The Ceuta papers

The papers relating to the defences of Ceuta and the siege of Cadiz in 1810

19 April 2022

Lines of enquiry

The Ceuta papers contain a large number of hints about our author and his role both in Ceuta and Cadiz. Although we think we may be […]
21 March 2022

Background notes – Ceuta

The threat from a joint enemyNapoleon and his French armies dominated Europe. Then, in 1807, France and Spain jointly attacked Portugal, Britain’s ally. The threat increased […]
15 March 2022

Background notes – Cadiz

At the beginning of 1810, events in Spain were unravelling at an alarming pace. The advance of the French troops in was directed at Cadiz which […]
23 February 2022

Historical background

The Cadiz journal appears to have been written in February/March 1810. The author says he had arrived in Cadiz from North Africa and we can therefore […]
21 February 2022

Lt Eveleigh

There were two John Eveleighs who served in the RN.  John Eveleigh (1) Lieutenant – September 23rd, 1795. Commander – March 29th, 1810. Post Captain – […]
21 February 2022

The Cadiz journal

The third document has quite a different format to the other two. It begins with the author’s arrival in Cadiz, where he logs the events and […]
21 February 2022

The Ceuta report

The Ceuta report comprises two documents which are quite clearly continuous. They appear to be something of a report on the defences of Ceuta and of […]
21 February 2022

The Ceuta papers

This series of articles is rather different from our others. We need your help with a little mystery. We have some papers from around 1810 which […]