Buchanan Plans

We have an archive of plans by the well-known designer, Alan Buchanan which may be accessed on request. A summary of these is below. To request more detail on any of these plans then contact us at library@nmmc.co.uk

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ID Name Vessel Description Design Year
D2274A Proposed 38ft passenger amphibian for Sean Power, Jersey
D0871 accommodation 36ft Motor Cruiser revised accommodation
D0873 Motor yacht 22 ton Motor Yacht
D0874 YEOMAN Special Southern Yeoman 35ft SOUTHERN YEOMAN ON 306243 Built Elkins Christchurch 9/58 Sail No 1058 LYR 66
D0875 n/a
D0876 n/a
D0877 n/a
D0878 51ft Ketch Cara Mia 51ft Ketch for Mr Mossler built as CARA MIA by Cantieri Sangamani 1/1959 1 sheet to add to racked roll
D0879 Steel Cruiser 6 1/2 ton steel Cruiser for G Bakker 1 off Yeoman ?
D0881 28ft Broads Cruiser 28ft Broads Cruiser for Pegg
D0883 Lalla Rooke 72ft 75t LALLA ROOKE Ext GA
D0888 n/a
D0890 30ft Wah Kong Wah Kong 30ft 6 1/2 tonner Mr Morris Spec 254 for J R Harris Hull to be built of teak.to be built to lines plan and Sailplan D0653 Drawing schedule held. Built King 6/58 as WAH KONG II 187836
D0892 18ft 10in Motor Cruiser
D0893 YEOMAN Special YEOMAN for Mr Gouch
D0894 28ft Broads Cruiser 28ft Broads Cruiser Vee bottom hard chine Spec 252 for Pegg Marine
D0895 E A Rest Special 27ft EAST ANGLIAN Restricted Class K Gowen. See CB 2001/08 pp93. No plans catalogued.
D0897 n/a
D0898 n/a
D0901 NYC rkd 140 ton Motor Yacht
D0902 25ft Fast Cruiser 25ft 4 1/2 ton Fast Cruiser Spec 265 for Dr Straddon Ipswich Spec 253 for Dr Staddon see also D0805
D0903 37ft VASHTI I Vashti, Jabula, 37ft 11 Ton Ocean Racer Cruiser. J M Laing believed built as VASHTI ON 187799 by Priors 6/58 . Spec 306 10 ton fast cruiser A F Andrews Spec 286 for J Boardman believed built as JABULA ON 301718 by Suttons 5/59 . Spec 349 for Australian construction for M D Rundle. Spec 352 for W H Hawkins believed built as CAPELLA OF BURNHAM ON 300561 by Suttons 6/60 Teak planking. Spec 459 for C??. VASHTI to Lloyd Survey 100A1 1957
D0904 108ft Motor Yacht 108 ft 160 ton Motor Yacht for Dutton Forshaw. Aug 1957
D0909 54ft Motor Cruiser 54 ft Motor Cruiser High Speed
D0910 108ft Motor yacht 108ft 160 ton Wooden Motor yacht Prov Spec 258 Mk III
D0912 30ft April Too April Too 30ft 7 ton Ocean Racer Spec 262 for P J Bateman believed to be APRIL TOO ON 303148
D0914 SPARTAN MkII 23ft SPARTAN Type III Spec 327 C V Dowdall (4 ton Spartan type II) Spec 261 J Garside MK IISpec 348 for Spartan Type II, Prov Spec 377 Type II for K Watson. Tbc NYC
D0915 36ft Deep Water Motor Cruiser 36ft Deep Water Motor Cruiser Spec 266 for H Town. Engine Layout 505 Lines to D505
D0917 Tudor Rose Tudor Rose Re rig not A B design
D2324 31ft Motor Sailer 31ft wooden Motor Sailer Spec 858 last entry
D2312 42ft Steel Launch Commercial 42ft Steel Passenger Launch Spec 857 06/04/94 for Dunlewey, Eire penultimate entry.
D2305 27ft Gaff Cutter 27ft wooden Gaff Cutter Spec 856 08/09/93 for Kent McAvoy USA
D2295 39ft Goulette 39ft wooden Goulette Du Cotentin Spec 854 03/02/92 Roll found very badly damaged unrolled and 26 sheets recovered name NIERE MAQUE appears.
