Curtis & Pape plans

The National Maritime Museum Cornwall holds an archive of plans from the Curtis and Pape boatbuilders. A summary of these is below. If you would like more information about any of these, then email us at
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ID Name Vessel Description Design Year
0320.0001 Document Yard work sheets
0320.0002 Plan Yard Layout plan
0320.0003 Document War achievements
0320.0004 Plan 16ft Tom Tit of St Mawes – lines
0320.0005 Document 28ft General Service Launch – details
0320.0006 Document 39ft Aluminum Ocean Cruiser for quote
0320.0007 Document Regnum II 21ft Fast Cruiser Regnum II
0320.0008 Plan 25ft Quarter ton cup yacht D Thomas design.
0320.0009 Plan 38ft Freeman Cutter Camoe of Looe 38ft Cutter design possibly by Freeman built C&P as Camoe of Looe 1974 tbc GH 10 sheets by R Freeman undated Dyelines Cat 1974
0320.0010 Plan 26ft SCOD official building plans 1955. 1955
0320.0011 Drawing 33.5ft Cruising Yawl by A Lee
0320.0012 Plan 24ft Motor Boat MkII
0320.0013 Plan 24ft Motor Boat MkII
0320.0014 Plan One ton cup yacht Tony Castro
0320.0015 Plan 25ft Motor Cutter, Curtis and Pape L installation details several sheets No Dno GH
0320.0016 Plan International Dragon Class IYRU 1962.
0320.0017 Plan Sululu Modifications to Sululu
0320.0018 Plan 61 1/2 ft MFV
0320.0019 Plan 64 1/2 ft Fishing Vessel
0320.0020 Plan 36ft Power ketch Check for D No GH 1954
0320.0021 Plan D055 Soliel D’ Or 42ft Launch for Tresco D055 built C&P 1956 as Soliel D’Or for Dorrien Smith ON 183495 data from AMP Notebook 2 sheets held GA & Lines Job No 118 1956
0320.0022 Plan 23ft Sloop Check for D No GH possibly linked to Chesford 1951
0320.0023 Plan 27 1/2 ft Fishing Cruiser
0320.0024 Plan Proud Tarquin Proud Tarquin instrument panel details only
0320.0025 Plan 80ft Twin Screw passenger vessel
0320.0026 Plan D015 50ft WD Launch. Two boxes of misc drawings mainly of construction details. Most useful being Arr of Awnings which includes profile and plan of whole craft. See series list GH Feb 16. Selection photographed.
