Heading for Barbados

Monday 1st July- Light Breezes of Wind mostly upon the North and the East points very hazey and at night a great Dew no Observation this Day at noon Madeira on sight bear:g N:E dist. 10 or 12 Leagues.

2nd July – Light Breezes and cloudy Weather trying every method by trimming the Sails to make the most of it. found this Day at Noon to be in Lattitude 31°: 01’ N and 19 º:39’ West Long:de – Madeira N 37: Et: 43 Leag:s dist:t.

3rd July Light and Mod: Breezes mostly from the N. East, fair but hazey weather. Lattit:de observed in this day- 29º:54 N Long: 20º :49’ W:t Madeira N 45.E 80 Leag:s dist:t.

Thurs 4th July – Still slight Breezes of Wind from the NE fair and cloudy Weather, great Dews at night. By Observation this Day in Lattit:de 28º :17 N and 22°: 22 W Long:de Madeira bearing N 43 E – dis:t 122 Leag:s.

5th July – The 1st part of these 24 hours, fine Breezes, middle moderate but latter part almost Calm. By Observation in Latt;de 27º: 03’ N – 24º:12’WtLong:de and 160 Leag:s S.W from Madeira. Got bleeded this morning.

6th The first Part Slight Winds almost calm, the middle moderate, latter part not so fresh, wind about N.E. employed my self about various Things but mostly writing – found the pain in my Breast much better from Bleeding, not cough’d so much to Day as some preceeding ones. Madeira by Reckoning this Day at noon bore N46º – E from us being dis:t 184 Leagues – Our Latt:de 26º:19’ N and Long:de 25º:08 W:t.

Sunday 7th July. Rather a hazey Day, moderate Breezes all day from the NEbN at ENE Lattitude in by Obs:n 25º : 21’N Long:de 26º : 44 W:t Madeira N 45º:E. 220 Leag:s– distant.

Got up this week past from six to 7 o’Clock. my breast not so well as yesterday, this morning some showers of small thick rain, though the Weather is warm do not find it the least troublesome not having altered my dress since left England. Several Flying Fish about us in the Morning, tho’ have not yet seen any, Mr Gaylard told me had seen them for two or three days past. This Evening a Week from Madeira and not more than Quarterour Distance from it to Barbadoes, owing to the Light Winds we have had, tho’ there is at present a fine Breeze which if continues will not make our passage down as long as I imagined, pray God it may continue. Fine Breezes all Night, two flying Fish flew on board in the Night of which you have here a Representation the best my Pencil was capable of giving.

Fine fresh Breezes all Day and Night this 8th Day of July, had 142 Miles upon the Logg Board, and by our Calculation at Noon was in Lattitude 24º:04’ N and West Long:de28º:55’, Madeira bearing of us N 49º:06: 265 Legues dist:t This Morning saw several of Flights of Flying Fish, rather squally Weather with some Showers of small thick Rain, got up this Day later than any since have been out almost 8 o’Clock how lazy – spent my Time as usual reading, writing and drawing.

Tuesday 9th fine fresh Breezes all Day and Night, upon an average 7 Knots an hour, the Wind from N E at E N E cloudy and hazey weather, two more flying Fish came on board in the night, employed myself writing, reading and working once more we are got on the other side of the Tropics. I did not care how soon we were got to the Northward of it again, let them who like these sultry Regions take them, they are heartily welcome to them for me, glad should I be never to more to cross this Line, but I fear it will be my Lot many more times to do it. by this Days Observation was in Latt: 23º: 37’ N and 31º :38’W:t Long:de Madeira N 57º 00’ E dist:t by Reck:g 322 Leag:s.