D2289 63ft Steel MFV Commercial 63ft Steel MFV Spec 852 01/07/91 for Bill Tober
D2113 60ft R Motor Yacht 60ft wooden glued ply T S Motor Yacht Spec 822 10/05/76 for K Steventon 1975
D2128 36ft MAORI CHIEF Maori Chief 36ft Moonraker Marine, Brundall , MAORI CHIEF Spec 823 17/06/76 for J Green
D2123 33ft 6in Steel Chine Cruising Yacht 33ft 6in Steel single chine long distance cuising yacht suitable for amateur construction cutter or ketch rigged. (9 sheets) Spec 825 21/05/77
D2167 42ft Steel Cockle dredger 42ft Steel Chine Fishing Vessel for cockle suction dredging. Spec 828 01/05/78 for Johnson Sons & Jago 1978
D1866 46ft Fast Cruising Cutter 46ft Steel Fast Cruising Cutter Spec 778 for R E Jennings, 1970
D2161 29ft Tug Commercial 29ft Contractors Steel Chine Launch & Tug Spec 836 12/03/81 Stock Design 1 roll racked NYC
D2236 43ft Steel Launch Commercial 43ft Steel passenger/cargo Launch Preliminary Spec 840 21/07/83 for Johnson Sons & Jago
D1441 41ft Ocean racer 41ft Aluminium Ocean Racer Spec 536 14/02/61 and ,Prelim Spec 539 for J M Laing Not built
D1512 20ft C/B Sloop 20ft C/B Sloop Keel centreboarder, Bermudan rig, modern boat with flat sheer, accommodation for 2, open cockpit Spec 592 13/03/62 clinker for D M Leplar – 6 sheets
D1570 17 ton Ocean racer Capella of Kent 17 ton Ocean Racer Spec 627 11/12/62 for W Hawkins Spec 630 11 ton Fast Cruiser for K S Wrighton ? Same D no but different craft??
D2026 48ft Motor Yacht 48ft wooden Twin Screw Motor Yacht Spec 801 09/03/73 for J L Tremolieres
D1992 22ft Channel Islands 22 22ft GRP CHANNEL ISLANDS 22 Class Versatile and robust Fast Motor Boats built in various versions and using a variety of engines. Over 250 of this class have been built by Silva Yates in Jersey. Since 1974. !4 designs for Specials, 22,32,& 40ft craft are listed in the collection GH Spec 798 & 799 08/11/72 Part set of plans found & Cat inc proposal sketches 1972
D2046 39ft Ocean Racer 39ft wooden strip planked Ocean Racer Prov Outline Spec 800 13/12/72 for J J L Holland Martin 1972
D2063 52ft Motor Yacht GRP 52ft GRP Twin Screw Motor Yacht Spec 803 23/05/73 Poseidon Hull Tylers 1973
D2058 3/4 ton to IOR MK III Spec Inkoo 34ft GRP 3/4 ton Racing Yacht to IOR Mk III Spec 805 06/08/73 for E Antinoja Finland AA Boat Inkoo. 1973
D2081 39ft Steel Ocean Cruising Ketch 39ft Steel Ocean Cruising Ketch Spec 806 21/11/73 for D H Dobbs Steelwork,
D2160 27ft Cold moulded Cruiser racer 27ft Cold Moulded Cruiser Racer Spec 815 12/12/74 for R Huntingdon
D2104 44ft Cruising Ketch Ferro Cement Walkabout 44 ft Ferro cement Transom Sterned Cruising Ketch Spec 817 14/04/75 for M Saunders Referred to as WALKABOUT 11 on plans
D2092 52ft Commercial Pilot boat 52ft wooden Pilot Boat Spec 818 01/08/75 for Luanda Angola 1975
D2102 30ft Racing Yacht 30ft Cold Moulded Racing Yacht Spec 821 02/04/76 for M Coles
D2150 80ft Alloy MFV 80ft Aluminium alloy Deep Sea Fishing Vessel Draft Spec 827 No Date for M J Rich Oceanrich Services Australia. Remains of Sheet 1 of 4 dated 31/10/77 1974
D2173 23.5ft GRP Motor sailer 23.5 ft GRP Motor Sailer for series production Spec 829 No Date for N Kaya Turkey
D2168 43ft GRP Cruising Ketch Sechoma 43ft GRP with stringers Cruising Ketch Spec 830 No date for Allen , Australia. Possibly SECHOMA ?