0320.0027 Plan D077 Marie Galante T S Motor Yacht Marigalante ?? Some details only poss D 077 AMP notebook
0320.0028 Drawing 36ft 11m GRP Harbour launch for MOD Army. Detail drawings
0320.0029 Plan 120ft Passenger Vessel
0320.0030 Plan Symphony catamaran by Wells design
0320.0031 Plan 24ft Motor Boat Mkll. G A and detailed drawings
0320.0032 Plan 108ft Fishing Trawler
0320.0033 Plan Fisherman 28ft Fishing Boat design by McGruer built as Fisherman ON 182803 by C&P 1949 Box 30
0320.0034 Plan D32/2 28ft Fishing Launch for Mr Novis. Same lines as .0035 Box 31 Merge?
0320.0035 Plan D32/2 28ft Fishing Launch for Mr Ellis. Same lines as 0034 different deck layout etc. Box 31
0320.0036 Plan 34ft Time Class Centerboard Sloop by Freeman check designer
0320.0037 Plan 33ft Ketch by Freeman
0320.0038 Plan D043 18ft Sloop Job No 120.
0320.0039 Plan D046 & D047 Kingfisher, Most Excellent, 41ft Torbay Crabber – Design No 46/47 2 built 1953 as Kingfisher & Most Excellent 1 sheet only poor Dyeline GA + A P’s Notes GH 2020 1953
0320.0040 Plan D062 Mark Twain Bolthead Lady Ann Lyn 36ft Trawler D62 Job Nos 136,153,154 Ann Lyn for G H Hook 1961 S&BB Bolt Head Lady for K J Richards 1961 S&BB 1957
0320.0041 Plan D062/2 36ft Fishing Boat for WOl Warne Merge with 0040 GH
0320.0042 Plan 36ft Sports Fisher
0320.0043 Plan D060 Canores 40ft Power Ketch D60 Job No 126. built as Canores ON 18563 by C&P 1952 1952
0320.0044 Plan D064 20ft Cabin Sloop D64 Job no 145. For Herbert Pratt to sell (Agent for Chesford’s ) 1958
0320.0045 Plan D063 Shiralee Gloria Rose 34ft Fishing Boat D63 Job No 133 &134 Shiralee & Gloria Rose. 1957
0320.0046 Plan D067 34ft Boarding Launch D67. 1958
0320.0047 Plan D066 Rinabe Rinabe Barryma 40ft Twin Screw Cruiser D66 Job No 147 RINABE Calcs in file Built 1959 by C&P as RINABE ON 300583 LYR 63 for R J Richardson 20TM 40x12x4.1 also Barryma Not Registered. 1959
0320.0048 Plan D069 Astarte Astarte 30ft Cutter Job No 155 Astarte owner D P K Gaunt Built 1960 ON 300387 LYR 63 1959
0320.0049 Plan D070 June Lipet 38ft Fishing Boat Job No 151. June Lipet for J Owen S&BB 1960 1959
0320.0050 Plan D072 52ft Power Ketch
0320.0051 Plan D068 Cyclades Cyclades 40ft Motor Sailer 1958 CYCLADES owner J A Gunn GH GH 40ft TS Ketch built as CYCLADES ON 304213 by C&P 1959 40.2×12.1×4.8. LYR 66 1959
0320.0052 Plan D075 34ft Shark Boat Job No 157. owner P Case AMP Notebook
0320.0053 Plan D079 16ft Sail Boat for Chesford Yacht Co Job No 174 1952
0320.0054 Plan D080 Sea Sonnet Sea Sonnet 40ft Sloop Centre cockpit SEA SONNET for T Sylvie Job No 170. Built as ON 302460 by C&P 1961 LYR 63 According to current (2017) owner of Llandoger Trow,original specification calls up design/plan 080. 1961
0320.0055 Plan D078 23ft Motor Cruiser for Chesford Yacht Co D78 Job No 167. 1960
0320.0056 Plan D081 20ft Shoal Draft sloop for Chesford Yacht Co D081 Job No 169/171.
0320.0057 Plan D081 20ft Launch for Chesford Yacht Co D081 Job No 157.
0320.0058 Plan D082 24ft Sloop for M Marshall 1960
0320.0059 Plan D084 55ft 40 ton Motor Yacht D84.for H M Prettyjohn 1960, may not have been built GH
0320.0060 Plan D085 18ft Tender & Rescue launch D85. 1961
0320.0061 Plan D086 42.5ft Twin Screw Motor cruiser for F L Douglas D 86 Job No 182. 1961 1961
0320.0062 Plan D087 27ft Cruiser D87 Job No 183.for Chesford Yacht Co 1961 1961
0320.0063 Plan D089 Llandoger Trow 40ft Sloop aft cockpit D89 Job No 184 Llandoger Trow ON 302473 built C&P 1962 Sail Plan modified 22/5/81 1962
0320.0064 Plan D083 Errona 40ft T S Motor Sailer D83 Job Nos 180 & 240. Errona ON 301424 built C&P 1960 LYR 63 ,S&BB 1961 1960
0320.0065 Plan D090 Cutteeva 40ft T S Cruiser D90 Job No 182. Believed to have been built as Cutteeva ON 303261 by C&P 1961 be 1961
0320.0066 Plan D088 63ft 57 ton Motor yacht 1961 May not have been built
0320.0067 Plan D092 Kathrina Kathrina 26ft Sloop for Dr Alexander 1961 May be Kathrina 303369 a Chesford Crusader OD LYR 1963 GH 1961
