Buchanan Plans

We have an archive of plans by the well-known designer, Alan Buchanan which may be accessed on request. A summary of these is below. To request more detail on any of these plans then contact us at library@nmmc.co.uk
Buchanan Search Form

ID Name Vessel Description Design Year
0340.0207 Plan D0329 Cruising Yawl 5 1/2 ton hard chine cruising yawl Spec 76 for Mr Gurney Builder Staheli 8 Sheets including alternative Bermudan sail Plan and Lead keel. 1954
0340.0223 Plan D0345 WIND ELF Special 25ft WIND ELF accommodation for D P Grant damaged
0340.0224 Plan D0346 PORPOISE Porpoise 27ft 4in Hard Chine Motor Cruiser PORPOISE Spec 86
0340.0640 Plan D0765 SEASPRAY Sail plan SEASPRAY 1 Sheet only for C Latham
0340.0001 Plan D1029 CLYDE CRUISING CLUB
0340.0002 Plan D1419 CLYDE CRUISING CLUB Special Chieftain of Wight 27ft Clyde Cruising Club 6 1/2 ton yacht Special sail & spar plan held (Built to lines plan D1029) Spec 513 for Capt P C P Johnson. Built as CHIEFTAIN OF WIGHT 303348 by The Conyer Boat Co in 1961
0340.0003 Plan D1413 Fast Cruiser Curtsy 32ft 10 ton Fast Cruiser Spec 521 19/01/61 for J F Kentish Issue B, CURTSY 303361 built by Rowhedge Ironworks 4 /62 Lloyds 100A1 (LYR 63) from Reprint list. 1961
0340.0005 Plan D0111 WIND ELF Class Wind Elf, Elfeen, Hightime, 4 ton Aux Cruiser WIND ELF original 1947 design 1947
0340.0006 Plan D0112 Lightweight Pram dinghy 06ft 6in x 3ft 8 1/2 Chine ply light weight Pram Dinghy. Vee bottom; 2 sheets 1947
0340.0007 Plan D0113 DABCHICK Class 14ft DABCHICK Class One Design Sharpie, 3/4 deck chine plywood sailing dinghy, vee bottom Dwg Date 05/05/47 Spec 12 03/50 YW 1950/02 pp75 – 5 sheets- 9ft 6in Beam 4ft 2in Chine plywood heavy Pram Dinghy Vee bottom 1947
0340.0008 Plan D0114 BLACKWATER Class 14ft x 5ft. 6in. BLACKWATER class 3/4 deck clinker built sailing dinghy
0340.0009 Plan D0119 PUFFIN Class 10ft 8 1/2 in PUFFIN Class Plywood chine sailing dinghy, with rowing version, materials sheet included, Vee bottom, also launch version see YM 1949/04 pp176 in DI Dwg Date 22/10/48 1948
0340.0011 Plan D0121 FIGARO Class 09ft FIGARO Flat bottom stem Dinghy, plywood with full size sections; 9ft x 3ft 10in gunter rig sailing dinghy Dwg date 10/11/48 – 1 sheet 1948
0340.0017 Plan D0127 ELF Class 10ft ELF Class Clinker built dinghy,
0340.0018 Plan D0129 REBEL Class Phiz, Rebel, Rebellious Lady, Rebel Maid, 23ft Half Deck Broads Day Boat for R Moore of Wroxham several built for hire and competition. Dwg Date 20/04/49 300 SQ 1949
0340.0020 Plan D0134 COLLEEN Class 23ft 2in 4 ton Cruiser Racer 18/23ft COLLEEN Class Cork Harbour One design produced in collaboration with Mr K Stokes of the RCYC. Prototype built by Small Craft West End Six more planned . See YW Feb 1951 Spec 8 26/11/49 for K Stokes, Spec No 30 09/1951 No date 1949
0340.0022 Plan D0137 HIGHTIME Hightime 25ft 4 ton Aux Cruiser HIGHTIME 21/09/49 See YM 1951/03 pp158 Spec 6 14/10/49 for H Hardy , Spec 36 for Hamilton Craig See ON 182172 25ft Aux Sloop owner Cdr H Hardy LYR 53, YM 1951/03 in DI 1949
0340.0024 Plan D0140 TUNA Outboard runabout 14ft 9in x 4ft 8 1/2in TUNA Plywood chine Outboard Runabout with building instructions and materials list, vee bottom
0340.0027 Plan D0143 MARLIN Motor Cruiser Marlin 21ft 9in Motor Cruiser Hard chine Plywood planked hull very similar to WILD DUCK plan produced for Yachting Monthly in 1950. plans dated Dec 1949. Spec 14 No date 1949
0340.0028 Plan D0144 Y M 3 tonner Special 19/16ft Sloop Special. YM 3 ton Aux Cruiser WILD DUCK .Hard chine construction prints only Plans for YM are all shown as D145 in Eventide O A pdfs. The sheet details taken from the pdfs are recorded as D0145 in this Sub Fond AB notes reflect confusion with D145 28ft MC . 1948
0340.0034 Plan D0151 COCKLE Mk II dinghy 06ft 6in COCKLE Mk II Flat bottom Pram dinghy with full size section and building instructions, plywood
0340.0035 Plan D0152 TUSKAR Special Red Gurnet 34ft Tuskar Special RED GURNET 8 tons Ocean racer Spec 2 No Date , Spec 15 for YW, Spec 18 05/07/50 for J Delcroix, , (34ft Tuskar) YW Design Supp June 1950 Spec 26 13/07/51 for J Y V Hunt to be built in Hong Kong. . ON 184266 34ft Aux Sloop owner H.H.Bibby LYR 1953 1950
0340.0039 Plan D0156 GNOME Class dinghy 12ft GNOME Class Sailing dinghy, clinker round bilge, Stock plan – 4 sheets +1 folded print. 1951
0340.0040 Plan D0157 Aux Cruiser 15 ton Aux Cruiser TM 42ft held 08/02/50 Earliest lines on AB Lines list 1950
0340.0047 Plan D0164 Sea Scout Cutter 16ft Sea Scout Pulling and Sailing Cutter on stock list 1976 Clinker 01/06/50 – 3 sheets 1950
0340.0048 Plan D0165 Alloy Canoe punt 17ft alloy canoe punt
0340.0053 Plan D0170 LILLIPUT Dinghy Lilliput 6ft 6in LILLIPUT, Clinker Pram dinghy, Designed by AHB 1950 with building instructions and full size sections; 1 sheet 1950
0340.0055 Plan D0172 WIND ELF Special Elfeen 25ft WIND ELF 4 ton Special ELFEEN 22/08/50 Spec 23/10 50 ELFEEN for Col G F Bunbury, Spec 42 04/07/52 for Fraser Bryant contains Design 186 Published Print of Lines and GA held to cover for missing original drawings GH 30/11/2019
0340.0057 Plan D0174 WIND ELF Special Blue Waves 25ft 4 ton TM Aux Cruiser WIND ELF Special BLUE WAVES ON 184549 Wyatt 1951 Spec 20 09/11/50 and Amendments 20/11/50 for D H Williamson, Spec 36 27/02/52 for H Craig 1950
0340.0062 Plan D0180 TROJAN Mk I Trojan Maid, Rouge Gorge, 28ft 5 1/2 ton TM Fast Cruiser TROJAN Class designed as a fast cruiser which could give a good account of herself in handicap racing all in 5 1/2 tons. Reversed sheer design discussed with Priors and appeared in Yachting World July 1951. Spec 28 09./51 Spec 52 No spec date 14/01 51 Built as ROUGE GORGE Priors 1952 Lloyds 100AI also HELENA OF TROY see D0618 for mods. Lloyds 100A1 plus TROJAN MAID built Weatherheads 1952/8 Lloyds 100A1 1950
0340.0066 Plan D0185 Tender 10ft 10in Motor Tender Launch Spec 25 05/51, 01/05/51 – 2 sheets
0340.0067 Plan D0186 WIND ELF Special 25ft LOA 4 1/2 ton TM Aux Cruiser WIND ELF Class Spec 31 28/09/51 for H P Ruffell Smith Spec 32 17/10/51 for S T Bulmer Spec 35 18/02/52 for P J Elwood , Spec 45 No date for F L Bissan , J L Herbert Special 09/09/51 tbc
0340.0082 Plan D0202 SPINAWAY Special 4 ton CB Sloop Spec No 37 09/04/52 for A L Price SPINAWAY? Note lines used for D0221 as well 1951
0340.0084 Plan D0204 Sea Scouts 20ft Sea Scout Rowing and Sailing Cutter, 1946 Spec 44 No date or Dwg No – 2 sheets found badly damaged repaired PL 28 checked 06/10/2020
0340.0085 Plan D0205 SEA SPRAY 26ft 6in SEA SPRAY 5 ton 20ft WL Racing Cruiser Provisional & Final Specs 38 08/05/52 for Competition entry Spec 89 09/09/54 for Dr L C Lum ( May not have been built for him cf MERLOO 32x 24 built King for him in 1958
0340.0086 Plan D0206 WIND ELF 25ft WIND ELF Class data sheet.
0340.0089 Plan D0209 SPARTAN Variants 23ft 2in SPARTAN Fast Cruiser data sheet Proposed SPARTAN for RNSA Spec 41 Sept 52 for Lt Cdr Tucker; 5 misc sheets 1952
0340.0099 Plan D0219 TROJAN Mk II Class 31ft 6 ton Ocean Racer 03/09/52 tbc Spec 260 TROJAN Mk II 24ft WL for D A King New Zealand 1952
0340.0101 Plan D0221 Camping racing Cruiser 18ft 6in x 6ft 6in. Draft 1ft 6in to 4ft 4in. Camping Racing Cruiser, small shelter cabin large cockpit External ballast keel and centreboard. Bermudan rig costruction: Clinker, strip or chine 18/10/52 Spec No 48 16/10/52 for Hamilton See D0202 for lines 4 sheets Spec 345 Spec 417 for Sir Paul Benthall.
