthly1922/02
1548CygnetWanhill, T 61 ftYacht, cutterClassic Boat2002/03
1549Cygnet42 ftMotorYachting Monthly1912/10
1550Cygnet 20Kaufman, Ray19 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting Monthly1963/10
1551Cygnet of ArdenParker, F R31 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting Monthly1953/04
1552CymroPrimrose, A S43 ft LOAYacht, cutterYachting Monthly1966/06
1553CynthiaGuedon, J8 m classYacht, sloopYachting Monthly1919/09
1554CynthosGoldsmith, M L38 ft LOAYacht, yawlYachting Monthly1932/08
1555CyroanDerry, C30 ftMotorYachting Monthly1940/07
1556Cysne IIForrestt & Co85 tonYacht, steamYachting Monthly1906/08
1557D 1108Buchanan, A H35 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting Monthly1960/09
1558D 1253Buchanan, A H45 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting Monthly1960/09
1559D 324Buchanan, A H41 ft LOA - Colin Archer typeYacht, ketchYachting Monthly1960/01
1560D 514Buchanan, A H34 ft LOA - Colin Archer typeYacht, ketchYachting Monthly1960/01
1561D 575McBryde, W G35 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting Monthly1955/05
1562D 590McBryde, W G 26 ft LOAYacht, cutterYachting Monthly1955/05
1563D 598Mc Bryde, W G 48 ft LOAYacht, motorYachting Monthly1955/05
1564D 926Buchanan, A H32 ft LOA - Colin Archer typeYacht, ketchYachting Monthly1960/01
1565D 937Buchanan, A H35 ft LOAYacht, cutterYachting Monthly1960/09
1566D 961Buchanan, A H41 ft LOAYacht, yawlYachting Monthly1960/09
1567DabchickBuchanan, Alan14 ftDinghy, sailingYachting Monthly1949/04
1568DafneAnderson, Albert46 ft LOA - International 10m classYacht, sloopClassic Boat1990/03
1569DafridaCarter29 ft LOA - Carter 30 classYacht, sloopYachting Monthly1993/09
1570DagmarBain, John22 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting Monthly1935/07
1571DaisyHolmes, George18 ftHumber yawlClassic Boat1987/01
1572DaisyRose, David20 ft LOA - Sole Bay gaffer classYacht, cutterClassic Boat2002/03
1573DaisySoper, J M - built 1892Yacht, sloopYachting Monthly1977/10
1574DakotaGartside, Paul45 ft LOD Yacht, ketchWatercraft2001/07
1575DalriadaDickie, A M40 ft LWLYacht, cutterYachting World1937/03
1576Dancing FeatherAtkin, WilliamYacht, motorClassic Boat1990/11
1577Dancing LedgeTew, John30 ft LOA 9 tonnerYacht, sloopYachting Monthly1950/05
1578DandyWatson, G L & Co15 ftYacht, sloopYachting Monthly1921/04
1579DanegeldCheverton, David35 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting World1959/04
1580DanicaSlaaby-Larsen, A39 ft LOAYacht, yawlYachting World1957/03
1581DanielleThornycroft, John I28 ft LOAMotorYachting World1958/04
1582DanskerGarden, William45 ft LOAYacht, motorYachting World1954/05
1583DaphneForster, W E52 ft LOAYacht, ketchYachting World1932/05
1584DaphneThornycroft30 ftYacht, motorClassic Boat1992/04
1585DaringWalker, Stuart14 ft - International 14 classDinghy, sailingYachting World1966/05
1586Dark Harbour 20Sparkman & Stephens30 ft LOAYacht, sloopClassic Boat2004/11
1587DarrochWatson, G L & Co35 ft LOAYacht, motorYachting Monthly1958/02
1588DartMarch, Rodney18 ft LOACatamaranYachting World1976/07
1589DarthulaUre, G G 18 ft Clyde C C classCanoe, sailingYachting Monthly1920/09
1590Dartmouth CastlePhilip & Son Ltd85 ftPassengerMotorboat and Yachting1948/04
1591DauntlessDauntless Co16 ft LOA - see also Bmn 1995/05 p 24Yacht, sloopYachting World1944/11
1592DauntlessStrange, Albert18 ft - Thames Peter boatYacht, yawlThe Boatman1993/04
1593Dauntless 20Patten, Reg20 ft LOAYacht, sloopClassic Boat2003/05
1594Dauphin BleuLentsch, G de Vries78 ft LOAYacht, motorYachting World1964/11
1595Dave's BoatBuehler, George82 ft - American designYacht, schoonerThe Boatman1994/01
1596Davies 18Dias, Antonio18 ft LODYacht, cutterThe Boatman1995/01
1597DawnHedger, A J W29 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting Monthly1942/11
1598DawnLaws, G U34 ft - see also CB 2001/11 p 42Yacht, sloopYachting Monthly1906/07
1599Day DreamAllen, E P39 ft LOAYacht, yawlYachting Monthly1936/08
1600DaydreamTatchell, Percy12 ftDinghy, sailing Yachting Monthly1920/03
1601DaylightStadt, E G van de36 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting Monthly1997/03
1602DayspringDubois, Ed26 ft LOA - Westerly Griffon classYacht, sloopYachting Monthly1995/04
1603DE 50Benford, Jay R50 ft LOAYacht, ketchYachting Monthly1978/08
1604De Groene DraeckBoer, A & Lentsch, G de Vries49 ft LOA - see also YW 1957/07 p 310LemsteraakYachting World1957/06
1605De Groene LeeuwKwaak, Jonas50 ft LOAYacht, cutterYachting Monthly1946/09
1606De WetFife, DLoch Fyne SkiffYacht, sloopYachting Monthly1906/11
1607Deb 33Sparkman & Stephens33 ft LOA - see also YM 1970/08 p 178Yacht, sloopYachting Monthly1969/06
1608DebenJones, J Francis22 ft - Kestrel classYacht, sloopClassic Boat1995/11
1609Deben 4 TonnerWhisstock, Claude22 ftYacht, sloopClassic Boat1992/01
1610Deben 5 tonnerWhisstock, George23 ft LOAYacht, cutterWatercraft2000/09
1611Deben CherubEverson, Alfred A/Curjel A21 ft LOAYacht, sloopClassic Boat2000/01
1612Deben RoverMcBryde, W G 40 ftMotorYachting Monthly1936/09
1613DebutanteTucker, Robert21 ft LOAYacht, sloopClassic Boat2000/10
1614Dee 10Brett, Peter31 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting Monthly1974/12
1615Deep SeadogFreeman, Reg30 ft LOAYachtYachting World1972/07
1616Degero 33iDSHans Group32 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting Monthly2004/12
1617Dehler 28Stadt, E G van de27 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting Monthly1989/05
1618Dehler 29Judel & Vrolijk29 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting Monthly1999/04
1619Dehler 31Tongeren, Cess van30 ft LOA - see also YM 1998/06 p 97Yacht, sloopYachting Monthly1997/01
1620Dehler 33Judel & Vrolijk32 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting Monthly1996/05
1621Dehler 34 Judel & Vrolijk33 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting World2004/05
1622Dehler 34SStadt, E G van de33 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting Monthly1983/07
1623Dehler 35 cwsStadt, E G van de34 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting Monthly1994/05
1624Dehler 36 Dehler Yachts35 ft LOA - see also YW 2002/04 p 107Yacht, sloopYachting Monthly2002/02
1625Dehler 36cwsStadt, E G van de36 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting Monthly1989/04
1626Dehler 37 CruisingDehler Yachts36 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting Monthly1997/04
1627Dehler 38Stadt, E G van de38 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting Monthly1988/02
1628Dehler 39 Judel & Vrolijk38 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting Monthly2000/02
1629Dehler 39 cwsStadt, E G van de39 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting Monthly1991/08
1630Dehler 41CJudel & Vrolijk40 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting World1997/03
1631Dehler 41DSJudel & Vrolijy & Baltic Yachts40 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting Monthly1995/05
1632Dehlya 22Stadt, E G van de21 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting Monthly1985/07
1633DeianeiraVosper125 ft LOA - see also YM 1951/09 p 150Yacht, motorYachting World1951/09
1634DeidreJacobs, T D25 ft LOAYacht, sloopMotorboat and Yachting1935/03
1635Deidre Louise IIIBates, W & Son33 ft LBP - Star Craft 33 classYacht, motorClassic Boat1990/10
1636Delaware DuckerDillion, Dave15 ft - American designPuntWatercraft2004/07
1637Delfin34 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting Monthly1926/07
1638DelfinaChiggiato, A38 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting World1957/03
1639DeliaDickie, A M & Sons70 ft LOAYacht, ketchYachting Monthly1952/06
1640DelphinRobb, Arthur40 ft LOA - 8 m class - see also CB 2004/04 p34Yacht, sloopThe Yachtsman1953/03
1641DelphisJones, J Francis49 ft - Inchcape classYachtClassic Boat1990/05
1642Delphis TenBennet, Nigel33 ft Yacht, motorMotorboat and Yachting2001/02
1643DeltaNorlin, Peter 30 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting Monthly1984/01
1644Delta 25 Thomas, David25 ft LOA -see also YW 1981/01 p 181Yacht, sloopYachting Monthly1983/01
1645Delta 36Holland, Ron36 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting World1974/06
1646Delta 94Sparkman & Stephens31 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting Monthly1980/01
1647Delta Synthesis35 ft LOA - power boatMotorYachting World1968/06
1648Dervaig 38Murray, M M37 ft LOAYacht, motorYachting World1971/09
1649Deryn GwyrrdFife, W24 ft LOA O D classYacht, sloopYachting World1940/03
1650Design 251Wolstenholme, A21 ft LOAYacht, sloopWatercraft2002/05
1651Design 430Bolger, Philip C 28 ft LOAFishingClassic Boat1997/03
1652Design 496Bolger, Philip C - Birdwatcher classYachtClassic Boat1997/03
1653Design 614Alden, John G72 ft LOAYacht, schoonerClassic Boat2000/02
1654Design 617Bolger, Philip C 30 ft C BYacht, ketchClassic Boat1997/03
1655Design 89Holman & Pye28 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting Monthly1968/11
1656Design No 125Burnett, Ed58 ft LOA Yacht, schoonerClassic Boat2006/03
1657Design No 39Herreshoff, L Francis17 ft C BYacht, sloopClassic Boat1990/01
1658DesireStrange, Albert6 m classYacht, sloopYachting Monthly1909/03
1659DesparadoSparkman & Stephens65 ft LOA - Swan 65 classYacht, ketchYachting World2004/07
1660DestinyCamper & Nicholson94 ft LOAYacht, motorYachting World1959/11
1661DestinyWatson, G L & Co86 ft LOA - see also YM 1935/07 p211Yacht, motorYachting World1935/06
1662Deux FreresTramasset45 ft LOA - built 1892Yacht, sloopClassic Boat1999/11
1663Devon YawlDamerell, Jack16 ftYacht, yawlClassic Boat1990/01
1664DewdropMylne, Alfred8 m classYacht, cutterYachting Monthly1917/06
1665Diablesse52 ft LOAYachtYachting Monthly1926/04
1666DiackCox & KingB M B C 21 ft classMotorYachting Monthly1912/03
1667DiademShepherd, F67 ft - see also CB 1999/07 p40Yacht, yawlYachting Monthly1944/07
1668Diadem of DewlishLaurent Giles, Jack96 ft LOA - see also Ymn 1963/01 p 64Yacht, motorYachting World1962/11
1669DialianWatson, G L & Co93 ft LOAYacht, motorYachting World1944/01
1670DiamondHolt, Jack30 ft LOA - see also Bmn 1993/06 p 32Yacht, sloopYachting World1969/06
1671DianaHarrison Butler, T21 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting Monthly1929/06
1672DianaCrossley, P C 30 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting Monthly1923/05
1673DianaTatchell, Percy12 ft Dinghy, sailingClassic Boat1988/07
1674Diana IIBirmal Boats55 ft LOA - see also YM 1931/10 p437Yacht, motorYachting World1931/08
1675DibHolmes, George F17 ft LOAYacht, sloopThe Boatman1995/04
1676DibHolmes, George F17 ft LOAYacht, sloopThe Boatman1995/04
1677DiddikaiHerreshoff, L FrancisYacht, ketchClassic Boat1990/01
1678Diesel DuckBuehler, George38 ftYacht, motorClassic Boat1998/03
1679DijoBrooke Marine Ltd55 ft LOAYacht, motorMotorboat and Yachting1949/01
1680DilemaHerreshoff, Natt25 ft LOAYachtThe Yachtsman1891/12
1681DimarchaCane, P Du60 ftMotorYachting Monthly1965/09
1682Dimise IIIHarrison Butler, T20 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting Monthly1940/07
1683DindyHarrison Butler, T25 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting Monthly1995/06
1684DioneShuttleworth, F30 ft LOAYacht, bargeYachting Monthly1940/05
1685Dirk IIFife, W60 ft LOAYacht, yawlClassic Boat1999/03
1686DiscovererGrimston, Brian31 ft LOAMotorYachting World1956/12
1687Discovery 55Holland, Ron54 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting World2001/12
1688Distancia 60Becker, Reinhard60 ft LOA Yacht, cutterYachting World2002/11
1689Dixie BelleBembigher, Daniel41 ft LOAYacht, ketchWatercraft2003/05
1690Dixie ICrane, Clinton H40 ftMotorYachting Monthly1908/09
1691Dixie IVMotorYachting Monthly1911/10
1692Dixie-GirlBombigher, Daniel33 ft Yacht, sloopClassic Boat1990/08
1693DK 46Mills, Mark46 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting World2004/02
1694DobbinBickford, Jim28 ft LOA - Checkstone classYacht, cutterClassic Boat1993/11
1695Dodo IVFifeYacht, yawlClassic Boat1998/09
1696Dodo VIBalfour, A K51 ft LOAYacht, yawlThe Yachtsman1961/06
1697DogbodyCuller, R D21 ft Yacht, schoonerWatercraft1998/09
1698Dogmatic30 ft LOA - Seadog classYacht, yawlYachting Monthly1997/06
1699TomahawkHill, Alan25 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1977/05
1700Sailwind 27Bergstrom & Ridder27 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1977/07
1701SilhouetteTucker, Bob20 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1977/08
1702Nicholson 31Nicholson31 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1977/09
1703Atlanta 32Bennett, John A32 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1977/09
1704Samphire 29Cannell,. David29 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1977/09
1705MalinRoy, C S J32 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1977/09
1706SonataThomas, David23 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1977/11
1707GK 24Laurent Giles & Chris Hawkins24 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1977/11
1708Dockrell 27Anderson, Ian27 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1978/01
1709MemoryRobinson, Tony19 ft LOADinghy, sailingPractical Boat Owner1978/01
1710DolphinSharp, John31 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1978/01
1711Mirage 28Walsh, Wakefield28 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1979/09
1712Medina 20Thomas, David20 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1979/09
1713Cobra 750Feltham, David25 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1979/10
1714Halmatic 30Sharp, John29 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1979/10
1715Truman 30Primrose, Angus30 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1979/10
1716DabberWatkinson, John15 ft LOADinghy, sailingPractical Boat Owner1979/11
1717SorcererFoulkes, Alan11 ft LOADinghy, sailingPractical Boat Owner1979/11
1718ComancheMacalpine-Downie, Rod32 ft LOACatamaranPractical Boat Owner1979/11
1719Tamarisk 24Cannell, David24 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1979/12
1720Skipper 17Milne, Peter17 ft LOADinghy, sailingPractical Boat Owner1979/12
1721Trapper 300Kirby, Bruce26 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1980/01
1722Evolution 22Everitt, Julian22 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1980/01
1723Cornish CobleDongray, Roger16 ft LOADinghy, sailingPractical Boat Owner1980/01
1724Seastream 34Anderson, Ian34 ft LOAYacht, ketchPractical Boat Owner1980/01
1725Pegasus 800Harris,Gordon26 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1980/02
1726CN 27Milne, Peter27 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1980/02
1727HummingbirdThomas, David30 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1980/02
1728B25Binks, David26 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1980/04
1729SK700Jones, Stephen23 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1980/04
1730Barbican 33Griffiths, Maurice32 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1980/05
1731OystermanGartside, Paul16 ft LOADinghy, sailingPractical Boat Owner1980/05
1732LiberatorDubois, Ed35 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1980/06
1733Albin ExpressNorlin, Peter25 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1980/07
1734Pegasus 700Harris, Gordon23 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1980/07
1735Suffolk BawleyRobinson, Anthony25 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1980/07
1736King FisherMitchell, Len21 ft LOAMotorPractical Boat Owner1980/08
1737Dockrell 22Shimko, D22 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1980/08
1738Jaguer 21Mullins, John21 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1980/09
1739KylixGriffiths, Maurice27 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1980/09
1740Helford CutterRobinson, Alan & Mary28 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1980/09
1741Colvic CountessAnderson, Ian28 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1980/10
1742Etap 22van de Stadt22 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1980/10
1743Ankh 23Hunter, A23 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1980/10
1744Nicholson 32 Mk X1Nicholson, Charles33 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1980/10
1745Oyster 26Holman & Pye26 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1980/10
1746Elizabethan 23Bayne, Graham Drummond23 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1980/11
1747KinsmanLandamore. Leslie20 ft LOADinghy, sailingPractical Boat Owner1980/12
1748Gypsy IIWarrington Smyth, Rodney24 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1980/12
1749LibertyThomas, David22 ft LOAYacht, ketchPractical Boat Owner1981/01
1750BarbaryRayner, Walter F33 ft LOAMotor, ketchPractical Boat Owner1981/01
1751Westerly GriffonDubois, Ed26 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1981/02
1752Sancerre 33Bonden, Ray33 ft LOAMotorPractical Boat Owner1981/03
1753Golden Hind 26Griffiths, Maurice26 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1981/03
1754Cruising CracksmanHenderson, Michael20 ft LOACatamaranPractical Boat Owner1981/03
1755LaserKirby, Bruce14 ft LOADinghy, sailingPractical Boat Owner1981/04
1756TopperProcter, Ian11 ft LOADinghy, sailingPractical Boat Owner1981/04
1757Sirroco 26Prout26 ft LOACatamaranPractical Boat Owner1981/04
17588 metre CatalacLack/Winterbottom27 ft LOACatamaranPractical Boat Owner1981/04
1759Heavenly TwinsPatterson, Pat26 ft LOACatamaranPractical Boat Owner1981/04
1760North Sea SkiffCourt, Bill16 ft LOADinghy, sailingPractical Boat Owner1981/05
1761StellaHolman, C R26 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1981/05
1762Quest 31Prout31 ft LOACatamaranPractical Boat Owner1981/06
1763Ocean WindsPatterson, Pat33 ft LOACatamaranPractical Boat Owner1981/06
1764TimpennyThorne, Colin22 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1981/07
1765QuasarProut49 ft LOACatamaranPractical Boat Owner1981/07
1766Westwind 3535 ft LOA TaiwanYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1981/07
1767AncoraMorgan Giles, F C 7 m classYacht, sloopYachting Monthly1913/08
1768Mirage 270025 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1981/08
1769Hustler 25.5Holman & Pye26 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1981/08
1770Duellist32 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1981/09
1771Seamaster 815Holman & Pye24 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1981/09
