Our work

Behind the scenes in the Bartlett, Volunteers are working away, managing the collection of over 18,000 books, answering queries from researchers and plugging data into databases. Occasionally, they produce articles on things they have found or call out (quietly, for it is a Library) 'Hey, listen to this ...'

We thought you would like to know more so here are some recent highlights:

19 October 2021

Clay me old china?

Ever since the discovery of China Clay at Tregoning Hill by the Rev Cookworthy, Cornwall has long been famous for producing very fine quality clay. Most […]
19 October 2021

Packet ships and slavery

We were asked today what role the Falmouth Packet Service played in slavery. At one level, the Packet Service was simply a government-run postal service collecting […]
19 October 2021

In search of Cockshot designs

‘Why does the Museum not feature the work of the National 12 designer, Ian Cockshot? we were asked this morning. A good question indeed. The National […]