Royal Anglesey Yacht Club, Beaumaris

The Royal Anglesey Yacht Club was evolved from the old Beaumaris Club and News Room, which was founded as a social institution in 1802. The original club had for its members most of the principal nobility and gentry in the county. It was in the year 1885 that a movement was instituted with the object of converting the club into a yacht club, and in the same year the Admiralty warrant was received authorizing the change, and giving permission for adoption of the title ‘Royal Anglesey Yacht Club.’ The first officials were Sir R. H. Williams Bulkeley, Bart., Commodore; the late Henry, Marquis of Anglesey, Vice-Commodore ; and Colonel T. L. Hampton Lewis, Rear-Commodore.

The club’s centenary was celebrated in 1902 by a banquet, which was held at the Williams Bulkeley Arms Hotel, Beaumaris, on which occasion the Commodore presided over a large company. The club holds its regatta annually. Several years ago the late Colonel Robert Hugh Williams, one of the members, instituted a handicap race up the Straits from Beaumaris to Carnarvon, to be run the day following this regatta and preceding the Royal Welsh Yacht Club (Carnarvon) Regatta, giving a handsome silver cup as first prize annually. Since his death a similar cup has been presented jointly by this club and the Royal Welsh Yacht Club, called the ‘Colonel Williams Memorial Cup.’ Much interest is also occasioned weekly during the season by the racing of the large fleet of centre-board and 1-rater class of boats belonging to members of the club.