0340.0107 Plan D0227 Deck stowage pram dinghy 6ft ply deck stowage pram dinghy 11/11/52
0340.0108 Plan D0228 Camping Cruiser 18ft 6in chine camping cruiser 4 sheets 1 Cat
0340.0110 Plan D0230 Motor Yacht Monaleen 45ft LOA 20 tonTM Motor Yacht Spec 54 13/12/52 for Sabberton Bros of Wroxham found NYC
0340.0111 Plan D0231 Dinghy 06ft 6in x 3ft 8 1/2 in Dinghy tbc – 3 sheets
0340.0112 Plan D0232 Aux Ketch 36ft 3in LOA 14 ton TM Ketch 10/12/52 tbc Spec No 59 for N Abbott See also Prov Spec Dwg 358 Racked 20/2/18 LOP x2 1952
0340.0114 Plan D0234 TROJAN 29ft TROJAN Mk I 07/01/53 tbc
0340.0120 Plan D0240 Motor Yacht 33ft 6in 10 ton Motor Yacht 03/03/53 tbc Spec 98 31ft WL Twin Screw to Const Dwg 0240
0340.0136 Plan D0259 SPARTAN Special 7 ton Fast Cruiser Ocean Racer clinker construction SPARTAN refer back to D0209 1953
0340.0148 Plan D0271 WIND ELF Special 25ft WIND ELF Special tbc
0340.0149 Plan D0272 Motor Launch 12ft Inboard Motor Launch, round bilge clinker. Spec No 66 – 3 sheets
0340.0150 Plan D0273 Sailing dinghy 14ft Half decked hard chine Sailing Dinghy Spec No 80 Ply planked 4 sheets
0340.0173 Plan D0296 SEA SPRAY Special 26ft 6in SEA SPRAY special 1953
0340.0176 Plan D0299 13ft flat bottom rowing boat (two sheets) 1953
0340.0189 Plan D0311 CORONATION Class Day Sailer 18ft 3in x 6ft 4in Draft 3ft Coronation Class, open day sailer, fixed keel for Iraq – 4 sheets. Spec 480 Redrawn as D1875 in Jersey in 1968
0340.0193 Plan D0315 SEA SPRAYSpecial 26ft 1in SEA SPRAY Special Spec 87 for Dr A J R Hudson Hull based on D0205
0340.0195 Plan D0317 SPARTAN Special 23ft 6in SPARTAN type B Long Cabin top 1953/54 3 sheets held refer back to D0208
0340.0199 Plan D0321 Launch 21ft 4 in Slipper Stern Launch Spec 74 07/04/54 for E J Humphreys. GAY GAMBLER On AB In cupboard list 3 sheets Cat 1954
0340.0202 Plan D0324 Colin Archer Type Growler tbc 41ft 3in 24 ton TM deep water cruiser Colin Archer type Spec 107 No date, Spec 771 See YM 1960/09 note lead keel in this version 1954 3 sheets racked + 1 PL28
0340.0246 Plan D0368 Dinghy 06 ft Pram Dinghy Spec 75
0340.0261 Plan D0383 Shallow Draft Fast Cruiser Jano 28ft 6in 6 1/2 ton Shallow draft Fast Cruiser Spec 112 No date for P H Pudney, Spec 120 No date for P H Pudney, built as JANO ON 187045 by H King 1956 Spec 139 for W Ruff, Spec 146 10/10/55 for W G Ruff Early “Shallow Draft” design 1955
0340.0280 Plan D0402 WIND ELF Special 25ft WIND ELF 4 1/2 ton Aux Cruiser sail plan 1954
0340.0282 Plan D0404 Plywood dinghy 06ft 6in SEA SPRAY ply pram dinghy designed to fit on fore deck.
0340.0303 Plan D0425 Fishing Launch 15ft x 5ft 6in Outboard Fishing Launch, plywood, vee bottom – 2 sheets believed racked to be found and Cat
0340.0304 Plan D0426 SEA SPRAY 26ft 6in Revised SEA SPRAY Spec 89 Dr L C Lum
0340.0336 Plan D0458 Cruiser racer 25ft 6in, 4 ton Fast Cruiser Racer Spec 17/11/54 102 for Spencer Thomas
0340.0349 Plan D0471 16ft ALDEBURGH YC O/D Class 16ft x 5ft 10in. Open O/D Sailing dinghy for Aldeburgh Yacht Club 1954 1955
0340.0350 Plan D0472 Sloop 28ft 4in 7 1/2 ton sloop Spec 116 15/03/55 Spec 274 8 1/2 chine for B M Platt 28/01/58
0340.0381 Plan D0502 CLIPPER Class Martha McGuilda 7 ton Ocean Racer 30ft 6in Stock Plan CLIPPER Class Spec 113 for Noel Thomas Spec 214 for J W N Jordan MARTHA Mc GILDA OF BURNHAM ON 187284 Built Priors 1956/4 with steel frames. Lloyds 100A1 Development of TAEPING 1955
0340.0384 Plan D0505 Deepwater fishing Cruiser Flamingo 36 ft Deep water Fishing Cruiser Spec 114 10/03/55 for Sabberton Bros Spec 136 Hull Blyth tbc Spec 439 for Luis de Ortuzar. Believed built as Flamingo by Kingcraft 1958 for H Town 1955
0340.0394 Plan D0515 Day sailer 20ft 6in Centerboard Day Sailer Spec 122 19/04/55 M Tennant tbc 1 roll racked NYC. See D1086 for later mods to this design. Roll to be found and Cat
0340.0395 Plan D0516 Eudora Eudora 23/19ft WL Cruiser built by Prior 7/53 as EUDORA ON 185923 for T A E Shute
0340.0432 Plan D0553 Fast Cruiser Hardie/Moon River 33ft 1in 8 1/4 ton Steel Fast Cruiser May be first AB Steel design Check HARDIE Later MOON RIVER Steel 8 TM built Joyce Bros Stratford finished Prior 1959 Spec 140 No date for Mr Peltzer tbc Yeoman tbc
0340.0455 Plan D0576 Fast Day Cruiser 18ft 7in 3 ton Fast Day Cruiser Spec 130 No date Redmore Spec 251 for Dr L C R Wand Clinker 1 sheet G A Construction see also D1875
0340.0493 Plan D0614 YEOMAN Mk II Wantage 34/22ft WL 6 ton TM Fast Racer/Cruiser Spec 231 02/05/57 for A R Waller Built Priors 1958/6 as ON 300805 WANTAGE Lloyds 100A1 1957
0340.0628 Plan D0753 EAST ANGLIAN Basic Class 27ft EAST ANGLIAN Restricted Class 753 is BASIC CLASS plan Spec 323 Surg Capt H E B Curjel See CB 2001/08 pp93 Spec 307 N V Boal also covers D1046 Spec 332 in D1098 for R N Mackin.Spec 346 Hull design for K Whiteley. Spec 429 Dr R E Barrett, Spec 468 for S Platt.Spec 473 + D1357 for S Platt. Spec 507 +D1412 for P J Thompson, 1957
0340.0658 Plan D0783 SEA SPRAY Special 26ft 6in 5 ton SEA SPRAY for Peter Knight
0340.0944 Plan D1071 11 ft, 5 ft Beam COYPU. Round bilge sailing dinghy, G.R.P. Sail plan for Mr Worsp – 3 sheets
0340.0946 Plan D1073 SAXON Class ROMA OF RHU Aelwfyn ,Aurian, Cervantes ,Roma of Rhu, Saecwen, Pennyroyal, Maxine, Margreta , Mijimal, Zephrine tbc 34ft 10 1/2 ton Fast Cruiser. As SAXON Class built by Priors Brief Spec 324 10 tonner R Prior ( NB: Drawing List refers to 10 ton Standard Saxon AT) Spec 333 for Mrs R Graham Dixon. Spec 367 Special 09.04.59 Spec 411 built by Priors. Spec 428 for W Young believed built as ROMA OF RHU, ON 184099 Priors 1960/5 Lloyds Survey 100A1 Spec 477 for M Faiman believed built as MAXINE 301970 by Priors 1961 Spec 509 + D1417 for K Wrighton, Spec 541 for Priors inc prices, YW reprint held 1958
0340.0948 Plan D1075 6 Tonner Ballymoss tbc 6 tonner for Tom Follett
0340.1391 Plan D1718 Ocean racer Shandon 41ft Ocean Racer for J.B.Whelan, Esq. (Repeat Othona Lines) Built as SHANDON 308739 Prior 4/66 1966
0340.1393 Plan D1761 ALBATROSS Sp Aestival 45ft Motor Sailer for D.Holbrook Spec 714 built as AESTIVAL ON 334534 by Tak and Prior 7/67 5 badly damaged sheets disposed of GH 2019
0340.1394 Plan D1766 PRIOR 37 Special Caressa 37ft PRIOR for Mr.J H F Hickman CARESSA 309004 Built by Prior R J 1966 for J H F Hickman (LYR 1970) 1966
0340.1395 Plan D1843 HALCYON 27 Includes tbc Kyon, Corycia, Dolphina, Eastwind ME, Elysion, Jalcyon, Ishikawa, Pican, Shashi, HALCYON 27 27ft GRP Aux Sloop (New DIAMOND)
0340.1396 Plan D1880 Racing Yacht to RORC rules 30ft/22ft W.L.Racing Yacht to RORC rules for Dekker Holland 4 of 6 sheets found
0340.1397 Plan D1883 I/2 ton Cup Yacht GRP Panda 27ft GRP 1/2 ton Cup Racing PANDA GRP based on D1842) 1969
0340.0688 Plan D0813 Y M 3 tonner 3 tonner Dr Wand Sail Plan 3 ton fast Cruiser
0340.0698 Plan D0823 E A Special Pia 27ft PIA E A Restricted Class Special accommodation Spec 534 19/01/61 for J R Inigo-Jones built as PIA by St Osyth Boatyard 1962 See also D 1454 See CB 2001/08 pp93 1 of 1 of 2 sheets found and Cat A2 1961
0340.0777 Plan D0903 VASHTI I Vashti, Jabula, 37ft 11 Ton Ocean Racer Cruiser. J M Laing believed built as VASHTI ON 187799 by Priors 6/58 . Spec 306 10 ton fast cruiser A F Andrews Spec 286 for J Boardman believed built as JABULA ON 301718 by Suttons 5/59 . Spec 349 for Australian construction for M D Rundle. Spec 352 for W H Hawkins believed built as CAPELLA OF BURNHAM ON 300561 by Suttons 6/60 Teak planking. Spec 459 for C??. VASHTI to Lloyd Survey 100A1 1957