D1419 27ft CLYDE CRUISING CLUB Special Chieftain of Wight 27ft Clyde Cruising Club 6 1/2 ton yacht Special sail & spar plan held (Built to lines plan D1029) Spec 513 for Capt P C P Johnson. Built as CHIEFTAIN OF WIGHT 303348 by The Conyer Boat Co in 1961
D1413 32ft 10in Fast Cruiser Curtsy 32ft 10 ton Fast Cruiser Spec 521 19/01/61 for J F Kentish Issue B, CURTSY 303361 built by Rowhedge Ironworks 4 /62 Lloyds 100A1 (LYR 63) from Reprint list. 1961
D0110 27ft Aux Cruiser 27ft LWL 10ton Aux Cruiser 10 tons TM Dwg Date 10/01/47 (first in book) 1947
D0111 4 ton WIND ELF Class Wind Elf, Elfeen, Hightime, 4 ton Aux Cruiser WIND ELF original 1947 design 1947
D0112 6ft 6in Lightweight Pram dinghy 06ft 6in x 3ft 8 1/2 Chine ply light weight Pram Dinghy. Vee bottom; 2 sheets 1947
D0113 14ft DABCHICK Class 14ft DABCHICK Class One Design Sharpie, 3/4 deck chine plywood sailing dinghy, vee bottom Dwg Date 05/05/47 Spec 12 03/50 YW 1950/02 pp75 – 5 sheets- 9ft 6in Beam 4ft 2in Chine plywood heavy Pram Dinghy Vee bottom 1947
D0114 14ft BLACKWATER Class 14ft x 5ft. 6in. BLACKWATER class 3/4 deck clinker built sailing dinghy
D0119 10ft PUFFIN Class 10ft 8 1/2 in PUFFIN Class Plywood chine sailing dinghy, with rowing version, materials sheet included, Vee bottom, also launch version see YM 1949/04 pp176 in DI Dwg Date 22/10/48 1948
D0120 24ft TUSKAR Class 24ft LWL 8 ton Fast Cruiser Racer TUSKAR Class RORC Light but strong hull capable of being driven hard. Rig Cutter or Yawl 1948
D0121 9ft FIGARO Class 09ft FIGARO Flat bottom stem Dinghy, plywood with full size sections; 9ft x 3ft 10in gunter rig sailing dinghy Dwg date 10/11/48 – 1 sheet 1948
D0123 27ft Launch 27ft Ferry, Tripping and Fishing Launch for R C Pullen
D0125 Y M 3 tonner Special Y M 3 tonner 23/01/41 tbc Dwg date 23/01/49 (Possibly BURONG Spec 4) 1949
D0126 O M Watts tbc
D0127 10ft ELF Class 10ft ELF Class Clinker built dinghy,
D0129 23ft REBEL Class Phiz, Rebel, Rebellious Lady, Rebel Maid, 23ft Half Deck Broads Day Boat for R Moore of Wroxham several built for hire and competition. Dwg Date 20/04/49 300 SQ 1949
D0133 9ft 6in IMP Class dinghy Sheet 2 Const 9ft 6in x 4 ft. IMP. Rowing and sailing pram dinghy, clinker construction – 1982
D0134 23ft 2in COLLEEN Class 23ft 2in 4 ton Cruiser Racer 18/23ft COLLEEN Class Cork Harbour One design produced in collaboration with Mr K Stokes of the RCYC. Prototype built by Small Craft West End Six more planned . See YW Feb 1951 Spec 8 26/11/49 for K Stokes, Spec No 30 09/1951 No date 1949
D0135 22ft Lifeboat 22ft Lifeboat 06/09/49 Ex ships lifeboat conversion On AB In cupboard list 1949
D0137 25ft Cruiser HIGHTIME Hightime 25ft 4 ton Aux Cruiser HIGHTIME 21/09/49 See YM 1951/03 pp158 Spec 6 14/10/49 for H Hardy , Spec 36 for Hamilton Craig See ON 182172 25ft Aux Sloop owner Cdr H Hardy LYR 53, YM 1951/03 in DI 1949
D0139 25 tonner tbc 25 tonner tbc
D0140 14ft 9in TUNA Outboard runabout 14ft 9in x 4ft 8 1/2in TUNA Plywood chine Outboard Runabout with building instructions and materials list, vee bottom
D0141 8 ton Cruiser tbc 8 ton Cruiser 10/10/49 tbc 1948
D0142 12ft CYGNET Class dinghy 12ft x 5ft CYGNET Class 3/4 deck plywood chine sailing Dinghy for single handed work 20/10/48 1948
D0143 21ft 9in MARLIN Motor Cruiser Marlin 21ft 9in Motor Cruiser Hard chine Plywood planked hull very similar to WILD DUCK plan produced for Yachting Monthly in 1950. plans dated Dec 1949. Spec 14 No date 1949
D0144 Y M 3 tonner Special 19/16ft Sloop Special. YM 3 ton Aux Cruiser WILD DUCK .Hard chine construction prints only Plans for YM are all shown as D145 in Eventide O A pdfs. The sheet details taken from the pdfs are recorded as D0145 in this Sub Fond AB notes reflect confusion with D145 28ft MC . 1948
D0145 28ft Motor Cruiser Glen Mist 28ft Motor Cruiser for the Keelson Yard Herne Bay .Believed built as GLEN MIST 184337 1950 Ferry Launch Note the same Drawing Number D145 was used for the plans of the WILD DUCK designed by AB for YM see EOA pdfs.