1772Sadler 29Sadler, David29 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1981/10
1773Vindo 50S35 ft LOAYacht, ketchPractical Boat Owner1981/10
1774Evolution 25Everitt, Julian26 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1981/11
1775Invader 2222 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1981/11
1776First 25Groupe Finot25 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1981/12
1777Cornish ShrimperDongray, Roger19 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1982/01
1778Minstrel 680Sharp, John22 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1982/01
1779FrantasyPaine, 'Chuck'26 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1982/01
1780WandererProcter, Ian14 ft LOADinghy, sailingPractical Boat Owner1982/01
1781Tornado 22Dury, Tim22 ft LOAMotorPractical Boat Owner1982/02
1782Leopard 32Tucker, Robert33 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1982/02
1783SundanceHolman & Pye31 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1982/03
1784SeadogFreeman, Reg30 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1982/03
1785Swift 18Silvester, Colin18 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1982/04
1786Tui 16Holman & Pye16 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1982/05
1787Sheldrake17 ft LOADinghy, sailingPractical Boat Owner1982/06
1788Silhouette VTucker, Robert17 ft LOADinghy, sailingPractical Boat Owner1982/06
1789Freedom 35Hoyt, Garry35 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1982/08
1790Frolic 18Creasey, Martin19 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1982/08
1791Freedom 25Hoyt, Gary26 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1982/09
1792Duver 23Mursell, Arthur23 ft LOAMotorPractical Boat Owner1982/09
1793CoromandelTucker, Robert21 ft LOAYacht, junkPractical Boat Owner1982/09
1794Sigma 33CThomas, David33 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1982/10
1795Cockleshell HeroWoods, Richard & Lilian29 ft LOACatamaranPractical Boat Owner1982/10
1796Blackfish DoryOughtred, Iain16 ft LOADinghy, sailingPractical Boat Owner1982/10
1797EbbtidePape, Alan33 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1982/11
1798DevastationThomas, David25 ft LOA Hunter DeltaYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1982/12
1799McArthurPrice, Hywell35 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1982/12
1800WBKremer, K T12 ft LOADinghy, sailingPractical Boat Owner1982/12
1801Moody 333Primrose & Dixon33 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1983/01
1802LightfootJohnson, Robert K21 ft LOADinghy, sailingPractical Boat Owner1983/01
1803CatapultMontgomery, Jon16 ft LOACatamaranPractical Boat Owner1983/01
1804Gib'Sea 77Meyran, Jean-Claude25 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1983/02
1805Sadler 26Sadler, David26 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1983/02
1806EastcountrymanWinch. Paul40 ft LOAYacht, yawlPractical Boat Owner1983/02
1807Tradewind 35Rock, John35 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1983/03
1808ArcaCarter, Dick44 ft LOA SoutherlyYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1983/04
1809Seawolf 26Feltham, David26 ft OAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1983/04
1810CometSimmons, Andrew11 ft LOADinghy, sailingPractical Boat Owner1983/04
1811Traveller 20Howden, Roger20 ft LOAMotorPractical Boat Owner1983/05
1812First ClassFaroux & Finot26 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1983/05
1813Drascombe ScaffieWatkinson, John15 ft LOADinghy, sailingPractical Boat Owner1983/06
1814SunbirdAtkinson & Mitchell15 ft LOADinghy, sailingPractical Boat Owner1983/06
1815Gazelle 18Howard, Arthur18 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1983/07
1816Aqua-Star 33Wilson, G Snr33 ft LOAMotorPractical Boat Owner1983/07
1817Norwegian GirlHawes, Michael19 ft LOA Skanner 19Yacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1983/08
1818Moody 27Dixon, Bill27 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1983/09
1819Falmouth Bass BoatWarrington-Smyth, R16 ft LOADinghy, sailingPractical Boat Owner1983/09
1820Countess 33Anderson, Ian33 ft LOAYacht, ketchPractical Boat Owner1983/09
1821Acorn SkiffOughtred, Iain12 ft LOADinghyPractical Boat Owner1983/10
1822Newbridge VenturerDixon, Newbridge Boats22 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1983/10
1823TopcatFish, Brian13 ft LOACatamaranPractical Boat Owner1983/11
1824Victoria 30Paine, Chuck30 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1983/12
1825CorsairDubois, Ed36 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1983/12
1826NoontideGriffiths, Maurice32 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1983/12
1827Seawolf 30Feltham, David30 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1984/01
1828Shipmate SeniorHoward, Norman16 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1984/01
1829CormorantDongray, Roger12 ft LOADinghy, sailingPractical Boat Owner1984/01
1830Catboat 12Wolstenholme, Andrew12 ft LOADinghy, sailingPractical Boat Owner1984/02
1831Calliope 339Tucker, Tony34 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1984/03
1832SupertaddyGiles, Mark9 ft LOADinghy, sailingPractical Boat Owner1984/03
1833TiketitanFrers, German89 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting World1999/01
1834Red MaxSimonis, Alex63 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting World1999/01
1835North Island 53Elliot, Greg53 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting World1999/01
1836Bowman 48CCPaine, Chuck50 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting World1999/01
1837Sydney 40Murray Burns & Dovey41 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting World1999/01
1838Dufour 325Dufour33 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting World2007/02
1839Elan 340Humphries, Rob33 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting World2007/02
1840Salona 3737 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting World2007/02
1841Grand Soleil 40Botin & Carkeek41 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting World2007/02
1842Nimbus 260Eliasson, Rolf27 ft LOAMotorPractical Boat Owner1984/06
1843Nimbus 3000Eliasson, Rolf29 ft LOAMotorPractical Boat Owner1984/06
1844Freedom 21Hoyt, Garry22 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1984/07
1845Bosun's MateBlagg Boat Co.10 ft LOAMotorPractical Boat Owner1984/07
1846Gib'Sea 84Joubert & Nivelt28 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1984/07
1847Tremlett Sea LaunchTremlett, Chris21 ft LOAMotorPractical Boat Owner1984/08
1848Kelt 707Briand, Philippe23 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1984/08
1849Challenger BravoSadler, Martin26 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1984/10
1850Skipper 14Milne, Peter14 ft LOADinghy, sailingPractical Boat Owner1984/10
1851Blue PeterProctor, Ian8 ft LOADinght, sailingPractical Boat Owner1984/10
1852Easticks 28Hunt, Neil29 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1984/10
1853Sadler 34Sadler, Martin35 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1984/11
1854Petrel 30Pape, Alan30 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1984/11
1855Foster 14Foster, Roger15 ft LOADinghy, sailingPractical Boat Owner1984/11
1856CB23Freeman & Hickinbotham29 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1984/12
1857Nordic FolkboatSunden, Tord25 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1984/12
1858AmeliaBurnett, Ed59 ft LOASchoonerClassic Boat2007/10
1859Beneteau Oceanis ClipperBerret & Racoupeau36 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting World2007/02
1860Sun OdysseyLombard, Marc42 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting World2007/02
1861EsenseWally143 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting World2007/02
1862J/12240 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting World2007/04
1863DragonflyQuorning35 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting World2007/04
1864Pink GinJudel & Vrolijk152 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting World2007/04
1865Harmony 34Mortain & Mavrikios33 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting Monthly2007/02
1866Cornish ShrimperDongray, Roger23 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting Monthly2007/02
1867Nordship 40DSBuckwald/Borghegn40 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting Monthly2007/03
1868Sunbeam 34Nissen, George35 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting Monthly2007/04
1869Aicon 62Aicon66 ft LOAMotorMotorboat and Yachting2007/02
1870Falcon18 SportWolstenholme, Andrew18 ft LOAMotorPractical Boat Owner1984/12
1871Merlin 28Dubois, Ed27 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1985/01
1872Swift 800Silvester, Colin26 ft LOAMotorPractical Boat Owner1985/01
1873EbbtidePape, Alan33 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1985/02
1874ExplorerSilvester, Colin18 ft LOADinghy, sailingPractical Boat Owner1985/02
1875Scamper 26Prout28 ft LOACatamaranPractical Boat Owner1985/02
1876Comet 51SVallicelli, Studio51 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting World2005/01
1877Grand SoleilVrolijk, Judel49 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting World2005/01
1878Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 49Briand, Philippe49 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting World2005/01
1879Clipper 68Dubois, Ed68 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting World2005/01
1880Oyster 82Humphreys, Rob82 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting World2005/01
1881Gypsy Moth IVIllingworth & Primrose54 ft LOA Francis ChichesterYacht, ketchYachting World2005/10
1882NieblaSpooner, Paul59 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting World2006/01
1883Hanse 370/400/461Judel & Vrolijk38/40/47 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting World2006/01
1884Oyster 46/72Humphreys, Rob47/75 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting World2006/02
1885Southerly 46RSKer, Jason46 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting World2006/03
1886Shipman 63J&J Design63 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting World2006/03
1887Westerly GK35Dubois, Ed35 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting World2006/03
1888Parsifal IIIHolland/Navi177 ft LOAYacht, ketchYachting World2006/03
1889Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 39iLombard, Mark39 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting World2006/06
1890Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 42DSLombard, Mark43 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting World2006/06
1891DragonAnker, Johan29 ft LOA 1929Dinghy, sailingYachting World2006/06
1892EtchellsEtshells, Skip30 ft LOA 1965Dinghy, sailingYachting World2006/06
1893Maggie BIrens, Nigel62 ft LOA FusionSchoonerYachting World2006/08
1894Contest 45Nissen, Georg45 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting World2006/08
1895Najad 440CCJudel/Vrolijk45 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting World2006/08
1896Delher 44Simonis & Voogd45 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting World2006/12
1897Grand Soleil 43Botin & Carkeek44 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting World2006/12
1898Maxi 1300Petterson & Maxi42 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting World2006/12
1899EFES 56Dijkstra, Gerard65 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting World2006/12
1900Beneteau First 50Briand, Phillipe49 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting World2007/01
1901Dufour 525 Grand'LargeFelci & Roseo & Dufour50 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting World2007/01
1902Maltese FalconPerini & Perkins288 ft LOAYacht, clipperYachting World2007/01
1903Gunboat 48Melvin & Morelli48 ft LOACatamaranYachting World2007/01
1904Durabo 100Erdevicki, Ivan100 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting World2007/05
1905Rob Roy 23Brewer, Ted23 ft LOAYacht, yawlPractical Boat Owner1985/03
1906Macwester Seaforth36 ft LOAYacht, ketchPractical Boat Owner1985/03
1907HarrierDixon, Tony20 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1985/04
1908StriderRichard Woods Design24 ft LOACatamaranPractical Boat Owner1985/04
1909Jaguer 23Mullins, John23 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1985/05
1910Delher 25van de Stadt25 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1985/06
1911PixieWoods, Richard14 ft LOA surf catCatamaranPractical Boat Owner1985/06
1912Skipper 17Milne, Peter17 ft LOADinghy, sailingPractical Boat Owner1985/07
1913Gib'Sea 96Joubert & Nivelt33 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1985/08
1914Family FourMudieMotorPractical Boat Owner1985/08
1915First 29Groupe Finot30 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1985/09
191610m CatalacLack34 ft LOACatamaranPractical Boat Owner1985/09
1917Steadfast 24Tucker, Robert23 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1985/10
1918Van de Stadt 34van de Stadt34 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1985/10
1919Leisure 17Howard, Arthur17 ft LOADinghy, sailingPractical Boat Owner1985/10
1920CarreraOlesinski, Bernard24 ft LOAMotorPractical Boat Owner1985/11
1921GirouetteE. de Boer36 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1985/12
1922Sou'westerDalton, Percy22 ft LOADinghy, sailingPractical Boat Owner1986/02
1923Winkle BrigBergqvist, Eric16 ft LOADinghy, sailingPractical Boat Owner1986/03
1924RainbowBolke, Peter16 ft LOADinghy, sailingPractical Boat Owner1986/03
1925Migrant 36van de Stadt36 ft LOAYacht, ketchPractical Boat Owner1986/03
1926Crabber 30 P.C.Dongray, Roger39 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1986/04
1927Laser FunBethwaite, Frank14 ft LOADinghy, sailingPractical Boat Owner1986/04
1928BlackfishOughtred, IainDory, sailingPractical Boat Owner1986/04
1929Swale 22Mitchell, John27 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1986/05
1930Dehler 22van de Stadt22 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1986/05
1931PetrelPape, Alan30 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1986/06
1932Freedom 33Hoyt & Oakley33 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1986/06
1933Regatta HT 2+2Mudie, Colin19 ft LOAMotorPractical Boat Owner1986/07
1934Carra 16Shuttleworth, John16 ft LOADinghy, sailingPractical Boat Owner1986/07
1935Feeling 96033 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1986/08
1936Moody 28Dixon, Bill28 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1986/10
1937West Wight PotterStanley, Smith14 ft LOA GRPDinghy, sailingPractical Boat Owner1986/11
1938Drifter 37Sharp/Tetley37 ft LOAYacht, ketchPractical Boat Owner1986/11
1939Westerly CentaurLaurent Giles & Ptnrs26 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1987/03
1940Honey PotSkanner24 ft LODYacht, gafferPractical Boat Owner1987/03
1941Nonsuch 30Ellis, Mark30 ft LOAYachtPractical Boat Owner1987/03
1942Keyhaven YawlLaurent Giles Ltd33 ft LOAYacht, yawlPractical Boat Owner1987/04
1943Salterns 24Laurent Giles Ltd24 ft LODYacht, gafferPractical Boat Owner1987/04
1944Jeanneau Tonic 23Harle, Phillipe24 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1987/05
1945Gib 74Joubert, Michel25 ft LOAMotorPractical Boat Owner1987/06
1946MG C27Humphreys, Robert28 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1987/07
1947Leisure 23SLPryor, Frank23 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1987/09
1948Hitia 14Wharram Designs14 ft LOACatamaranPractical Boat Owner1987/09
1949WandererProctor, Ian14 ft LOADinghy, sailingPractical Boat Owner1987/09
1950Blue PeterProctor, Ian8 ft LOADinghy, sailingPractical Boat Owner1987/09
1951GullProctor, Ian11 ft LOADinghy, sailingPractical Boat Owner1987/09
1952First 42Frers, German44 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1987/09
1953Navwind 24Groombridge, Roger24 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1987/10
1954Oysterman 22Gartside, Paul23 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1987/11
1955Catfisher 32Compton, Terry32 ft LOACatamaranPractical Boat Owner1987/11
1956Laser 16Kirby, Bruce17 ft LOADinghy, sailingPractical Boat Owner1987/12
1957Steadfast 3030 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1988/02
1958Fairey Marine AtalantaFox, Uffa26 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1988/04
1959Tiki CoastalWharram Designs28 ft LOACatamaranPractical Boat Owner1988/04
1960Strider ClubWoods Designs24 ft LOACatamaranPractical Boat Owner1988/04
1961Seamaster 29Holman & Pye29 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1988/04
1962Petrel 32Pape, Alan32 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1988/05
1963Spring 25Castro, Tony26 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1988/06
1964Halberg Rassy 94Rassy/Enderlein31 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1988/07
1965Horizon 32Thomas, David32 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1988/08
1966Westerly 22Rayner, D A22 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1988/10
1967Etap 30Ridder, Jac D30 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1988/10
1968G&L 28Dalton, Percy41 ft LOAYacht, gafferPractical Boat Owner1988/11
1969Bucklers Hard 46Laurent Giles & Partners46 ft LOAYacht, ketchPractical Boat Owner1988/11
1970FirebirdSmith, Martyn26 ft LOACatamaranPractical Boat Owner1988/12
1971Hunter 27Thomas, David27 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1989/01
1972ScodNicholson, C A26 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1989/03
1973Dart 15Laser15 ft LOACatamaranPractical Boat Owner1989/04
1974Cornish YawlDongray, Roger32 ft LOAYacht, yawlPractical Boat Owner1989/04
1975Navwind 24Groombridge, Roger24 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1989/05
1976OrkadianCastro, Tony21 ft LOAFishingPractical Boat Owner1989/06
1977F27Farrier, Ian27 ft LOATrimaranPractical Boat Owner1989/08
1978Event 34Prout & Feltham & Underwood34 ft LOACatamaranPractical Boat Owner1989/08
1979Coastliner 14Orkney14 ft LOAMotorPractical Boat Owner1989/08
1980200 SC CuddyMaxum20 ft LOAMotorPractical Boat Owner1989/08
1981Tiki 26Wharram, James26 ft LOACatamaranPractical Boat Owner1989/08
1982Seawolf 26Feltham, David26 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1989/10
1983Aquaviva FrontierScagnelli & Angelini21 ft LOAMotorPractical Boat Owner1989/10