0340.0797 Plan D0923 CORONATION Coronation Day Boat Dr Wand
0340.0811 Plan D0937 35/24 Steel Fast Cruiser Shoshana 35ft 24ft WL Steel Fast Cruiser. AB’s first Steel design. Spec 287 35/24 Cruiser Racer for C O G Peltzer Spec 391 for R Preston, Spec 469 for A C Jay. Built as SHOSHANA by Van de Meer 1961 Spec 543 + D1285 for Dolling, Spec 544 for M Tilley, See YM 1960/09 pp148 Built in Dutch yards some also for British owners 1960
0340.0840 Plan D0966 Outboard Cruiser 18ft Outboard Cruiser Spec 285 for Pochin’s of Manchester
0340.0844 Plan D0970 HILBRE, WEST KIRBY O D 19ft 9in x 6ft 6in Draft 1ft 7in to 4ft 6in C/B Sloop WEST KIRBY 1958
0340.0878 Plan D1004 BRABANT Class Mako of Burnham Gay Lucille, Gitana of La Guiara, Seaswell, Fleur des Lies, Marcasite, Mako of Burnham, Blue Tango, Jonelle, Keren, Leto, Niandra, Tegerin, Maid of Alderney 9 ton Steel Fast Cruiser 30ft BRABANT Shallow Draft Steel Yacht. Transom stern cruising sloop wooden decks and cabin top masthead sloop rig. (20 Sheets) Spec 310 part 2 work to be completed by Stebbings on hull from Tak Brothers of Holland Spec 288 for Stebbings, Spec 284 Stebbings Spec 340 for construction of steel hull for Stebbings, Spec 437 for steel hulls to be built by J J Beijnes Holland.Spec 451 for Hull from Tak for Stebbings. Spec 462 2 batches of 6 hulls for Stebbings. 1959
0340.0884 Plan D1010 Day boat O/D 23ft OD for Royal Colombo Y C Spec 303 1958
0340.0891 Plan D1017 Broads Cruiser 32ft Broads cruiser Spec 301 for J & T Maxwell Ltd 5 sheets
0340.0893 Plan D1019 Sloop 18ft 6in Cruising Sloop 1 sheet Cat
0340.0896 Plan D1022 HOLLIWELL Class 21ft 6in x 7ft draft 2ft 3in to 5ft HOLLIWELL Class Conventional sheer. Keel, centreboard Accommodation for two, Bermudan rig CB Sloop – 6 sheets Spec 305 for Stebbings
0340.0898 Plan D1024 DE RUYTER Class 36ft Steel Motor Sailer DE RUYTER Class Spec 309 parts 1 & 2 Spec 292 issue B See also D1709
0340.0902 Plan D1028 Express Cruiser 37ft Express Cruiser Brief Spec Kingcraft Boatbuilders for US Market 1959
0340.0908 Plan D1035 TOLEDO Toledo 35ft Steel Ocean Racer built 1958 TOLEDO 7/8 rig Steel hull conventionally framed Steel decks and cabin tops (15 sheets) Spec 373 for A D & W D Mclennan, Spec 416 for J P Steinmetz No 1051 building Vries 1958
0340.0909 Plan D1036 SEA SPRAY Special 26ft 5 ton SEA SPRAY Spec 300 N V Boal, provisional Layout Mr Boal Sheet 1only
0340.0913 Plan D1040 SPARTAN Special 23ft 4 ton SPARTAN Special Spec 304 for J B Bright Spec 337 for P B Bright
0340.0916 Plan D1043 ALBATROSS class CEOL MARA Ceol Mara 42ft Steel Ketch ALBATROSS class , 20 ton Motor Sailer Prov Spec 316 & Spec 338 for Stebbings of Burnham Spec 342 construction of steel hull. Spec 350 Stebbings. Spec 382 for D Silcock D1043 & 1157, Spec 394 D1043 & 1157 for D Silcock..Spec 401 for 19 ton 42ft Steel Ketch. Stebbins Spec 423 for F G Thompson Spec 435 CEOL MARA built for D Silcock Lloyds Survey 100A1 on boatshow stand Dec 1959 Spec 440 for third steel hull to be built by P L Tak.for Stebbings.Spec 450 4th hull Spec 474 Hull for Stebbings for British Ferrograph Recorder.Spec 502 for 5th hull Tak. See YW 1960/06 also Y&Y 1960/08 & Yachtsman1960 /03 Full set of plans
0340.0919 Plan D1046 E A Special 27ft EAST ANGLIAN Special for N V Boal . Complete schedule of drawings recovered from roll of badly damaged drawings found inc dwg 753 lines plan for Class. For N V Boal. Images taken See CB 2001/08 pp93 Spec 307 N V Boal 2 sheets found for Cat & rack pl28 01/12/2019 GH
0340.0931 Plan D1058 E A Special Coppernob 27ft EAST ANGLIAN Special for Mr Galloway See CB 2001/08 pp93 Acc GA for A Galloway COPPERNOB 301717 Built by King H 1959 LYR 1963 Cat pl28 1958
0340.0976 Plan D1103 SWAN class Apple Pie 26ft Motor Cruiser SWAN class Spec 339 Spec 356 for W J Parish. Believed to be APPLE PIE see D
0340.0979 Plan D1106 SAXON Special ZEPHERINE Zephyrine 10 ton SAXON Special Ocean Racer for Mrs Graham Dixon lines to D1073 Acc & Sail plan to 1106 Built as ZEPHYRINE ON 300919 by Priors 6/59. Lloyds 100A1 Acc probably not exlusuve to this craft. 1959
0340.0981 Plan D1108 Steel C/B Cruiser Ferroso 35ft/24 (WL)10 ton Steel Centreboard Cruiser Spec 370 steel work only, Spec 561 for Dr A Hudson See YM 1960/09 Sloop. First one built in Goole by D E Scarr as FERROSO ON 301640 others to this design have been built in Holland for Dutch Owners YM 09/1960
0340.0985 Plan D1112 SEASPRAY Mk II 26ft 5 1/2 ton wooden Fast Cruiser Seaspray Mk II Spec 353 for L Teasdale Spec 505 for G R Whistler, 1959 2 Sheets found PL 28 mouldy but readable, image held special treatment required A4 Print sheet 4 in folder 1959
0340.0994 Plan D1122 Motor Cruiser 20ft Inboard /outboard motor cruiser for Clapton & Sons Barton on Humber.
0340.1001 Plan D1129 Cruiser racer Easter 35ft 12.5 ton wooden Cruiser Racer, Spec 351 for J Greaves, Teak planking. Spec 359 Sail plan 1129 B for J Greaves.Spec 375 for J Greaves. Final Spec 378 for J Greaves Built as EASTER by King 1960 NR 1959
0340.1004 Plan D1132 De Ruyter Special 30 ft Motor Sailer Acc and Construction 2 sheets
0340.1009 Plan D1137 SPARTAN Special 30ft SPARTAN Special Spec 357 4 ton 23ft Spartan Type 1 for A H Pierson USA. 1 sheet held Cat tbc
0340.1018 Plan D1146 DE RUYTER Type II 36ft Steel Motor Sailer De Ruyter Mk I1 Spec 558 23/06/61 for Anglo Dutch A Tagg. See also D0858 Spec 366 Bishop Barnaby Type for Anglo Dutch Yachts Ltd Spec 390 to cover hull construction for Beijnes, Spec 495 completion of hull for East Coast Yacht Agency Ltd. Spec 558 for A C Tagg, Spec 651 for N S W Duxbury as ROWNELESE 305835 1959
0340.1062 Plan D1260 TAITSING Taitsing, Sinbad of Abersoch 37ft TAITSING ON 301972 built 4/61 by Priors. Lloyds 100A1 Spec 405 09/09/59 for Alan Buchanan Spec 415? 37/26 Fast Cruiser Spec 448 + D1333 for Clegg built as SINBAD OF ABERSOCH ON 301380 by Priors 6/61 From Printed Reprint list. See YW 1961/07 pp326 AB,s own boat. 1959
0340.1065 Plan D1204 Centreboard Sloop 11M 11 1/2 ton Steel Centreboard Sloop Spec 402 woodwork & steelwork 05/09/59 for S Schuil Several similar craft were built See D 1108,1502,1509,1519 & 1473 1959
0340.1066 Plan D1297 Steel Ocean cruising cutter Alando 33 ft 11 ton Steel Ocean cruising cutter. Transom stern with raised topsides amidships Gaff rig Spec 402 05/09/59 for Sqd Ldr A Whitby believed to have been built by Whitby 65 as ALANDO later ORLANDO
0340.1068 Plan D1253 Steel Motor sailer Mijma 45ft 22 ton Steel Motor Sailer Lines Offsets & Body plan used to build D1294 Spec 406 16/09/59 for J D Mackenzie , built as MIJMA ON 302843 By Vries Lentach 2/62. Lloyds 100A1 Spec 407 A Keith Spec 424 05/11/59 for Alan Keith, Spec 470 See YM 1960/09 pp151 May not have been built for A Keith tbc 1959
0340.1071 Plan D1254 KING COLE Engine installation Pied Piper of Burnham 27ft wooden Motor Sailer Spec 409 30/09/59 for H Town Built as PIED PIPER OF BURNHAM ON 303601 by King 1961 (CHECK with D1293 GH) Engine installion only 1959
0340.1074 Plan D1207 BONITO Class GRP TOKU Toku 35ft 10 1/2 ton GRP BONITO Fast Cruiser AB’s first GRP Class . Spec 413 26/10.59 for Stebbings Ltd. Spec 529 10 1/2 ton GRP Sloop. Full set held TOKU built Stebbings 1962/02 was one of the first built Lloyds 100A1 1959
0340.1078 Plan D1291 SPARTAN Special Salamati 30ft SPARTAN Special SALAMATI Spec 421 03/11/59 for J B Bright 1 sheet Alterations to Accommodation Cat See also D 1040