D0146 11 tonner tbc 11 ton 18/11/49 tbc 1948
D0147 8 Ton Aux Cruiser 8 ton Aux Cruiser 19/11/49 tbc 1948
D0148 8ft 2in Light Alloy dinghy 8ft 2″ Light alloy rowing dinghy on stock design list
D0149 25ft TM Aux Cruiser 25 ft 4 1/2 ton TM Aux Cruiser Spec 9 14/12/49 for Dr C Turner Pitts 1949
D0151 6ft 6in COCKLE Mk II dinghy 06ft 6in COCKLE Mk II Flat bottom Pram dinghy with full size section and building instructions, plywood
D0152 34ft TUSKAR Special Red Gurnet 34ft Tuskar Special RED GURNET 8 tons Ocean racer Spec 2 No Date , Spec 15 for YW, Spec 18 05/07/50 for J Delcroix, , (34ft Tuskar) YW Design Supp June 1950 Spec 26 13/07/51 for J Y V Hunt to be built in Hong Kong. . ON 184266 34ft Aux Sloop owner H.H.Bibby LYR 1953 1950
D0153 7ft Dinghy JIMMY 7 ft JIMMY Clinker stem dinghy, wood, 20/01/50 – 1 sheet 1950
D0156 12ft GNOME Class dinghy 12ft GNOME Class Sailing dinghy, clinker round bilge, Stock plan – 4 sheets +1 folded print. 1951
D0157 15 ton Aux Cruiser 15 ton Aux Cruiser TM 42ft held 08/02/50 Earliest lines on AB Lines list 1950
D0158 RAY Class Special 22 Special RAY 14/02/50 tbc Note 17ft RAY Y&Y 1949/07 pp603 1950
D0159 24ft Fishing Launch 24ft Fishing Launch 04/03/50 tbc 1950
D0160 29ft Estuary Cruiser 29ft Estuary Cruiser 24/03/50 tbc 1950
D0161 42ft Ocean racer 42ft Ocean Racer tbc
D0162 17ft 3in Ray Class Julia 17ft 3in 2 1/2 ton Aux Centreboard Sloop JULIA 10/03/50 Spec 16 22/05/50 for Maj A Chadworth Musters to be built by W Wyatt. 1950
D0163 2 IOLANTHE 21/06/50 tbc 1950
D0164 16ft Sea Scout Cutter 16ft Sea Scout Pulling and Sailing Cutter on stock list 1976 Clinker 01/06/50 – 3 sheets 1950
D0165 17ft Alloy Canoe punt 17ft alloy canoe punt
D0166 4 tonner 4 tonner 18/22 14/06/50 Provisional Spec 27 21/06/50 for Dr J C V Hindhaugh
D0168 Clan Class Clan Class 02/02/55 tbc
D0170 6ft 6in LILLIPUT Dinghy Lilliput 6ft 6in LILLIPUT, Clinker Pram dinghy, Designed by AHB 1950 with building instructions and full size sections; 1 sheet 1950
D0172 25ft WIND ELF Special Elfeen 25ft WIND ELF 4 ton Special ELFEEN 22/08/50 Spec 23/10 50 ELFEEN for Col G F Bunbury, Spec 42 04/07/52 for Fraser Bryant contains Design 186 Published Print of Lines and GA held to cover for missing original drawings GH 30/11/2019
D0173 14ft 9in TUNA Special 14ft 9in Inboard Runabout 32ft Motor Cruiser Conversion Spec 21 09/11/50 for A E Rowley, TUNA 04/11/50 tbc
D0174 25ft 4in Aux Cruiser WIND ELF Special Blue Waves 25ft 4 ton TM Aux Cruiser WIND ELF Special BLUE WAVES ON 184549 Wyatt 1951 Spec 20 09/11/50 and Amendments 20/11/50 for D H Williamson, Spec 36 27/02/52 for H Craig 1950
D0175 39ft Tug Commercial 39ft Diesel Tug Spec 23 28/12/50 for Brown & Son Ltd Timber Merchants Chelmsford. 20/11/50 tbc 1950
