Smuggling and wrecking

Smuggling and wrecking around Cornwall

17 March 2023

A Smuggler’s Cottage?

The Gibson photographs of Prussia Cove Prussia Cove is famous for the stories of the Carter family and especially of John, the self-styled ‘King’ of Prussia. […]
12 September 2021

Club-hauling on a lee shore

Hilary Tunstall-Behrens looks at an incident from HM Sloop Fairy’s later career which is oddly similar to an account in Fairy’s log book for 1795. As […]
12 September 2021

1779 – fear of invasion

During the summer of 1779 there was a great fear of invasion from France. The whole Channel coast was in alarm, and hasty anti­-invasion preparations were […]
12 September 2021

Custom and Excise Officers

It can hardly comes as a surprise to read that the ‘Gaugers‘ or the Revenue Officers, were very unpopular in coastal communities. Legal or not, the […]
12 September 2021

Naval crews and Privateers

HM Royal Navy, its Admirals (well most of them), officers and seamen were renowned for their courage and bravery, and the amazing camaraderie of the guns’ […]
8 September 2021

The Vulnerability of the Cornish Peninsular

Why, apart from unlawful and nefarious purposes, would the few inhabitants of a small Cornish cove mount a battery of cannon to command its seaward approaches? […]
7 July 2021

The Fairy – Myth or Fact?

So, is the tradition that the Fairy was fired on by the Carters’ battery at Prussia’s Cove founded on fact or is it, like a tale […]
7 July 2021

The Fairy 1783 – 1784

The Fairy under Capt William Yeo had returned to Plymouth in November 1782 from convoy duties in Newfoundland, and on 31st December 1782, Capt William Thomas […]
7 July 2021

HM Sloop Fairy

Between 1766 and 1778, some 25 Swan Class sloops were built for the Royal Navy. One of the last of these was HM Sloop Fairy, launched […]