Wednesday 1st May; Thursday 2nd; Friday 3rd – at anchor fine w.r

I have nothing new to remark  respecting Carthagena – it seemed as dull & uninteresting as ever. Here we landed an old Spaniard whom we called Don Juan – whom I did not much like & who had one peculiarity which I had never seen viz a new thumb growing out from the first joint of the proper thumb of his right hand.

We landed also a Senora Magdalena, a young lady who was on her way from Habana, to join her family in the Interior of Columbia. I was much pleased with her. She was by no means beautiful but her smile was so sweet that she almost seemed to be so. She suffered a good deal from sea sickness – but used to come upon deck & recline on the cushions of the poop Cabin. Thither an old slave (a black woman) used to bring for her convenience a certain utensil which shall be nameless, in case it should be required to receive the contents of the young senora’s stomach – fough! fough!

Saturday 4th May – at 3 P.M. we weighed anchor and left Carthagena on our return to Jamaica, fine weather – foul wind.

Sunday 5th – fine weather – foul wind – land in sight at night.

Monday 6th – fine weather. Moderate and foul wind.

Tuesday 7th – fine weather – nearly favourable wind.

Wednesday 8th – rainy weather all day – fair but cloudy at night. Moderate and favourable breeze.

Thursday 9th – fine weather – very light and favourable breeze. Made Jamaica at 10 A.M. – lay off and on all night, as we found it impossible to enter Port Royal before darkness came on.

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