1984Flying Fox DeluxeMoulston, Bob17 ft LOAMotorPractical Boat Owner1989/11
1985Sonrisa Del GatoBrouns, Jean-Pierre37 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1989/12
1986Pangolin IIHarris, Mike45 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1990/01
1987Dockrell 27Anderson, Ian27 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1990/02
1988Alouette VIHunter Boats Ltd23 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1990/03
1989St Mawes O.D,Peters, Frank16 ft LOADinghy, sailingPractical Boat Owner1990/03
1990Sadler 34Sadler, David35 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1990/04
1991Etap 28iHarle, Philippe28 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1990/04
1992Nidelv 26Nilsen, Eiven26 ft LOAMotorPractical Boat Owner1990/05
1993Vancouver 36Taylor, Tony36 ft LOAYacht, cutterPractical Boat Owner1990/05
1994Winkle Brig DayboatBergvist, Eric16 ft LOADinghy, sailingPractical Boat Owner1990/05
1995Devon YawlETS Mouldings16 ft LOADinghy, sailingPractical Boat Owner1990/06
1996Nimbus 29 Coupe30 ft LOAMotorPractical Boat Owner1990/06
1997Mascot 910Mortensen, Palle28 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1990/07
1998Tidemaster SennitTraditional27 ft LOAMotorPractical Boat Owner1990/07
1999Sun-Liberty 34Jeanneau34 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1990/08
2000Norfolk GypsyWolstenholme, Andrew24 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1990/08
2001Seawings 234Mudie, Colin25 ft LOAMotorPractical Boat Owner1990/08
2002Eclipse 33Dixon, Bill33 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1990/10
2003Targa 30Olesinski, Bernard34 ft LOAMotorPractical Boat Owner1990/10
2004Beneteau First 32s5Berret, Jean33 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1990/11
2005Sealine 220Murrant, Tom23 ft LOAMotorPractical Boat Owner1990/11
2006Longshore 16Harris, Peter16 ft LOADinghy, sailingPractical Boat Owner1990/12
2007Great PelicanShort, William H16 ft LOADinghy, sailingPractical Boat Owner1990/12
2008Tamarisk 19Cannell, David M19 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1991/02
2009SeabreezePfannenschmidt, Ernie24 ft LOAYacht, ketchPractical Boat Owner1991/02
2010Tiki 36James Wharram Designs36 ft LOACatamaranPractical Boat Owner1991/02
2011Parker 21Holland & Parker21 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1991/03
2012Mayland Kingfisher 2020 ft LOAMotorPractical Boat Owner1991/03
2013Horizon 272 CCSHunter & David Thomas28 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1991/04
2014Maritime 21Scott, John21 ft LOAMotorPractical Boat Owner1991/04
2015Catalina 22Catalina Yachts, USA22 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1991/05
2016Spring 25Castro, Tony26 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1991/06
2017Etap 35iHarle, Philippe35 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1991/06
2018Bavaria 320 SportlineMohnhaupt, Axel33 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1991/07
2019Jaquar 24Castro, Tony24 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1991/07
2020Nelson 29TT Boat Designs Ltd29 ft LOAMotorPractical Boat Owner1991/07
2021Event 34Underwood/Feltham34 ft LOACatamaranPractical Boat Owner1991/08
2022Sea Wings 285Wolstenholme, Andrew31 ft LOAMotorPractical Boat Owner1991/08
2023John DoryOughtred, Iain18 ft LOADinghy, sailingPractical Boat Owner1991/10
2024Horizon 21Thomas, David21 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1991/11
2025Day Angler 21Orkney Boats21 ft LOAMotorPractical Boat Owner1991/11
2026Crabber 17Dongray, Roger17 ft LOADinghy, sailingPractical Boat Owner1991/12
2027Tepco TidewayGray, Paul12 ft LOADinghy, sailingPractical Boat Owner1991/12
2028Fastfisher 21Red Ray Boats Ltd21 ft LOAMotorPractical Boat Owner1991/12
2029PuckCardyn, Stephan23 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1992/02
2030Sunway 25Harle/Mortain25 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1992/03
2031Sport PackStimson, Barry10 ft LOAMotorPractical Boat Owner1992/03
2032Southerly 101Northshore Yachts34 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1992/04
2033Sadler 26Sadler, David26 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1992/05
2034Romany 21Goudge, Andy21 ft LOAMotorPractical Boat Owner1992/05
2035Etap 22iRidder, Jac de22 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1992/06
2036Californie 440Beneteau14 ft LOAMotorPractical Boat Owner1992/06
2037DragonflyQuorning, Borge26 ft LOATrimaranPractical Boat Owner1982/07
2038Orkadian 23Golesworthy/Orkney Boats23 ft LOAMotorPractical Boat Owner1982/08
2039First 265Groupe Finot26 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1982/10
2040Nordhavn 43Leishman, Jeff43 ft LOAMotorMotorboat and Yachting2007/06
2041Rodman Muse 54Fulvio de Simoni & Rodman56 ft LOAMotorMotorboat and Yachting2007/06
2042Sunseeker 37MDon Shead & Sunseeker121 ft LOAMotorMotorboat and Yachting2007/06
2043Feeling 44Mortain/Mavrikios45 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting Monthly2003/05
2044Oceanis 43Racoupeau, Berret43 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting Monthly2007/05
2045UFO 31Holman & Pye31 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting Monthly2006/04
2046DragonflyQuorning, Borge26 ft LOATrimaranPractical Boat Owner1992/07
2047TherapyNorthshore Yachts25 ft LOA Fisher 25Yacht, cutterPractical Boat Owner1992/07
2048Viking 2626 ft LOAMotorPractical Boat Owner1992/07
2049Channel 32Thomas, David32 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1992/08
2050Sun Odyssey 31Andrieu, Daniel30 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1992/08
2051HekseriBuchanan ,Alan & Partners42 ft LODYacht, ketchPractical Boat Owner1992/08
2052Orkadian 23Golesworthy, Karey23 ft LOAMotorPractical Boat Owner1992/08
2053First 265Groupe Finot26 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1992/08
2054Tartan 3500Jackett, Tim35 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1992/11
2055Red FoxThomas, David20 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1992/11
2056ArpegeDufour, Michel29 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1992/11
2057GriffonDubois, Ed26 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1992/12
2058Common SenseSunden, Tor25 ft LOADinghy, sailingPractical Boat Owner1993/02
2059Horizon 30Thomas, David30 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1993/03
2060Hawk 20Hawkins, Chris20 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1993/03
2061FulmarDubois, Ed32 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1993/03
2062Norfolk 43Roberts, Bruce43 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1993/04
2063Jaguar 265Castro, Tony26 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1993/05
2064Hardy 27Mudie, Colin27 ft LOAMotorPractical Boat Owner1993/05
2065Sunbeam 34Miglitsch/Schoechi34 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1993/07
2066MacGregor 2626 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1993/07
2067Starlight 35Jones, Stephen36 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1993/08
2068HirondelleHammond/Trotter23 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1993/10
2069Vancouver 34Harris, Robert33 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1993/11
2070Kora 16Harris, Peter16 ft LOACanoe, sailingPractical Boat Owner1993/11
2071Regatta 290Dubois, Ed29 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1993/12
2072Oystercatcher 1616 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1993/12
2073Tradewind 25Rock, John30 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1994/02
2074Explorer IIChapple, Howard I20 ft LOAYacht, ketchPractical Boat Owner1994/02
2075Falmouth Gypsy III24 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1994/02
2076Tern II18 ft LOADinghy, sailingPractical Boat Owner1994/03
2077Snowgoose 37Prout/Feltham37 ft LOACatamaranPractical Boat Owner1994/03
2078Sunstar 3232 ft LOACatamaranPractical Boat Owner1994/04
2079SephinaHolman & Pye35 ft LOA Super Sovereign 1972Yacht, ketchClassic Boat2007/04
2080Frenesi of ClynderMcGruer, James44 ft LOA 1960Yacht, yawlClassic Boat2007/04
2081Rustler 24Boyd, David24 ft LOADinghy, sailingClassic Boat2007/05
2082Crabber 30Dongray, Roger30 ft LOAPilot cutterClassic Boat2007/06
2083KateMylne, Alfred12 m LOA 1909Yacht, sloopClassic Boat2007/07
2084Elan 410Humphreys, Rob40 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting World2007/10
2085Elan 514Humphreys, Rob53 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting World2007/10
2086Archambault 35Nivelt, Joubert10 59 m LOA 2005Yacht, sloopYachts and Yachting2006/12
2087Topcat K3Enzmann, Klaus4.92 m LOACatamaranYachts and Yachting2007/02
2088Flying 15Fox, Uffa6.1 m LOA 1947Dinghy, sailingYachts and Yachting2007/03
2089Rogers 46Rogers, Simon14.02 m LOAYacht, sloopYachts and Yachting2007/03
2090Thomas41 ft LWLYacht, bargePractical Boat Owner1994/04
2091Oceanis 300Groupe Finot30 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1994/05
2092Francis 26Paine, Chuck26 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1994/06
2093Ranger 265Thomas, David27 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1994/07
2094Tobago 35Joubert-Nivelt35 ft LOACatamaranPractical Boat Owner1994/07
2095WizardWoods, Richard & Lilian22 ft LOACatamaranPractical Boat Owner1994/08
2096Cornish CrabberDongray, Roger24 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1994/11
2097Argyll 23Chisholm, Roderick G23 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1994/11
2098Legend 29.5Luhrs, Warren29 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1994/12
2099Skibsplast 600DSkibsrud, Roald21 ft LOAMotorPractical Boat Owner1994/12
2100Sun Odyssey 37.1Fauroux, J37 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1995/02
2101KD18Cooper, Rod19 ft LOADinghy, sailingPractical Boat Owner1995/02
2102CorsaireHerbulot, Jean-Jacques5.50 m LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1995/02
2103RM 80026 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1995/03
2104Prout 45Prout45 ft LOACatamaranPractical Boat Owner1995/03
2105Pilot 27Thomas, David27 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1995/04
2106CatalacWinterbotham, John36 ft LOACatamaranPractical Boat Owner1995/05
2107Summer Twins 28Patterson, Pat28 ft LOACatamaranPractical Boat Owner1995/06
2108Red FoxThomas, David20 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1995/07
2109Laser UniFurlPerformance Sailcraft17 ft LOADinghy, sailingPractical Boat Owner1995/08
2110L'Avant FoxFox, Uffa18 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1995/08
2111Bavaria 33J & J Design33 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1995/10
2112RomillyIrens, Nigel22 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1995/11
2113Najad 39140 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1995/12
2114PunchStollery, Roger11 ft LOADinghy, sailingPractical Boat Owner1995/12
2115Legend 28028 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1996/02
2116Trapper 500/501C & C28 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1996/02
2117Etap 23iL25 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1996/03
2118Sabre 27Hill, Alan27 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1996/03
2119Victoria 800Paine, Chuck26 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1996/04
2120Sea WychSadler, John19 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1996/04
2121Dehler 3333 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1996/05
2122Catalina 28 MkII28 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1996/05
2123Atalanta 26Fox, Uffa26 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1996/05
2124Beneteau 260 Spirit25 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1996/06
2125Westerly CentaurGiles, Laurent26 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1996/06
2126Dufour 35 ClassicDufour34 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1996/07
2127Sadler 32Sadler, David32 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1996/07
2128Legend 2626 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1996/08
2129Seal 22Primrose, Angus22 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1996/08
2130Seaword 23Mursell, Arthur23 ft LOAMotorPractical Boat Owner1996/09
2131Fulmar 32Dubois, Ed32 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1996/10
2132Freedom 35Pedrick, Dave35 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1996/10
2133Parker 325Parker34 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1996/11
2134Feeling 1040Harle, Philippe34 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1996/12
2135Plymouth PilotSkentelbery, K R24 ft LOAMotorPractical Boat Owner1997/01
2136Moody 34Dixon, Bill34 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1997/02
2137Norwalk Islands Sharpie 23Kirby, Bruce23 ft LOAYacht, ketchPractical Boat Owner1997/02
2138Offshore 25Baker, Rod25 ft LOAMotorPractical Boat Owner1997/02
2139Dufour 32 ClassicJ & J32 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1997/03
2140Cornish ClamDongray, Roger19 ft LOAMotorPractical Boat Owner1997/03
2141Anderson 22Lee, Oliver22 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1997/04
2142Heavenly TwinsPatterson, Pat36 ft LOACatamaranPractical Boat Owner1997/04
2143Hunter 245Thomas, David24 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1997/05
2144Ombrine 550Beneteau, Andre18 ft LOAMotorPractical Boat Owner1997/05
2145Westerly 33Giles, Laurent33 ft LOAYacnt, ketchPractical Boat Owner1997/06
2146Finisterre 23Mills, Clark24 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1997/06
2147Kingfisher 20Nierop, R A G21 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1997/07
2148Arabella RoseHathaway, Bob36 ft LOAYacht, yawlPractical Boat Owner1997/07
2149Dragonfly 92030 ft LOATrimaranPractical Boat Owner1997/08
2150Sigma 292Thomas, David29 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1997/08
2151WagtailSalterns13 ft LOADinghy, sailingPractical Boat Owner1997/08
2152Winkle BrigBergqvist, Eric20 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1997/08
2153Brock 24Eyre, Martin24 ft LOAYacht, yawlPractical Boat Owner1997/08
2154Westerly 31Giles, Laurent31 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1997/09
2155Mitchell 22Hill, Alan22 ft LOAMotorPractical Boat Owner1997/09
2156Nauticat 33Gustaffson, Kha33 ft LOAYacht, ketchPractical Boat Owner1997/10
2157Shetland 570Mudie, Colin19 ft LOAMotorPractical Boat Owner1997/10
2158MariseHunter Marine31 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1997/11
2159CressidaThames Marine26 ft LOAMotorPractical Boat Owner1997/11
2160Memory 19Robinson, Tony25 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1997/12
2161Kelt 8.50Vaton, Gilles28 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1997/12
2162Falmouth PilotWarrington-Smyth, Rodney24 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1997/12
2163Orkney 580TTMursell, Arthur19 ft LOAMotorPractical Boat Owner1998/01
2164Leisure 23Pryor, Frank23 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1998/02
2165ScallowayOughtred, Iain20 ft LOA Caladonia YawlYacht, yawlPractical Boat Owner1998/02
2166Golden Hind 31Grffiths, Maurice32 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1998/03
2167Arvor 18Dell Quay18 ft LOAMotorPractical Boat Owner1998/03
2168Var 15Hilton, Mike15 ft LOAMotorPractical Boat Owner1998/03
2169Wanderer IIIGiles, Laurent30 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1998/03
2170E-BoatEveritt, Julian22 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1998/03
2171Etap 21iMortain & Mavrikios21 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1998/04
2172Laser 28Farr, Bruce28 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1998/04
2173Devon YawlDevon Craft16 ft LOADinghy, yawlPractical Boat Owner1998/04
2174Parkstone Bay 21Mitchell, Len21 ft LOAMotorPractical Boat Owner1998/04
2175Contessa 32Sadler, David32 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1998/05
2176Hunter SonataThomas, David22 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1998/05
2177Westerly GK24Hawkins & Giles24 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1998/06
2178Cornish Crabber 22Dongray, Roger22 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1998/06
2179MG335Castro, Tony34 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1998/07
2180PippinTucker, Tony19 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1998/07
2181Hardy 36Wolstenholme, Andrew36 ft LOAMotorPractical Boat Owner1998/07
2182Cobra 850Feltham, David29 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1998/08
2183Red Fox 200SThomas, David20 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1998/08
2184TosherHeard, Terry19 ft LOAYacht, ketchPractical Boat Owner1998/08
2185Lona IIPain Clark, J38 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1998/09
2186Limbo 6.6Stewart, Andrew22 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1998/10
2187Trapper TS 240Dubois, Ed24 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1998/11
2188Fairey FishermanFairey Marine27 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1998/12
2189Nimrod 34Hill, Alan34 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1998/12
2190Samphire 23Cannell, David23 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1999/01
2191Merrywake IIHumphreys, Rob28 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1999/02
2192FivlaSandison, Duncan26 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1999/02
2193TalismanDixon, Tony22 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1999/03
2194Yellow DolphinRoy, Cyril26 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1999/04
2195Badnam LaunchThomas, David26 ft LOAMotorPractical Boat Owner1999/04
2196Landau 20Thomas, David20 ft LOAMotorPractical Boat Owner1999/05
2197Jaguar 21Mullins, John21 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1999/06
2198GypsyWoods, Richard28 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1999/06
2199Moody 33Primrose, Angus33 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1999/06
2200Elan 295Humphreys, Rob30 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1999/07
2201Hunter 490Lee, Oliver15 ft LOADinghy, sailingPractical Boat Owner1999/07
2202Medina 20Thomas, David20 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1999/08
2203Norfolk SmugglerWolstenholme, Andrew7.69 m LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1999/08
