HMS Centaur

16 August 2022

Hoods Boys and the taking of Diamond Rock

Just occasionally, a happy team experiences a magic moment when everything seems to go right. The early months of 1804, aboard HMS Centaur, 74, under Commodore […]
5 April 2022

The Ceuta papers

We need your help. We have a series of mystery papers probably written in early 1810 which turned up in a car boot sale in Falmouth […]
26 October 2021

Access our Databank

The Bartlett holds upward of fifty different databases on maritime subjects, many of which are growing daily thanks to the work of the tireless volunteers. See […]
10 May 2021

Weathering the Storm

A new referreed article has been published in Troze, our associate online publication. It looks at the first few decades of Falmouth as a Trust Port. […]
28 October 2020

Lockdown updates

The Covid 19 lockdown has given us the chance to catch up with a series of articles which had previously been ‘one day, I shall …’ […]
14 February 2020

‘A very nice middy’ – Daniel Pender RN 1832-1891

A chance encounter led Volunteer Linda Batchelor on the trail of Daniel Pender, a Falmouth boy descended from a line of Packet ship sailors, who helped […]
29 October 2019

The Guns of Prussia’s Cove

Cornwall is almost synonymous with smuggling and few late C18 smuggling families are more famous than the Carters of Prussia’s (now Prussia) Cove. They, and their […]
30 August 2019

Penzance registered luggers and MFVs

We are fortunate that a large collection of historic photographs exist showing some of the luggers and motor fishing vessels registered in Penzance and fishing both […]
20 April 2019

Operation Ariel and Falmouth – June 1940

The evacuation from Dunkirk of June 1940 is well-known but the evacuation from the rest of France in Operation Ariel is rarely mentioned in accounts of […]
12 February 2019

New: Broad and Sons, Ship Agents of Falmouth

There were two leading Ship Agents operating in the town during Falmouth’s heyday in the C19: Fox’s and Broad’s. These companies provided services to ship owners […]
20 November 2018

New: Edward Lawrance’s journal

Edward Lawrance was the commander of the Anna Teresa packet which left Falmouth for the Caribbean on 9 June 1776. He kept a journal which was […]
30 October 2018

New: Falmouth’s Annus Horribilis

Falmouth may have been the first and last major port to the west and a ‘safe anchorage’ in a storm but it was not ideal, especially […]
30 June 2022

John Donaldson Boswall

We know a great deal about John Donaldson, as he was called during his time serving under Commodore Hood. It was only in 1812 that he […]
30 June 2022

George Edward Byron Bettesworth

George Bettesworth was the second son of John Bettesworth of Carhayes, Cornwall. In October 1807, his cousin, Lord Byron, wrote: Next January … I am going […]
30 June 2022

Hood’s Boys

The image created by John Eckstein neatly summarises the group we have called ‘Hood’s Boys’. It probably shows the team behind the establishment of the Diamond […]
30 June 2022

HMS Curieux and the Trafalgar Campaign

Having been captured from the French in February 1804, HMS Curieux had been an active member of Hood’s squadron. The unexpected arrival of the French and […]
30 June 2022

Life on Diamond Rock

We are fortunate in having a very full account of life ‘on board’ Diamond Rock in an account which appeared in two parts in the Tyne […]
30 June 2022

The loss of Diamond Rock

After its fortification early in 1804, Diamond Rock continued as a stone frigate under the command of Capt. Maurice for over a year. Then, in the […]
20 June 2022

John Eckstein

John Eckstein (1765-1837) was not, strictly, one of Hood’s Boys but he was present on Diamond Rock and has left us a unique record of the […]
20 June 2022

Diamond Rock

Diamond Rock off Martinique has gone down in history as the first ‘stone frigate’ owned by the Royal Navy. The Navy of the time was precluded […]
20 June 2022

HMS Curieux

The 290 ton French corvette Curieux was launched on September 20th, 1800. At 97ft over all she had a compliment of 94 men and 16 guns. […]