0320.0068 Plan D094 45ft Motor Yacht
0320.0069 Plan D094B 50ft Motor Yacht
0320.0070 Plan D096 45ft T S Cruiser D96 Job No 189.
0320.0071 Plan D095 Little Puffin 17ft Cabin Launch D 95. Believed to be Little Puffin for Mr Adams
0320.0072 Plan D097 20ft Motor Cruiser 3 built for Chesford’s 1962
0320.0073 Plan D098 Moren Moren 18ft Sailboat (CB) Moren Alan’s own` Merge with plans from Nina Pape GH
0320.0074 Plan D099 33ft Power Sloop
0320.0075 Plan D100 Xanadu 50ft 33ton Motor Yacht Job No 198. probably Xanadu ON 305297 TS built C&P 1963 1963
0320.0076 Plan D101 23ft Design variants ** Merge GH 18 built for Chesford’s
0320.0077 Plan D044 50ft Trawler Job No 119.
0320.0078 Plan D102 16ft Launches (9) for War Office Job No 201.
0320.0079 Plan D103 Pacific Moon Pacific Quest 42ft Schooner for H W Pratt Job No 209. + 103B GH calcs in file 10 Sheets listed inc duplicates Sail plan, GA , GA & Elevation ,Elevatiom, Mods for Branson. Possibly also Kefanores ON 303402 built C&P 1962 1962
0320.0080 Plan D104 35ft Cruiser
0320.0081 Plan D105 Marisha 36ft Sloop for L Baker + 1 roll Built by C&P for Leonard Baker ON 306565 1964 Taken to Australia 1964
0320.0082 Plan D106 Gareloch 32ft Motor Ketch for W M Oddie Job No 221 built as Gareloch On 304809 C&P 1964 . Note 6 sheets to D106 Cat Add 2 sheets from tbc Confirm Sub Fond Number 1964
0320.0083 Plan D107 20ft Sail & Motor boat
0320.0084 Plan D108 Boscastle Lass 22ft Fishing Launches for W R Cotton Boscastle Lass plus two others
0320.0085 Plan D111 Girl Alison 45ft Trawler for R J Ould Job No 229. 1964
0320.0086 Plan D112 Bountiful Bertie 41ft Motor Sailer for J Fenwick built by Toms C and Sons as Bountiful Bertie ON 333662 at Polruan 1966 1966
0320.0087 Plan D115 31ft 10 ton Motor Sailer
0320.0088 Plan D116 Palinode tbc or Brianna 40ft Power ketch Possibly Palinode TS Ketch built C&P 1962 ON 303269 or Brianna built C&P 1962 ON 303038 1962
0320.0089 Plan D117 28ft Trawler Job No 247.
0320.0090 Plan D118 Lady Elmslie 33ft Chine Sloop built by C&P as ON 335204 Lady Elmslie 1967
0320.0091 Plan D119 Sea Leopard 45ft Power Ketch for R J B Stewart built as J no 251 Sea Leopard by C&P 12/07/67 ON 309463 + 1 roll .NYC 1967
0320.0092 Plan D121 20ft CB or Bilge Keel Yawl tbc
0320.0093 Plan D123 45ft Motor Yacht for Bartholomew J
0320.0094 Plan D124 72ft Power Ketch for Fay Prelim plan Cat
0320.0095 Plan D125 Robert Barge 46ft Trawler Job No 267 for Barge & Lamble. Later in 2000 converted to yacht
0320.0096 Plan D126 Ma Cherie 36ft Fishing Boat Job No 266 for Butters L
0320.0097 Plan D127 Lisa Marie 30ft Crabber Job No 275 for Ould R J
0320.0098 Plan D128 24ft Launch
0320.0099 Plan D130 26ft Yawl for Chesford,s
0320.0100 Plan D131 30ft, RORC 18ft Rating Sloop 5 mixed sheets Cat Box 88 + 1 roll NYC in Trans box 1 from Nina Pape . Calcs in file
0320.0101 Plan D132 37ft Fishing Boat Job No 280 for Hocking W H
0320.0102 Plan D133 Freedom of Ling 40ft Power Sloop Freedom of Ling ON 304803 built C&P 26/06/63 for W R Boyle with 2x Ruston 47hp LYR 1966 also S&BB 1964 Freedom of Ling became Sherma by 1975. GH 1963