2204Legend 240Hunter Marine24 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1999/08
2205JoelleClark, Robert24 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1999/09
2206Vera JaneClark, Robert24 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1999/10
2207Feeling 356Vaton & Roseo35 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1999/10
2208First 285Finot, Jean-Marie28 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1999/11
2209Sporting 680Skrzat, Andrzej22 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1999/11
2210TomahawkHill, Alan25 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1999/12
2211Island Packet 350Johnson, Bob35 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1999/12
2212Yarmouth 23Wyatt & Freeman23 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner2000/01
2213Varne 27/850Stewart, Duncan28 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner2000/02
2214Plymouth Pilot 24K R Skentlelberry & Sons24 ft LOAMotorPractical Boat Owner2000/02
2215West Wight PotterSmith, Stanley14 ft LOADinghy, sailingPractical Boat Owner2000/03
2216Mirage 26Walsh Wakefield Ltd26 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner2000/03
2217SeadogFreeman, Reg30 ft LOAYacht, ketchPractical Boat Owner2000/04
2218Oystercatcher 20Varley, Judd20 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner2000/04
2219NimrodProctor, Ian18 ft LOADinghy, sailingPractical Boat Owner2000/05
2220Hunter Channel 31Thomas Ian31 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner2000/05
2221Contessa 26Sadler, David26 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner2000/06
2222Red Fox VisionThomas, David23 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner2000/06
2223Hillyard18 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner2000/07
2224Westerly Centaur KetchGiles, Laurent28 ft LOAYacht, ketchPractical Boat Owner2000/07
2225Sailfish 18Leo da Costa/Maxime Marine19 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner2000/08
2226Etap 24iMarc-Oliver von Ahlen26 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner2000/08
2227Super Seal 26Holland, Ron26 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner2000/09
2228Husky 24Burnard, C W24 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner2000/10
2229Catalina 34Butler, Frank35 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner2000/10
2230Hanse 292/301Carl Beyer/Yachtzentrum Greifswald30 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner2000/11
2231Stag 28Milne, Peter28 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner2000/11
2232Warrior 35Primrose & Illingworth35 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner2000/12
2233CalipsoSparkman & Stephens33 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner2001/01
2234Jaquar 25Butler, Frank25 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner2001/02
2235PsycheBurnett, Ed38 ft LOAYacht, yawlPractical Boat Owner2001/03
2236Trapper 28Cuthbertson & Cassian28 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner2001/03
2237DayboatO'Brien Kennedy, G14 ft LOADinghy, sailingPractical Boat Owner2001/04
2238Cobra 1050Feltham, David34 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner2001/05
2239Catalac 12mWinterbotham, John41 ft LOACatamaranPractical Boat Owner2001/06
2240Dawn TreaderDubois/Hawkins26 ft LOA Westerly GriffonYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner2001/07
2241North Beach 24Cobelens, Frans24 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner2001/08
2242Cape Cutter 19Dix, Dudley19 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner2001/09
2243Macwester 26Roy, C S J26 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner2001/10
2244Westerly Storm 33Dubois, Ed33 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner2001/12
2245Trapper 500C&C28 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner2002/02
2246SCODNicholson, C A26 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner2002/02
2247Bolero 25Thomas, David7.8 m LOA 1979Yacht, sloopYachts and Yachting2007/09
2248Windy 31 SciroccoJohnsen, Hans31 ft LOAMotorMotorboat Monthly1995/02
2249Princess 420Olesinski, Bernard43 ft LOAMotorMotorboat Monthly1995/02
2250Princess V39Olesinski, Bernard39 ft LOAMotorMotorboat Monthly1995/06
2251Skibsplast 700DSkibsplast23 ft LOAMotorMotorboat Monthly1995/06
2252Sunseeker 46 ManhattanShead, Don46 ft LOAMotorMotorboat Monthly1995/07
2253Maxum 2300CMaxum Marine24 ft LOAMotorMotorboat Monthly1995/07
2254Rico MarlinMoxham, John30 ft LOAMotorMotorboat Monthly1995/09
2255Nord West 900Moxham, John33 ft LOAMotorMotorboat Monthly1995/09
2256Shamrock 20O'Sullivan20 ft LOAMotorMotorboat Monthly1995/09
2257Watershed CourierWatershed19 ft LOAMotorMotorboat Monthly1995/09
2258Orkney Day Angler 19+TT Boat Designs20 ft LOAMotorMotorboat Monthly1995/09
2259Sunseeker Portofino 31/32Shead, Don32 ft LOAMotorMotorboat Monthly1995/09
2260Solar 32Clabburn, John32 ft LOAMotorMotorboat Monthly1995/09
2261Mariah Z275 DavantiMariah Boats27 ft LOAMotorMotorboat Monthly1995/10
2262Sealine 285 AmbassadorMurrant, Tom28 ft LOAMotorMotorboat Monthly1995/10
2263Elan 340Humphreys, Rob9.99 m LOAYacht, sloopYachts and Yachting2007/04
2264LarkJackson, Mike4.45 m LOA 1966Dinghy, sailingYachts and Yachting2007/05
2265SquibLee, Oliver J5.78 m LOADinghy, sailingYachts and Yachting2007/06
2266Legend 27XHenderson, Glen8.33 m LOAYacht, sloopYachts and Yachting2007/07
2267Ancasta Surprise 58Beeldsnijder Pieter15.45 m LOAYacht, sloopBoat International1983/02
2268Comet TrioMorrison, Phil4.6 m LOA 1995Dinghy, sailingYachts and Yachting2007/08
2269Discovery 55Holland, Ron55 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting Monthly2007/09
2270North Beach 24Cobelens, Frans28 ft LOAYacht, sloopClassic Boat2007/10
2271TouririNorthshore36 ft LOA Southerly 105Yacht, sloopYachting Monthly2007/10
2272LaserKirby, Bruce4.23 m LOA 1971Dinghy, sailingYachts and Yachting2007/09
2273OKOlsen, Knud4 m LOA 1957Dinghy, sailingYachts and Yachting2007/09
2274SoloHolt, Jack3 78 m LOA 1956Dinghy, sailingYachts and Yachting2007/09
2275Storebro Royal Cruiser 355Wilkie, Winnfried35 ft LOAMotorMotorboat Monthly1995/10
2276Princess 37SBennett, John37 ft LOAMotorMotorboat Monthly1995/10
2277Windy 36 Grand MistralJohnsen, Hans36 ft LOAMotorMotorboat Monthly1996/06
2278Four Winns 238 VistaFour Winns23 ft LOAMotorMotorboat Monthly1996/06
2279Moonraker 36Tucker, Robert41 ft LOAMotorMotorboat Monthly1996/06
2280Humber Sceptre 448Marsh, David45 ft LOAMotorMotorboat Monthly1996/07
2281Fairline HolidayBennett, John22 ft LOAMotorMotorboat Monthly1996/07
2282Beneteau Antares Serie 6Beneteau20 ft LOAMotorMotorboat Monthly1996/07
2283Hollandia 1000SJachtbouw Hollandia bv33 ft LOAMotorMotorboat Monthly1996/08
2284Shetland 535Escomar Boats17 ft LOAMotorMotorboat Monthly1996/08
2285Sunseeker 375Shead, Don39 ft LOAMotorMotorboat Monthly1996/09
2286Seamaster 30Welch, John30 ft LOAMotorMotorboat Monthly1996/09
2287Nimbus 31 CoupeNimbus Boats31 ft LOAMotorMotorboat Monthly1996/09
2288Pearl 41Bennett, John42 ft LOAMotorMotorboat Monthly2000/08
2289Bayliner 2352 TrophyBayliner Marine Corp.25 ft LOAMotorMotorboat Monthly2000/08
2290Princess 41/412/414Bennett, John41 ft LOAMotorMotorboat Monthly2000/08
2291Rodman 1250Rodman Polyships41 ft LOAMotorMotorboat Monthly2001/01
2292Falcon 275Wostenholme, Andrew28 ft LOA 1996MotorMotorboat Monthly2001/01
2293Southerly 110Humphreys, Rob36 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner2002/03
2294Oceanis 351Berret, Jean34 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner2002/04
2295CherubinoSadler, David35 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner2002/05
2296Moody 336Dixon, Bill34 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner2002/05
2297Victoria 34Paine, Chuck33 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner2002/05
2298Legend 326Hunter Marine31 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner2002/06
2299Racing DemonCharles & Peter Nicholson32 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner2002/07
2300Ovni 345Joubert & Nivelt36 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner2002/08
2301Hurley 24/70Anderson, Ian24 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner2002/10
2302Nordship 38DSCBuchwald, Lars38 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner2002/11
2303Parker 235HSParker Lift Keel Yachts23 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner2002/12
2304Cobra 700Feltham, David23 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner2002/12
2305SpellboundLee, Oliver24 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner2003/01
2306ScheherazadeParker, Fred26 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner2003/02
2307Foxhound 24Fox, Uffa24 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner2003/03
2308Bavaria 49J&J49 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner2003/04
2309VascoThomas, David23 ft LOAYacht, ketchPractical Boat Owner2003/04
2310Ro 330Toledo, Inigo32 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner2003/05
2311Sou-Wester SamMacGregor, Roger26 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner2003/05
2312Hunter Mystery 35Jones, Stephen35 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner2003/07
2313Odin 820Odin Yachten27 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner2003/08
2314Hunter Delta 25Thomas, David25 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner2003/08
2315Bavaria 38J&J & Peterson, Doug37 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner2003/09
2316Southerly 135Humphreys, Rob46 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner2003/10
2317Feeling 30Vaton, Gilles/Roseo, Patrick29 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner2003/11
2318Gemini 105McSmith, Tony34 ft LOACatamaranPractical Boat Owner2003/12
2319Hanse 371Judel/Vrolijk37 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner2004/01
2320Sadler 290Jones, Stephen29 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner2004/02
2321Degero 331DSGroop, Hans33 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner2004/03
2322Red Fox 200TThomas, David20 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner2004/04
2323Westerly SeahawkDubois, Ed34 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner2004/07
2324Ro 265Toledo, Inigo25 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner2004/07
2325Cigale 14Groupe Finot46 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner2004/08
2326SednaThomas, David25 ft LOA Hunter Channel 27Yacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner2004/09
2327Salona 45J&J44 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner2004/09
2328Finngulf 33Strahlmann, Karl-Johan33 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner2004/11
2329Southerly 35RSHumphreys, Rob36 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner2004/12
2330Kent 31Cory, Simon31 ft LOAMotorPractical Boat Owner2004/12
2331Hurley 20Anderson, Ian20 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner2005/05
2332Najad 332Judel & Vrolijk33 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner2005/08
2333Eclipse 99Woods, Richard33 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner2004/05
2334ArpegeDufour, Michel30 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner2004/05
2335Oceanis 323Group Finot33 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner2004/06
2336Oceanis 373Berret-Racoupeau Design37 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner2004/06
2337Sun OdysseyLombard, Marc34 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner2006/02
2338Brenta B30Brenta, Luca29 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting World2007/07
2339Brenta B38Brenta, Luca38 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting World2007/07
2340KateMylne, Alfred18 m LOAYacht. SloopYachting World2007/06
2341Beneteau First 40.7Farr Yacht Design40 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting World2007/06
2342Legally BrunetteJeppesen. Neils41 ft LOA X-41Yacht, sloopYachting World2007/06
2343ICAP LeopardFarr100 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting World2007/08
2344Sweden Yachts 54Norlin, Peter55 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting World2007/08
2345Najad 355Judel & Vrolijk36 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting World2007/09
2346Najad 570Judel & Vrolijk57 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting World2007/09
2347InboxPerry, Robert H39 ft LOA Far Harbour 39Yacht, sloopYachting World2007/09
2348Perini 38MPerini125 ft LOA SuperyachtYacht, sloopYachting World2007/09
2349Magnum 21Louvet, Noel & Saillard, Guy21 ft LOACatamaranPractical Boat Owner2006/05
2350Salona 40Wittey Marine Ltd39 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner2006/06
2351StrataLombard, Marc & Jeanneau35 ft LOA Sun Odessey 36iYacht, sloopYachting Monthly2007/06
2352Maxi 1100Petterson, Pelle37 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting Monthly2007/06
2353RM 1050Lombard, Marc34 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting Monthly2007/08
2354Penny LaneHolman & Pye35 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting Monthly2007/08
2355Targa 44Fairline Boats45 ft LOAMotorMotorboat and Yachting2007/07
2356Sessa C46Sessa Marine49 ft LOAMotorMotorboat and Yachting2007/07
2357Pearl 60Pearl Motoryachts58 ft LOAMotorMotorboat and Yachting2007/08
2358Menoquin MY145EPS Marine46 ft LOAMotorMotorboat and Yachting2007/07
2359Pershing 72Ventura UK73 ft LOAMotorMotorboat and Yachting2007/07
2360Sea Ray 375 Sedan BridgeSea Ray38 ft LOAMotorMotorboat and Yachting2007/08
2361Absolute 47Ocean Nautic48 ft LOAMotorMotorboat and Yachting2007/08
2362Westline W34Westline33 ft LOAMotorMotorboat and Yachting2007/08
2363Rizzardi Incredible 55Rizzardi60 ft LOAMotorMotorboat and Yachting2007/08
2364De Boarnstream 60 Pilot House59 t LOAMotorMotorboat and Yachting2007/08
2365Sealine SC35Peters Opal36 ft LOAMotorMotorboat and Yachting2007/08
2366Bavaria 3739 ft LOAMotorMotorboat and Yachting2007/08
2367Monte Carlo 32 & 37HTBeneteau33 ft LOAMotorMotorboat and Yachting2007/08
2368Speedcraft 34Custom Powerboat Co.34 ft LOAMotorMotorboat and Yachting2007/08
2369Bavaria 270 SportBavaria Yachtbau28 ft LOAMotorMotorboat Monthly2001/01
2370Mariah Z308 MCCMariah Boats31 ft LOAMotorMotorboat Monthly2001/03
2371Sealine 328 SovereignMurrant, Tom34 ft LOA 1989MotorMotorboat Monthly2001/03
2372Maxum 3500 SCRMaxum Marine35 ft LOAMotorMotorboat Monthly2001/04
2373AmariaBennett, John33 ft LOA Princess 33MotorMotorboat Monthly2001/04
2374Ocqueteau 760Ocqueteau25 ft LOAMotorMotorboat Monthly2001/04
2375Fairline Phantom 43Olesinski, Bernard44 ft LOAMotorMotorboat Monthly2001/05
2376Chaparral Signature 260Chaparral26 ft LOAMotorMotorboat Monthly2001/05
2377Sealine S48Sealine International49 ft LOAMotorMotorboat Monthly2001/08
2378Rio 700Rio Boats24 ft LOAMotorMotorboat Monthly2001/08
2379Fairline Phantom 50Olesinski. Bernard50 ft LOAMotorMotorboat Monthly2001/10
2380Sapphire32 ft LOA Broom 9/70MotorMotorboat Monthly2001/10
2381Sea Ray 280 SundancerSea Ray Boats Inc.29 ft LOAMotorMotorboat Monthly2001/10
2382PygmalionFalcon22 ft LOAMotorMotorboat Monthly2001/10
2383Seaward 35Seaward Marine37 ft LOAMotorMotorboat Monthly2002/01
2384UsutuMoody, Grahame43 ft LOA Moody Lancer 1969MotorMotorboat Monthly2002/01
2385Fletcher Malibu 19Fletcher International18 ft LOAMotorMotorboat Monthly2002/01
2386Atlantic 50Bennett, John49 ft LOAMotorMotorboat Monthly2002/01
2387Lochin 333D DominoLochin Marine33 ft LOAMotorMotorboat Monthly2002/02
2388Galeon Galia 777PPHU Galeon26 ft LOAMotorMotorboat Monthly2002/02
2389Lema Gold II Duna 290Lema25 ft & 30 ft LOAMotorMotorboat Monthly2002/02
2390Rodman 800Rodman Polyships28 ft LOAMotorMotorboat Monthly2002/03
2391Nimbus 3000, 3003, 31 UltimaNimbus29 - 31 ft LOAMotorMotorboat Monthly2002/03
2392HarrierNative Yacht Co.31 ft LOAMotorMotorboat Monthly2002/03
2393Failine Targa 52Olesinski53 ft LOAMotorMotorboat Monthly2002/04
2394Salpa Laver 31.5Nautica Salpa31 ft LOAMotorMotorboat Monthly2002/04
2395Hardy Commodore 42Wolstenholme, Andrew46 ft LOAMotorMotorboat Monthly2002/05
2396Bayliner 2455 Ciera SunbridgeBayliner24 ft LOAMotorMotorboat Monthly2002/05
2397Sealine S23Sealine International25 ft LOAMotorMotorboat Monthly2002/06
2398Cruiser 3470 ExpressCruisers Yachts37 ft LOAMotorMotorboat Monthly2002/06
2399Alpha Craft Highliner 44Moxham, John44 ft LOAMotorMotorboat Monthly2002/06
2400Island Gypsy 39 EuroSedanHalvorsen43 ft LOAMotorMotorboat Monthly2002/07
2401Regal 2665Regal Marine Industries26 ft LOAMotorMotorboat Monthly2002/07
2402Stevens 1180Scheepswerf De Steven39 ft LOAMotorMotorboat Monthly2002/08
2403White Shark 285Kelt29 ft LOAMotorMotorboat Monthly2002/08
2404Antares 13.80Beneteau46 ft LOAMotorMotorboat Monthly2002/08
2405Windy 34 KhamsinJohnsen, Hans28 ft LOAMotorMotorboat Monthly2002/09
2406Azimut 55Righini, Stefano57 ft LOAMotorMotorboat Monthly2002/09
2407Waterline 30Viking Mouldings30 ft LOAMotorMotorboat Monthly2002/10
2408Astinor 1000LXEmbarcaciones Astinor33 ft LOAMotorMotorboat Monthly2002/11
2409Wellcraft 2400 MartiniqueWellcraft25 ft LOAMotorMotorboat Monthly2002/11
2410Sea Ranger 448Dixon, Bill48 ft LOAMotorMotorboat Monthly2002/12
2411Harley 25FSHarley Racing Yachts25 ft LOAMotorMotorboat Monthly2002/12
2412Jeanneau Cap Camarat 755WAJeanneau25 ft LOAMotorMotorboat Monthly2002/12
2413Broom 450 OSBennett, John45 ft LOAMotorMotorboat Monthly2003/01
2414SB 770Sarins Batar25 ft LOAMotorMotorboat Monthly2003/01
2415Astondoa AS46Astilleros Astondoa SA46 ft LOAMotorMotorboat Monthly2003/02
2416Haber 660MVal Wyatt Marine22 ft LOAMotorMotorboat Monthly2003/02
2417Bavaria 29 SportBavaria Motor Boats30 ft LOAMotorMotorboat Monthly2003/02
2418Sheeline 1050 Aft CabinBennett, John35 ft LOAMotorMotorboat Monthly2003/03
2419Four Winds 205 SundownerFour Winds Boats23 ft LOAMotorMotorboat Monthly2003/03
2420Hollandia GoldbankJachtbouw 200041 ft LOAMotorMotorboat Monthly2003/04
2421Capriole 1080 OffshoreWolstenholme, Andrew36 ft LOAMotorMotorboat Monthly2003/04
2422Azura 650 WAKelt21 ft LOAMotorMotorboat Monthly2003/04
2423Jeanneau Prestige 46Vittorio Garroni & Musio Sale47 ft LOAMotorMotorboat Monthly2003/05
2424Regal 2250 LSCRegal Marine22 ft LOAMotorMotorboat Monthly2003/05
2425Ranieri EndeavourRanieri Cantieri Nautica26 ft LOAMotorMotorboat Monthly2003/05
2426ACM Mystic 39ACM Group39 ft LOAMotorMotorboat Monthly2003/06
