Bembridge Sailing Club

In the year 1887 a good deal of sport was obtained in and near the harbour of Bembridge by a series of races in two exactly similar Mersey sailing canoes, 17 feet long, owned by two local residents—Colonel Moreton and Captain du Boulay. Finding this sport popular, they called a meeting together in 1888, at which it was decided to form a sailing club with headquarters in Bembridge Harbour. The first Commodore of the new-formed club was Earl Fitzwilliam, and the title chosen was the ‘Isle of Wight Corinthian Sailing Club.’

This, however, was found to lead to confusion when the ‘Island Sailing Club ‘ was started at Cowes in the year 1889, and in order to avoid this, the title was changed to the’ Bembridge Sailing Club,’ with its well-known flag of white with blue border, and red outline of the Isle of Wight in the centre.

It was at Bembridge that the well-known class of Redwings had their origin, being started by some of the members of the club, and the harbour there has always been their recognised headquarters.