0320.0103 Plan D134 27.5ft Sloop for Marshall M C
0320.0104 Plan D135 27.5ft Sloop for Marshall M C Merge tbc
0320.0105 Plan D138 36ft Sports Fisherman for Gates J C
0320.0106 Plan D139 33ton T S Motor Yacht
0320.0107 Plan D140 31ft Ketch for Green R G job No 297.
0320.0108 Plan D141 22ft Shark class Fishing Launch
0320.0109 Plan D142 37ft Stern trawler Job No 298 for Smallbone P S
0320.0110 Plan D143 Maresol 48ft Motor Yacht Job No 301 believed to be Maresol ON 357850 built C&P 1971 19 sheets Cat GH Also Job No 307 GRP for Aquarius yachts to D143/FG2 built 1975 1971
0320.0112 Plan D144 36ft Fishing Boat for Burton K & Job No
0320.0113 Plan D145 40ft Sports Fisherman
0320.0114 Plan D147 60ft Motor Yacht for Aquarius Yachts ltd
0320.0115 Plan D152 Trans Box 6 GH 9/7/2019 31.75ft Shark Boat for Porter + other FV’s from
0320.0116 Plan D154 36ft Looe Lugger Yacht 5 sheets Cat box 104
0320.0117 Plan D156 Cuttyhunk 42 Blanquilla Kahula Manequin 1972
0320.0118 Plan D157 Easter Joy 40ft T S Motor Yacht Dwg Date 21/12/1971 Mateus Rose II C&P 1973 and Easter Joy built to this plan Source Owners query & AP’s notes.GH 1971
0320.0119 Plan D157 40ft Stern Trawler Merge ?? GH
0320.0120 Plan D160 Espinet Espinet 22ft Sloop Espinet for Bishop R G built C&P 24/07/72 Lines plan date 01/11/1972 Job No 312 Source AP’s Notes 3 sheets from Transit Box 1 check box 108 for further sheet 1974
0320.0121 Plan D073 Elestren Elestren 30ft Motor Cruiser D 73 ELESTREN built 1961 For A Pape ON 300590 LYR 63 Dwg 19/11/1959 30.5/27.5/9.7/2.7 1961
0320.0122 Plan D159 26ft Cruise D74 Job No 159.
0320.0123 Plan D163 25ft Fishing launch for Showell D G D 163. Dwg date 29/11/1971
0320.0124 Plan D164 13ft Rowing Boat -Launch D 164. dwg date Lines 02/12/1971 1971
0320.0125 Plan D168 Chateauneuf 31ft IOR Sloop Chateauneuf K 3198 for Alan Pape merge with 2 rolls GH. 4 original sheets returned to Caroline 31/03/2012 GH 4 sheets Cat to Box 112 1974
0320.0126 Plan D171 18M Cruising Ketch for Mr W Burton + full set NYC only prelim plan Cat
0320.0127 Plan D172 Saga 40 Saltram Saga 40ft Aux Cutter Saga inc alloy const + roll Full set could be 17 sheets Note steel Saga 45 Ketch built Morvoran Seacraft 1995/98 for sale GH Also suplied by Conyer Marine, hulls by Life- Line moulding 1979 Roll in transit box 3 NYC tbc 1977
0320.0128 Plan D176 Saga 34 Barabal 34ft Aux Cutter Saga Class for Dr Ginsberg + roll Not C&P built undated tbc Barabal 1974 listed by AP as first Saga 34 built by John Sear & Charles Ward ON 361314 for German owners Cat in box 114 1974
0320.0129 Plan D180 24ft Fishing Launch for Dingle J + 1 roll no date
0320.0130 Plan D182 50ft Cruising Ketch for Mr Byfield H W
0320.0131 Plan D189 34ft 3/4 ton I O R Sloop D 189.
0320.0132 Plan D190 40ft trawler Yacht for Bowen D D190.
0320.0133 Plan D193 37ft 11.3 M Stern trawler for Smallbone P S D 193.
0320.0134 Plan D195 26ft Sloop for Chesford Marine D195.
0320.0135 Plan D196 26ft 8M Launch for Chesford Marine D196.
0320.0136 Plan D197 45ft 13.7M Chine Steel Cruising Ketch 25 sheets in all Cat Basic Plan 13 Sheets. Roll 2 -2 Cutter with Long Coachroof R Cruising yacht & B. This design is reported to have been used for building 45 yachts world wide the first Thames built A P’s Notes. No Class name appears to have been attached to this 1975 design