0340.1083 Plan D1498 Ocean racing Yawl Hephzibah 43ft 17 ton wooden Ocean Racing yawl Prelim Spec 575 30/10/61 for J Maurice Laing Spec 598 Engine& 660 ,Spec 602 20/06/62 for J Maurice Laing Spec 600 complete construction For J M Laing Built as HEPHZIBAH ON 304593 (100A1) by Priors in 1963 LYR 63 1961
0340.1084 Plan D1557 PRIOR 37 Malouine 37ft 12 ton wooden Ocean Racing Sloop Spec 609 24/09/62 for Sir Harry Broadhurst Spec 628. built by Prior as MALOUINE 305654 also Spec 633 for P Allen, believed built as tbc 1962
0340.1087 Plan D1613 VIKING Special Scorpion of Wyke 9 ton Aux Mast head Sloop 31ft SCORPION OF WYKE from Reprint list . Spec 661 25/11/63 for M Zerney ON 305781 built by Sutton & Wiggins 1965 (LYR) 1963
0340.1091 Plan D1808 1/2 Ton Cup 31ft 1/2 ton Cup boat Spec 735 02/05/67 for Col T W H McMullen 1966
0340.1093 Plan D1903 Offshore racing yacht 28ft wooden plywood planking Offshore Racing Yacht Spec 777 06/03/70
0340.1094 Plan D1889 Steel Cruising Yacht 46ft Steel Masthead rig Cruising Yacht Spec 770 10/04/69 for W E Gutzmer 1969
0340.1095 Plan D1924 NEPTUNIAN 33ft GRP NEPTUNE Mk II Centre Cockpit NEPTUNIAN Motor Sailer Spec 780 08/09/70 Very popular more than 100 sold world wide by 1980 Developed into the New Neptune 41 by Van de Stadt for Johnson & Shuttlewood in 1980 1970
0340.1097 Plan D1962 BALTIMORE CLIPPER 40 37ft GRP with stringers BALTIMORE CLIPPER Spec 794 16/03/72 Moulding Spec, 802 11/05/73 Spec 807 07/01/74
0340.1099 Plan D2027 NEPTUNE MkIII 33ft NEPTUNE Mk III Spec 797 10/10/72 for Johnson & Jago and Shuttlewoods Sheet 6( print ) to add to racked roll GH
0340.1101 Plan D2077 Racing Yacht GRP L 82ft GRP Racing Yacht Spec 812 18/04/74 for J Grubic Australia
0340.1105 Plan D2305 Gaff Cutter 27ft wooden Gaff Cutter Spec 856 08/09/93 for Kent McAvoy USA
0340.1108 Plan D2113 R Motor Yacht 60ft wooden glued ply T S Motor Yacht Spec 822 10/05/76 for K Steventon 1975
0340.1110 Plan D2123 Steel Chine Cruising Yacht 33ft 6in Steel single chine long distance cuising yacht suitable for amateur construction cutter or ketch rigged. (9 sheets) Spec 825 21/05/77
0340.1113 Plan D1866 Fast Cruising Cutter 46ft Steel Fast Cruising Cutter Spec 778 for R E Jennings, 1970
0340.1117 Plan D1512 C/B Sloop 20ft C/B Sloop Keel centreboarder, Bermudan rig, modern boat with flat sheer, accommodation for 2, open cockpit Spec 592 13/03/62 clinker for D M Leplar – 6 sheets
0340.1119 Plan D1581 Ocean racer cruiser Kalina 41ft Ocean Racer Cruiser Spec 637 21/02/63 for C E Challinor Spec 678, KALINA on 307502 built by Priors 5/66 (LYR 1969)
0340.1120 Plan D1609 DE RUYTER Rebel Maid 36ft Steel Motor Sailer Spec 658 26/09/63 for S W Frost, Spec 660 completion. Built as REBEL MAID 306765 hull Dekker finished Prior 1964
0340.1122 Plan D1667 Fast Cruiser Tuppitoo 9 ton Fast Cruiser Masthead Sloop Spec 683 31/08/64 for W Osborne Viking with increased draft Built as TUPPITOO by Shuttlewood 1965
0340.1123 Plan D1770 Ocean racer 53ft Ocean racer Spec 726 11/10/66 for O N McAllister note ref to D1251
0340.1128 Plan D1333 Fast Cruiser Sinbad of Abersoch 37ft Fast Cruiser Spec 448 05/02/60 for J A Clegg (See also D1260) built as SINBAD OF ABERSOCH 301380 by Priors
0340.1134 Plan D1340 Motor cruiser 30ft Single Screw Motor Cruiser Spec 465 05/04/60 for Kelpie Boat Services See also D1352
0340.1137 Plan D1357 E A Special Questing 27ft EAST ANGLIAN Special Spec 468 112/04/60 for S Platt (See also D753) & Spec 473 04/05/60 Sheet 1 Acc for S H Platt QUESTING 302686 Built by King W July 1961 LYR 1963 1 sheet Cat pl28 01/12/2019 GH
0340.1140 Plan D1342 Steel motor sailer Yokotani 38ft 6in Steel Motor Sailer Spec 478 23/05/60 for W K Laing Spec 463 30/03/60 for K Laing Spec 478 YOKOTANI built by W Huisman Holland in 1961 for W K Laing,ON 302763 Lloyds 100A1 from printed reprint list and (LYR 63) Spec 573 06/10/61 for A Keith See Ymn 1961/08 pp42 1960
0340.1141 Plan D1373 35/24 Cruiser racer Philomelle 35/24ft Steel Cruiser Racer Spec 479 24/05/60 for Cdr J Williams
0340.1142 Plan D1374 CLYDE CRUISING YACHT Gaff Clyde Cruising Yacht Spec 481 30/05/60 for D Eltwing Also Spec 486 17/06/60 See D1029 for lines
0340.1143 Plan D1346 Outboard cruiser 19ft Outboard Cruiser Spec 483 13/06/60 for P W Venables 1960
0340.1144 Plan D1359 Gaff Cutter 5 ton Gaff Cutter Spec 484 16/06/60 for G Paddon 1960
0340.1145 Plan D1334 HOLLIWELL Mk II/HALCYON 23 22.3 HOLLIWELL Cruising Yacht 21/10/70 GRP for Stebbings see also D1960 for later versions (HALCYON 23) CRYSTAL tbc GRP versions by built by Offshore Yachts ( 130 produced by 1969 Bristow’s . 1968
0340.1147 Plan D1383 SAXON Special Gresh 36ft 10 ton wooden Ocean Racer Spec 488 06/07/60 for F H Gresham believed built as GRESH ON 301664 by W King 1961. Complete set of plans 1960
0340.1149 Plan D1386 NORMAN Class Thendara, Twayblade, Blometje, 33ft 9 ton Fast Cruiser NORMAN Class Stock Plan Spec 491 18/07/60 for T Merton Jones built as Thendara . Spec 498 17/08/60 for Dr P Morck built as TWAYBLADE ON 301973 by King Spec 499 30/08/60 for K Duke built as BLOMETJE Brief Spec 530 03/01/61 Jones built as NORMAN Class
0340.1152 Plan D1387 Outboard Cruiser 20ft wooden Outboard Cruiser Spec 496 15/08/60 for J Leigh & Son Ltd of Bristol found NYC
0340.1153 Plan D1391 ALBATROSS Special Miskin 42ft 20 ton ALBATROSS Special Steel Motor Sailer Spec 497 + D1043 16/08/60 for Maj I B Ramsden Built as MISKIN 302747 Tak & Stebbings 1961/7 GH
0340.1154 Plan D1396 NORYEMA II Noryema II 45ft Ocean Racer Cruiser Spec 500 16/09/60 for R W Amey , Spec 523 30/11/60 for R W Amey NORYEMA II 303610 Built King 5/62 Lloyds 100A1 2 rolls of plans cat 1961
0340.1155 Plan D1400 Steel fast cruiser Strella 36ft 10 ton Steel Fast Cruiser Spec 504 05/10/60 for G R Watson Spec 535 01/02/61 for G H R Watson Believed built as STRELA ON 304330 by Verweij Zwartewaal in 1962 LYR 63 1960
0340.1156 Plan D1401 SEASPRAY Mk 11 SEA SPRAY Mk II Spec 505 10/10/60 for G R Whistler See also D1112 linked on Reprint List
0340.1158 Plan D1360 Fast Cruiser 28ft 7 ton Steel Fast Cruiser Transom stern steel masthead sloop steel deck wooden cabin top 5 berths (9 sheets) Spec 508 27/10/60 for J J Beijnes NV 1 1960
0340.1160 Plan D1402 ECOD Class Viking of Mersea 31ft Cruiser Racer Spec 520 22/11/60 for R Hill built as VIKING OF MERSEA 303127 by French Brothers 1961 Spec 565 10/07/61 for Stebbings Ltd Not Gunfleet as is GRP or Roman Class?? Check wooden clinker Stock Plan Spec 510 01/11/60 for R G Hill tbc 1960
0340.1162 Plan D1405 VIKING basic Vandevoe Mooswana, 30ft 9 ton wooden VIKING Special Shallow draft Spec 505 for AVM Marston built as VANDEVOE. Spec 517 for J E Kayll built as MOOSWANA ON 187271 by Swinburn in 1961 LYR 63. , Brief Spec 562 29/06/61, Spec 569 05/09/61 for D P Brown ( Drwg inc lines const and acc all t same No Cat ) 1960
0340.1164 Plan D1416 SEA SPRAY Mk II 26ft SEA SPRAY Mk II Spec 522 26/11/60 for Maj Kenion
0340.1165 Plan D1425 Fast Cruiser Coroebus 41ft 15 ton wooden Fast Cruiser Spec 525 issue B 07/12/60 for C Sweet believed built as by Tucker Brown as COROEBUS 302948 3/62 (100A1) 1961
0340.1166 Plan D1292 EAST ANGLIAN Special Edith Ann 27ft EAST ANGLIAN Restricted Class Spec 427 for C W Pile,. Spec 524 05/12/60 for W C Atkins believed built as EDITH ANN ON 303143 By H Feltham 62 See CB 2001/08 pp93
0340.1169 Plan D1430 Motor Sailer Radetta 53ft wooden Motor Sailer Spec 533 19/01/61 for E H Niblett British Ferrograph Recorder Co Built as RADETTA 181253 (100A1) by Weatherhead & Blackie 7/62 .
