Buchanan Plans

The National Maritime Museum Cornwall holds an archive of plans by the well-known designer, Alan Buchanan which may be accessed on request. A summary of these is below. The list is work-in-progress as many of the plans are fragile or damaged and cataloguing is still under way.

To request more detail on any of these plans then contact us at library@nmmc.co.uk

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ID Name Vessel Description Design Design Year
0340.1091 1/2 Ton Cup 31ft 1/2 ton Cup boat Spec 735 02/05/67 for Col T W H McMullen D1808a 1966
0340.1267 1/2 Ton Cup fast cruiser 32ft Fast Cruiser 1/2 ton Cup Boat Spec 742 No date for Dr Perizzi 8 sheets found D1830a
0340.1278 1/4 ton Cup 27ft Plywood planked.hard chine 1/4 ton Cup Spec 754 04/10/68 for Marine Craft Ltd Sales Spec 765 05/11/68 for Marine Craft Ltd Jersey D1868a 1968
0340.1555 1/4 tonner 25ft proposed Quarter Tonner Sept 76 D2134 1976
0340.0322 10 ton Fast Cruiser 10 ton Fast Cruiser D0444
0340.0143 10 ton Motor Sailer 10 ton Motor sailer tbc D0266
0340.0778 108ft Motor Yacht 108 ft 160 ton Motor Yacht for Dutton Forshaw. Aug 1957 D0904
0340.0784 108ft Motor yacht 108ft 160 ton Wooden Motor yacht Prov Spec 258 Mk III D0910
0340.0066 10ft 10in Tender 10ft 10in Motor Tender Launch Spec 25 05/51, 01/05/51 – 2 sheets D0185a
0340.0096 10ft 8in rowing punt 10ft 8in beam 3ft 10in. Flat bottom rowing punt 15/08/52 – 1 sheet D0216 1952
0340.0017 10ft ELF Class 10ft ELF Class Clinker built dinghy, D0127a
0340.0009 10ft PUFFIN Class 10ft 8 1/2 in PUFFIN Class Plywood chine sailing dinghy, with rowing version, materials sheet included, Vee bottom, also launch version see YM 1949/04 pp176 in DI Dwg Date 22/10/48 D0119a 1948
0340.1458 10m MARKEN II 36ft MARKEN II Steel Aux Sloop D1575b 1963
0340.0944 11 ft, 5 ft Beam COYPU. Round bilge sailing dinghy, G.R.P. Sail plan for Mr Worsp – 3 sheets D1071a
0340.0221 11 ton Ocean racer cruiser 11 ton Ocean Racer 27ft from Printed Reprint list .10 ton Cruiser. 1 roll racked NYC D0343
0340.0030 11 tonner tbc 11 ton 18/11/49 tbc D0146 1948
0340.0312 11ft 6in Launch 11ft 6in Launch D0434
0340.0443 11ft 6in Motor Launch Spec 125 No date Mr Reid D0564
0340.1489 12 ton Masthead Sloop 12 ton Masthead Sloop 2 sheets for G Chiarto D1703
0340.0313 120 toon Steam Yacht 120 ton Steam Yacht D0435
0340.0026 12ft CYGNET Class dinghy 12ft x 5ft CYGNET Class 3/4 deck plywood chine sailing Dinghy for single handed work 20/10/48 D0142 1948
0340.0128 12ft Dinghy 12ft x 4ft. Clinker Pulling Boat – D0248 1953
0340.0185 12ft Dinghy MATTIE Mattie 12ft Mattie D0308
0340.0039 12ft GNOME Class dinghy 12ft GNOME Class Sailing dinghy, clinker round bilge, Stock plan – 4 sheets +1 folded print. D0156a 1951
0340.0941 12ft GRP Speedboat D1068
0340.0149 12ft Motor Launch 12ft Inboard Motor Launch, round bilge clinker. Spec No 66 – 3 sheets D0272a
0340.0123 12ft Motor Launch 12ft Motor Launch tbc D0243
0340.0980 13 ton Steel C/B Sloop Spec 363 hull construction detail for Stebbings. D1107
0340.0176 13ft rowing boat 13ft flat bottom rowing boat (two sheets) D0299a 1953
0340.0637 14 ? Bermudian yawl Maid D0762
0340.0318 14 ton Ketch 14 ton Chine Ketch D0440
0340.0244 14 ton Ketch 14 ton Ketch D0366
0340.0490 14 ton Ocean Racer D0611
0340.0517 14 ton Steel Ocean Racer tbc D0638
0340.0024 14ft 9in TUNA Outboard runabout 14ft 9in x 4ft 8 1/2in TUNA Plywood chine Outboard Runabout with building instructions and materials list, vee bottom D0140a
0340.0056 14ft 9in TUNA Special 14ft 9in Inboard Runabout 32ft Motor Cruiser Conversion Spec 21 09/11/50 for A E Rowley, TUNA 04/11/50 tbc D0173
0340.0008 14ft BLACKWATER Class 14ft x 5ft. 6in. BLACKWATER class 3/4 deck clinker built sailing dinghy D0114a
0340.0007 14ft DABCHICK Class 14ft DABCHICK Class One Design Sharpie, 3/4 deck chine plywood sailing dinghy, vee bottom Dwg Date 05/05/47 Spec 12 03/50 YW 1950/02 pp75 – 5 sheets- 9ft 6in Beam 4ft 2in Chine plywood heavy Pram Dinghy Vee bottom D0113a 1947
0340.0970 14ft GRP Speedboat D1097
0340.0151 14ft Launch 14ft Outboard tbc D0274
0340.0952 14ft Motor Launch schematic D1079
0340.0243 14ft Runabout 14ft x 5ft 1 1/2in Inboard/Outboard Plywood Runabout with materials Sheet, Vee bottom – 5 sheets D0365
0340.0150 14ft Sailing dinghy 14ft Half decked hard chine Sailing Dinghy Spec No 80 Ply planked 4 sheets D0273a
0340.0950 14ft Tepco Speedboat D1077
0340.0040 15 ton Aux Cruiser 15 ton Aux Cruiser TM 42ft held 08/02/50 Earliest lines on AB Lines list D0157a 1950
0340.0303 15ft Fishing Launch 15ft x 5ft 6in Outboard Fishing Launch, plywood, vee bottom – D0425a
0340.0358 15ft KELPIE Dinghy 15ft x 5ft 6in. KELPIE clinker built general purpose sailing dinghy D0480
0340.0191 15ft Launch 15ft Outboard Launch D0313
0340.0206 15ft Outboard Launch 15ft outboard Launch D0328
0340.0605 15ft Outboard Launch

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