2427Rodman 30Rodman Polyships31 ft LOAMotorMotorboat Monthly2003/06
2428Chris-Craft 25 CorsairChris-Craft25 ft LOAMotorMotorboat Monthly2003/06
2429Azura 650 CabinAzura21 ft LOAMotorMotorboat Monthly2003/10
2430Bayliner 212Bayliner21 ft LOAMotorMotorboat Monthly2003/10
2431Crownline 215 CCRCrownline21 ft LOAMotorMotorboat Monthly2003/10
2432Eurocrown 196 CCREurocrown20 ft LOAMotorMotorboat Monthly2003/10
2433Jeanneau Cap Camarat 625 WAJeanneau20 ft LOAMotorMotorboat Monthly2003/10
2434Maxum 2100 SCMaxum21 ft LOAMotorMotorboat Monthly2003/10
2435Monterey 218 LSCMonterey22 ft LOAMotorMotorboat Monthly2003/10
2436Regal 2250 LSCRegal22 ft LOAMotorMotorboat Monthly2003/10
2437White Shark 206White Shark20 ft LOAMotorMotorboat Monthly2003/10
2438Fairline Phantom 40Olesinski, Bernard41 ft LOAMotorMotorboat Monthly2003/10
2439Princess 42Fairline44 ft LOAMotorMotorboat Monthly2003/11
2440Jeanneau Prestige 34 Sport-TopJeanneau35 ft LOAMotorMotorboat Monthly2003/11
2441Boston Whaler 255 ConquestBoston Whaler27 ft LOAMotorMotorboat Monthly2003/11
2442HaikuOughtred, Iain30 ft LOAYacht, ketchWatercraft2007/01
2443Maid of EndorAtkin, John20 ft LOAYacht, sloopWatercraft2007/03
2444LimpetDongray, Roger10 ft LOADinghy, sailingWatercraft2007/03
2445SwallowWolstenholme, Andrew26 ft LOA Barton ClassicYacht, sloopWatercraft2007/11
2446FulmarOughtred, Iain17 ft LOADinghy, sailingWatercraft2007/11
2447Humber Barge YachtSharples, Tony23 ft LOAYacht, bargeWatercraft2007/11
2448Allures 44Berret Racoupeau/Darnet45 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting Monthly2007/07
2449CwacBuchanan, Alan32 ft LOAYacht, yawlYachting Monthly2007/07
2450Passport Vista 515Robert H Perry Yacht Design52 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting World2007/12
2451Tayana 58Pieter, Beeldsnijder55 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting World2007/12
2452Fleming 65Fleming, Tony71 ft LOAMotorMotorboat and Yachting2007/12
2453Trader 64Castro, Tony65 ft LOAMotorMotorboat and Yachting2007/12
2454Trader 535 SignatureTarquin Yacht Co.54 ft LOAMotorMotorboat Monthly2004/01
2455Aquador 23HT, VicoxSea VenturesMotorMotorboat Monthly2004/01
2456Meadstone MaidCruisers International22 ft LOAMotorMotorboat Monthly2004/02
2457NimbariNimbus27 ft LOAMotorMotorboat Monthly2004/02
2458NolettaFairline34 ft LOA Corniche 31MotorMotorboat Monthly2004/02
2459Princess of DeniaEurocrown42 ft LOA 420 CRMotorMotorboat Monthly2004/02
2460Maxum 2400 SC3Maxum26 ft LOAMotorMotorboat Monthly2004/03
2461Ombrine 1001Beneteau34 ft LOAMotorMotorboat Monthly2004/03
2462Prestige 32Jeanneau32 ft LOAMotorMotorboat Monthly2004/03
2463Ryds 23 WALindblom, John24 ft LOAMotorMotorboat Monthly2004/03
2464Key Largo 20Sessa20 ft LOAMotorMotorboat Monthly2004/06
2465Elan Power 35Castro, Tony37 ft LOAMotorMotorboat Monthly2004/06
2466Viki 2627 ft LOAMotorMotorboat Monthly2004/06
2467SartraFairey Marine31 ft LOA Huntsman 31MotorMotorboat Monthly2004/06
2468Objet d'ArtFairline23 ft LOA SprintMotorMotorboat Monthly2004/06
2469Endeavour 26Ranieri26 ft LOAMotorMotorboat Monthly2004/07
2470Sealine S23Sealine25 ft LOAMotorMotorboat Monthly2004/07
2471Bavaria 25Bavaria Motor Boats26 ft LOAMotorMotorboat Monthly2004/07
2472Swift Trawler 42Beneteau45 ft LOAMotorMotorboat Monthly2004/07
2473DinkySea Ray24 ft LOAMotorMotorboat Monthly2004/07
2474Talisman 49Murray Cormack & Associates53 ft LOA SeawardMotorMotorboat Monthly2004/08
2475Landau 29 ContinentalLandau29 ft LOAMotorMotorboat Monthly2004/08
2476Birchwood 33Caddick, Graham34 ft LOAMotorMotorboat Monthly2004/08
2477450 StatesmanSealine46 ft LOAMotorMotorboat Monthly2004/08
2478SilvergirlPrincess28 ft LOAMotorMotorboat Monthly2004/08
2479AventureraHardy MarineMariner 26MotorMotorboat Monthly2004/08
2480Striper 2601 Walk AroundSeaswirl Boats26 ft LOAMotorMotorboat Monthly2004/10
2481800 FlybridgeRodman29 ft LOAMotorMotorboat Monthly2004/10
2482Merry Fisher 925Jeanneau32 ft LOAMotorMotorboat Monthly2004/10
2483Marco 810 OCSucces27 ft LOAMotorMotorboat Monthly2004/10
2484Viking SpiritWindy Boats29 ft LOA 9000MotorMotorboat Monthly2004/10
2485Norwegian BlueNidelv26 classicMotorMotorboat Monthly2004/10
2486Aquador 28CBella Boats29 ft LOAMotorMotorboat Monthly2004/11
2487Karnic 2660Karnic29 ft LOAMotorMotorboat Monthly2004/11
2488Waving GirlAqua-Star33 ft LOA Oceanranger 33MotorMotorboat Monthly2004/11
2489Calm VoyageBroom39KLMotorMotorboat Monthly2004/11
2490Mustang 2800SCMustang Cruisers30 ft LOAMotorMotorboat Monthly2004/12
2491Azzura 17Ranieri16 ft LOAMotorMotorboat Monthly2004/12
2492Riviera 37Riviera43 ft LOAMotorMotorboat Monthly2004/12
2493Finnmaster 7600Finnmaster25 ft LOAMotorMotorboat Monthly2004/12
2494Fairline 36 SedanOlesinski, Bernard41 ft LOAMotorMotorboat Monthly2004/12
2495Princess 415Olesinski, Bernard43 ft LOAMotorMotorboat Monthly2004/12
2496The MaestroSheridan Marine26 ft LOAMotorMotorboat Monthly2004/12
2497Chapparrai 256SSiChapperrai26 ft LOAMotorMotorboat Monthly2005/12
2498Nordhavn 47Nordhavn Europe Ltd51 ft LOAMotorMotorboat Monthly2005/12
2499Monterey 290CRMonterey32 ft LOAMotorMotorboat Monthly2005/12
2500Phantom 40Fairline41 ft LOAMotorMotorboat Monthly2006/03
2501Princess 42Princess44 ft LOAMotorMotorboat Monthly2006/03
2502Sealine 42/5Sealine45 ft LOAMotorMotorboat Monthly2006/03
2503Falcon 23Wolstenholme, Andrew24 ft LOAMotorMotorboat Monthly2006/03
2504Finnmaster 31ocFinnmaster31 ft LOAMotorMotorboat Monthly2006/04
2505Regal 6.8 VenturaRegal23 ft LOAMotorMotorboat Monthly2006/04
2506Noblesse 760Nordkapp25 ft LOAMotorMotorboat Monthly2006/05
2507Sabreline 42HTSabreline47 ft LOAMotorMotorboat Monthly2006/05
2508Merry Fisher 655Jeanneau22 ft LOAMotorMotorboat Monthly2006/05
2509Scirocco 33Windy33 ft LOAMotorMotorboat Monthly2006/05
2510Fairline Targa 34Olesinski, :Bernard36 ft LOAMotorMotorboat Monthly2006/05
2511Sealine 250Sealine50 ft LOAMotorMotorboat Monthly2006/07
2512Maxum 2600 SEMaxum27 ft LOAMotorMotorboat Monthly2006/07
2513Seaward 23/25Mussel, ArthurTT Boat Designs23/25 ft LOAMotorMotorboat Monthly2006/07
2514Princess 54Princess Yachts54 ft LOAMotorMotorboat Monthly2006/08
2515Dorado 22Sessa21 ft LOAMotorMotorboat Monthly2006/08
2516Bavaria 32 Sport HTBavaria Boats33 ft LOAMotorMotorboat Monthly2006/08
2517KaamosBella23 ft LOA 703MotorMotorboat Monthly2006/08
2518Flipper 605/705Flipper20 ft LOAMotorMotorboat Monthly2006/09
2519Broom 365Broom37 ft LOAMotorMotorboat Monthly2006/09
2520Senator 260Sealine28 ft LOAMotorMotorboat Monthly2006/09
2521Rhea 850Rhea31 ft LOAMotorMotorboat Monthly2006/10
2522Doral PrestanciaDoral32 ft LOAMotorMotorboat Monthly2006/10
2523Sessa C30Sessa31 ft LOAMotprMotorboat Monthly2006/10
2524Bavaria 29SBavaria30 ft LOAMotorMotorboat Monthly2006/10
2525Sealine S29Sealine30 ft LOAMotorMotorboat Monthly2006/10
2526Sea Ray 230 OVSea Ray (1995)23 ft LOAMotorMotorboat Monthly2006/10
2527Sundancer 325Sea Ray31 ft LOAMotorMotorboat Monthly2006/11
2528Nord West 420Nord West43 ft LOAMotorMotorboat Monthly2006/11
2529Princess 32Senior Marine32 ft LOAMotorMotorboat Monthly2006/11
2530Highlander 35Fountaine Pajot34 ft LOAMotorMotorboat Monthly2006/12
2531Sealine F34Sealine36 ft LOAMotorMotorboat Monthly2006/12
2532Nordhavn 40Nordhavn40 ft LOAMotorMotorboat Monthly2006/12
2533Calm VoyagerFairline41 ft LOAMotorMotorboat Monthly2006/12
2534Birchwood 380Birchwood Boats38 ft LOAMotorMotorboat Monthly2006/12
2535Karnic 2265Karnic24 ft LOAMotorMotorboat Monthly2007/04
2536Boarncruiser AK40Boarnstream41 ft LOAMotorMotorboat Monthly2007/04
2537Beneteau MonteCarlo 37Beneteau37 ft LOAMotorMotorboat Monthly2007/04
2538Menorquin MY120Menorquin41 ft LOAMotorMotorboat Monthly2007/04
2539Gazelle 43Hunton43 ft LOAMotorMotorboat Monthly2007/04
2540Nimbus 370/380Nimbus Boats38 ft LOAMotorMotorboat Monthly2007/04
2541Ancasta Surprise 58Beeldsnijder, Pieter15.45 mYacht, sloopBoat International1984/02
2542VagabondHope, LintonThames A RaterDinghy, sailingClassic Boat2007/10
2543Sunseeker 34 XPSShead, Don34 ftMotorBoat International1984/02
2544Centurion 47Dubois, Ed47 ft LOAYacht, sloopBoat International1984/04
2545Birchwood TS33Andrews, Ted33 ftMotorBoat International1984/05
2546Sunseeker San Remo 33Shead, Don33 ft LOAMotorBoat International1984/05
2547Shirley BBannenberg, JonYacht, ketchBoat International1985/07
2548Trader 54Tarquin Boat Co.54 ftMotorBoat International1985/07
2549The HighlanderBannenberg, Jon46 mMotorBoat International1986/11
2550Mustang, Nicholson 58Nicholson58 ftYacht, sloopBoat International1986/11
2551AquelDubois, Ed122 ft LOAYacht, sloopBoat International1986/11
2552Night CrossingSklarin, Roy110 ftMotorBoat International1986/12
2553Galaxy 43Ruggiero, V43 mMotorBoat International1986/12
2554Fairline Targa 44Olesinski & Fairline, 200645 ft LOAMotorMotorboat and Yachting2007/10
2555Sunseeker Superhawk 43Sunseeker & Don Shead, 200644 ft LOAMotorMotorboat and Yachting2007/10
2556JumboPaynter, William21 ft LOACornish LuggerWatercraft2008/01
2557AlifeLambrechtsen, Arend16 ft LOADinghy, sailingWatercraft2008/01
2558SticklebackOughtred, Iain12 ft LOACanoeWatercraft2008/01
2559Enez 7.70Garry, Jean-Francois25 ft LOAYacht, sloopWatercraft2008/01
2560Blue FascinationJongert, Stamm94 ft LOAYacht, sloopBoat International1989/02
2561GP14Holt, Jack4.27 m LOADinghy, sailingDinghy Sailing2002/11
2562370Jones, Steven3.8 m LOADinghy, sailingDinghy Sailing2002/12
2563BlazeHowlett, Ian4.4 m LOADinghy, sailingDinghy Sailing2002/12
2564RS300Everest, Clive4.24 m LOADinghy, sailingDinghy Sailing2002/12
2565LarkJackson, Mike13 ft LOADinghy, sailingDinghy Sailing2003/01
2566Laser 2000Morrison, Phil4.4 m LOADinghy, sailingDinghy Sailing2003/02
2567RS200Morrison, Phil4.0 m LOADinghy, sailingDinghy Sailing2003/02
2568Comet RaceMorrison, Phil4.27 m LOADinghy, sailingDinghy Sailing2003/02
2569Topper ISOHowlett, Ian4.74 m LOADinghy, sailingDinghy Sailing2003/08
2570Topper BuzzHowlett, Ian4.2 m LOADinghy, sailingDinghy Sailing2003/08
2571Topper BossHowlett, Ian4.9 m LOADinghy, sailingDinghy Sailing2003/08
2572Topper SpiceHowlett, Ian4.25 m LOADinghy, sailingDinghy Sailing2003/08
2573MirrorHolt, Jack3.325 m LOADinghy, sailingDinghy Sailing2003/09
2574HeronHolt, Jack3.43 m LOADinghy, sailingDinghy Sailing2003/09
2575CadetHolt, Jack3.22 m LOADinghy, sailingDinghy Sailing2003/09
2576TornadoMarsh, Rodney6.1 m LOADinghy, sailingDinghy Sailing2003/10
2577Manta EquationGorton, Ian4.75 m LOADinghy, sailingDinghy Sailing2003/11
2578PhantomWright / Taylor4.42 m LOADinghy, sailingDinghy Sailing2004/01
2579SupernovaGiles, Mark4.3 m LOADinghy, sailingDinghy Sailing2004/01
2580SoloHolt, Jack3.79 m LOADinghy, sailingDinghy Sailing2004/01
2581GraduateWyche, Dick3.82 m LOADinghy, sailingDinghy Sailing2004/04
2582EnterpriseHolt, Jack4.04 m LOADinghy, sailingDinghy Sailing2004/04
2583TasarBethwaite, Frank4.52 m LOADinghy, sailingDinghy Sailing2004/04
258429erBethwaite, Julian4.45 m LOADinghy, sailingDinghy Sailing2004/07
2585Laser 3000Bethwaite & Clark4.4 m LOADinghy, sailingDinghy Sailing2004/07
2586Topaz Omega4.64 m LOADinghy, sailingDinghy Sailing2004/10
2587RS Vision4.55 m LOADinghy, sailingDinghy Sailing2004/10
2588470Cornu, Andre4.7 m LOADinghy, sailingDinghy Sailing2007/07
2589HornetHolt, Jack4.88 m LOADinghy, sailingDinghy Sailing2007/07
2590FireballMilne, Peter4.93 m LOADinghy, sailingDinghy Sailing2007/07
2591Flying 15Fox, Uffa6.1 m LOA 1947Dinghy, sailingDinghy Sailing2007/09
2592RS K6Handley, Paul5.8 m LOA 2002Dinghy, sailingDinghy Sailing2007/09
2593Catana 50Barreau, Christophe53 ft LOACatamaranYachting World2008/02
2594Broadblue 415Davidsen, Stuart42 ft LOACaramaranYachting World2008/02
2595Beneteau Ombrine 900Starck, Phillppe31 ft LOAMotorMotorboat and Yachting2000/03
2596Dale Nelson 38Mursell, Arthur41 ft LOAMotorMotorboat and Yachting2000/04
2597ProspectorFairline37 ft LOA 1981MotorMotorboat and Yachting2000/05
2598Nelson 40/42Thornycroft, Peter41 ft LOAMotorMotorboat and Yachting2000/05
2599Sealine F37Sealine International39 ft LOAMotorMotorboat and Yachting2000/06
2600Donzi 26ZXDonzi Marine 199826 ft LOAMotorMotorboat and Yachting2000/06
2601GeordieCarver39 ft LOAMotorMotorboat and Yachting2000/06
2602Mainship 460Mainship 199848 ft LOAMotorMotorboat and Yachting2000/07
2603Sessa Oyster 38Style Project40 ft LOAMotorMotorboat and Yachting2000/07
2604Fairline Targa 40Olesinski & Fairline42 ft LOAMotorMotorboat and Yachting2000/08
2605AphrosBennett, John43 ft LOA Broom 415OSMotorMotorboat and Yachting2000/09
2606Baia Azzurra 63Baia 199963 ft LOAMotorMotorboat and Yachting2000/09
2607Broom 10/70 SceptreBennett, John35 ft LOAMotorMotorboat and Yachting2000/09
2608Fjord 40 OpenAllseas Design39 ft LOAMotorMotorboat and Yachting2008/01
2609Chris-Craft Corsair 33Chris-Craft35 ft LOAMotorMotorboat and Yachting2008/01
2610Sessa Key Largo 36Sessa Marine41 ft LOAMotorMotorboat and Yachting2008/01
2611Sessa Oyster 34/35Sessa Marine34 ft LOAMotorMotorboat and Yachting2008/01
2612MariaHarris Bros.47 ft LOAYacht, smackClassic Boat2007/12
2613Finngulf 33Strahlmann, Karl-Johan33 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting Monthly2007/12
2614Mahe 36Nivelt / Flahault36 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting Monthly2007/12
2615Swan 47 NYYC 48Sparkman & Stephens48 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting Monthly2007/12
2616ISOHowlett & Caig4.7 m LOA 1992Dinghy, sailingDinghy Sailing2006/12
2617Laser 40004.6 m LOA 1995Dinghy, sailingDinghy Sailing2006/12
2618AlbacoreFox, Uffa4.59 m LOA 1954Dinghy, sailingYachts and Yachting2006/09
2619Contessa 32Sadler, David9.75 m LOA 1970Yacht, sloopYachts and Yachting2006/10
2620OspreyMorrison & Proctor5.35 m LOA 1953Dinghy, sailingYachts and Yachting2006/11
2621J/124J-Boats12.4 m LOAYacht, sloopYachts and Yachting2006/11
2622Sprint 750Corsair Marine5.5 m LOA 2005TrimaranYachts and Yachting2006/12
2623Bimare A-classPetrucci, Michelangelo5.49 m LOACatamaranYachts and Yachting2007/06
2624Artemis 20Simon Rogers & Vizual Marine6 m LOADinghy, sailingYachts and Yachting2007/08
2625Delphia 24Skrzat, Andrzej7.3 m LOAYacht, sloopYachts and Yachting2007/09
2626Comet 41SVallicelli, Studio12.46 m LOAYacht, sloopYachts and Yachting2007/11
2627Merlin RocketHolt, Ian4.27 m LOADinghy, sailingYachts and Yachting2007/12
2628Oceanquest 35ACDubois, Ed35 ft LOAYacht, sloopSailing Today1997/05
2629Jaguar 2121 ft LOAYacht, sloopSailing Today1997/09
2630Legend 340Hunter Marine Corp.34 ft LOAYacht, sloopSailing Today1997/10
2631Compromis 888Maas, Frans29 ft LOAYacht, sloopSailing Today1997/11
2632Island Packet 3736 ft LOAYacht, sloopSailing Today1998/01
2633Norfolk GypsyWolstenholme, Andrew20 ft LOAYacht, sloopSailing Today1998/02
2634Southerly 11537 ft LOAYacht, sloopSailing Today1998/06
2635Nauticat 331Siltala32 ft LOAYacht, ketchSailing Today1998/08
2636Pippin 20Tucker, Tony21 ft LOAYacht, sloopSailing Today1998/08
2637Frances 34Paine, Chuck34 ft LOAYacht, sloopSailing Today1998/09
2638Feeling 35635 ft LOAYacht, sloopSailing Today1998/10
2639Freedom 21Hoyt, Gary22 ft LOAYacht, sloopSailing Today1998/11
2640Nautitech 395Dufour39 ft LOACatamaranSailing Today1998/12
2641Red Fox 200Thomas, David20 ft LOAYacht, sloopSailing Today1999/01
2642Starlight 35Jones & Sherwell36 ft LOAYacht, sloopSailing Today1999/02
2643Legend 260iHunter Marine Corp.26 ft LOAYacht, sloopSailing Today1999/03
2644Prout 38Prout38 ft LOACatamaranSailing Today1999/05
2645Hunter Channel 27Hunter27 ft LOAYacht, sloopSailing Today1999/06
2646Legend 290Hunter Marine Corp.29 ft LOAYacht, sloopSailing Today1999/09
2647Achilles 24Lee, Oliver J24 ft LOAYacht, sloopSailing Today1999/09
2648Etap 21iMortain & Mavrikios21 ft LOAYacht, sloopSailing Today1999/10
2649Red Fox 200EThomas, David20 ft LOAYacht, sloopSailing Today1999/10
2650Catalina 22Butler & Douglas21 ft LOAYacht, sloopSailing Today1999/10
2651First 211Group Finot21 ft LOAYacht, sloopSailing Today1999/10
2652Moody 3131 ft LOAYacht, sloopSailing Today1999/10
2653Leisure 23Pryor, Frank23 ft LOAYacht, sloopSailing Today1999/11
2654Sun Odyssey 37Jeanneau Neewco37 ft LOAYacht, sloopSailing Today2000/01
2655Hunter Liberty & MinstrelThomas, David22 ft LOAYacht, sloopSailing Today2000/01
2656Elizabethan 30Thomas, David30 ft LOA 1968Yacht, sloopSailing Today2000/02
2657RMW 257Carabelli, Horacio7.8 m LOAYacht, sloopYachts and Yachting2008/01
2658Drascombe LuggerWatkinson, John19 ft LOA 1960Yacht, luggerSailing Today2000/03
2659Albin VegaBrohall, Per27 ft LOAYacht, sloopSailing Today2000/03
2660Sportina 760Sportina26 ft LOA PolandYacht, sloopSailing Today2000/06
2661Sailfish 18da Costa, Leo19 ft LOAYacht, sloopSailing Today2000/06
2662Westerly KonsortLaurent Giles29 ft LOAYacht, sloopSailing Today2000/06
2663Gib'Sea 33Dufour33 ft LOAYacht, sloopSailing Today2000/08
2664Corsair F-28Farrier Marine Inc28 ft LOATrimaranSailing Today2000/08
2665Contessa 32Sadler, David32 ft LOAYacht, sloopSailing Today2000/08
2666Macwester Rowan 22Roy, CSJ22 ft LOA 1969Yacht, sloopSailing Today2000/10
2667Swiftsure, Etap 24i26 ft LOAYacht, sloopSailing Today2000/10
2668Sea WychedSadler, John V19 ft LOAYacht, sloopSailing Today2000/11
2669Cumulus, Colvic Watson 34GL Watson & Co35 ft LOAYacht, ketchSailing Today2000/11
2670Yarmouth 23Freeman, David23 ft LOAYacht, sloopSailing Today2000/11
2671Chillout, Island Packet 32033 ft LOAYacht, sloopSailing Today2000/12
2672Phebe, Sadler 29Sadler, Martin28 ft LOAYacht, sloopSailing Today2000/12
2673Liz, Elizabethan 30Thomas, David30 ft LOA 1968Yacht, sloopSailing Today2000/12
2674Jeanneau Sun 2000Petit, Olivier22 ft LOAYacht, sloopSailing Today2001/01
2675Free Trader, Jeanneau Sun Fizz 40Briand, Phillipe40 ft LOAYacht, sloopSailing Today2001/01
2676Red Fox VisionThomas, David23 ft LOAYacht, sloopSailing Today2001/02
2677Beneteau First 35Berret, Jean35 ft LOAYacht, sloopSailing Today2001/02
2678Hanse 311Judel / Vrollijk Engineering31 ft LOAYacht, sloopSailing Today2001/03
2679Forethought, Westerly GK24Giles & Hawkins24 ft LOA 1974Yacht, sloopSailing Today2001/03
2680Europa 680/730Saint Cast Marine7.05/7.3 m LOAYacht, sloopSailing Today2001/07
2681Saraband, Westerly PagentLaurent Giles23 ft LOAYacht, sloopSailing Today2001/07
2682Bavaria 3234 ft LOAYacht, sloopSailing Today2002/01
2683ArpegeDufour, Michel30 ft LOAYacht, sloopSailing Today2002/01
2684J's Delight, Contessa 32Sadler, David32 ft LOA 1986Yacht, sloopSailing Today2002/05
2685Fine, Beneteau First 305Beneteau32 ft LOAYacht, sloopSailing Today2002/11
2686Hanse 341Judel & Vrolijk34 ft LOAYacht, sloopSailing Today2003/01
2687Gallant Rival, Rival 34Brett, Peter34 ft LOAYacht, sloopSailing Today2003/01