0340.1170 Plan D1442 Ocean racer Thom Thom 41ft 14 ton wooden Ocean Racer Spec 536 06/02/61 for A T Evers, Spec 538 13/02/61 for A T Evers believed built as THOM THOM ON 303606 by Priors in 4.62 CF . Spec 596 02/04/62 for E H Moore 1961
0340.1171 Plan D1454 E A Rest Special Pia 27ft E A Restricted Class Special Spec 542 21/03/61 for J R Inigo Jones See CB 2001/08 pp93
0340.1173 Plan D1461 VIKING Sp White Leveret + Rakel Shuttlewood 1964 tbc 30ft VIKING 9 ton Fast Cruiser Spec 546 19/04/61 for L Gibb , built as WHITE LEVERET 303254 Spec 638 for C W R Corfield, built as RAKEL 305211 by Perry 1964 Spec 655 for J W Shuttlewood & Son Ltd. Spec 664 Built by J W Shuttlewood & Son Ltd possibly MERLE ROSE
0340.1174 Plan D1462 ALBATROSS Sp Drusilla 45ft Steel Motor Sailer Spec 548 01/05/61 DRUSILLA built by P L Tak Holland 1962 for for F Greenwood ON 305474 Lloyds 100A1 owner Neville Duke (LYR 66) Lt Cdr Terrell (LYR 70) 1961
0340.1175 Plan D1465 Steel fast cruiser 36ft 11 ton Steel Fast Cruiser Spec 550 03/05/61 for W H Gough Cooper
0340.1176 Plan D1468 NORMAN Special Maren 33ft 9 ton NORMAN Spec 551 04/05/61 for G R K Richards built as MAREN ON 304054 By St Osyth 5/62 1 sheet Cat
0340.1177 Plan D1469 Cruising Yawl Speedwell of Cremyll 49 ft wooden Cruising Yawl Prelim Spec 552 08/05/61 for P D Tuckett built as SPEEDWELL OF CREMYLL ON 302290 By Mashfords 10/62
0340.1178 Plan D1474 E A Special Liffin 27ft EAST ANGLIAN Mk II Special Spec 554 30/05/61 for W F Davies See also D0858 Spec 570 for W F Davies See CB 2001/08 pp93 LIFFIN 305593 Feltham 1963
0340.1180 Plan D1478 E A Mk II Special Pelorous Jack 27ft EAST ANGLIAN Mk II Special Spec 557 + D858 14/06/61 for W L le Blanc-Smith tbc See CB 2001/08 pp93 PELORUS JACK Built by King H Pin Mill 1962 LYR 1963 2 Sheets Cat PL28 Badly damaged but readable
0340.1181 Plan D1473 Steel C/B yawl Sea Star tbc 15 TM Steel Centre board Yawl Spec 559 26/06/61 for A Stratchoff believed built as SEA STAR 302147 by Van Wavern tbc
0340.1184 Plan D1493 Fast Cruiser Special Saxon tbc Reina Christina 32ft 10 ton transom sterned Fast Cruiser Spec 571 22/09/61 for H Town. Built as REINA CHRISTINA Sail no 1999 by Priors 7/63 1961
0340.1186 Plan D1496 BONITO Special South’ard 35ft 10 1/2 ton GRP BONITO Special Spec 574 18/10/61 for De Forest W Trimingham See also D1207 Spec 580 21/11/61 for De Forest Trimingham (SOUTH’ARD 302955) Seamaster & Stebbings Sheet 18A pl28 to be added to roll GH
0340.1188 Plan D1449 Fast Cruising Ketch 50ft wooden Fast Cruising Ketch Spec 578 15/11/61 for Jose Jover built as COCOLISO Spain 1963 1961
0340.1189 Plan D1505 Ocean Racer Orthona 41ft wooden Ocean Racer OTHONA built Priors 1963 (LYR 63) From Reprint list. Spec 579 15/11/61 for J C Stanley Spec 588 for J C Stanley 24/01/62 Image held 5 Sheets 1963
0340.1191 Plan D1520 Fast Cruising Ketch Avrion 57ft 6in wooden Fast Cruising Ketch Spec 582 20/12/61 AVRION Built by Wm King 1963 Lloyds 100A1 for M Morphy Spec 591 05/02/62 for D W Morphy See Ymn 1964/08 pp 26 .Plan runs to 86 sheets 1963
0340.1193 Plan D1509 Steel Cruiser racer 35ft Steel Cruiser Racer . Steel hull Conventional framing . Stringer and tie frame deck , Wooden decks and cabin top Masthead sloop or yawl (9 sheets) Spec 584 23/01/62 for Stolp A4 GA Acc Sheet 3 & Sail plans Sheet 4 (ketch) 7 6 (Sloop) 6 sheets Cat & Racked 9/01 GH 1961
0340.1195 Plan D1519 Steel C/B Yawl 36 ft 11 1/2 ton Steel Centreboard Yawl Steel hull conventionally framed Stringers and tie plate deck Wooden decks and cabintop (7sheets) Spec 589 25/01/62 parts 1 & 2 for B Poulie
0340.1197 Plan D1534 SPARTAN Type I Special 30ft SPARTAN 4 ton Type I Special Spec 594 20/03/62 for G D Farley Spec 599 08/05/62 for G D Fairley 2 sheets of 4 held 1962 Cat 1962
0340.1199 Plan D1544 Steel Aux Ketch 71ft 9in Steel Aux Ketch Spec 603 25/06/62 & Spec 626 for J M Liddell & Sons Ltd to be built Blythe Dry Dock & Shipbuilding Co. See also D1567
0340.1200 Plan D1479 Steel hard Chine Motor Sailer 35ft 14 1/2 ton Steel Hard Chine Motor Sailer Spec 585 for F M Ramsay Spec 597 25/04/62 for F M Ramsey NZ
0340.1201 Plan D1553 Ocean racing yawl 41ft wooden Ocean Racing Yawl Spec 606 30/08/62 for K S Wrighton Not Found
0340.1202 Plan D1552 Motor sailer 38ft 6in Motor Sailer Spec 607 10/09/62 for P B Johnston & D Faulkner – Tasmania 1962
0340.1205 Plan D1562 Cruising Yawl Nanise 41ft Cruising Yacht Spec 618 23/10/63 for Lt Col Odling Smee built as NANISE 306402 Sail No 641 by Mashfords 3 /64 Teak planking Spec 842 new interior joinery for PETRUSHKA owner Surg Cdr Maxwell Browne LYR 1970) 1963
0340.1206 Plan D1565 Motor yacht Warana 23 TM Motor Yacht WARANA ON D1396 305916 Built by Stebbings 3/64 for Kirby Laing (from printed reprint list) Specs 621 & 623 See YW 1964/06 pp 273 1962
0340.1207 Plan D1556 Shallow draft cruiser Viking Saga of Parkstone 32ft 10 ton Shallow Draft Cruiser Racer Spec 624 21/11/62 for Hamilton Strutt built as VIKING SAGA OF PARKSTONE sail No 2109 by Mitchell of Poole in 1964 Reg 306535. 7 sheets in roll, sheet 7 marked for Hamilton Strutt. GA Sheet 1 missing. Construction GA gives 32ft 7in LOA and 24ft 3in WL, 9ft 6in Beam and 4ft 8in Draft which line up with LR of Y 1962
0340.1208 Plan D1550 Motor Yacht Aluminum alloy . Senaca 45ft Aluminum Alloy Motor Yacht Spec 632 10/01/63 for Universal Shipyard (Solent) Built as SENACA ON 305706 1964 Large roll parts in poor condition not possible to save all CH 1963
0340.1209 Plan D1584 Ocean racer cruiser Capella of Kent 41ft 14 ton Ocean Racer Cruiser Spec 639 14/03/63 for W Hawkins Built as CAPELLA OF KENT ON 307387 By Sutton and Wiggings 7/64 Lloyds 100A1 to lines plan D1505 used for ORTHONA built by Priors 1963
0340.1211 Plan D1582 Cruiser racer Barbican 32ft Transom stern Cruiser Racer Spec 642 01/05/63 for B Hayman built by W King as BARBICAN Sail No 2182. Set of drawings completely unuseable especially ink on linen lines plan photos taken GH 25 Feb 16
0340.1212 Plan D1591 Cruiser Racer 40ft (27ft WL) 8 M Cruiser Racer Spec 644 06/05/63 for J G Mc Laren
0340.1213 Plan D1593 Fast Cruiser Chanterelle 34ft Fast Cruiser Masthead Sloop Spec 645 08/05/63 for St John Birt Spec 652 believed to be CHANTERELLE built by Prior’s for Sir John Birt in 1964 (LYR) 1963
0340.1214 Plan D1594 ALBATROSS Mk II Sweet Kate 44ft Steel Motor Sailer SWEET KATE Spec 646 16/05/63 for M Green , Revised Spec 668 for M M Green, built P L Tak & Prior 1964 Spec 714 07/02/66 for D A C Holbrook built as AESTIVAL 334504 by Tak & Prior 07/67 1963
0340.1215 Plan D1585 Steel C/B yawl 43ft 13M Steel Centreboard Yawl Spec 647 16/05/63 for V D Kamp
0340.1216 Plan D1431 East Anglian Mk 1 & 2 EAST ANGLIAN Mk 1 And Mk 2 Deck Layouts ink on tp dated 29.12.60
0340.1217 Plan D1579 CHASSEUR OF HAMBLE Chasseur of Hamble 34ft 9 ton wooden Fast Cruiser Stock Plan Spec 636 & Spec 650 CHASSEUR OF HAMBLE. Built by Sutton & Wiggins 1964 (LYR) for Cdr Morrison 1970 Varere Paris 2016 Belguim. Spec 683 28/07/64 for J E Oliver Spec 659 for R J Stewart Note drawer list gives 1579 + 1802 + 1845 for Morrison 1964
0340.1218 Plan D1603 25ft 9in Beam 8ft draft 2ft 3in Round Bilge Motor Fishing Vessel, Clinker BMC diesel engine, Aft wheelhouse, cabin forward, steadying sail Spec 656 02/09/63 for Johnson & Jago – 4 sheets
0340.1220 Plan D1624 Fast cruising yawl Chouette of Burnham 49ft Fast Cruising Yawl Spec 662 04/12/63 for the Earl St Germans Spec 666 48ft for Earl St Germans Built by King 1965 as CHOUETTE ON 307907. YM reprintSail Plan and GA held for ref .Originals not yet found GH 30/11/2019 1964
