Lt Eveleigh

There were two John Eveleighs who served in the RN. 

John Eveleigh (1)

  • Lieutenant – September 23rd, 1795.
  • Commander – March 29th, 1810.
  • Post Captain – August 11th, 1812
  • Killed – January 23rd, 1814, while in command of Astrea, in action with the French frigate L’Etoile. 

John Eveleigh (2)

  • Midshipman – pre March 1806.
  • Lieutenant – May 16th, 1809.
  • Commander – March 4th, 1819
  • Died – July 28th, 1835 

Our Lieut. Eveleigh being the second of these officers; from some random reports. –  

1806 His Majesty’s ship Pique, off Ocoa Bay[1]17th March, 1806.
SIR, I have the honour to inform you, that Lieutenant Ward, of His Majesty’s ship under my command, in the gig, assisted by Mr. Eveleigh (Midshipman) in the yawl, most gallantly boarded and succeeded in capturing, after a very smart resistance (and without loss on our side,) the Spanish armed schooner Santa Clara, of one nine-pounder, and 28 men, completely equipped for war.I have the honour to be, &c.,       C. B. H. Ross.
To James Richard Dacres, Esq., Vice-Admiral of the White, Commander in Chief.

Oracle and the Daily Advertiser [London], June 16th, 1806

La Pique, frigate, Captain Cumberland, had been sent out to the West Indies in July 1803, as convoy for 17 ships from Cork. In the West Indies she came under Vice-Admiral Dacres. Here in 1805, Captain Cumberland was succeeded by Captain Ross, who was in command at the time of the above capture. La Pique, Ross, returned to England in the summer of 1807, in company with the Anson, 44, having under their convoy 150 sail of ships from Jamaica. Presumably Eveleigh was still a Midshipman in her. Captain Usher, late of the Redwing, took command in August, 1808. 

[Need to check Navy Lists for this period, for La Pique, and Antelope.

[HMS Pique, was the French ship Pallas, a 36-gun fifth rate, captured in 1800. Taken into the Royal Navy under the name Aeolus, but in 1801 was re-named Pique. She served in the Egyptian campaign March-September 1801. Was broken up in 1819.]  

1810 HARWICH, Jan. 6. – The Auckland Post Office packet, Captain BRIDGE, and the Lark, Captain NAYLOR, sailed this morning; the former with mail and dispatches for Gottenburg, and the latter with the Heligoland mail. The Centinel gun-brig, Lieut. Davies, sailed yesterday for Sheerness, with a sub-division of gun-boats, lately arrived here from Flushing, viz. No. 35, Lieut. EVELEIGH; 41, – – parker; 44, Mr. BELLAN’s, midshipman; 52, Mr. LLOYD, ditto; 53, Lieut. MASTERS. – No packet has arrived from Heligoland, although one is daily expected.

Pilot  [London], Tuesday, January 9th, 1810

Having presumably been part of the ill-fated Walcheren expedition. Eveleigh, assuming him to be one and the same, must have joined the Antelope almost immediately after his return to England.  

Arrived the Antelope, 50, Capt. MCLEOD, with dispatches from Cadiz. She brings intelligence of the loss of four of the Spanish fleet, which were driven on shore in the late gale of wind on that part of the Spanish coast in possession of the French, and were destroyed by them. Three of them 74’s; the other was of 120 guns, The want of anchors and cables was the principal cause of the accident. Dispatches from Admiral PURVIS at Cadiz were received at the Admiralty last night [28th]. They were brought up by Lieut. EVELIEGH, of the Antelope, in which ship they were sent over. They relate to the destruction by the storms, the details of which we have given. Mr. HENRY WELLESLEY landed at Cadiz from the Antelope on the 2nd of March, and was received with appropriate honours as Ambassador from HIS BRITANIC MAJESTY. He was immediately visited by the Duke of ALBERQUERQUE, Commander in Chief; the Governor, General VENCGAS; and other Members of the Government.

The Pilot, Thursday, March 29th, 1810

1811. – NAVAL APPOINTMENTS. – (amongst others) Capt. John Eveleigh is appointed to command the Jasper sloop, in the room of Capt. Hunloke, deceased.

Sun (London), December 12th, 1811

1812 NAVAL APPOINTMENTS. – (amongst others) Lieut. John Eveleigh to the Chatham, at Woolwich. ~ London Evening Courier, March 17th, 1812. 1819. – Portsmouth, Saturday, March 13. -Lieut. Thomas Lipson, of the Lapwing revenue cruiser, on the Plymouth station, and Lieut. John Eveleigh, of the Whitworth Revenue Cutter[2] (on the Irish station), are promoted to the rank of Commander.