D0177 30ft Motor Cruiser 30ft Motor Cruiser tbc
D0179 17ft 6in Launch 17ft 6in Cruising Launch 12/01/51 tbc
D0180 28ft TROJAN Mk I Cruiser Trojan Maid, Rouge Gorge, 28ft 5 1/2 ton TM Fast Cruiser TROJAN Class designed as a fast cruiser which could give a good account of herself in handicap racing all in 5 1/2 tons. Reversed sheer design discussed with Priors and appeared in Yachting World July 1951. Spec 28 09./51 Spec 52 No spec date 14/01 51 Built as ROUGE GORGE Priors 1952 Lloyds 100AI also HELENA OF TROY see D0618 for mods. Lloyds 100A1 plus TROJAN MAID built Weatherheads 1952/8 Lloyds 100A1 1950
D0181 8 ton TUSKAR Special 8 tonner – special Tuskar Layout of accommodation tbc
D0182 8 tonner 8 Ton 04/02/51 tbc 1951
D0184 24ft Ocean Racer 24ft Ocean Racer 19/02/51 1951
D0185 10ft 10in Tender 10ft 10in Motor Tender Launch Spec 25 05/51, 01/05/51 – 2 sheets
D0186 25ft Aux Cruiser WIND ELF Special 25ft LOA 4 1/2 ton TM Aux Cruiser WIND ELF Class Spec 31 28/09/51 for H P Ruffell Smith Spec 32 17/10/51 for S T Bulmer Spec 35 18/02/52 for P J Elwood , Spec 45 No date for F L Bissan , J L Herbert Special 09/09/51 tbc
D0187 41ft Aux Cutter Conversion Karin III 41ft KARIN III 30 ton Scandinavian Aux Cutter Spec 27 15/09/51 Conversion . Note KARIN III ON 149336 owner Mrs P M Buchanan 41ft Aux Cutter LYR 1953.
D0189 17ft 6in Motor Launch 17ft x 6ft 10 1/2in. Inboard Motor Launch Spec 33 17/01/52 for West Mersea Yacht Club 03/10/51 – 2 sheets
D0190 18ft Motor Launch 18ft Motor Launch 04 51 tbc
D0194 56ft Barge Commercial 56ft Tunnel Stern Barge Provisional Spec 57 No date for Browns
D0197 45ft Motor Cruiser Conversion 45ft Motor Cruiser 12/12/51 Pinnace MINOTAUR. Ex RN Built 1914 Not found
D0202 4 ton Sloop SPINAWAY Special 4 ton CB Sloop Spec No 37 09/04/52 for A L Price SPINAWAY? Note lines used for D0221 as well 1951
D0203 30ft Estuary Motor Boat 30ft Estuary Motor Boat Spec 10 01/05/52 &Spec 39 01/05/52 for Burnyear Dalzall & Nicholson Ltd
D0204 20ft Sea Scouts cutter 20ft Sea Scout Rowing and Sailing Cutter, 1946 Spec 44 No date or Dwg No – 2 sheets found badly damaged repaired PL 28 checked 06/10/2020
D0205 26ft 6in Racing Cruiser SEA SPRAY 26ft 6in SEA SPRAY 5 ton 20ft WL Racing Cruiser Provisional & Final Specs 38 08/05/52 for Competition entry Spec 89 09/09/54 for Dr L C Lum ( May not have been built for him cf MERLOO 32x 24 built King for him in 1958
D0206 25ft WIND ELF 25ft WIND ELF Class data sheet.
D0207 52ft Motor Barge Commercial 52ft 30 ton Motor Barge Spec No number or date
D0208 23ft 8in Fast Cruiser SPARTAN Class 23ft 8 SPARTAN Mk. 1 Bermudan rig Fast Cruiser Spec 40 15/07/52 Spec 145 06/10/55 – 5 sheets for R Webster Dating Cat from 1953 Appears to be complete set Cat