0340.1222 Plan D1635 VIKING Special Lady Camelot 30ft VIKING Spec 664 20/01/64 for L J Multon built as LADY CAMELOT ON 304950 by Shuttlewood Paglesham 1964 Sail No 632 , Spec 694 29/10/64 for A Mc Andrew Believed built as SHUNA by Johson & Jago 1965 1 sheet Cat pl28 02/12 add to racked roll GH 1964
0340.1223 Plan D1324 DIAMOND MK II 27ft 5 ton GRP DIAMOND Mk II Spec 547 for Stebbings, Spec 665 04/02/64 for Stebbings Std design 1960
0340.1224 Plan D1617 Fast cruiser 37ft (26ft 5in WL) Aux Steel Sloop Fast cruising sloop. Unusual construction . Steel construction on fore and aft stringers with wooden decks and cabin top (8 sheets ) Spec 669 15/04/64 for D R Beer Australia
0340.1225 Plan D1646 BRABANT II Special Shallow draft fast cruiser 32ft 8in ft BRABANT Mk II 10M Steel Shallow Draft Fast Cruiser Spec 670 20/04/64 for Prof Van Berkel set of 5 sheets modified from basic BRABANT
0340.1227 Plan D1652 Masthead Sloop 31ft Steel Masthead cruising sloop, steel decks and cabin top Completion Spec 674 11/05/64 for 3 craft for G Albrecht 1 roll racked NYC
0340.1229 Plan D1649 Fast cruiser Segrist 29ft 6 1/2 ton Fast Cruiser Spec 677 25/05/64 SEGRIST Built by Wm Wyatt 1965 for J P Sandison ON 305819 Owner Sandison LYR 70.( NB: Plan refers to 7 ton Aux Sloop GH) 1964
0340.1230 Plan D1632 Steel Motor Sailer Hayman Lady 38ft Steel Motor Sailer Spec 679 26/05/64 for F W Hearn, Spec 719 17/02/66 for F W Hearn as HAYMAN LADY ON 335231 built Tak (hull) & Emsworth Ship Yard.fit out 1966 LYR 69 1966
0340.1231 Plan D1659 Deepwater fishing yacht 38ft Steel Deepwater Fishing Yacht Spec 680 06/06/64 for N Nairn
0340.1233 Plan D1663 Motor yacht Kerrara 42ft Motor Yacht Spec 686 31/08/64 for W Webster Built by J Powles Wroxham as KERRARA 307493 1965 Spec 708 20/10/65 for Stock duplicated 1964
0340.1234 Plan D1679 Fast cruising yacht Erpel III 11M fast Cruising Yacht ERPEL III Spec 688 15/09/64 for Russegger See also D2014 Cradle for 11M
0340.1235 Plan D1684 Aux Ketch Moshulu II 44ft 22 ton TM Wooden Motor Sailer Spec 691 06/10/64 MOSHULU II Built by Stebbings 1966 for C S Mardell 1964
0340.1236 Plan D1686 GRP VASHTI III /QUEEN 37ft 3in VASHTI Mk III GRP Spec 693 26/10/64 for Tyler & Universal shipyards 1964
0340.1239 Plan D1682 Cruising ketch Lucipara II 45 ft Steel Ketch 1 built Molen Zaandam 1965 SN 1087 Noordenbos as LUCIPARA 1965
0340.1240 Plan D1690 NEPTUNE wood 31ft Standard Buchanan Motor sailer (Wooden Neptune) Spec 698 15/01/65 for Melton Boatyard Spec 706 05/07/65 for Ruffell Smith 1965
0340.1241 Plan D1699 VIKING MK III Summer Prelude 30ft VIKING Spec 699 03/02/65 for B Morris believed to be SUMMER PRELUDE built by Johnson & Jago 9 65 CF SN 2225 LYR 70 1965
0340.1243 Plan D1595 Fast Cruiser Golden Girl 37ft Fast Cruiser Yawl Believed to have been built as Golden Girl later Quinag ON 305308 by Smeeth 1966 Spec and plans dated 1965 GH
0340.1245 Plan D1511 Class 20ft 6in. Cruising Sloop Conyer Plywood Chine version of D1512 Accommodation for 2, open cockpit Spec 705 22/02/65 for Conyer Marine – 6 sheets
0340.1247 Plan D1719 Fast Cruising yacht Balalaika 37ft 3in Fast Cruising Yacht to SCA Rule Spec 710 26/10/65 for R W Warren Spec 848 15/03/89 BALALAIKA ON 327726 Built by Prior for R W Warren of Toronto Canada, ON 327726 (LYR 70) 1966
0340.1248 Plan D1700 Motor yacht 43ft Motor Yacht Spec 711 29/10/65 for J T Skinner
0340.1249 Plan D1639 Steel Ocean Racer Anaconda 48ft Class 1 Steel Ocean Racer Spec 713 07/02/66 for J Grubic Believed to have built as ANACONDA in Australia. One of a series of Racing yachts designed for J Grubic
0340.1250 Plan D1717 NEPTUNE Class 33ft GRP NEPTUNE Motor Sailer Spec 715 11/02/66 Spec 739 for Tyler Boat Co ( Mk I – 1970 ) large mixed roll of plans some duplicates GH Most started 1966 signed off 1967 Early examples POISEDON Tyler, Johnson & Jago 1967/6 Lloyds 100A1 & SALEN Tyler, Shuttlewood 1967/4 Lloyds 100A1 1966
0340.1251 Plan D1746 ALBATROSS Special 44ft wooden ALBATROSS Aux Ketch Motor sailer Spec 717 15/02/66 for G Bellinato Brief Outline Spec 776 27/02/70 1746/1622 1966
0340.1252 Plan D1705 Aluminium Alloy Fast cruising ocean racing sloop Nicola K 32ft (24ft WL) Aluminium Fast Cruising Ocean Racing Sloop with wooden decks and cabin top very detailed set of drawings (21 sheets) for Australia Spec 718 16/02/66 believed to have been built as NICOLA K tbc ALKIRA or ALKIRA II on Australian Reg tbc 2 rolls cat 1965
0340.1254 Plan D1767 Cruising Ketch Algaiola II 94ft Aux wood Ketch Spec 721 12/05/66 ALGAIOLA II Built Craglietto Trieste 1968 for Mr & Mrs Calnan ON 317774 Reg Gibraltar (LYR 70) See also D1776 for metric version 1966
0340.1256 Plan D1605 BONITO 35ft BONITO Hull Completion Spec 728 16/12/66 for D T Beer (SILWEN 309394) Seamaster, Stebbings & R J Prior 1967
0340.1258 Plan D1817 COLIN ARCHER Type 35ft Norwegian Type Ketch (Colin Archer) Spec 730 07/02/67 for B Turner racked NYC
0340.1259 Plan D1816 DE RUYTER II 37ft 6in Steel Motor Sailer Ketch DE RUYTER Class Type II Spec 731 tbc 07/02/67 for A C Aukes
0340.1261 Plan D1815 Cruiser Racer 36ft Cruiser Racer One Ton Cup Boat Spec 733 03/04/67
0340.1262 Plan D1813 BONITO Sp Whisky Glass 36ft Cruiser Spec 734 07/04/67 for R Barrington Brock built as WHISKY GLASS 334661 Seamaster & Sutton full set 6 sheets Cat
0340.1263 Plan D1826 Fast cruising Yawl 48ft Steel Fast Cruising Yawl Spec735 & 736 26/05/67 for M Himmelheber Part Cat Lines separate 1967
0340.1264 Plan D1820 SHETLAND type cruising sloop Shearwater 25ft wooden Shetland Type Cruising Sloop, SHEARWATER Doublender with accommodation for 2 Spec 737 19/06/67 for R E Moira – 7 sheets
0340.1267 Plan D1830 1/2 Ton Cup fast cruiser 32ft Fast Cruiser 1/2 ton Cup Boat Spec 742 No date for Dr Perizzi 8 sheets found
0340.1269 Plan D1805 MARKEN III Steel 1/2 Ton Cup Sloop 35 ft Steel 1/2 ton Cup Design Racing Sloop 1967. Cut away profile and spade rudder. Light conventional steelwork wooden decks and cabintop (13 sheets) Spec 744 for Construction by Dekker en Zonen Racked 11/04
0340.1270 Plan D1842 Fast cruising sloop GRP 27ft GRP Fast Cruising Sloop Spec 745 No date for E Nicolotti see also D1883 1967
0340.1271 Plan D1850 Aux Cruising Ketch Moonraker 51ft 9in Aux Cruising Ketch Spec 746 28/03/68 for R E Jennings built as MOONRAKER by D Cheng Hong Kong Lloyds 100A1 one of a series 1968
0340.1273 Plan D1848 Racing Cruiser 33.7 24ft D W L wooden Racing Cruiser Stock Plan Spec 749 No date for D N Tout, Spec 758 29/10/68 for R J Prior & Son as a standard boat. 1968
0340.1274 Plan D1856 Fast Cruiser racer 42ft Wood Fast Cruiser Racer Spec 750 28/06/68 for Ing Zeleo 15 sheets found and Cat
0340.1277 Plan D1869 Motor sailer 27ft Motor Sailer based on French FV type hull .Spec 753 01/10/68 for Marine Craft Ltd Spec 766 06/11/68 for Marine Craft Ltd Jersey
0340.1278 Plan D1868 1/4 ton Cup 27ft Plywood planked.hard chine 1/4 ton Cup Spec 754 04/10/68 for Marine Craft Ltd Sales Spec 765 05/11/68 for Marine Craft Ltd Jersey 1968
0340.1279 Plan D1873 Racing Cruiser Min Tha Me 32ft Racing Cruiser Spec 755 10/10/68 for R J Hughes built as MIN THA ME by Marine craft Jersey 1969 Sail No 954Y 1969
0340.1280 Plan D1871 Motor sailer 36ft wooden Motor sailer Spec 756 14/10/68 in French.. For Marine Craft Ltd Jersey 1972
0340.1281 Plan D1875 North East Coast O/D 18ft 8in North East Coast O.D. 2-berth cruising yacht with fixed keel. Bermudan rig 3 ton Fast Cruiser Spec 757 25/10/68 see also D1555 Redrawn from D0311 & D1855.
