PZ.105 Penrose

Penrose ~ PZ.105 : 1940-1959

Westward Ho ~ PZ.105 : 1959-1967

(Bonnie Girls ~ FY.179 : ?1945?)

The Penrose was built at Looe in 1911, but does not appear to have been registered as a fishing-boat until March 1940, in the port of Penzance. There is oral tradition of her having been named Bonnie Girls (or Bonny Girls); but I have found no record of any Looe/Fowey boat bearing this name, and neither have I found any registration for this boat prior to 1940; though her registered dimensions were very close to those of the Lead Me ~ FY.382, also built in Looe in 1911, and registered in Fowey on December 15th, 1911.

By way of example – Lead Me: 

Registration for Lead Me
First owners of Lead Me

Lead Me was actively employed in fishing up until July 1936:

Lead Me cancellation

Her ultimate fate has not been traced by me.

Returning to the main subject, Penrose / Westward Ho. Amongst the ‘Dunkirk Little Ships,’ researchers there seems to have been some confusion between the above Westward Ho, and the Westward FY.229, (1925), which became Maid Marion PZ.61, in October 30th, 1935.

The Penrose was registered at Penzance as Penrose PZ.105, on March 26th, 1940, and at that time she was recorded as having been built at Looe in 1911, but this registration is endorsed ‘Initial Registry, G.R. 200 to RG 26/3/40.’

The Penrose was then in the ownership of Ben Pile, 17, Mount’s Bay Tce., Porthleven. W. Pile being her skipper.  

Under Ben Pile she had several skippers. – R. Richards, 10/11/40; R. Matthews, 24/9/41; Thos. Bowden, 18/6/42. 

Ben Pile may have been killed in the war, as on June 23rd, 1943, Mrs. Lillian Pile, of Torleven Road, Porthleven, became her registered owner. Thos. Bowden continuing as skipper.

After the war, on January 18th, 1946, the Penrose PZ.105, came under the joint ownership of four Porthleven fishermen:  Thos. Hosking, Coast Guard Tce.; Thos. Kitchen, 16, Mount’s Bay Tce.; Edw. T. Williams, Unity Road & Jas. Hy. Cowls, Breageside, Porthleven; Thos. Hosking being her skipper.

About this period, she was photographed at her moorings in Porthleven Harbour. –

Penrose PZ.105 in Porthleven harbour
Penrose PZ.105, in Sutton Harbour, Plymouth, in the late 1940s, with a deck full of fish. (Billie Stevenson collection.)

Edward Williams ceased to be registered as a part owner on March 24th 1950, when her owners were: Thos. Hosking, Coast Guard Tce.; Thos. Kitchen, 16, Mount’s Bay Tce. & Jas. Hy. Cowls, Breageside, Porthleven; Thos. Hosking still being her skipper.

Although difficult to decipher on the register, the Penrose’s name was changed to Westward Ho, and she was re-registered at Penzance as Westward Ho PZ.105, on September 14th 1959. She was now in the ownership of: Annie Frances Wallis & Philip Norman Wallis, of 7, Brook Street, Mousehole. Philip being her skipper. Her Certificate of Registration was presented at the Custom House, annually from 14/9/59 to 13/10/65.

It was during this phase of her life that she was photographed dried out in Mousehole harbour.

Penrose Pz.105 dried out in Mousehole harbour
Penrose Pz.105 in Mousehole harbour

On 9th March 1965, she was acquired by Lennox Blundell, of “Rhydonen,” Ruthlin Road, Mold, Flint., and her home port was changed to Rhyl N. Wales.

Two years later, on June 29th, 1967 her Penzance registration was cancelled, on transfer to Milford Haven.

I have not traced her ultimate fate.

Tony Pawlyn

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