BYY Yachtsmen’s Biographies

October 28, 2020

Lockdown updates

The Covid 19 lockdown has given us the chance to catch up with a series of articles which had previously been ‘one day, I shall …’ […]
February 14, 2020

‘A very nice middy’ – Daniel Pender RN 1832-1891

A chance encounter led Volunteer Linda Batchelor on the trail of Daniel Pender, a Falmouth boy descended from a line of Packet ship sailors, who helped […]
October 29, 2019

The Guns of Prussia’s Cove

Cornwall is almost synonymous with smuggling and few late C18 smuggling families are more famous than the Carters of Prussia’s (now Prussia) Cove. They, and their […]
August 30, 2019

Penzance registered luggers and MFVs

We are fortunate that a large collection of historic photographs exist showing some of the luggers and motor fishing vessels registered in Penzance and fishing both […]
April 20, 2019

Operation Ariel and Falmouth – June 1940

The evacuation from Dunkirk of June 1940 is well-known but the evacuation from the rest of France in Operation Ariel is rarely mentioned in accounts of […]
February 12, 2019

New: Broad and Sons, Ship Agents of Falmouth

There were two leading Ship Agents operating in the town during Falmouth’s heyday in the C19: Fox’s and Broad’s. These companies provided services to ship owners […]
November 20, 2018

New: Edward Lawrance’s journal

Edward Lawrance was the commander of the Anna Teresa packet which left Falmouth for the Caribbean on 9 June 1776. He kept a journal which was […]
October 30, 2018

New: Falmouth’s Annus Horribilis

Falmouth may have been the first and last major port to the west and a ‘safe anchorage’ in a storm but it was not ideal, especially […]
August 21, 2018

New: The Last of the Sailing Cutters

We have added a new section which contains a transcription of the diaries of Walter Benson Hunkin, originally of Mevagissey in Cornwall. He served aboard the last […]
August 21, 2018
James' illustration of a bonito

New: More stories from the Packet Surgeon

As well as re-presenting Maritime Views we have taken the opportunity to add some more material for some of our existing stories. One of these is […]
July 8, 2018

We are only human …

The transfer of data from the old website to this one has been a massive (manual) effort. Although we have tried hard to re-edit everything, we […]
June 26, 2018

Welcome to the new Maritime Views website

We are sailing … again. Our previous site has been causing all sorts of problems recently and so we have been back to the starting line […]
August 12, 2018

St. Albans, The Duke of, William Amelius Aubrey de Vere Beauclerk

Tenth Duke of St. Albans. Was born in 1840, and educated at Eton and Trinity College, Cambridge. He purchased his first yacht, the Pilgrim(120-ton schooner), in 1863, […]
August 12, 2018

Stone, R. J. Andrews

Owner of Venture, 42-ton auxiliary yawl. Clubs: Erith, Graves­end, Royal Temple. Address: 10, Cleveland Row, St. James’s. Vessel: Venture
August 12, 2018

Strathcona and Mount Royal, Lord, G.C.M.G., F.R.S., LL.D., D.C.L., P.C., D.L.

Was born in 1820, and educated in Scotland. He entered the service of the Hudson Bay Company, and has been one of the leaders of Canadian […]
August 12, 2018

Sutherland, Duke of, K.G

Was born in 1851, and succeeded the late Duke in 1892. He has been a member of the Royal Yacht Squadron since 1878, when as Marquis […]
August 12, 2018

Thellusson, Charles

Was born in 186o, and educated at Eton. He commenced yacht­ing on his father’s yachts, the Aline (216 tons), Guinevere (308 tons), and Boadicea (400 tons). This latter boat was built in […]
August 12, 2018

Thompson, George Black

Was born in Dublin in 1837, and educated at Trinity College, Dublin. He is one of the most popular yachtsmen in Ireland, having devoted a great […]
August 12, 2018

Thornycroft, Sir John I., LLD., F.R.S.

Was born in 1843, and educated at Glasgow University. He founded the shipbuilding works at Chiswick in 1866, and has succeeded in introducing many improvements in […]
August 12, 2018

Tilford, Frank

Is owner of the s.y. Norman, 213 tons, which was designed by Messrs. Gardiner and Cox, and built in 1895. The Norman is one of the handsomest steam yachts […]
August 12, 2018

Towers-Clark, Major J.

Was educated at Harrow, and entered the Royal Dragoons. He bought from Mr. Stewart Clark the famous yacht Vanduara, and owned the Velzie, 20-rater, designed by Mr. G. […]