0340.1284 Plan D1861 31ft Steel Motor Sailer Spec 762 30/07/68 for Mr Sellers
0340.1285 Plan D1865 Seagoing Motor Yacht Spec 764 31/10/68 for M J Tremoliere
0340.1286 Plan D1884 Racing Cruiser to One ton Cup rules 27ft wooden strip planked round bilge Racing Cruiser to One ton Cup rules. Spec 768 02/12/68 For J Burns 1969
0340.1287 Plan D1486 DRAGONFLY 18ft 4in 16ft 6in (WL) DRAGONFLY Class Single Chine Plywood 2-berth cruising Sloop, fin keel, twin bilge keel version available with 2ft draft . Spec 767 07/11/68 for Blue Hills Ltd
0340.1289 Plan D1891 Re rig Echowe tbc 46ft Steel Cruising Ketch Spec 773 02/07/69 for Re Rig , Echowe Syndicate, South Africa
0340.1290 Plan D1909 SPARTAN Special 23ft 8in wooden strip planked SPARTAN Mk III 2-berth cruising boat, doghouse, Masthead rig Spec 774 26/01/70 for G Spreadborough – 4 sheets 2 GA & Sail Plan 1970
0340.1291 Plan D1894 Ocean racer 53ft Steel Ocean Racer Spec 775 03/02/70 for J Grubic 1 roll NYC 1969
0340.1293 Plan D1941 Aux Cruising Ketch Riana 41ft 8.5 ton wooden Auxiliary Cruising Ketch Spec 781 28/09/70 for Mr & Mrs Cornall, Spec 781A for French builder M Labbe St Malo built as RIANA 362418 1 sheet Trailboards to add to roll cat pl28 1971
0340.1294 Plan D1954 Offshore racer 37ft wooden Offshore Racer to I 0 R Rule Class III Spec 782 04/01/71 for N Vintiadis 1971
0340.1295 Plan D1934 Cruising Ketch 32ft Cruising Ketch Spec 783 12/02/71 for M Johnson Clipper bow
0340.1299 Plan D1980 Racing Sloop Zeus 29ft wooden Racing Sloop Spec 788 21/10/71 for B L Kittow, Spec 790 10/11/71 for B L Kittow built as ZEUS 1971
0340.1301 Plan D1978 COLIN ARCHER type 13M Deepwater Cruising Ketch Colin Archer type Spec 791 23/02/72 for J Montfort
0340.1302 Plan D1979 Motor Yacht 58ft wooden Motor Yacht Spec 793 03/03/72 for J L Tremolieres 1972
0340.1303 Plan D2020 Steel Cruising Ketch 65ft Steel Cruising ketch Spec 795 07/07/72 for Dr LK Lyle Moore 1972
0340.1305 Plan D2026 Motor Yacht 48ft wooden Twin Screw Motor Yacht Spec 801 09/03/73 for J L Tremolieres
0340.1306 Plan D1992 CHANNEL ISLANDS 22 22ft GRP CHANNEL ISLANDS 22 Class Versatile and robust Fast Motor Boats built in various versions and using a variety of engines. Over 250 of this class have been built by Silva Yates in Jersey. Since 1974. !4 designs for Specials, 22,32,& 40ft craft are listed in the collection GH Spec 798 & 799 08/11/72 Part set of plans found & Cat inc proposal sketches 1972
0340.1309 Plan D2058 3/4 ton to IOR MK III Spec Inkoo 34ft GRP 3/4 ton Racing Yacht to IOR Mk III Spec 805 06/08/73 for E Antinoja Finland AA Boat Inkoo. 1973
0340.1317 Plan D2102 Racing Yacht 30ft Cold Moulded Racing Yacht Spec 821 02/04/76 for M Coles
0340.1319 Plan D2173 Motor sailer GRP 23.5 ft GRP Motor Sailer for series production Spec 829 No Date for N Kaya Turkey
0340.1320 Plan D2168 Cruising Ketch GRP Sechoma 43ft GRP with stringers Cruising Ketch Spec 830 No date for Allen , Australia. Possibly SECHOMA ?
0340.1322 Plan D2221 Norwegian type steel Cruising Ketch 42ft Norwegian Type Steel Cruising Ketch Spec 837 15/03/82 for C G Thomas Only 2 prints and 2 A4 drawings found to date rack to be checked 1982
0340.1324 Plan D2259 Fast cruising Yawl 38ft wooden double skin planking, Fast Cruising Yawl Spec 843 21/08/85 for Prof N H Macmillan. 2 sheets Proposal dwgs by AB 1985 1985
0340.1325 Plan D2251 Steel Conic Hull 20ft Steel Chine conic developed hull Raised topsides small deckhouse .Transom hung rudder ( 4 sheets) Spec 844 01/10/85 Based on wooden 20ft Chine WILD DUCK designed for YM. Hulls available from Steel Craft Wales 1985
0340.1326 Plan D2273 Steel Cruising Ketch 53ft Steel Aux Cruising Ketch Spec 845 06/06/86 for Dickinson & 09/07/87 for Munton & Bryon Holdings Ltd. Set of folded Lloyds Approved plans held ++ large roll NYC 1986
0340.1327 Plan D2254 30ft Steel single chine fast Motor Yacht All steel construction Single screw Open after cocpit with flying bridge ( 4 sheets) Spec 846 16/03/87 1987
0340.1328 Plan D2266 Steel Conic Hull 26ft Steel Chine conically developed hull . Raised topsides Deckhouse and cockpit aft 4 berths Sloop rigged Transom stern t Spec 847 16/12/88 (stock plans) Refered to as Steel Eventide by the Eventide Owners Assn set of pdfs transferred to the NMMC 2019.
0340.1329 Plan D2199 Steel chine cruising yacht 40ft Steel Double Chine conic Cruising Yacht Flush deck deck house and cockpit aft . Transom hung rudder . Ketch or Cutter rig (8 sheets) Spec 850 17/05/89
0340.1330 Plan D2288 Norwegian Type Special 36ft Norwegian Type Steel Cruising Yacht Spec 851 25/11/91 for Dr R Davies
0340.1331 Plan D2293 Steel Conic Hull Special 32ft Steel single chine conically developed hull Raised topsides .deckhouse and cockpit aft . Transom stern Comfortable accommodation for long ocean passages . Ketch rigged (7 sheets ) Spec 853 07/08/91
0340.1332 Plan D1940 NEPTUNE Mk II 33ft (25ft WL) NEPTUNE Mk II GRP Motor Sailer
0340.1333 Plan D1251 Mast head Yawl Starfire of Kent 53ft Mast Head Yawl Composite steel frames or laminated oak. Ocean / Racer Prov Spec 432 Gough Cooper Boardman Spec 482 Gough Cooper & Boardman 08/61 Built as STARFIRE OF KENT (LYR 1963) YM 1962/07 pp11 and CB 1998/05 pp 38 1960
0340.1334 Plan D1403 GRP Outboard Cruiser 17ft GRP Outboard Cruiser for Graham Parish Ltd. (Fibreglass) complete set of 4
0340.1335 Plan D1412 E A Special Special EAST ANGLIAN for Peter Thompson 2 sheets Accommodation for P Thompson
0340.1337 Plan D1455 Sportsman Cruiser 27ft. Sportsman Cruiser for Easticks Yacht Station Acle. Sketches of 3 proposals for a 27 ft Sportsboat and a set of working drawings dated 1961/62. 12 sheets in all 1962
0340.1338 Plan D1472 NORMAN Special Sea Saunterer 33ft 9 ton wooden Norman Class Fast Cruiser Spec + D1386 553 for I J Faulker built as SEA SAUNTERER ON 301856 Lloyds 100A1 Enterprise Boat building 5/63 1 sheet Cat pl28
0340.1339 Plan D1485 Fast motor cruiser Fast GRP Motor Cruiser for Gordon Payne Ltd
0340.1341 Plan D0115 RAY Class 17ft 3in x 6ft 8in 2 1/2 ton Aux Centreboard Sloop RAY Class Pocket Cruiser, Raised Topsides. Cabin Bermudan Rig Spec 3 No date for C Jervis to be built by Wyatt W Mersea, Spec 11 19/01/50 for Dr J C V Hindhaugh – 5 sheets See also D0162 JULIA and D0176
0340.1358 Plan D1499 NORMAN Special Special ‘NORMAN’ for Jay Shaft
0340.1360 Plan D1535 Viking Special Special VIKING for Mr. Clements
0340.1362 Plan D1540 BONITO MK II 35ft GRP BONITO Mk ll 3 drawings related to Mk II changes Cat 6 sheets 1963
0340.1363 Plan D1546 BONITO GRP Gunfleet 35ft BONITO for L.Dyball built as GUNFLEET by Stebbings 1963 LYR 63 1963
0340.1364 Plan D1547 ECOD Special East Coast One Design for Lt. Col. Flinterman
0340.1366 Plan D1554 Steel fast cruiser 37ft Steel Masthead sloop fast cruising yacht. Conventional steel construction with wooden deck and deck structures. Steel Cruiser for W. Huisman believed to be La Luna
0340.1367 Plan D1558 Cruiser racer Four Graces 35ft 9 1/2 ton Masthead rig Cruiser Racer Spec 610 27/09/62 Spec 620 for Lt. Col. W.A. Hardy. Believed to be FOUR GRACES 305477 built by Sutton and Wiggins 7/63. in 2 rolls Cat pl28 1962
0340.1368 Plan D1564 ECOD Special 31ft East Coast One Design (Based on 1402) Spec 617 for R. Laroux-Handley 1962
0340.1369 Plan D1566 BONITO Special GRP Special GRP BONITO Spec 619 for Rodney Hill May not have been built see Sweet Reason by French Bros 1964 not to AB Design
0340.1371 Plan D1568 ALBATROSS Sp Redichem 45 ft 20 ton Steel Motor Sailer for Dr. De Kok (Ex. Fletcher-Greenwood) possibily built as REDICHEM by Tak to AB design.1963/12 1 Sheet GA Acc Cat PL 28
0340.1372 Plan D1569 VIKING Special Bronwen 30ft 6in VIKING Special Spec 622 for G.M.Forty built as BRONWEN 305803 by W Wyatt 7/63 (LYR 70) 1963
0340.1373 Plan D1573 9.3m MARKEN I 30 ft 6in MARKEN I Steel Auxiliary Sloop for Dekker & Zonen Masthead Bermudan steel cruising sloop. Conventionally framed Believed built as OSRIS 1963
0340.1374 Plan D1576 VIKING Special Freydis Special VIKING for P.E.M.Holmes Spec 625 believed to be FREYDIS 304869 Sail 2115 built by W Wyatt 3/64 (LYR 70 1964
0340.1375 Plan D1577 MARKEN II 10 M Steel Aux Sloop 32ft 8in 10m Steel Aux.Sloop. Steel hull with conventional framing , steel decks with wooden cabin top masthead sloop (7 sheets ) for Dekker & Zonen
0340.1376 Plan D1587 ECOD Special Tasman 31ft East Coast One Design for P R.Riggs believed built as TASMAN 305494 built by Smeeth of Dadham 1964 1963
0340.1377 Plan D1589 Steel yawl Kerkyra 43 ft 17 ton Steel Yawl for Joyce Bros.
0340.1378 Plan D1596 VIKING sp Shantan, Shuna 25ft Lwl VIKING for A D Delderfield Spec 648 believed to be SHANTAN ON 306778 Built by Wyatt 9/64. Also spec 694 for Mac Andrew as SHUNA ON 306321 by Johnson & Jago
0340.1379 Plan D1608 DE RUYTER Rownelese 36ft DE RUYTER II for N T W Duxberry 1 roll ROWNELESE 305853 Steel Ketch finished by Priors 1964
0340.1380 Plan D1622 ALBATROSS Special 43ft Motor Sailer Special wooden ALBATROSS for Dr. Ratti Also see 3 sheets D1746 1963
0340.1381 Plan D1633 PRIOR 37 Blue Saluki 37 ft BLUE SALUKI Sail No 2158 Built by Prior’s Oct 64 for D D Mathews & F C Bathurst. ON 305815 Appears to have had updated rig in 1966.