0320.0137 Plan D198 41.5ft Cruising Ketch for Wood K D198.
0320.0138 Plan D199 Saga 50 50ft Saga Class Cruising yacht D199. 2 sheets only Cat Box 122 to be checked 1975
0320.0139 Plan 25ft Power ketch
0320.0140 Plan 25ft Motor Sailer
0320.0141 Plan D200 35ft ketch for Fear H C D200.
0320.0142 Plan D203 19ft Ketch for Bamber M D + 1 roll from
0320.0143 Plan D205 45ft 13.71m Passenger launch for Bewley R D205.
0320.0145 Plan D206 36ft 11m Shark Fishing Boat D206.
0320.0146 Plan D207 Morvoren 35ft IOR Sloop Morvoren Alan Pape’s own boat box 126 + 4 rolls from Nina Pape 17/02/2012 checked 18/02/2012 GH. For sale in Ireland 2020 |GH 1990
0320.0147 Plan D208 37ft Power Ketch for Griffin D J D208 Hull built by Lee A
0320.0148 Plan D209 39ft Stern Trawler for Soady M D209. Check D No looks odd GH
0320.0149 Plan D209 45ft 13.7m Cruising Ketch for Hill J D209. Merge GH
0320.0150 Plan D209 44ft Cruising Ketch for Stead W K + 1 roll . Box 128
0320.0151 Plan D211 48ft Red Sea Fishing Cruiser D211. Prelim only 1 shet cat
0320.0152 Plan D212 24ft IOR Sloop D212. Prelim only 2 sheets Cat
0320.0153 Plan D213 32ft 10m Motor Yacht D213. Prelim 3 sheets Cat
0320.0154 Plan D214A 40ft Ketch for Thomas C D214A Prelim only 1 sheet Cat
0320.0155 Plan D214B 38ft 11.5m Ketch D214B Prelim plan 2 sheets Cat
0320.0156 Plan D215 32ft 9.8m Cruising Ketch D215. Prelim only 3×1 sheets Cat
0320.0157 Plan D218 43ft Motor Yacht for Dorrien Smith of Tresco D218. Prelim 2 Sheets not built not found
0320.0158 Plan D223 59ft 18m T S Motor Yacht for Ginster G A D223.
0320.0159 Plan D224 Packet 1979 39ft 11.8m Chine Steel Cruising Yacht Basic version + B , C & D in separate rolls. Previously Cat Sheets 1,6,12, 13 in box 135 to be added to D224 rolls . No indication of Names or dates of craft built to these plans found to date GH Believed to have been built by CMC near Oxford as Packet Class designed 1979 AP notes 38 sheets Cat 1982
0320.0160 Plan D229 28ft 8.5m Whaler + roll
0320.0161 Plan D232 32ft 9.6m Steel Motor Yacht D232. 1 sheet Lines plan only Cat
0320.0162 Plan 33ft Brittany Class Sloop for Royston Goss Job No 310. Laurent Giles design not C& P
0320.0163 Plan D246 22ft Cold Moulded CB Sloop for Clliff Adams 5 sheets Cat 09/10/2020 GH
0320.0164 Plan 26ft 8m Bluewater Day Boat Lynch design
0320.0165 Plan Wanderer Class Sloop by Laurent Giles
0320.0166 Plan D220 Ebbtide 33 1978 Ebbtide 33 33ft basic Ebbtide Steel Cutter Chine & Round Bilge 4 versions , Round Bilge, Chine, B Chine long Coachroof C Round Bilge long Coachroof. Cat 2 sheets only Study plan line dwg & Dyeline GA 220A from Ocean Craft Wadebridge. Complete D220 Drawing Schedule listing for all versions on CD. More than 100 EBBTIDES built by many small yards None built by C&P 1978
0320.0168 Plan D217 Cuttyhunk 45 Copihue 45ft Cuttyhunk Class TBC May include Copihue built Williams
0320.0169 Plan D176 177 D176/7 plans from Nina Pape 17/02/2012 Listed but NYC 05/2020 GH
0320.0170 Plan D183 57ft Packet Class Not found Not Cat tbc GH 05/2020 Check Packet 50
0320.0171 Plan D146 Trans Box 6 GH 9/7/2019 18ft Flash Boat for Looe Rowing Club 1971
0320.0172 Plan D204 54ft wooden Ketch for C A C Ribeiro from
0320.0173 Plan D216 Saga 30 30ft 6in Saga foam sandwich construction 14 Sheets Cat various versions all undated .Acetate prints
0320.0174 Plan D221 Petrel Alice 30ft /32ft steel sloop Petrel designed for Ken Woods Moorswater Not yet found not Cat GH 05/2020 Note Alice built 1992 for sale on E bay 1978
0320.0175 Plan D226 9.15M Aux steel chine cutter Gaff & Bermuda Versions Undated 9 sheets Cat
0320.0176 Plan D228 Ebbtide 36 11M Ebbtide 36 ft Chine Steel Cutter. Drawing schedule for this craft held as a spreadsheet on CD. 15 sheets Cat D228 list of Sheets 1,2,3,6,7,8,9,10,19,20,21 covering basic design For Round Bilge Design 36 footer see D249 5 sheets inc Study Plan
0320.0177 Plan D231 10.5M counter stern Cutter tbc
0320.0178 Plan D236 Ebbtide 42 42ft 12.9M Ebbtide 42 steel Cutter Chine & Round Bilge Plans for versions D 236,B,C,D & E Comprehensive set 5 rolls Listed 04/1/2018 GD 43 Sheets Cat 16/11/2020
0320.0179 Plan D239 Saga 36 Later Saltram 36 36ft Saltram class cutter Saga D/E 11 Sheets Cat. Hull of first boat foam sandwich construction was used to produce the plug for the mould for subsequent craft. Before becoming Grace Vertue. GH sourch D Walker.