Hampshire Chronicle, March 15th, 1819. 1830

Appointments. – (amongst many others) Commander John Eveleigh (1819) to the Coast Guard Gravesend.  ~ .

Morning Advertiser, April 20th, 1830. 1835

Naval Appointments, Promotions, &c. – (amongst many others) Commander John Eveleigh, and Lieutenant Arthur Welch (late chief officer in the Coast Guard), have been appointed Magistrates at Jamaica. ~

Caledonian Mercury, January 17th, 1835. 1836

Commanders …. John Eveleigh (1819). ~ . 

West Kent Guardian, January 9th, 1836

STIPENDIARY MAGISTRATES. – The Kingston Chronicle has published a list of stipendiary magistrates who have died or resigned since their arrival in Jamaica to the 17th of Feb., viz., Deaths – (one of 18), Captain John Eveleigh, R.N.

Globe, April 1st, 1836

1844 DEATHS.
On board the Hibernia, Mr. John Eveleigh, son of the last Captain Eveleigh, R.N.              

St. James’s Chronicle, March 16th, 1844

Cornwall and Others

1797: In consequence of an application from the Mayor of Bristol to Government, Cpl. Eveleigh, surveyor of Engineers, is now taking a survey of the English coast bounding the Bristol Channel, in order to place Signal Towers on the most commanding eminences, and to fortify the more vulnerable posts.

Oxford Journal, Saturday, December 2nd, 1797

1799. –Monday last was married Capt. Eveleigh, of the Royal Artillery, son of Col. Eveleigh, Commanding Engineer at Portsmouth, to Miss Carter, daughter of Sir J. Carter, of the same place.

Salisbury & Winchester Journal, Monday, April 29th, 1799

1804 Commissions in the Royal Cornwall Militia, signed by the Lord Lieutenant.

Lieutenant Nicholas Trevanion Eveliegh to be Captain, vice Langford, resigned. Dated May 5, 1804. Ensign George Williams to be Lieutenant, vice Eveleigh, promoted. Dated as above. George Jeffreyson, Gent. To be Ensign. Dated May 10, 1804.

Sun (London), May 16th, 1804. [& several others]

1806. – St. Austell, Nicholas Trevanion Eveleigh, of Plymouth Dock, Royal Cornwall Militia, married Josepha Hopwood, on February 11th, 1806. 1809. – St. Austell, Elford Sparke Eveleigh, Lanteglos, yeoman, married Alice Hopwood 1837. – Fowey, Elford Trevanion Eveleigh (1), of North Street, was buried on October 15th, 1837. 

1841 Census – Essex Evely, 20, Ironmonger.   

1841- . St. Austell, Nicholas Trevanion Eveleigh, son of Edwin Eveleigh & Mary Catharine Rogers, of Union House, porter, was baptised on October 27th, 1841. 

1846. – Commissions in the Duke of Cornwall’s Rangers – Lieut. C. G. P. Brune to be Captain, vice Eveleigh resigned;

Royal Cornwall Gazette, May 15th, 1846

1847 – Stock in Trade of Mr. Essex Everleigh, St. Blazey, for ‘Peremptory Sale of Ironmongery, Teas, Stationery, &c.’ – Royal Cornwall Gazette, April 23rd, 1847. 

1851 Census – Essex Eveleigh, (32), Iron monger, and his wife Mary Ann, (25), were in the household of his father in law James Stick, in Gore Farm House [?], Lamorran. 1874. – Millbrook, Nicholas Trevanion Eveleigh, son of Nicholas Trevanion Eveleigh & Mary Anne, (Ship’s Steward, H,M.S. Royal Adelaide) was baptised on January 11th, 1874.   


1804. – Portsmouth, Saturday, August 4. -Colonel Eveleigh, Commander of the Engineers at this Garrison, is promoted to be a Brigadier General. – Hampshire Telegraph, August 6th. 1804.     

1874. – Deaths – EVELEIGH – At Lymerstone, Brixton, Isle of Wight, Anne widow of the last Captain John Eveleigh, R.N., ager 89. Friends will kindly accept this intimation. ~ Hampshire Telegraph, January 28th, 1874. 

[1] Dominica[2]Whitworth, of 12 guns.