Royal Highland Yacht Club

This club was founded in 1881, at a time when yachting was in a particularly flourishing condition on the West Coast of Scotland. Oban, at which the club has its quarters, has long been a favourite port of call for cruising yachts, and with regattas in a flourishing state on the Clyde, it was expected that the Oban Regatta would take its place among the important fixtures of the season. In later years racing has been entirely confined to local craft, with occasional visits from some of the Clyde contingent of racers. It is altogether too far North to attract the big-class vessels at the present day. With so many engagements in the South that even the old-established Clyde fixtures often have to be content with the sport provided by their own boats, with perhaps the addition of the 52-footers at the annual ‘Fortnight,’ there is little probability of the Royal Highland Regatta attracting the big racers—at any rate, under existing arrangements