2688Celena III, Vavcouver 28Harris, Robert28 ft LOAYacht, sloopSailing Today2003/02
2689Jaguar 215Mullins, John & Jaguar Yachts21 ft LOAYacht, sloopSailing Today2003/03
2690Pelagic, Leisure 29Pryor, Frank29 ft LOAYacht, sloopSailing Today2003/03
2691Delta, Freedom 33Hoyt, Gary33 ft LOAYacht, ketchSailing Today2003/04
2692Sun Odyssey 35Lombard, Marc35 ft LOAYacht, sloopSailing Today2003/04
2693Elan 31Humphreys, Rob31 ft LOAYacht, sloopSailing Today2003/05
2694Incamoon, Tomahawk 25Marcon25 ft LOAYacht, sloopSailing Today2003/05
2695Hippocampus, She 36Sparkman & Stephens36 ft LOAYacht, sloopSailing Today2003/06
2696Bavaria 38J&J Design40 ft LOAYacht, sloopSailing Today2003/06
2697Canboira, Hunter Ranger 265Thomas, David28 ft LOAYacht, sloopSailing Today2003/07
2698Europa RO330Toledo, Inego / Barracuda Yacht Designs32 ft LOAYacht, sloopSailing Today2003/07
2699Clarabella, Nicholson 35Camper & Nicholson35 ft LOAYacht, sloopSailing Today2003/08
2700Sportina 73024 ft LOAYacht, sloopSailing Today2003/09
2701Etap 37SMortain & Mavrikios37 ft LOAYacht, sloopSailing Today2003/09
2702Venthesikymi, Vindo 32Andersson, Carl29 ft LOAYacht, sloopSailing Today2003/10
2703Exuma, Oceanis Clipper 331Group Finot34 ft LOAYacht, sloopSailing Today2003/10
2704Trapper 700Anstey, Paul & C&C Yachts35 ft LOAYacht, sloopSailing Today2003/11
2705Jaguar 27Butler / Finch27 ft LOAYacht, sloopSailing Today2004/01
2706Adelaid II, Sunrise 34Fauroux, Jacques35 ft LOAYacht, sloopSailing Today2004/02
2707Rime and Reason, Westerly GK29Pocock, Michael29 ft LOAYacht, sloopSailing Today2004/03
2708Dufour 34Felci, Umberto35 ft LOAYacht, sloopSailing Today2004/03
2709Galloper, Halcyon 27Buchanan, Alan27 ft LOAYacht, sloopSailing Today2004/05
2710Flying Fish, Dehler 34Dehler & Judel & Vrolijk34 ft LOAYacht, sloopSailing Today2004/05
2711Samphire of Dart, Tradewind 35Rock, John35 ft LOAYacht, sloopSailing Today2004/04
2712Crooked Dougall, Moody 336Dixon, Bill34 ft LOAYacht, sloopSailing Today2004/06
2713Luxon, Nova 27Westall, John27 ft LOAYacht, sloopSailing Today2004/07
2714Cambo, Mystery 35Jones, Stephen35 ft LOAYacht, sloopSailing Today2004/07
2715Shirley PII, Hurley 22Anderson, Ian22 ft LOAYacht, sloopSailing Today2004/08
2716Larissa, Bavaria 36J&J Design37 ft LOAYacht, sloopSailing Today2004/09
2717Sonsy Lass, Oceanis 351Berret, Jean34 ft LOAYacht, sloopSailing Today2004/09
2718Artemis, Westerly MerlinDubois, Ed29 ft LOAYacht, sloopSailing Today2004/10
2719Cleopatra II, Everitt YCA 29Everitt, Julian29 ft LOAYacht, sloopSailing Today2004/11
2720North Beach 24Cobelens, Frans29 ft LOAYacht, sloopSailing Today2004/11
2721Cento, Legend 36Henderson, Glenn36 ft LOAYacht, sloopSailing Today2004/12
2722Gralyn, HR Ramsus/ Nab 35Enderlein, Olle35 ft LOAYacht, sloopSailing Today2004/12
2723Carousel of Kent, TwisterHolman, Kim28 ft LOAYacht, sloopSailing Today2005/01
2724Southerly 115 MkIVHumphreys, Rob37 ft LOAYacht, sloopSailing Today2005/01
2725Salsa, Moody 36Dixon, Bill37 ft LOAYacht, sloopSailing Today2005/04
2726Maxi 1050Pettersen, Pelle35 ft LOAYacht, sloopSailing Today2005/04
2727Holly, Leisure 17Howard, Arthur17 ft LOAYacht, sloopSailing Today2005/03
2728Parfait, Dufour 385Felci, Umberto39 ft LOAYacht, sloopSailing Today2005/03
2729Picaro, Vancouver 34 ClassicHarris, Robert34 ft LOAYacht, sloopSailing Today2005/02
2730Beneteau Oceanis 373Berret- Racoupeau37 ft LOAYacht, sloopSailing Today2005/02
2731Sable, Rustler 31Holman & Pye31 ft LOAYacht, sloopSailing Today2005/05
2732Feeling 39Briand, Phillippe38 ft LOAYacht, sloopSailing Today2005/05
2733Ayesha, Jaguar 25Butler, Frank26 ft LOAYacht, sloopSailing Today2005/06
2734Sunbeam 39J&J Design40 ft LOAYacht, sloopSailing Today2005/06
2735Aberlady, Beneteau First 325Berret, Jean33 ft LOAYacht, sloopSailing Today2005/09
2736Sadler 290Jones, Stephen29 ft LOAYacht, sloopSailing Today2005/09
2737Delphia 29Skrzat, Andrzej28 ft LOAYacht, sloopSailing Today2005/11
2738Rumcase, Hunter MedinaThomas, David20 ft LOAYacht, sloopSailing Today2005/11
2739Yira II, Hillyard 6-tonHillyard, David27 ft LOAYacht, sloopSailing Today2005/12
2740AmityClappen, John32 ft LOAYacht, ketchPractical Boat Owner1968/05
2741Arden FourArden Yachts23 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1968/05
2742Dauntless 2323 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1968/07
2743G ClassHannay, Ian26 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1968/07
2744Kestrel22 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1968/08
2745International FolkboatSunden Tord26 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1968/09
2746Mirror OffshoreVan de Stadt, E G19 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1968/10
2747Sea RoverEvans, Kenneth28 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1968/11
2748Finesse 2121 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1968/11
2749CutlassWhite & Hill27 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1968/12
2750MatelotDickinson, Paul V20 ft LOAMotorPractical Boat Owner1968/12
2751Halcyon 27Thompson, Eric27 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1969/01
2752CentaurLaurent Giles & Partners26 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1969/01
2753Nors Clyde20 - 26 ft LOAMotorPractical Boat Owner1969/01
2754Sea Shanty14 ft LOADinghy, sailingPractical Boat Owner1969/02
2755Westerly WarwickLaurent Giles & Partners22 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1971/01
2756Penryn NovaWestell, John27 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1971/01
2757Leap 21Butler, John21 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1971/01
2758MystereParker & Anderson26 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1971/01
2759Pintail28 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1971/02
2760FantasieTucker, Robert19 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1971/02
2761ButtercupTucker, Robert21 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1971/02
2762Arden Clansman24 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1971/03
2763HurletquinHurley Marine21 ft LOAMotorPractical Boat Owner1971/03
2764IphigeneiaWaarschip24 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1971/03
2765Sportsman 21Tremlett, Chris21 ft LOAMotorPractical Boat Owner1971/05
2766Finnclipper 29Turun Veneveistamo29 ft LOAYacht, motorPractical Boat Owner1971/07
2767Draco 200020 ft LOAMotorPractical Boat Owner1971/08
2768TurtleThames Marine11 ft LOADinght, sailingPractical Boat Owner1971/10
2769Sailfish 18Maxim Marine19 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1971/10
2770Grundel20 ft LOA DutchYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1971/11
2771SelcruiserSelco27 ft LOAMotorPractical Boat Owner1971/11
2772CracksmanHenderson, Michael16 ft LWLCatamaranPractical Boat Owner1971/11
2773CatalacWinterbotham, John29 ft LOACatamaranPractical Boat Owner1972/01
2774SequanaIsland Plastics Ltd.23 ft LOAYacht, ketchPractical Boat Owner1972/01
2775Pandoravan de Stadt22 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1972/02
2776Cowal GTMurray, Maitland25 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1972/02
2777Fairline FuryFailine Boats Ltd.25 ft LOAMotorPractical Boat Owner1972/02
2778Philippa 27Clark, Robert27 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1972/04
2779KentPerryman, John27 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1972/04
2780Trottervan de Stadt. E G21 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1972/09
2781Hurley 18Anderson, Ian18 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1972/09
2782Kestrel 22Jones, Francis J22 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1972/09
2783CrystalBuchanan, Alan22 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1972/09
2784AtalantaUffa Fox26 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1972/11
2785East AnglianBuchanan, Alan28 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1972/11
2786ScodNicholson, C A26 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1972/11
2787Top HatIllingworth & Primrose25 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1972/11
2788Deb IVTucker, Bob23 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1973/02
2789Dart TSXMarch, Rodney5.94 m LOACatamaranYachts and Yachting1990/07
2790QIIPocock, Michael36 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachts and Yachting1990/07
2791Wanderer MDProctor, Ian14 ft LOADinghy, sailingYachts and Yachting1990/07
2792CheetahShuttleworth, John8 m LOACatamaranYachts and Yachting1990/08
2793Hunter HorizonThomas, David28 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachts and Yachting1990/09
2794Sigma 3535 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachts and Yachting1990/09
2795Dart StingMarch, Rodney4.54 m LOACatamaranYachts and Yachting1991/01
2796Hobie 175.18 m LOACatamaranYachts and Yachting1991/01
2797J/44 J/35Johnstone, Rod45 ft 35 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachts and Yachting1991/03
2798Red fox 290Farr, Bruce29 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachts and Yachting1991/05
2799OOD 48Thomas, David49 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachts and Yachting1991/05
2800ByteBruce, Ian12 ft LOADinghy, sailingYachts and Yachting1991/07
2801PX15 ft LOADinghy, sailingYachts and Yachting1991/08
2802PhotonKirk, Chris & Mike16 ft LOADinghy, sailingYachts and Yachting1991/09
2803X-412Jeppesen, Niels12.51 m LOAYacht, sloopYachts and Yachting1991/11
2804MG 27CHumphreys, Rob8.38 m LOAYacht, sloopYachts and Yachting1991/12
2805HillyardHillyard, David18 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1973/03
2806CaravelCheverton, David24 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1973/03
2807DebutanteTucker, Robert21 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1973/03
2808CommandoPrimrose, Angus28 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1973/03
2809RoamerColeman, Eric14 ft LOADinghy, sailingPractical Boat Owner1973/04
2810PirateProctor, Ian17 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1973/06
2811TangoMilne, Peter15 ft LOADinghy, sailingPractical Boat Owner1973/06
2812Contest 25Zaal, Dick25 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1973/06
2813Blue SmokeNierop, R26 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1973/06
2814Hunter 490Lee, Oliver J16 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1973/08
2815Marcon 22Hill, Alan F22 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1973/08
2816Orrskar27 ft LOA SwedishMotorPractical Boat Owner1973/12
2817Itchen FerryDrummond-Bayne22 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1973/12
2818Heavenly TwinsPatterson, Pat26 ft LOACatamaranPractical Boat Owner1974/01
2819Dulcinea Del TobosoSee & Johnston50 ft LOASchoonerPractical Boat Owner1974/01
2820Shetland 460Shetland Boats Ltd15 ft LOAMotorPractical Boat Owner1974/02
2821Anderson 22Lee, Oliver J22 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1974/02
2822Edel 423 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1974/02
2823Na'tantParker, Fred24 ft LOAMotorPractical Boat Owner1974/03
2824TelstarSmith, Tony26 ft LOATrimaranPractical Boat Owner1974/04
2825Magellan CloudTucker, Robert35 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1974/05
2826Virgo23 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1974/06
2827CrossbowWhite, John15 ft LOADinghy, sailingPractical Boat Owner1974/06
2828EventideGriffiths, Maurice26 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1974/07
2829CrusaderCheverton, David27 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1974/07
2830CinderWestell, John21 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1974/07
2831MysticTucker, Robert21 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1974/07
2832NaraiWharram, Jim40 ft LOACatamaranPractical Boat Owner1974/08
2833PirateProctor, Ian17 ft LOADinghy, sailingPractical Boat Owner1974/08
2834Atlas 2020 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1974/10
2835Chance 2424 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1974/10
2836CrabberDongray, Rodger24 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1974/12
2837Sadler 25Sadler, David25 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1975/02
2838MatildaTucker, Robert19 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1975/02
2839Neptune 2020 ft LOAMotorPractical Boat Owner1975/02
2840SeamasterHolman & Pye28 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1975/02
2841Mirror MiracleHolt, Jack13 ft LOADinghy, sailingPractical Boat Owner1975/04
2842Atlanta 8.5Roy, C J S28 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1975/06
2843Fjord MS 33Amble, Eivind32 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1975/09
2844MysticBrewer, E S32 ft LOA SharpieYacht, ketchPractical Boat Owner1975/10
2845ProspectRydgeway Marine27 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1975/11
2846Sea DartStimpson, Barry14 ft LOAMotorPractical Boat Owner1975/11
2847Birchwood 25Andrews25 ft LOAMotorPractical Boat Owner1975/11
2848Southerly 28Northshore Yacht Yards28 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1976/01
2849SamphireNorth Sea Craft26 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1976/01
2850Albin 30Brohall, Per30 ft LOAMotorPractical Boat Owner1976/03
2851Mirage 28Thames Marine28 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1976/03
2852Cobra 30Anderson, Ian30 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1976/05
2853SpaekhuggerBruun, Peer24 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1976/05
2854AllegroEx Press Plastics19 ft LOADinghy, sailingPractical Boat Owner1976/07
2855EclipseProctor, Ian22 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1976/09
2856Sarum 28Tucker, Bob28 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1976/09
2857Seafarer 533Jones, Peter17 ft LOAMotorPractical Boat Owner1976/09
2858Sea LordHooker, John15 ft LOADinghy, sailingPractical Boat Owner1976/11
2859Albin 8.2 MSBrohill, Per27 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1977/01
2860Vancouver 27Harris, Robert27 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1977/01
2861Maxi 68Petterson, Pelle22 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1977/01
2862Jaguar 25Butler, Frank25 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1977/03
2863CobleDongray, Roger16 ft LOADinghy, sailingPractical Boat Owner1977/03
2864LysanderEveritt, Dick17 ft LOADinghy, sailingPractical Boat Owner1977/05
2865Ovni 345Joubert & Nivelt38 ft LOAYacht, sloopSailing Today2005/12
2866Zeeforel, Pioner 9Van de Stadt Design30 ft LOAYacht, sloopSailing Today2006/01
2867Black Prince, Trapper 500C&C Yacht, Design28 ft LOAYacht, sloopSailing Today2006/03
2868Southerly 35RSHumphreys, Rob36 ft LOAYacht, sloopSailing Today2006/03
2869Morning Star, Sadler Srarlight 45Jones, Stephen36 ft LOAYacht, sloopSailing Today2006/07
2870Arvika, Comfortina 42Comfortina Yachts42 ft LOAYacht, sloopSailing Today2006/07
2871Ellen Grace, Barbican 35Holman & Pye34 ft LOAYacht, sloopSailing Today2006/10
2872Huzar 30Skorski / Jusis30 ft LOAYacht, sloopSailing Today2006/10
2873Omega, Hurley 24/70Anderson, Ian18 ft LOAYacht, sloopSailing Today2006/05
2874Finngulf 33Strahlmann, Karl-Johan33 ft LOAYacht, sloopSailing Today2006/05
2875Queen Bee, Super Sovereign 35Holman & Pye35 ft LOAYacht, sloopSailing Today2006/08
2876Delphia 40Skrzat, Andrzej39 ft LOAYacht, sloopSailing Today2006/08
2877Thursday's Child, Hurley 30Anderson, Ian30 ft LOAYacht, sloopSailing Today2006/09
2878Dufour 365GLFelci, Umberto / Roseo, Patrick35 ft LOAYacht, sloopSailing Today2006/09
2879Tawahi, Westerly DiscusLaurent Giles33 ft LOAYacht, sloopSailing Today2006/11
2880Hanse 400Judel & Vrolijk40 ft LOAYacht, sloopSailing Today2006/11
2881Silent Running, Anderson 22Lee, Oliver J22 ft LOAYacht, sloopSailing Today2006/12
2882Gemini 105Smith, Tony34 ft LOACatamaranSailing Today2006/12
2883Otter of Hayling, Moody 376Dixon, Bill38 ft LOAYacht, sloopSailing Today2007/01
2884Silver Fox, Scanyacht 290LM Yachts29 ft LOAYacht, sloopSailing Today2007/01
2885Old Possum, Nauticat 33 MkIIAarnipalo34 ft LOAYacht, sloopSailing Today2007/03
2886Harmony 38Mortain & Mavrikios38 ft LOAYacht, sloopSailing Today2007/03
2887Excalibur, Colvic Countess 33Anderson, Ian33 ft LOAYacht, sloopSailing Today2007/04
2888Cheeky Monkey, Tide 28Harley, Nigel28 ft LOAYacht, sloopSailing Today2007/04
2889Pauillac, Trident Voyager 30Primrose, Angus31 ft LOAYacht, sloopSailing Today2007/10
2890Broadblue 38539 ft LOAYacht, sloopSailing Today2007/10
2891KatherineKotzebue, Paul R21 ft LOADinghy, sailingWooden Boat1983/01
2892Sea BirdMacGregor, Charles26 ft LOAYacht, yawlWooden Boat1983/01
2893Cat BoatCuller, Pete16 ft LOA V-BottomDinghy, sailingWooden Boat1983/11
2894She PungyCuller, Pete45 ft LOAYacht, clipperWooden Boat1983/11
2895SandbaggerRedmond, Steve24 ft LOAYacht, sloopWooden Boat1985/03
2896SeraffynHess24 ft LOAYacht, quay puntWooden Boat1985/03
2897RenagradeHess24 ft LOAYacht, quay puntWooden Boat1985/03
2898TaleisinHess30 ft LOAYacht, quay puntWooden Boat1985/03
2899SyrinxHess30 ft LOAYacht, quay puntWooden Boat1985/03
2900Ruben De ClouxNorthrup, Bruce55 ft LOAYacht, pungyWooden Boat1986/01
2901GleamGarden, William33 ft LOAYacht, schoonerWooden Boat1986/01
2902Rain BirdGarden, William40 ft LOAYacht, schoonerWooden Boat1986/01
2903ToadstoolGarden, William29 ft LOAYacht, schoonerWooden Boat1986/01
2904Union JackGarden, William49 ft LOAYacht, schoonerWooden Boat1986/01
2905Theo GGarden, William33 ft LOAYacht, schoonerWooden Boat1986/01
2906Mrs JonesCuller, R DMotorWooden Boat1986/01
2907AirForceCross, Dick46 ft LOAYacht, sloopWooden Boat1986/01
2908Rob RoyMacGregor, John14 ft LOACanoeWooden Boat1986/05
2909Centennial RepublicBishop, Nathaniel12 ft LOADinghy, sailingWooden Boat1986/05
2910The Beach CruiserHerreshoff, Francis L13 ft LOADinghy, sailingWooden Boat1986/05
2911Sprague / Smith39 ft LOAYacht, sloopWooden Boat1986/05
2912HIRTA50 ft LOA Bristol ChannelYacht, cutterWooden Boat1986/07
2913MyraSelmer-Larsen, Johan Jnr16 ft LOAYacht, puntWooden Boat1986/07
2914WhispRedmond, Steve16 ft LOADinghy, skiffWooden Boat1986/09
2915BluegillRedmond, Steve16 ft LOADinghy, skiffWooden Boat1986/09
2916Curlew39 ft LOA Falmouth Quay PuntYacht, sloopWooden Boat1989/01
2917Regina32 ft LOA English CobleDinghy, cobleWooden Boat1989/01
2918Gartside, Paul15 ft LOADinghy, schoonerWooden Boat1989/01
2919FlashboatGartside, Paul15 ft LOACanoe, sailingWooden Boat1989/01