0320.0180 Plan D240 10.66M shoal draft Steel Cutter 12 Sheets Cat
0320.0181 Plan D241 1983 11M steel cutter D/E for Mr Carter Cat 8/10/2020 GH 11 sheets Cat
0320.0182 Plan D242 Ebbtide 39 39ft 11.9M Ebbtide 39 steel Cutter Chine & Round Bilge versions . 4 rolls from Nina Pape 17/02/2012 checked 18/02/2012 GH .Spreadsheet of Drawing Schedule held on CD. Used to create List of Sheet nos for both versions rolls to be examined.NYC
0320.0184 Plan D247 11M shoal draft cruising yacht for Dr D S Lang 7 sheets Cat 05/2020 GH from Nina Pape 17/02/2012 checked 18/02/2012 GH
0320.0185 Plan D249 Ebbtide 36 11M Ebbtide 36 Steel Round bilge Cutter 1 roll from Nina Pape 17/02/2012 Cat sheets 1- 9 + Sheet 18 Sections through Accommodation . Drawing schedule held on CD
0320.0186 Plan D251 D 251 plans from Nina Pape 17/02/2012 Not found not Cat 05/2020 GH
0320.0187 Plan D252 33ft wooden gaff Cutter for Mr Williams from Nina Pape 17/02/2012 checked 18/02/2012 GH
0320.0188 Plan D253 16.4M steel chine cutter for Mr R Liddle from Nina Pape 17/02/2012 checked 18/02/2012 GH Listed but NYC 05.2020 GH
0320.0189 Plan D254 13.7M steel sloop from Nina Pape 17/02/2012 Study Plan 13.7 Metres Steel Sloop plus second small sheet giving proposed cockpit layout 1/25. Paper sheet with rough design notes Dimensions in ft LOA 45 LWL 36 Beam14 Draft 7.55. GH 3 sheets Cat
0320.0190 Plan D255 17m Steel Cutter plans from Nina Pape 17/02/2012 Cat GH Full set 17 Sheets for Mr & Mrs P Bartlett 17 Sheets in 2 Rolls GH includes D 225 as Roll 2
0320.0191 Plan D256 Silvery Light Lugger ? from Nina Pape 17/02/2012 checked 18/02/2012 GH. Listed but NYC 05/2020 GH Restoration & Conversion
0320.0192 Plan D258 6 M Class 6M Class Keelboat from Nina Pape 17/02/2012 One sheet only As A Study Plan .. Dimensions Ft LOA 19.7 DWL16.4 Beam 6.6 Draft 3. Sail area 205.8 Sq ft Construction GRP Undated List of handwritten queries with the single sheet
0320.0193 Plan D259 11.8M D 259 plans from Nina Pape 17/02/2012 2 Sheets found 224/259 S 1 Study plan 11.8M Steel Cutter Yacht Round Bilge and S 3R May comprise of combination of Plans 224 Straight Numbers + 224 B &D sheets + 259 R Numbers to produce Stemhead Gaff version, Research in hand GH Listed but NYC 05/2020 GH
0320.0194 Plan D260 Tyrian 13.7M steel cruising Ketch for Mr P Flutter Built J Thomas Morvoren 1985/88 from Nina Pape 17/02/2012 checked 18/02/2012 GH
0320.0195 Plan D261 1986 Radius chine shoal draft Cutter for Mr E Hammond from Nina Pape 17/02/2012 5 sheets Cat including non radius chine version Cat GH
0320.0196 Plan D262 Two Cygnets 33ft Sports Fisherman Two Cygnets for Mr B Porter from Nina Pape 17/02/2012 checked 18/02/2012 GH. Listed but NYC 05/2020 GH
0320.0197 Plan D263 Tamar Fast Fisher Listed but NYC 05/2020 GH
0320.0198 Plan D264 14.3M steel cruising Cutter for Mr P Chuble from Nina Pape 17/02/2012 checked 18/02/2012 GH. Study Plan only found GH
0320.0199 Plan D265 Ryder Lifeboat Ryder from Nina Pape 17/02/2012 checked 18/02/2012 GH. Listed but NYC 05/2020 GH