Wednesday 10th July, delightful Breezes a most heavenly Trade at N E b E going 7 and 8 knots an hour pleasant travelling if any person loved rocking, such rowling, I am sure by the Time we reach Barbadoes we shall be most excellent Balance Masters, for when the wind is directly fair for us, or as we say in the Sea phrase right aft, this same said Miss Teresa has a most iniquitous Trick of rowling and tumbling about, that we are never sure of the Bit that is going to the Mouth. ‘Twou’d make you laugh to see us balancing our plates of pease Soop, with all our precaution sometimes our small Cloaths get a Share of it, however we readily put up with that little Inconvenience when we are going on the Turnpike Road at the rate of 180 Miles in the 24 hour, w:ch has been the Case with us this Day. In the Night another flying Fish dropped on board. Saw great Flights of them this Day. The Weather very cloudy and thick, w:th now and then a few Drops of small thick rain, got up there two mornings at 6 o’Clock, my Complaint in my Breast I thank God, much better, rather hyppish about it, have not had the perspiration as formerly in these hot Climates, but more so this Day than since left England, and I do but now begin to find it grow warm though every one but myself are in their thinnest Cloathing, At Noon, observed and found ourselves to be in 21º:25’ North Latt: de and 34°:33’ West Long:de making Madeira bear from us N 53º:0’ E dist:t 380 Leag:s.

Thursday 11th, Still a fine Trade Wind from the N S b E going 7 and 8 Miles an hour, I cou’d wish not to go less ‘till saw the Land of that Dear Spot old England. a great many Boneta’s about us or rather a Species of them, what the Sailors call Skip Jacks, lost a Hook from the fishing Line probably taken away by one of those Fish – plenty of Flying Fish one more came on board in the night. By Observation this day in Latt:de 20º:05’ N and by our Reckoning 37º:22’ West Long:de Madeira N 54º:15’ E 433 Leag:s distant.

Fryday 12th July, hazey and cloudy Weather, but a fine brisk Trade from the E N E nothing new, great shoals of flying Fish. Latt:de by Observ:n 19º:03’ N and by Reck:g our Long:de 39º:50’ West. Madeira N 56°:00’ E:t distant 485 Leagues.

Saturday 13th Squally Weather fresh Breezes mostly from ENE, but rather whiffling about a point or two at 9 this Morning had a pretty smart Shower for a few Minutes, Even:g still squally carried away the Studding Hallyards 2 or 3 Times this Morning. By Observation found ourselves in Lattitude 17°:52’ N and 42º:24’ West Long:de Madeira N 56°:30’E distant 541 Leagues.

Sunday 14th July – fine starlight last Evening and freer of Squals than yesterday. very lazy this Morn:g did not get up ‘till half past 7 o’Clock, slept bad. At 8 this Morning tryed an Experiment to see if the Ship would sail faster, by hawling down the Lower Studding Sails forward and setting them Aft. My reason for trying it was, that I think the lower Stud:g sails when sat forward pressed her down too much in the Water as her Construction in that part is too lean to resist the pressure of so much Sail on the Foremast. After Dinner satt the Stud:g Sails forward again hawled up our Mainsail and satt the Foresail as I think the Experiment did not answer our Expectation. At Noon by Observ:n in Lattitude 16°:47’ N and 45°:12’ W:t Longitude Madeira N 57°:30’ E distant 595 Leagues. This Even:g two more flying Fish came onboard.

Monday 15th July – got up this Morning at 6 o’Clock, Fine fresh Wind from ENE – hazey Weather, several Showers of small rain, generally the Case this Season of the Year when you get into the Lattitudes of the Islands, by Observation this Day noon in 15°: 41’ N and by our Reckoning 47º: 47’ W:tLong:de Madeira Bear:g N 58°:10’ E distant from us 649 Leag:s. from Madeira to Barbadoes they commonly call it 850 Leag:s by our general Calculation we have made it full 900 – what a Distance 2700 Miles without a House to Bait at, however if our Reckoning is good we have got better than two thirds of the way. This Evening saw a Bird the Sailors call a Sheerwater the first Bird we have seen since left Madeira.

Tuesday 16th Fine fresh Wind from the ENE, hazey Wea:r and some pretty smart Showers, which we had great Need of to cool the Air as ‘tis growing very hot. So not as to be forced to keep the Cabin Windows up and the Doors open all Night, how disagreeable to be stewing all the Time one are asleep which with me is really the Case. By Observation at Noon is Latt:de 14º:35’ N and 50°:25’ W:tLong:de Madeira bearing of us N 58º:45’ E distant by Computation 705 Leagues.