2920Wianno SeniorManly Crosby, H25 ft LOADinghy, sailingWooden Boat1989/11
2921CacklerDevlin, Sam14 ft LOAMotor, garveyWooden Boat1989/11
2922GarveyStephens, Robert W19 ft LOAMotor, garveyWooden Boat1989/11
2923DakiniBolger, Philip C35 ft LOAYacht, yawlWooden Boat1990/01
2924Sting RayWilliams, Fenwick56 ft LOAMotorWooden Boat1991/01
2925ChameleonGreene, Danny10 ft LOADinghy, sailingWooden Boat1991/03
2926JPDMBDKaufman, Mike16 ft LOADinghy, sailingWooden Boat1991/03
2927LongspliceStrayer, Charles M16 ft LOADinghy, sailingWooden Boat1991/03
2928Vortex, Swede 55Reimers, Knud53 ft LOAYacht, sloopWooden Boat1991/05
2929AerielMcCurdy & Rhodes39 ft LOAYacht, sloopWooden Boat1991/05
2930Good Enough 15Sprague, Scott15 ft LOAMotorWooden Boat1991/11
2931Deadrise 19O'Brien, Tracy19 ft LOAMotorWooden Boat1991/11
2932Console SkiffGlen-L Marine Design16 ft LOAMotorWooden Boat1991/11
2933Northern CrownNielson, K Aage35 ft LOAYacht, sloopWooden Boat1992/01
2934Gartside, Paul24 ft LOAYacht, sloopWooden Boat1992/03
2935White, Joel23 ft LOAYacht, sloopWooden Boat1992/03
2936RonaWatson, G L51 ft LOA RestoredYacht, sloopWooden Boat1992/05
2937MistStambaugh, Karl22 ft LOAYacht, sloopWooden Boat1992/07
2938Long MicroBolger, Philip C20 ft LOAYacht, yawlWooden Boat1992/07
2939Candle In The WindBenjamin, Nat30 ft LOAYacht, yawlWooden Boat1992/10
2940JebbAtkin, William & John12 ftDinghy, skiffWooden Boat1992/11
2941Nez Perce 13Swan, Ken14 ftDinghy, skiffWooden Boat1992/11
2942DecoyWittholz, Charles W12 ft LOADinghy, skiffWooden Boat1992/11
2943AnnGregory, Joe30 ft LODYacht, ketchWooden Boat1993/01
2944AnnGregory, Joe30 ft LODYacht, schoonerWooden Boat1993/01
2945DynamoGarden, William39 ft LOAMotorWooden Boat1993/03
2946Tarbert YawlRaeburn, David34 ft LOAYacht, yawlWooden Boat1993/05
2947Victor SlocumAtkin, William & John15 ftDinghy, skiffWooden Boat1993/07
2948XLNCAtkin, William & John19 ftDinghy, skiffWooden Boat1993/07
2949Norwalk Islands SharpieKirby, Bruce31 ft LOAYacht, ketchWooden Boat1993/09
2950Loose Moose IIBolger, Philip C38 ft LOAYacht, sharpieWooden Boat1993/09
2951SharpieChapelle, Howard I24 ft LOAYacht, sharpieWooden Boat1993/09
2952Rising GaleChapelle, Howard I28 ft LOAYacht, sharpieWooden Boat1993/09
2953Presto, DuraKore KetchWalters, Craig V49 ft LOAYacht, ketchWooden Boat1993/09
2954Bestyet 25Scheel, Henry25 ft LOAYacht, sloopWooden Boat1994/01
2955Sometime or NeverBolger, Philip C21 ft LOAMotorWooden Boat1994/03
2956Stealth DinghySparkman & Stevens15 ft LOADinghy, sailingWooden Boat1994/05
2957Bahama MamaStambaugh, Karl30 ft LOAYacht, ketchWooden Boat1994/05
2958PollywogGarden, William27 ft LOAMotorWooden Boat1994/07
2959CurlewFalmouth Quay PuntYacht, sloopWooden Boat1994/09
2960Cambridge BoatChapelle, Howard17 ft LOADinghy, skiffWooden Boat1994/09
2961Figure 115Parker, Reuel18 ft LOADinghy, skiffWooden Boat1994/09
2962Summer KyleGerr, Dave42 ft LOAMotorWooden Boat1994/11
2963BrilliantSparkman & Stevens62 ft LOAYacht, schoonerWooden Boat1995/01
2964Buzzards Bay SlooopCuller, Pete19 ft LOADinghy, sailingWooden Boat1995/01
2965Lincoln 28Paine, C W28 ft LOAMotorWooden Boat1995/03
2966Great Cove 21Day, Arno21 ft LOAMotorWooden Boat1995/05
2967RoxaneNigel Irens Design30 ft LOAYacht, yawlWooden Boat1995/07
2968Rosa IIRosenblatt, Mandell & Lester41 ft LOAYacht, ketchWooden Boat1995/07
2969Merry DreamBombigher, Daniel43 ft LOAYacht, schoonerWooden Boat1995/07
2970Northern CrownNielson, K Aage35 ft LOAYacht, sloopWooden Boat1992/01
2971Gartside, Paul24 ft LOAYacht, sloopWooden Boat1992/03
2972White, Joel23 ft LOAYacht, sloopWooden Boat1992/03
2973RonaWatson, G L51 ft LOA RestoredYacht, sloopWooden Boat1992/05
2974MistStambaugh, Karl22 ft LOAYacht, sloopWooden Boat1992/07
2975Long MicroBolger, Philip C20 ft LOAYacht, yawlWooden Boat1992/07
2976Candle In The WindBenjamin, Nat30 ft LOAYacht, yawlWooden Boat1992/10
2977DecoyWittholz, Charles W12 ft LOADinghy, skiffWooden Boat1992/11
2978JebbAtkin, William & John12 ftDinghy, skiffWooden Boat1992/11
2979Nez Perce 13Swan, Ken14 ftDinghy, skiffWooden Boat1992/11
2980AnnGregory, Joe30 ft LODYacht, ketchWooden Boat1993/01
2981AnnGregory, Joe30 ft LODYacht, schoonerWooden Boat1993/01
2982DynamoGarden, William39 ft LOAMotorWooden Boat1993/03
2983Tarbert YawlRaeburn, David34 ft LOAYacht, yawlWooden Boat1993/05
2984Victor SlocumAtkin, William & John15 ftDinghy, skiffWooden Boat1993/07
2985XLNCAtkin, William & John19 ftDinghy, skiffWooden Boat1993/07
2986Presto, DuraKore KetchWalters, Craig V49 ft LOAYacht, ketchWooden Boat1993/09
2987Norwalk Islands SharpieKirby, Bruce31 ft LOAYacht, ketchWooden Boat1993/09
2988Loose Moose IIBolger, Philip C38 ft LOAYacht, sharpieWooden Boat1993/09
2989SharpieChapelle, Howard I24 ft LOAYacht, sharpieWooden Boat1993/09
2990Rising GaleChapelle, Howard I28 ft LOAYacht, sharpieWooden Boat1993/09
2991Bestyet 25Scheel, Henry25 ft LOAYacht, sloopWooden Boat1994/01
2992Sometime or NeverBolger, Philip C21 ft LOAMotorWooden Boat1994/03
2993Stealth DinghySparkman & Stevens15 ft LOADinghy, sailingWooden Boat1994/05
2994Bahama MamaStambaugh, Karl30 ft LOAYacht, ketchWooden Boat1994/05
2995PollywogGarden, William27 ft LOAMotorWooden Boat1994/07
2996CurlewFalmouth Quay PuntYacht, sloopWooden Boat1994/09
2997Cambridge BoatChapelle, Howard17 ft LOADinghy, skiffWooden Boat1994/09
2998Figure 115Parker, Reuel18 ft LOADinghy, skiffWooden Boat1994/09
2999Summer KyleGerr, Dave42 ft LOAMotorWooden Boat1994/11
3000BrilliantSparkman & Stevens62 ft LOAYacht, schoonerWooden Boat1995/01
3001Buzzards Bay SlooopCuller, Pete19 ft LOADinghy, sailingWooden Boat1995/01
3002Lincoln 28Paine, C W28 ft LOAMotorWooden Boat1995/03
3003Merry DreamBombigher, Daniel43 ft LOAYacht, schoonerWooden Boat1995/07
3004OleyFarrington, Dave17ft LOADinghy, skiffWooden Boat1995/09
3005Peregrine 18Brooks, John18 ft LOADinghyWooden Boat1995/09
3006A1 Pilothouse sloopSprague, Scott26 ft LOAYacht, sloopWooden Boat1995/11
3007DecoySpalding, Eliot20 ft LOAMotorWooden Boat1996/01
3008Grey SealOughtred, Iain22 ft LOAYacht, sloopWooden Boat1996/01
3009Great Cove 21Day, Arno21 ft LOAMotorWooden Boat1995/05
3010RoxaneNigel Irens Design30 ft LOAYacht, yawlWooden Boat1995/07
3011Rosa IIRosenblatt, Mandell & Lester41 ft LOAYacht, ketchWooden Boat1995/07
3012ZuluMaynard, George Sherlock34 ft LOAYacht, yawlWooden Boat1996/04
3013AlegriaTucker, Tom39 ft LOAYacht, ketchWooden Boat1996/04
3014KnarrKristofersen, Erling31 ft LOAYacht, sloopWooden Boat1996/06
3015Stephens, Robert W17 ft LOADinghy, sailingWooden Boat1996/06
3016White, Joel62 ft LOAYacht, sloopWooden Boat1996/07
3017Paine, Chuck30 ft LOA Falmouth CutterYacht, sloopWooden Boat1996/07
3018Dorade, Manhattan Bay One-DesignStephens II, Olin J21 ft LOADinghy, sailingWooden Boat1996/09
3019Annabelle TwoDias, Antonio23 ft LOAYacht, sloopWooden Boat1996/09
3020Beach PeaHylan, Doug13 ft LOADinghy, sailingWooden Boat1997/01
3021Gray WolfMartin, Rodger40 ft LOAYacht, sloopWooden Boat1997/01
3022Stephens, Robert W22 ft LOAYachtWooden Boat1997/03
3023GraylingRice, Frank65 ft LOAMaine Sardine CarrierWooden Boat1997/05
3024JenniferPhillips, Tim27 ft LOAYacht, sloopWooden Boat1997/07
3025LilyBolger, Phil15 ft LOAMotorWooden Boat1997/07
3026Penobscot 14Davis, Arch14 ft LOADinghy, sailingWooden Boat1997/09
3027TomfooleryParker, Reuel34 ft LOAYacht, schoonerWooden Boat1997/09
3028Perry, Robert H31 ft LOAYacht, lobsterWooden Boat1998/01
3029Gartside CutterGartside, Paul19 ft LOAYacht, cutterWooden Boat1998/03
3030SallyStrange, Albert25 ft LOACanoe, yawlWooden Boat1998/05
3031Delft 25Sponberg, Eric26 ft LOAYacht, sloopWooden Boat1998/05
3032Rabbit 38Kaufman Design inc.38 ft LOAMotorWooden Boat1998/11
3033Gartside, Paul38 ft LOAMotorsailerWooden Boat1999/01
3034Sand DollarDavis Arch11 ft LOADinghy, sailingWooden Boat1999/03
3035BagatelleHerreshoff, Nathanael G25 ft LOA 1914Yacht, sloopWooden Boat1999/05
3036Eun Na MaraOughtred, Iain20 ft LOAYacht, yawlWooden Boat1999/05
3037SkylarkGartside, Paul14 ft LOADinghy, sailingWooden Boat1999/07
3038Belford GrayMorse, Wibur A29 ft LOAYacht, sloopWooden Boat1999/09
3039Ryder-Turner, David25 ft LOACanoe, yawlWooden Boat1999/11
3040ElfOughtred, Iain15 ft LOACanoe, sailingWooden Boat2000/01
3041Reiff Runner 24Rieff, Brion24 ft LOAMotorWooden Boat2000/03
3042Penobscot 17Davis, Arch17 ft LOADinghy, sailingWooden Boat2000/05
3043Gartside, Paul21 ft LOAYacht, sloopWooden Boat2000/07
3044TautogDias, Antonio25 ft LOAMotorWooden Boat2000/09
3045SpiritSparkman & Stephens34 ft LOAYacht, sloopWooden Boat2000/09
3046Hylan, Doug15 ft LOADinghy, skiffWooden Boat2000/11
3047DevaHerreshoff, L F37 ft LOAYacht, sloopWooden Boat2000/11
3048Kirawan ReduxRhodes, Phil53 ft LOAYacht, sloopWooden Boat2001/02
3049K-16Northwest Marine Design16 ft LOADinghy, sailingWooden Boat2001/02
3050AllegriaTucker, Tom40 ft LOAYacht, ketchWooden Boat2001/03
3051Catbird 24Stambaugh, Karl24 ft LOAYacht, ketchWooden Boat2001/03
3052Means of GracePaine, Chuck44 ft LOAYacht, sloopWooden Boat2001/05
3053JessieGartside, Paul15 ft LOADinghy, sailingWooden Boat2001/07
3054Don Quixote Del MarPeterson, Murray G57 ft LOASchoonerWooden Boat2001/09
3055Atlantic 42Siewert, Greg42 ft LOAMotorWooden Boat2001/09
3056Alca iBuehler, George63 ft LOASchoonerWooden Boat2002/01
3057Trailer Sailer 24Stambaugh, Karl24 ft LOAYacht, yawlWooden Boat2002/98
3058Ryder-Turner, David89 ft LOAYacht, yawlWooden Boat2002/05
3059Heart of Gold IIAbbema, Mark Van39 ft LOAMotorWooden Boat2002/07
3060RebeccaBenjamin, Nat60 ft LOASchoonerWooden Boat2002/09
3061Top HatHylan, D N26 ft LOAMotorWooden Boat2002/09
3062JoyantHerreshoff, N G58 ft LOA 1913Yacht, sloopWooden Boat2002/11
3063MbuliHarris, John20 ft Proa beach cruiserDinghy, sailingWooden Boat2002/11
3064Babson Island 35Stephens, Robert W35 ft LOAYacht, sloopWooden Boat2003/01
3065Surprise IIGartside, Paul22 ft LOAYacht, cutterWooden Boat2003/05
3066NahlahMcGowan, Laurie19 ft LOA Cat yawlDinghy, sailingWooden Boat2003/07
3067MinimalistCook Yacht Design59 ft LOAYacht, ketchWooden Boat2003/09
3068Baby BadgerBenford, Jay32 ft LOAYacht, junkWooden Boat2003/11
3069Salty HeavenFloyd, Mikey17 ft LOADinghy, sailingWooden Boat2004/01
3070Arundel 27Dalzell, Steve28 ft LOAMotorWooden Boat2004/02
3071Gartside, Paul12 ft LOADinghy, sailingWooden Boat2004/04
3072CelesteBenjamin, Nat28 ft LOAYacht, sloopWooden Boat2004/06
3073PleioneTaylor, Jim48 ft LOAYacht, sloopWooden Boat2004/10
3074Bona FideSibbick, Charles45 ft LOAYacht, sloopWooden Boat2004/10
3075MystKurylko, Don18 ft LOADinghy, sailingWooden Boat2004/12
3076GypsyCrowninshield, B B22 ft LOAYacht, sloopWooden Boat2005/02
3077Caledonian YawlOughtred, Iain20 ft LOADinghy, sailingWooden Boat2005/04
3078Double30Bury, Paul30 ft LOAYacht, sloopWooden Boat2005/04
3079MarthaCrowninshield, B B66 ft LOASchoonerWooden Boat2005/06
3080Redwing 26Stambaugh, Karl26 ft LOAMotorWooden Boat2005/06
3081Cotton Blossom IIAnker, Johan49 ft LOAYacht, sloopWooden Boat2005/08
3082CoquinaHerreshoff N G17 ft LOADinghy, sailingWooden Boat2005/12
3083Cape Henry 21Dix, Dudley21 ft LOAYacht, cutterWooden Boat2005/12
3084Sharpie KetchChapelle, Howard I24 ft LOAYacht, ketchWooden Boat2005/10
3085LinnetGarden, William42 ft LOAMotorWooden Boat2006/02
3086RiffGarside, Paul12 ft LOADinghy, sailingWooden Boat2006/04
3087Bay Pilot 18Davis, Arch18 ft LOAMotorWooden Boat2006/06
3088PirateGeary, TedYacht, sloopWooden Boat2006/10
3089PT-15Bieker, Paul15 ft LOADinghy, sailingWooden Boat2006/12
3090SchoonerBolger, Philip C24 ft LOASharpie schoonerWooden Boat2006/12
3091Dufour 325Felci & Roseo30 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner2006/08
3092Delphia 37Skrzat, Andrez35 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner2006/09
3093Barvaria 37J & J37 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner2006/10
3094RM 1200Lombard, Marc39 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner2006/11
3095Nauticat 385Gustaffson, Kaj & Patrik38 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner2006/12
3096Beneteau First 34.7Farr, Bruce33 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner2007/01
3097Salona 37J & J37 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner2007/02
3098Legend 27XHenderson, Glen27 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner2007/02
3099Lavezzi 40Flahault & Joubert/Nivelt39 ft LOACatamaranPractical Boat Owner2007/03
3100Sepia 4 Degero 31DSvon Ahlen, Marc-Oliver31 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner2007/03
3101Finngulf 46 & 41Strahlamn, Karl-Johan46 & 41 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner2007/04
3102Beneteau Oceanis 40Racoupeau, Berret39 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner2007/05
3103Arcona 370Qviberg, Stefan36 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner2007/06
3104Jazz, Etap 28iHarle & Mortain28 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner2007/07
3105MacGregor 26MMacGregor Yachts26 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner2007/07
3106Inexus 27Inexus Yachts27 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner2007/07
3107Tide 28Tide Marine28 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner2007/07
3108Elan 410Humphreys, Rob40 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner2007/08
3109Lagoon 420Van Petegham & Lauriot Prevost41 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner2007/09
3110J/124Johnston, Rod41 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner2007/10
3111DolitaWild, Colin40 ft LOA - New Zealand K classYacht, sloopYachting World1951/06
3112Dollar PrincessGraham, S N36 ft LWLYacht, ketchYachting Monthly1910/03
3113DolphinChurchman, E M24 ft LOAMotorYachting World1946/07
3114DolphinRhodes, Philip L79 ft LOAYachtYachting World1954/02
3115Dolphin 31Sharp Allied Consultants Ltd31 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting World1978/04
3116DonellaLaurent Giles & Partners43 ft LOAYacht, cutterYachting World1958/09
3117Dora19 ft - Solway Firth - Annan Whammel boat - see aFishingYachting Monthly1939/02
3118Dorabece IIBunn, Graham Ltd42 ft - West IndiesYacht, motorMotorboat and Yachting1957/11
3119DoradeStephens, Olin52 ft LOA - see also YW 1936/11 p 479, YW 2004/07Yacht, yawlYachting Monthly1981/01
3120Dorade II120 ft - ex trawler CootYacht, motorYachting World1938/11
3121DoradoBrasted, Robert36 ft LOACatamaranYachting World1967/08
3122DoratheaStoba, William26 ft LOAYacht, cutterThe Boatman1995/08
3123DorcisStrange, Albert29 ft LOAYacht, cutterYachting Monthly1941/08
3124DorimeeBain, John56 ft - Silver Brown Owl classYacht, motorClassic Boat1994/08
3125Doris of MylorHeard, Martin27 ft approx - Falmouth work boat typeYacht, cutterClassic Boat2002/01
3126DormyLaws, G U22 ft LWL - 6 m class - see also CB2001/11 p44Yacht, sloopYachting Monthly1908/12
3127Dorothea56 ftYacht, motorYachting Monthly1915/12
3128DorsetParker, F R21 ft LOA C B Yacht, sloopYachting World1949/06
3129Dorset PhantomBolson, J & Son56 ft LOAMotorYachting World1946/03
3130Dorset WorkmanDallimore, Norman E18 ftMotorMotorboat and Yachting1946/02
3131Dorus MhorLaurent Giles & Partners49 ft LOA - see also YW 1962/06 p276Yacht, yawlYachting Monthly1961/10
3132Double 30Bury, Paul30 ft LOAYacht, sloopClassic Boat2006/02
3133DoubletRobb, Arthur C33 ft LOA - Daring classYacht, sloopClassic Boat2004/04
3134Douchka56 ftMotorYachting Monthly1930/03
3135DragonAnker, J29 ft LOA - see also CB 2001/01 p 93, YW 2004/12 Yacht, sloopYachting World1969/06
3136DragonDubois, Ed39 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting World1981/06
3137DragonflyKennedy, O'Brien14 ft Dinghy, sailingYachting Monthly1949/06
3138Dragonfly 1200Quorning, Jens39 ft LOATrimaranYachting Monthly2002/10
3139Dragonfly 920Quorning30 ft LOATrimaranYachting Monthly2001/02
3140DragoonWebber, Thomas45 ft - 34 RaterYacht, sloopClassic Boat2003/07
3141Drascombe CoasterWatkinson, John21 ft LOAYacht, yawlYachting Monthly1992/07
3142Drascombe DrifterWatkinson, John22 ft LOD C BYacht, yawlWatercraft2005/05
3143Drascombe LongboatWatkinson, John21 ft LOA - see also YM 1971/09 p 291Yacht, yawlYachting World1971/04
3144Drascombe SkiffWatkinson, John14 ftDinghy, sailingClassic Boat1997/01
3145Dream of ArdenHarrison Butler, T30 ft - see also CB 1999/11 p26Yacht, cutterYachting Monthly1945/02
3146DreamchaserMorgan Yacht Corp34 ft LOA - Morgan 34 classYacht, sloopYachting Monthly1997/07
3147DreamtimeSmith, Allan30 ft LOAYacht, sloopClassic Boat2005/01
3148DreamtooCooper, Fred35 ftMotorYachting Monthly1937/01
3149DrekiMcGregor, Charles GYacht, cutterYachting World1936/01
3150DriacNicholson, C39 ft LOAYacht, cutterYachting World1931/08
3151Driac IIGraham, S N32 ft LOA - see also CB 1997/01 p 43Yacht, cutterYachting Monthly1932/03
3152DrobiliaThompson, R T16 ftYachtClassic Boat1996/06
3153Droleen IILaurent Giles33 ft LOA - Brittany classYacht, sloopClassic Boat2001/06
3154DruidWatson, G L & Co94 ft 112 tonYacht, ketchYachting Monthly1914/10
3155DrumbeatHunt, C Raymond58 ft LOA - see also CB 2001/04 p 29Yacht, cutterYachting World1957/11
3156DruscillaSharp & Brewster31 ft LOAYacht, yawlMotorboat and Yachting1937/01
3157DryadStrange, Albert23 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting Monthly1909/06
3158DryopeParker, R F 29 ft LOAYacht, motorYachting Monthly1962/06
3159DubarryThornycroft38 ft LOAMotorYachting World1947/11
3160Dublin Bay 21Mylne, Alfred32 ft LOAYacht, cutterClassic Boat1993/05
3161DucklingFairey Marine9 ftDinghy, sailingYachting Monthly1950/10
3162DuclairHarrison Butler, T19 ft LOA - modified by Birt, DYacht, cutterThe Yachtsman1941/06
3163DuellistHill, Alan32 ft LOA C B - see also YW 1977/12 p 84Yacht, sloopYachting Monthly1979/01
3164Duenna - conversion of oyster smackYacht, motorMotorboat and Yachting1967/12
3165Duetta 86Stadt, E G van de & Partners28 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting World1981/07
3166DuetteThomas, David22 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting Monthly1986/01
3167Dufour 31Dufour, Michel30 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting Monthly1999/02
3168Dufour 34Feci, U & Roseo, P33 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting Monthly2003/08
3169Dufour 36 CCMortain & Mavrikios36 ft LOA - see also YM 2003/06 p95Yacht, sloopYachting Monthly1999/11
3170Dufour 39CCMortain & Mavrikios39 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting Monthly1998/11
3171Dufour 40Feci, U & Roseo, P39 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting Monthly2003/01