0340.1382 Plan D1636 MARKEN III Yawl 34ft 4in MARKEN lll Steel Yawl -built Dekker Amsterdam Marken brochure held.
0340.1383 Plan D1644 E A Special 27ft Special East ANGLIAN for Mr. Hale 1 sheet Acc and Construction for J Hales Cat & racked
0340.1385 Plan D1668 ECOD Special Jocasta 31ft Cruiser Racer Built for W F Hodgson as JOCASTA ON 307856 by Seacraft Leigh on Sea (ex 1402) special sail and spar plan only difference . 1964
0340.1386 Plan D1683 ECOD Special Antineoja E. ANTIPOJA (ex. 1402) Counter Stern E C O D
0340.1389 Plan D1711 27ft 5in Fast Motor Yacht for Pochin’s of Manchester
0340.1399 Plan D1896 NANTUCKET CLIPPER GRP Cruiser Pat’s Girl,Sha La La Clipper GRP Cruiser Yacht marketed by Offshore Yachts . Featuring a flat bowsprit the yacht is finished to a high standard and is offered with a choice of two rigs and two layouts. Damaged roll 1969
0340.1402 Plan D1922 RORC Class III Sloop Appaloosa 33ft (24ft W.L) R.O.R.C. Class lll. Aux. Sloop for R Spence APPALOOSA Designed 1970 Built by ? Cold Moulded hull Raced in Australia 1975 Sydney Hobart event 1970
0340.1403 Plan D1936 HALCYON CLIPPER GRP Deluxe GRP Halcyon Clipper and Friendship Sloop for Offshore Yachts 10 s Cat
0340.1405 Plan D1957 Bilge Keel Sloop 25ft Sloop Twin Bilge Keel. Friendship Sloop based on Halcyon Clipper 27
0340.1406 Plan D1960 HALYCON 23 mods 23ft HALCYON 23 GRP New topsides marketed by Offshore Yachts Ltd 1967 See D 1334
0340.1407 Plan D1966 HALCYON Clipper HALCYON Clipper Standard see drawing D1936 3 sheets only
0340.1408 Plan D1964 NEW SPINAWAY New Spinaway 25ft 4 ton Centreboard Sloop Spec 789 03/11/71 for W E Poole, New SPINAWAY for Mr. Poole 1971
0340.1411 Plan D2064 Ferro Cement Ketch 46ft Ferro Ketch – Waller (ex 1684) Clipper bow AB
0340.1414 Plan D1294 Steel motor sailer Mijma 45ft Steel Motor Sailer Mast Head Sloop for McKenzie built on the Lines of D1253 as MIJMA see also From Printed Reprint List. 1960
0340.1415 Plan D2116 Cruising Ketch Colin Archer type 45ft Steel Norwegian type Deep Water Cruising Gaff Ketch. Spec 834 C1976 1975
0340.1416 Plan D1776 Cruising Ketch 94ft Cruising Ketch ALGAIOLA ll for Mr. &.Mrs. Calnan See D1767 for Drawing schedules. Metric versions of D1767
0340.1417 Plan D0107 Estuary Cruiser Pintail 29ft 8 1/2 ton Estuary Cruiser PINTAIL centerboard lines
0340.1424 Plan D0128 VIKING Class dinghy 16ft 4in. VIKING CLASS 3/4 deck sailing dinghy – 4 sheets prints
0340.1426 Plan D1299 Speedboat 13ft Chine ply speedboat for up to 35 h.p. outboards for Petal Marine- 3 sheets found Cat 1959
0340.1427 Plan D0132 punt 14ft Flat bottom fishing and shooting punt, solid timber – 1 sheet
0340.1451 Plan D1727 QUEEN 38ft 11ton QUEEN Class – VASHTI Mk III from Reprint list.
0340.1458 Plan D1575 10m MARKEN II 36ft MARKEN II Steel Aux Sloop 1963
0340.1460 Plan D1728 Day Boat 18 ft Day Boat For P Tyson
0340.1479 Plan D1763 TROJAN II Special Trojan Mk II for M M Caegweizeiro Const G A found separated
0340.1483 Plan D1696 re-rig Easter Sheet 1 proposed re rig for 35ft EASTER ON 301156 built 1960 by W King p on tp 16/08/65
0340.1485 Plan D1421 EAST ANGLIAN Special Edith Ann EAST ANGLIAN Special for W C Alkins, EDITH ANN 303143 built Feltham 1962 LYR 63 2 sheets badly damaged but usable
0340.1486 Plan D1597 E A Special 27ft East Anglian special for J H Champion 1969
0340.1499 Plan D1623 Cruising Yawl Vongole 6 M waterline Hard Chine Cruising yawl believed to be VONGOLE for Staheli built in 1970 1963
0340.1500 Plan D2100 Racing cruiser 27ft Racing Cruiser Cold moulded to Lines Plan D884
0340.1502 Plan D1549 Fast motor cruiser 36ft Fast Motor Cruiser for Gordon Payne Ltd
0340.1508 Plan D1371 Motor Cruiser 27ft Motor Cruiser for Pegg Marine
0340.1513 Plan D2013 Cruiser racer 35ft Cruiser Racer for Mr Robinson 1972 new aft end for 1509 tbc
0340.1514 Plan D2012 HALCYON CLIPPER 27 Special 26 ft HALCYON CLIPPER 27 Special for North America 1972/
0340.1515 Plan D1362 SAXON Special Aurian 34ft SAXON special for B C Cornall Built by Priors as AURIAN 301225 1960/08 (100A1)
0340.1516 Plan D1382 SAXON Special Pennyroyal 34ft SAXON special for J D Power believed to be PENNYROYAL 301968 Built by Priors 3-61 CF
0340.1517 Plan D1404 SAXON Special Saecwen 34ft SAXON Special for C E Challinor , SAECWEN 186967 (100A1) Built by Priors 04/61(LYR) At Gweek 5/18
0340.1525 Plan D1840 re rig Sail plan for 9 ton aux masthead sloop for Mr Whistler 25/10/65 Probably SCORPION of WYKE ON 305871 Built Sutton & Wiggins 1965
0340.1528 Plan D1491 Fast Cruiser Easter 10 ton Fast Cruiser for W Noel Jordan 1961 Built as EASTER see also D1696 b 1961
0340.1535 Plan D1598 BONITO Sp 35ft Bonito for Dyball tbc see D 1546
0340.1546 Plan D1614 Ketch 43 ton Ketch for Earl St Germans 20/10/63 Considered to be proposal prior to CHOUETTE D1624
0340.1552 Plan D2086 1 sheet 44ft 7in 2 ton cup GRP and alloy for J Grubic 31/1/74 1974
0340.1558 Plan D2151 Motor sailer GRP 28ft Grp motor sailer 20/7/71
0340.1562 Plan D2274 Steel offshore cruising yacht 45ft waterline steel offshore cruising yacht for W H Nielsen
0340.1577 Plan D2174 NANTUCKET Special Special Nantucket for Broads 10/7/78 1978
0340.1584 Plan D2060 YM 3 Tonner revised rig 3 tonner YM updated to Masthead rig sail Plan 17/3/73 for A O Humble Smith 1973
0340.1599 Plan D1857 Motor Yacht Warana 46ft Ketch rigged WARANA Sail plan believed to be WARANA ON 305916 TSMY built by Stebbings 3/64 Owner A E Sorrell Large roll held NYC
0340.1601 Plan D0183 COLLEEN Class 1 sheet Special COLLEEN for Junior Offshore Group
0340.1608 Plan D1615 Gayrock GAYROCK Ex NORYEMA
0340.1609 Plan D1287 Canal Cruiser 25ft Canal Cruiser Lines and Offsets 1959
0340.1610 Plan D2200 CHANNEL ISLANDS Special 32ft Channel Islands 32 Customs Launch
0340.1611 Plan D1322 Steel Ocean racer 35ft Steel Ocean Racer for J F Steinmetz 1960 and Ripard Malta 1974 Sister ship to D1035 modified interior masthead rig (3 sheets)
0340.1613 Plan D1272 DE RUYTER Special Sea Star 36ft DE RUYTER Built for Brigadier J W Norman as SEA STAR ON 302147 By Van Waverham and Dixon Kerly of Maldon 1960 LYR 63 1959
0340.1614 Plan D1563 ECOD Special 31ft ECOD for N Cook
0340.1621 Plan D1753 NORMAN Special 33 ft NORMAN New Sail plan for P Packer 1 sheet Cat pl28 02/12
0340.1622 Plan D1744 Steel Cruising ketch
0340.1623 Plan D1377 KING COLE Special 28 ft 8 1/4 TM KING COLE for Group Capt Ryder
0340.1624 Plan D2182 Steel Chine Motor sailer 37ft Double Chine Steel Motor Sailer
0340.1630 Plan D1811 BONITO Sp Sail Plan 35ft BONITO Aux GRP Sloop for Beer. Sail plan.& mast support Sheets split PL28 & Rack 1966
0340.1631 Plan D1935 Motor Yacht 46ft Steel TS Motor Yacht. Perez 1970
0340.1632 Plan D1970 Ferro Cement Ketch 52ft Ferro Cement Ketch for A R Codrington 1971. 1971
0340.1633 Plan D1800 VASHTI Special Mary Poppins 38ft VASHTI Special MARY POPPINS ON 309606 GRP Tyler & Sarisbury Green.
0340.1649 Plan D1433 Motor Sailer 22 Ton Steel Motor Sailer for H W Byfield Check Curtis and Pape for this name 1961
0340.1668 Plan D2072 83ft Ocean Racer for Australia
0340.1671 Plan D2322 Large roll Found NYC
0340.1689 Plan D2224 E A Special 1 sheet East Anglian special
0340.1711 Plan D1775 53ft Wooden Motor Sailer for McAllister Australian Starfire tbc roll Found 04/03
0340.1720 Plan D1695 Fast Launch 32ft Fast Launch for Messrs Pochins 1965 1965
0340.1728 Plan D1619 16ft Blackwater O/D Special sail plan for C Moore 1965 1965
0340.1739 Plan D2207 Motor race boat 34ft Motor race boat Cateraman hull design for E G Greenall 1983
0340.1747 Plan D1555 N E Coast O/D Sail plan

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