Royal Largs Yacht Club

This club was formed in 1882, its first Commodore being Mr. J. Clark, who then owned the yawl Condor, but built the celebrated Wendur in the following year. From the first, the club has well supported yacht-racing, and in its first season gave a regatta, whilst in the following year its regatta comprised races for all classes during the ‘Fortnight,’ with substantial prizes, and supplemented this with a second regatta in August. This early sporting effort is characteristic of the Royal Largs and other smaller yacht clubs on the Clyde, which never seek to accumulate a large bank balance, and never lack most generous patronage from the more prominent yachtsmen. The course of the Royal Largs is the same as that of the Royal Northern—its predecessor at Largs—and is an excellent one for obtaining a test on every point of sailing, besides being as free from flukes as any course on the Clyde can be. The Royal Largs has long since taken its place among the Clyde clubs, and its annual regatta always forms part of the ‘Fortnight.’