Curtis & Pape plans

The National Maritime Museum Cornwall holds an archive of plans from the Curtis and Pape boatbuilders. A summary of these is below. If you would like more information about any of these, then email us at

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ID Name Vessel Description Design Year
0320.0221 Cape Horn Class Ketch Sail Plan only by Alan Pape on a hull designed by John I Perry for W Lingeman
0320.0223 Lugger (unfinished)
0320.0177 10.5M counter stern Cutter
0320.0180 10.66M shoal draft Steel Cutter
0320.0032 108ft Fishing Trawler
0320.0224 11 – 12 M Motor cruiser Wood for YTS?
0320.0193 11.8M Steel Cutter Yacht Round Bilge
0320.0212 11.95M fin keel steel or alloy
0320.0185 11M Ebbtide 36 Steel Round bilge Cutter
0320.0176 11M Ebbtide 36 ft Chine Steel Cutter
0320.0184 11M shoal draft cruising yacht For Dr D S Lang
0320.0181 11M steel double ended cutter 1983 For Mr Carter
0320.0029 120ft Passenger Vessel
0320.0214 12M motor sailer
0320.0231 12M steel chine Cutter fin & skeg
0320.0194 13.7M steel cruising Ketch Tyrian For Mr P Flutter Built J Thomas Morvoren 1985/88
0320.0189 13.7M steel sloop
0320.0124 13ft Rowing Boat -Launch 1971
0320.0198 14.3M steel cruising Cutter For Mr P Chuble
0320.0188 16.4M steel chine cutter For Mr R Liddle
0320.0078 16ft Launches 9 built for War Office Job No 201.
0320.0053 16ft Sail Boat For Chesford Yacht Co Job No 174 1952
0320.0004 16ft Tom Tit of St Mawes Lines plans
0320.0071 17ft Cabin Launch Little Puffin Believed to be Little Puffin for Mr Adams
0320.0190 17m Steel Cutter
0320.0230 18 – 23ft Chesford sloop
0320.0210 18.3M steel Ketch For Mr Roach
0320.0233 18ft 4 Oared Rowing Boat Drawn by AMP 14/10/1949 1949
0320.0228 18ft 4 Oared Racing Gig
0320.0226 18ft 4 Oared Rowing boat
0320.0171 18ft Flash Boat For Looe Rowing Club 1971
0320.0227 18ft Rowing boat For Looe Rowing Club Lines Job No 234 1965
0320.0073 18ft Sailboat (CB) Moren Moren Moren Alan’s own
0320.0038 18ft Sloop Job No 120.
0320.0060 18ft Tender & Rescue launch 1961
0320.0126 18M Cruising Ketch For Mr W Burton + full set NYC only prelim plan Cat
0320.0142 19ft Ketch for Bamber M D + 1 roll from
0320.0200 20ft 6in Dory
0320.0044 20ft Cabin Sloop Job no 145. For Herbert Pratt to sell (Agent for Chesford’s ) 1958
0320.0092 20ft CB or Bilge Keel Yawl
0320.0057 20ft Launch For Chesford Yacht Co D081 Job No 157
0320.0072 20ft Motor Cruiser 3 built for Chesford’s 1962
0320.0083 20ft Sail & Motor boat
0320.0056 20ft Shoal Draft sloop For Chesford Yacht Co D081 Job No 169/171.
0320.0007 21ft Fast Cruiser Regnum II Regnum II
0320.0163 22ft Cold Moulded CB Sloop for Cliff Adams
0320.0084 22ft Fishing Launches Boscastle Lass For W R Cotton Boscastle Lass plus two others
0320.0108 22ft Shark class Fishing Launch
0320.0120 22ft Sloop Espinet Espinet For Bishop R G built C&P 24/07/72 Lines plan date 01/11/1972 Job No 312 Source AP’s Notes 1974
0320.0076 23ft Design variants 18 built for Chesford’s

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