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R S Burt was a well-known Falmouth boatbuilder. The plans in the archives of the National Maritime Museum Cornwall include many of the boats he built including several Quay Punts and Quay Punt yachts 20-33ft.

Copies of the plans are available from library@nmmc.co.uk

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ID Name Description
0010.0024 10ft 2in dinghy
0010.0072 10ft 6in rowing dinghy
0010.0046 10ft Motor Boat
0010.0060 10ft Pram Dinghy
0010.0110 10ft RNLI Dinghy
0010.0039 11ft 8in Lewis sailing dinghy
0010.0079 11ft Sailing dinghy
0010.0105 12 ft RNLI Dinghy
0010.0078 12 ft Sailing dinghy with balanced lug
0010.0022 14 ft One design
0010.0081 14ft 9in Sailing dinghy
0010.0056 14ft Medium speed Launch
0010.0111 14ft Medium Speed Launch
0010.0032 15 ft Sailing Dinghy
0010.0048 15ft Hard Chine Motor Boat
0010.0028 15ft Knockabout boat
0010.0100 16ft Admiralty Motor Dinghy
0010.0037 16ft Lagos Yacht Club OD
0010.0082 16ft Sailing Dinghy
0010.0080 16ft Sailing dinghy with Bermuda rig
0010.0058 18ft 4 oared Rowing boat Curtis & Pape plan D; see 0320 D
0010.0063 18ft Fast Runabout by Prowse; cf Prowse Collection
0010.0075 18ft Sailing Boat Sections
0010.0040 20 ft Maripasu Falmouth Quay Punt type yacht
0010.0050 20ft 6in Motor Cruiser
0010.0003 20ft Aux gaff Cutter
0010.0098 20ft British Seagull Tunnel Boat ?
0010.0107 20ft Falmouth Quay Punt type waterlines
0010.0030 20ft Gaff Ketch
0010.0077 20ft Sloop with bowsprit
0010.0009 21ft Falmouth Quay Punt
0010.0042 22ft Meg Bermudian sloop
0010.0091 24ft Casuarana II Percy Mitchell design ?
0010.0013 24ft Falmouth Quay Punt Matahari
0010.0008 24ft Motor Cruiser
0010.0076 24ft Sailing hull
0010.0004 25ft Aux gaff Yawl
0010.0025 25ft Falmouth Quay Punt
0010.0015 25ft Falmouth Quay Punt Type
0010.0036 25ft Falmouth Quay Punt type yacht
0010.0096 25ft Motor Boat
0010.0033 25ft Motor Boat Handy Billy
0010.0053 25ft Motor Cruiser
0010.0051 25ft Motor Sailer
0010.0065 25ft Towing and Harbour Launch
0010.0095 26ft Counter Stern Yawl
0010.0047 26ft Motor Boat
0010.0093 26ft Teak Aux Launch
0010.0090 27ft Gaff Yawl
0010.0052 27ft Motor Cruiser
0010.0069 28ft Falmouth Quay Punt
0010.0010 28ft Falmouth Quay Punt Style
0010.0092 28ft Falmouth Quay Punt Type Aux Sloop
0010.0104 28ft Fayaway Falmouth Quay Punt
0010.0059 28ft Motor Launch
0010.0103 29ft Matahari Bermuda rig Yawl
0010.0035 30ft 6in Husk Century
0010.0087 30ft Rose Marie Motor Cruiser
0010.0007 31ft Aux Yawl
0010.0101 33ft Liffey River Motor Ferry
0010.0043 33ft Molin Falmouth Quay Punt Type yacht
0010.0094 36ft Motor Launch
0010.0085 36ft Unique Motor Cruiser
0010.0005 38ft Aux Gaff Ketch
0010.0109 38ft Motor Boat
0010.0054 38ft Motor Launch
0010.0044 39ft 6in Mooring craft
0010.0017 40ft Cabin Cruiser
0010.0055 40ft Motor Launch
0010.0088 42ft Admiralty Pinnace – Conversion
0010.0108 43ft Varesta ex Bingo
0010.0062 45ft Bermudian Cutter Prowse plan; cf Prowse Collection
0010.0057 45ft Diesel Motor Launch
0010.0012 50ft Motor Sailer
0010.0086 50ft Sweet Promise FV
0010.0002 52ft sailing cutter
0010.0083 52ft Yawl sail plan
0010.0061 55ft Picaroon Cruising Launch
0010.0019 60ft Cutter
0010.0049 60ft Motor Cruiser
0010.0073 61ft RNLI Lifeboat Padstow General Arrangement
0010.0021 8ft 6in Pram dinghy
0010.0023 9ft sailing dinghy
0010.0006 Aux sailing cruiser lines
0010.0102 Dolphin Engine details
0010.0020 Double ended Cutter
0010.0071 Falmouth Quay Punt type sail plan
0010.0026 Falmouth Quay Punt type yacht
0010.0031 Galley fittings
0010.0034 Hatch fastener
0010.0011 Ketch
0010.0074 Lady Barbara – conversion to Houseboat
0010.0045 Morris Vedette enging drawing
0010.0016 Motor Boat
0010.0099 Proposed Slipways for Burt & Co
0010.0018 Sailing Dinghy
0010.0097 Small Motor Boat
0010.0106 Southern Pearl Gaff Ketch
0010.0070 Stern Gear details for MFV’s
0010.0089 Triangular Sail
0010.0084 Windstrom – Bermuda rigged yacht

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