0320.0200 Plan D266 20ft 6in Dory from Nina Pape 17/02/2012 checked 18/02/2012 GH Listed but NYC 05/2020
0320.0201 Plan D267 1998 52ft steel cruising yacht for E Hammond from Nina Pape 17/02/2012 Lines plan and Offsets based on concept by Eric Hammond 2 sheets only see also D261 Cat Gh
0320.0202 Plan D210 56ft wooden Schooner for Mr Woods from Nina Pape 17/02/2012
0320.0203 Plan D177 & 178 43ft Packet class ketch & 48ft Packet Class for Mr Wadsworth Not yet found 05/2020 GH Note Steel Packet 50 built bt Seymore Millbrook for sale 2020
0320.0204 Plan D191 50ft Steel Cutter rigged Ketch Packet class for Mr J French One adervertised for sale 2020 built UK 1993
0320.0205 Plan D109 32ft 6in C B Sloop plus design for tender
0320.0206 Plan D222 32ft Shoal draft Ketch for Kernow Yachts
0320.0207 Plan D201 45ft Schooner for J Bergendahl
0320.0208 Plan D149 Trans Box 6 GH 9/7/2019 31ft Crabber for Port Isaac calcs in file
0320.0210 Plan D271 18.3M steel Ketch for Mr Roach Listed but NYC 05/2020 GH
0320.0209 Plan D243 1983 32ft 6in steel chine Ketch l D/E from Nina Pape 17/02/2012 checked 18/02/2012 GH
0320.0211 Plan D202 Saga 36 36ft Saga Class GRP aux Cutter 6 sheets inc lines Cat for Hanseatic Yachts also Saltram Saga from Nina Pape 17/02/2012 checked 9/7/2019 GH to library 9/7/19 GH
0320.0212 Plan D269 11.95M fin keel steel or alloy from Nina Pape 17/02/2012 checked 18/02/2012 GH 5 sheets cat
0320.0213 Plan D155 Drakes Drum 50ft aux cruising Schooner Drakes Drum for Mr G K Lewis
0320.0214 Plan D272 12M motor sailer from Nina Pape 17/02/2012 checked 18/02/2012 GH Cat GH 9/10/2020 3 sheets inc Study plan Cat
0320.0215 Plan D165 Cuttyhunk 54 Galilivanter III 54ft Ketch Cuttyhunk class 2 0rdered from Shed 55 became J Shears. Believed to be Gallivanter III built J Shears 1972 Lloyds A1. No sheets listed NYC tbc 1972
0320.0216 Plan D167 Cuttyhunk 41 Blythe Spirit Tymil Anja Bounty Hougva Blanquilla Chika 41ft Ketch Cuttyhunk Class, aft cabin 13 ordered by Shears First was Blythe Spirit 1973. 21 sheets covering both wooden and GRP version. For J Shears Full set 21 Sheets Cat 1973
0320.0217 Plan D150 Cuttyhunk 38 Cador of Cornwall 38ft aux wooden Cuttyhunk Ketch Full set 2 variants Grown Wood Const & Wood Const Mr Harris & Mr R D Lamb Possibly built as Cador of Cornwall ON 342550 for Harries in GRP by Shed 55 1972 14 sheets Cat 1971
0320.0218 Plan D238 Cuttyhunk 54 54ft Cuttyhunk class wooden Ketch f
0320.0219 Plan D227 40ft Cruising Ketch wooden for A J Johnston Not found Not Cat tbc GH 05/2020
0320.0220 Plan D170 50ft cruising Cutter Packet Class Ketch Wood construction Mahogany strip on 0ak steam bent frames 37.5 TM 50.4/38.9/14.4x/6.3 Three Packet Class yachts were built for J D Radford , Turnbull – Wheatley and C Nancarrow The first, by C&P Summerwind 1972 for J D Radford J318 Basic Plan D170 for Radford, Plan D170 – 2 Differences for Turnbull – Wheatley. Plan D170 – 3 for Bautista.