3172Dufour 1800Dufour, M & Cordelle, L25 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting Monthly1979/09
3173Dufour 24Dufour, Michel24 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting Monthly1975/10
3174Dufour 25/180025 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting Monthly1995/07
3175Dufour 27Dufour, Michel27 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting World1975/07
3176Dufour 28Faroux29 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting Monthly1985/02
3177Dufour 2800Dufour, Michel27 ft LOA - see also YW 1979/06 p 133, YW 1981/07Yacht, sloopYachting Monthly1997/02
3178Dufour 29Dufour, Michel29 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting Monthly2000/07
3179Dufour 30 Felci, Umberto & Roseo, Patrick40 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting World2003/01
3180Dufour 30 ClassicJ & J Designs29 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting Monthly1997/12
3181Dufour 31Dufour, Michel30 ft LOA - see also YW 1980/06 p 100Yacht, sloopYachting Monthly1974/12
3182Dufour 32 ClassicJ & J Designs31 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting Monthly1996/12
3183Dufour 34Felci, Umberto & Roseo, Patrick34 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting World2003/06
3184Dufour 35Dufour, Michel35 ft LOA - see also YM 1996/01 p 112Yacht, sloopYachting Monthly1994/08
3185Dufour 3800Frers, German30 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting Monthly1981/12
3186Dufour 385Felci, Umberto 37 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting Monthly2004/07
3187Dufour 39Frers, German38 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting Monthly1990/03
3188Dufour 44Felci, Umberto & Roseo, Patrick44 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting World2003/09
3189Dufour ACM ExcellenceACM38 ftYacht, motorMotorboat and Yachting2001/03
3190DulcibellaLaurent Giles35 ft LOA - reproduction for film - see also CB Yacht, yawlYachting Monthly1979/03
3191Dulcibella30 ft LOALifeboatYachting Monthly1945/03
3192Dulcibella 33Laurent Giles & Partners33 ft LoaYacht, sloopYachting Monthly1981/07
3193DumaTaylor, J & Bates Ltd26 ft LOAMotorYachting World1936/08
3194DunlinCoade, H G 20 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting Monthly1964/07
3195DunpelderClark, Robert43 ft LOAYacht, cutterYachting Monthly1937/11
3196DunpelderClark, Robert43 ft LOAYacht, cutterMotorboat and Yachting1937/12
3197DuoRiverdale & Lewis, John45 ft LOA - twin keelYacht, cutterYachting Monthly1984/12
3198DuquesneRichards, J B34 ft LOAYacht, cutterThe Yachtsman1935/02
3199DuskHeard, Douglas14 ft - Irish Dinghy Racing Association 14 classDinghy, sailingClassic Boat1994/01
3200Dutch EelLauwers, Dirk22 ft LOAYacht, cutterClassic Boat2000/01
3201Dutch MaidTans, B & Zonen37 ft LOA - see also Bmn 1995/10 p 51Yacht, cutterYachting World1940/11
3202Duty IIMalham, R30 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting World1942/06
3203Dwyn WenRichardson, Alex155 tonYacht, schoonerYachting Monthly1906/07
3204DyarchyLaurent Giles, J46ft LOA Bristol Channel Cutter styled onGaff cutterYachting Monthly1975/07
3205DyarchyLaurent Giles, J46ft LOA Bristol Channel Cutter styled onGaff cutterYachting Monthly1936/01
3206Dyco HawfinchParker, F R43 ft Yacht, motorMotorboat and Yachting1946/05
3207E H 32Kok, Janus44 ft LOA - built 1918 - presented to Queen of HBotterClassic Boat2004/07
3208E WWatkins, Eustace Ltd12 ftDinghy, sailingYachting World1948/05
3209EagleOsborne45 ft LOA - also Kestrel and O C 25 designsYacht, motorThe Yachtsman1966/05
3210EagleOsborne, William Ltd41 ftYacht, motorMotorboat and Yachting1945/12
3211Eagle IIMoxie, Ralph - Bahama dinghyYachtClassic Boat1990/07
3212Earl DavidTimmer, Werf48 ft LOA - see also YM 1959/10 p139Yacht, motorYachting World1959/07
3213EarraidWatson, G L & Co42 ft - MFV typeYachtMotorboat and Yachting1948/01
3214East AnglianBuchanan, Alan27 ft LOA - East Anglian Restricted classYacht, sloopClassic Boat2001/08
3215East Coast O DLaws, G U30 ft LOA - see also CB 2004/01 p 91Yacht, sloopYachting World1969/06
3216Eastcountryman 33Winch, Paul49 ft LOAYacht, bargeYachting Monthly1983/02
3217Eastcountryman 27Winch, Paul41 ft LOAYacht, cutterYachting Monthly1985/11
3218EasterBuchanan, Alan35 ft LOA - see also CB 1998/04 p 42Yacht, cutterYachting World1960/04
3219Ebbtide 33Pape, Alan33 ft LODYacht, cutterYachting Monthly1981/08
3220E-BoatEveritt, Julian D21 ft LOA - see also YW 1977/06 p 81Yacht, sloopYachting Monthly1980/04
3221EcilaHart, Norman82 ft LOA - see also Ymn 1932/06 p 208Yacht, motorYachting World1932/05
3222EclipseProcter, Ian22 ft LOA - see also YW 1976/06 p 89Yacht, sloopYachting Monthly1973/03
3223Ecume 7.50Pinot, J M26 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting World1975/07
3224Ecume de MarFinot, J M22 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting World1969/11
3225EddaProut, Geoffrey12 ftYacht, sloopYachting Monthly1930/12
3226EdieCrossley, P C 20 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting Monthly1921/03
3227Edith AliceMcNary65 ft LOAYachtYachting World1935/07
3228Edith RoseHarrison Butler, T29 ft LOAYacht, cutterYachting Monthly1937/03
3229EdluStephens, Olin56 ft LOAYacht, cutterYachting World1936/12
3230EelHolmes, George21 ft C B - see also Bmn 1995/03 p 69, Bmn 1995/Canoe, sailingYachting Monthly1906/08
3231EelaOughtred, Iain16 ft - lug rigDinghyClassic Boat1997/09
3232EendjeFawkea, M12 ftTjotterYachting Monthly1930/02
3233Egg Dinwiddy, T N 10 ftDinghy, rowingYachting Monthly1920/07
3234EgretHarrison, J & J22 ft LOACobleYachting World1969/03
3235EgretSparkman & Stephens56 ft LOAYachtYachting World1962/06
3236Eileen SiochtPassengerClassic Boat1991/05
3237EilidhMylne, Alfred58 ft LOAYacht, cutterYachting Monthly1996/06
3238EilirSimpson, H22 ft LOA Conway River classYacht, sloopYachting Monthly1914 /02
3239Ek SoekiHill, Alan & White, Eric27 ft LOA - junk rig - modified Cutlass classYachtYachting Monthly1976/11
3240Elan 31Humphreys, Rob30 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting Monthly2003/04
3241Elan 333Humphreys, Rob33 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting Monthly1999/05
3242Elan 36Humphreys, Rob35 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting Monthly1998/06
3243Elan 37Humphreys, Bob37 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting World2004/07
3244Elan 434Humphreys, Bob42 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting World2004/07
3245Elan 45Humphreys, Rob44 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting Monthly2001/06
3246ElcetteChris-Craft32 ftMotorYachting World1941/06
3247EleanorShepherd, F52 ft - see also CB 1999/07 p 41Yacht, motorYachting Monthly1914/02
3248Eleanor MaryHill, Alan32 ft LODYacht, cutterClassic Boat1989/01
3249ElectronBridge, Ian C32 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting World1948/02
3250EleonoraHerreshoff, Natt - near replica of Westward - see also CB 2003/0Yacht, schoonerYachting World2001/01
3251Eleven PlusParkin, Eric11 ftDinghy, sailingYachting World1957/11
3252ElfDallimore, N E24 ft LOA C BYacht, sloopYachting Monthly1921/10
3253ElfOughtred, Iain15 ft - Norway type - see also WC 2002/11 p 42Hardanger faeringWatercraft1998/03
3254ElfOughtred, Iain15 ft LOAFaeringWatercraft2001/05
3255Elf 26Woods Designs26 ft LOA - see also YM 1992/08 p93CatamaranYachting Monthly1991/10
3256Elf-AquitaineLangevin, Silvestre62 ft LOA CatamaranYachting World1981/10
3257ElfeenBuchanan, Alan25 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting Monthly1952/05
3258ElfinWestmacott, A27 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting Monthly1931/03
3259ElfridaSmith, James A53 ft LOAYacht, yawlYachting Monthly1909/08
3260Elgol 2Huber, Wolf10 ftDinghy, sailingWatercraft2004/03
3261EliseFife, William63 ft LODYacht, schoonerClassic Boat1996/09
3262ElizabethWhite, H W 132 ft LOA - see also YM 1906/06 p 142, YM 1907/0Yacht, schoonerYachting Monthly1906/06
3263Elizabeth61 ftCanal boatMotorboat and Yachting1945/01
3264Elizabeth Anne30 ft LOAYacht, bargeYachting Monthly1936/10
3265Elizabeth Bligh23 ft - replica of Bligh's cutterRowingClassic Boat1990/03
3266Elizabeth JimTew, J E H44 ft LOAYacht, yawlYachting World1950/02
3267Elizabethan 35Webster, Peter34 ft LOAYacht, cutterYachting Monthly1964/05
3268Elizabethan 23Webster, Peter Ltd23 ft LOA - see also YW1971/06 p75Yacht, sloopYachting Monthly1969/05
3269Elizabethan 29Holman, C R29 ft LOA - see also YM 1993/08 p60Yacht, sloopYachting World1963/12
3270Elizabethan 31Thomas, David30 ft LOA - see also YW 1972/07 p 78Yacht, sloopYachting Monthly1990/10
3271Elizabethan 33Thomas, David33 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting Monthly1988/09
3272Elizabethan 9 mThomas, David29 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting World1969/11
3273EllideMosher, Charles D80 ft LOAYacht, steamClassic Boat1998/12
3274ElloraMitchell, E H 15 ftYacht, sloopYachting Monthly1921/04
3275ElnaBain, John70 ft LOAYacht, motorYachting Monthly1938/05
3276EloiseSergent, F37 ft LOAYacht, cutterYachting Monthly1950/04
3277Elor 65Elvstrom & Kjaerulf21 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting Monthly1975/07
3278ElrhunaRobertson, Alex4 tonYacht, cutterYachting Monthly1906/10
3279Elseli IVPlym, Gustav34 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting World1955/06
3280ElsewhereGraham, Sydney N121 ftYacht, motorMotorboat and Yachting1949/11
3281ElshinThornycroft36 ftMotorYachting World1937/06
3282ElsieNewland, Nat30 ft LOAYacht, ketchClassic Boat2003/04
3283ElsieSteele, John57 ft LOA C BYacht, ketchYachting World2003/02
3284Elsie Fife, William64 ft LOAYacht, schoonerYachting Monthly1912/08
3285ElsmoirRobertson, Alex & Sons Ltd37 ft LOAYacht, motorYachting World1951/12
3286Elusive VirtueLaurent Giles25 ft LOA - Vertue classYacht, sloopYachting Monthly1996/12
3287ElverHart, E P46 ft LOAYacht, schoonerYachting Monthly1940/03
3288ElverRedmond, SteveCanoe, yawlClassic Boat1987/01
3289Emanuel Anderson, A30 ft LOA - see also CB 1990/12 p 20, CB 2005/12 Yacht, cutterYachting Monthly1934/01
3290EmeraldWatts, J Murray50 ft LOAYacht, yawlYachting Monthly1927/06
3291Emilie42 ft LOAYacht, cutterYachting Monthly1932/04
3292EmmaMcGregor, C G35 ftYacht, ketchYachting Monthly1910/03
3293EnaCrossley, P C20 ft LWL 6 m classYacht, sloopYachting Monthly1909/03
3294EnaHumphreys, Rob22 ftYacht, sloopClassic Boat1995/09
3295EndeavourHazel, R J26 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting Monthly1959/06
3296EndeavourNicholson, Charles129 ft LOA - see also YM 1989/11 p 63, CB 1989/10Yacht, sloopYachting Monthly1934/11
3297Endeavour109 ft LOA - replica of Cook's vessel - see alsoBarkClassic Boat1991/02
3298Endeavour IINicholson, Charles E138 ft LOAYacht, cutterClassic Boat1992/01
3299EnduranceIbold, Peter34 ft LOA - ferro designYacht, ketchYachting Monthly1971/03
3300EnduranceIbold, Peter31 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting Monthly1980/01
3301Endurance 30Ibold, Peter31 ft LOAYacht, schoonerYachting Monthly1974/09
3302Endurance 36Ibold, Peter37 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting Monthly1987/10
3303Endurance 37Ibold, Peter37 ft LOA - see also YM 1994/12 p 77Yacht, ketchYachting Monthly1980/03
3304Endurance 47Ibold, Peter47 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting Monthly1992/01
3305EndymionMcGregor, C G50 ftMotorYachting Monthly1911/01
3306English Channel CutterHess, Lyle40 ft LODYacht, cutterClassic Boat2003/11
3307EnglynHarrison Butler, T26 ft LOA - see also CB 1988/07 p26, CB 1989/07 pYacht, sloopYachting Monthly1937/01
3308EnidCrossley, P C 38 ft LOAYacht, cutterYachting Monthly1914/04
3309Entente CordialeKampen, H C A 6 m LOAYacht, sloopYachting Monthly1921/04
3310EnterpriseParker, F R50 ft - FalmouthPassengerMotorboat and Yachting1946/11
3311Enterprise128 ft LOA - J class - see also CB 2005/02 p 18Yacht, cutterYachting Monthly1931/02
3312EolisHillyard, David27 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting World1951/01
3313EostraWilson, G & Co64 ft LOAYacht, yawlYachting Monthly1931/09
3314EquationChance, Britton68 ft LOAYacht, ketchYachting World1972/07
3315EraDawson, Dudley6 mtere classYacht, sloopYachting Monthly1908/10
3316EricsonKing, Bruce34 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting Monthly1973/04
3317ErivaleClark, Robert54 ft LOAYacht, sloopClassic Boat1999/05
3318ErosCibert, Paul A38 ft LOAYacht, yawlYachting World1957/07
3319ErycinaBrandram, A12 metreYacht, modelYachting Monthly1907/07
3320ErycinaPrigg, H G 71 ft LOA - Plymouth trawlerFishingYachting Monthly1934/12
3321EscaPengelly, Frank W25 ftYacht, motorMotorboat and Yachting1951/07
3322Escale 39Feltham, D & Underwood, R39 ft LOA ProutCatamaranYachting Monthly1992/02
3323EscapadeStewart, Walter37 ft LOAYacht, cutterYachting World1935/07
3324EscapeArcher, Colin43 ft LOAYacht, yawlYachting Monthly1937/04
3325EsmeraldaTatchell, Percy12 ftDinghy, sailingThe Yachtsman1932/05
3326EsniaLaws, G U60 ftYacht, bargeYachting Monthly1909/07
3327Espoir32 ft - offshore powerboatMotorMotorboat and Yachting1963/01
3328Essex maidMcBryde, W G76 ft - M F V (drifter) typeYacht, motorMotorboat and Yachting1939/02
3329Essex MaidMcBryde, W G 76 ft Drifter typeYacht, motorYachting Monthly1939/06
3330EstelleLuke & Co40 ft LOAYacht, cutterYachting Monthly1942/06
3331EstelleMcCallum, J A80 ftYacht, motorYachting Monthly1920/12
3332Estuary CruiserBrooke Marine Ltd24 ft LOAMotorYachting World1951/01
3333EtainLaurent Giles46 ft - see also CB 2005/06 p59Yacht, cutterClassic Boat1991/01
3334EtaionGiles, J Laurent45 ft LOAYacht, cutterYachting Monthly1929/06
3335Etap 23Ridder, Jac de24 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting Monthly1983/03
3336Etap 26Stadt, E G van de25 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting Monthly1982/02
3337Etap 28iHarle, Phillipe28 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting Monthly1989/02
3338Etap 30Ridder, Jac de30 ft LOA - see also YM 1985/02 p 328, YM 1996/02Yacht, sloopYachting Monthly1984/05
3339Etap 32iHarle, Mortain & Mavrikios32 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting Monthly1993/07
3340Etap 32s Mortain & Mavrikios31 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting Monthly2001/10
3341Etap 34sHarle-Mortain34 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting Monthly1998/04
3342Etap 37Mortain & Mavrikios36 ft LOA - see also YW 2002/04 p 100Yacht, sloopYachting Monthly2002/09
3343Etap 38iHarle & Mortain37 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting Monthly1990/04
3344Etap 46Ahlen, Mark Oliver Von45 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting Monthly2005/11
3345EthelHolmes, George15 ft - see also CB1988/05 p 22, CB 1991/01 p 104Canoe, sailingThe Boatman1995/03
3346EthfraTaylor, James & Bates Ltd39 ftYacht, motorMotorboat and Yachting1944/09
3347EulaliHolman, C R 30 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting Monthly1968/03
3349Eun MaraMcCullam, J A53 ft LOAYacht, motorYachting Monthly1912/03
3350Eun MaraOughtred, Iain19 ft LOAYacht, yawlWatercraft1998/07
3351Eun Na NaraOughtred, Iain19 ft C BYacht, yawlClassic Boat1998/12
3352EuniceBleasby, S McLaren50 ftMotorYachting Monthly1911/01
3353EurekaGraham, S NR C C A classCanoe, sailingYachting Monthly1909/12
3354EuropaHunter Boats19 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting Monthly1974/08
3355Europa R0330Barracuda31 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting Monthly2003/06
3356Europa 3000Freer, Chris28 ft LOA - see also YW 1978/09 p 165Yacht, sloopYachting Monthly1978/03
3357Euros Amel, H38 ft LOAYachtYachting World1972/07
3358Euros 41Amel, H40 ft LOAYacht, yawlYachting Monthly1973/06
3359EuterpeVeronese, Bruno23 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting Monthly1953/11
3360EvaFife, William III57 ft LOAYacht, cutterClassic Boat2004/03
3361EvaSmith, W CDinghy, sailingYachting Monthly1906/09
3362EvarneKingsley, Charles37 ft LOAYacht, cutterYachting Monthly1937/10
3363EvasionMason, A30 ft LOA C B Yacht, sloopYachting Monthly1954/05
3364Evasion 28Beneteau27 ft LOAYacht, sloopYachting Monthly1995/10
3365Jeanneu 36iLombard, Marc36 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner2007/11
3366Hunter 20 SportThomas, David20 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner2007/12
3367Nautiner 30Ginter, Eugeniusz & Robert30 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner2008/01
3368Rustler 36Holman & Pye35 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner2008/01
3369Island Packet SP CruiserJohnson, Bob41 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner2008/02
3370PreludeProctor, Ian19 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner2008/02
3371Hanse 350Judel & Vrolijk34 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner2008/03
3372Galion 22Hannay, Ian22 ft LOAYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner2008/03
3373Fair LadyNicholson, C E138 ft LOAMotorBoat International1987/01
3374Caciquede Voogt, Frits57 m LOAMotorBoat International1987/06
3375Le SeabirdCouach, Guy23 m LOAMotorBoat International1987/06
3376Bengal ISterling Yachts45 m LOAMotorBoat International1987/06
3377Brave GooseDeane, Alan42 m LOAMotorBoat International1987/06
3378Victoria WonCouach, Guy25 m LOAMotorBoat International1987/06
3379StarliteBroward Marine37 m LOAMotorBoat International1987/06
3380WhirlwindHolland, Ron31.4 m LOAYacht, sloopBoat International1987/08
3381MarinaPerini Navi25 m LOAYacht, sloopBoat International1987/08
3382Aquel IIDubois, Ed37 2 m LOAYacht, sloopBoat International1987/08
3383DiablessseFrancis, Martin28.2 m LOAYacht, sloopBoat International1987/08
3384AcharneHolland/Bannenburg112 ft LOAYacht, sloopBoat International1987/10
3385New Horizon Lde Voogt, Frits60 m LOAMotorBoat International1987/10
3386Chistianne BPerini Navi138 ft LOAYacht, ketchBoat International1988/01
3387StarlightBannenberg, Jon96 ft LOAYacht, sloopBoat International1988/11
3388FortunaPalmer Johnston USA100 ft LOAMotorBoat International1988/11
3389DestinyDiana Yacht Design173 ft LOAMotorBoat International1989/02
3390MoonbeamFife, William jnr104 ft LOA 1903 restoredYacht, cutterBoat International1989/02
3391Darnice IIIBennetti, Fratelli171 ft LOAMotorBoat International1989/04
3392AquariusGielow, Henry J175 ft LOASchoonerBoat International1989/04
3393Midnight Sagade Vries Lentsch W jnr188 ft LOAMotorBoat International1989/05
3394Javelot 65Joubert/Nivelt63 ft LOAMotorBoat International1989/05