Wednesday 17th July. Got up this Morning at Six o’Clock, what a Change from last Evening 10 o’Clock when I went to Bed, we had then a fine brisk Trade going 7 or 8 Miles an Hour, but now the Ship scarce moves thro’ the Water and so very hot that it is scarce bearable, great were my Hopes of getting into Barbadoes next Saturday but at present must not entertain such a Thought. Saw several Flying Fish this morning many of them very small, which I have often observed to be the Case when we are approaching the Land, at 9 this Morning fine light Breezes going 4 or 5 Knots which increased as the Day came on so that before Night we had got into our old pace again of six to seven Miles an hour, which once more raises my Hopes of making a tolerable passage down, at Noon was in Latt:de 13º:47’ N and 52°: 32’ W:t Long:de Madeira bearing N 59°:20 E dis:t 749 Leagues.

Fine Breezes this 18th July from East at ENE, going at our old rate of six at seven Knots, several flying Fish about the Vessel, at 4 o’Clock this afternoon saw a Tropick Bird, several Sheerwaters and two Flocks of Birds one of which looked like Fish Hawks and the other like Men of War Birds, but they were at such a dist:e that could not very well tell what they were, At Noon this Day found ourselves in Latt:de 13°:22’ N and by Reckoning in Long:de 54°: 59’ W:t Madeira bearing N 69°:30’E distant from us 793 Leag:s. At 9 o’Clock this Evening altered our Course from W:S:W to the West having run down the Lattitude of Barbadoes.

Fryday 19th July fine fresh Breezes from ENE going 8 to9 Knots an hour, got up my usual Time 6 o’Clock fine Morning – saw a Fish Hawk immediately on my coming upon Deck, a good Sign of our nearing the Land great plenty of Flying Fish, this afternoon saw two or three large Flights of Fish hawks and some Tropick Birds, hazey & cloudy Weather. At Noon by Observ:n in 13°.00’ N Latt:de Barbadoes being laid down in – by our Reckon:g made this Day 58°:00 deg:s West Long:de Madeira bearing of us N 62°:00’ E distant 844 Leagues. At 7 this Evening hawled down the Driver and all the Studding Sails and rigged in the Booms took also a Reef in the Topsails and joggd on under the Topsails and Foresail fearing we might tumble upon the Island before we expected it. Fine Moon Light ‘till 9 o’Clock, at two this morn:g very Dark hove too ‘till Day Light, the old proverb says “Soft and Fear goes farr”.

Saturday 20th – Fine Morning, fine Wind at ENE and fine Breeze – got up this Morning at 5 o’Clock, no Sight of Land, saw some fine Tropick Birds – at Day Light satt the Driver and Studding Sails below and aloft. Noon, no Land, by observation found ourselves to be in Latt:de 13°:13’N so that we must have been satt to the No W:d by a current altered our Course from W:t to WSW, saw this morning a large Flight of Birds, at four this afternoon the wind shifted all of a sudden from the [obscured] to the South some Rain with it, looked very black all round the Horizon and a little suspicious a Gale of Wind brewing, hawled down the Driver and all the Studing sails, at six the Clouds began to break and the Sun satt very fine – sent a Man to Mast head to try if could see Land, thought we saw it but it proved a Cloud, great Flights of Fish Hawks &c:a at 7 the wind more aft satt the Driver – at 8 hawled it down, took in the Top Gallant sails and hawled up the Courses and run on under the Jibb and Topsails at 12 hawled the Wind and stood off – at 4 wore Ship and satt all our sails that w:d draw – The 21st got up at half past 5 this morn:g no Land to be seen, not a little gloomy on it, as I made no doubt but of seeing it last Evening, at a little after 8 the Man from the Mast head saw the High Land of Scotland part of Barbadoes, bearing from us NWbW about 6 or 8 Leagues distant. By yesterday’s Reckoning was in 13°:13’N Latt:de and 60°:29’ W Long:de Madeira N 63°: – E distant 878 Leag:s– so that we have run full 30 Leag:s Since our Distance therefore cannot be less than 900 Leag:s from Madeira to this Place – at 3 o’Clock this afternoon came to an Anchor in Carlisle Bay Barbados with the small Bower in 10 f:m water and veered away to a half Cable. Needhams Fort bearing SEbS, Fontabella Fort NWbN, and the Mole Head North, about a half a Mile distant from the Shore, found riding here his Maj: Sloop Hawke Cap:t Cooper who was waiting our Arrival. She sailed this Evening 5 o’Clock by her I forwarded Admiral Younge’s Dispatches.

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