0320.0221 Plan D185 Sail Plan only by Alan Pape on a hull designed by John I Perry . Cape Horn Class Ketch for W Lingeman Design to be considered as Parts GH 09/10/2020
0320.0222 Plan D237 38ft steel D/E
0320.0223 Plan D174 Lugger (unfinished) from Nina Pape 17/02/2012 checked 18/02/2012 GH. NYC 05/2020 GH
0320.0224 Plan D234 11 – 12 M Motor cruiser wood for YTS? Plan No tbc Listed but NYC 05/2020 GH
0320.0225 Plan D270 Looe Lugger 40ft Looe Luggers from Nina Pape 17/02/2012 checked 18/02/2012 GH Listed but NYC 05/2020 GH Steel hull see Eleanor B built Bristol 2002 GH
0320.0226 Plan D030 18ft 4 Oared Rowing boat from Nina Pape 17/02/2012 checked 19/02/2012 GH One built by R Burt GH
0320.0227 Plan D114 18ft Rowing boat for Looe Rowing Club Lines Job No 234 1965
0320.0228 Plan D234 18ft 4 Oared Racing Gig Lines Plan only Cat
0320.0229 Plan D273 Wave Dancer Power Boat Wave Dancer for S Adams from Nina Pape 17/02/2012 checked 18/02/2012 GH Listed but NYC 05/2020 3 sheets Cat
0320.0230 Plan D091 & 101 18 – 23ft Chesford sloop 1 plan two scales calcs in file
0320.0231 Plan D244 12M steel chine Cutter fin & skeg. Not Found Not Cat 05/2020 GH From Nina Pape 17/02/2012 checked 18/02/2012 GH
0320.0232 Plan D250 Ebbtide 36 36.8 ft 11.23M, Steel, Radius Chine Cutter Ebbtide 36 . From Nina Pape 17/02/2012 checked 18/02/2012 GH Roll Red Label 0232 D250 Plan list 1,2,3,4,7,8,17,18,19,20,21. Radius Chine version
0320.0233 Plan No Number 18ft 4 Oared Rowing Boat drawn by AMP 14/10/1949 1949
0320.0234 Plan D137 43ft Schooner for Mr Pitock
0320.0235 Plan D194 Saga 45 45ft Saga foam sandwich construction Contains Prelim plan only Sheet 1 Preliminary Plan 45ft Saga
0320.0236 Plan D049 Morgi 31 ft 6M yacht Morgi 1954 A M P’s own boat . D 49 from notebook From Nina Pape return to Caroline 1954
0320.0237 Plan D225 Saga 47 47ft Saga Class Cruising Yacht foam sandwich const 4 sheets Cat 1973
0320.0238 Plan D257 28ft Cruiser Racer drawn by AMP from Nina Pape 17/02/2012 checked 27/02/2012 by GH 3 sheets only Study plan ,lines & Offsets Cat
0320.0239 Notebooks from Nina Pape
0320.0240 Calculations binder 1 Range D059 to D183 calculation sheets only, not all designs covered, from Nina Pape 17/02/2012
0320.0241 Calculations binder 2 Range D182 to D273 drawing lists, listings and calculation sheets , not all designs covered, from Nina Pape 17/02/2012
0320.0242 Calculations binder 3 Range D109 to D178 calculations, hull data and small plans, not all designs covered, from Nina Pape 17/02/2012
0320.0243 Calculations binder 4 Range D182 to D274 calculations ,hull data and small plans, not all designs covered from Nina Pape 17/02/2012

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