Sail to Rio

Friday 7th Sept.r – fine weather – Moderate & favourable breeze.

Saturday 8th – fine weather – Moderate and favourable breeze.

Sunday 9th – cloudy and pleasant weather – fresh and favourable breeze.

Monday 10th – fresh and favourable breeze – cloudy weather.

Tuesday 11th – moderate & favourable breeze – fine weather.

Wednesday 12th – fine weather – light and favourable breeze.

Thursday 13th – nearly a calm all night – light variable winds all day – fine weather.

Friday 14th – fine weather – very light and favourable breeze – passed within a short distance of Santo Antonio one of the Cape verde Islands.

Saturday 15th September – fine weather – fresh and pretty favourable wind – which would have been entirely so. Had we not wished to cross the line in 18th or 19th West Latitude.

Sunday 16th – fine weather – Very fresh and nearly favourable wind.

Monday 17th – fresh and favourable wind till 11 A.M. when a calm came on. Then a meeting of the winds took place, which made the sea resemble an immense boiling cauldron. In about two hours this ceased & we had our old wind again – variable weather with occasional showers.

Tuesday 18th – variable wind & weather – squally calms & showers. Wind chiefly from Westward.

Wednesday 19th – d.o  d.o

Thursday 20th – fine weather – calm all day – light breezes & squalls with rain at night.

Friday 21st – fine weather – calms and light airs all day.

Saturday 22d – fine w.r – very light and baffling winds from S. & W. – strange wind this in our present position, instead of NE.

Sunday 23d – fine weather – light and foul wind.

Monday 24th – calms & variable winds. Very wet weather. Caught a shark 9 feet long.

Tuesday 25th – baffling winds, calms and rain.

Wednesday 26th – Sept.r – cloudy with rain – foul wind.

Thursday 27th – fine weather with occasional showers – foul, foul wind – properly jammed.

Friday 28th – fine weather all day – much rain at night – fresh & foul winds.

Saturday 29th – fine weather with occasional showers – wind a little more favourable.

Sunday 30th – fine weather – fresh and nearly favourable breeze.

Monday 1st October – fine weather – fresh & nearly favourable breeze.

Tuesday 2d – fine weather – fresh & favourable breeze. Crossed the line this afternoon.

Wednesday 3d – drizzling showers in the fore part of the day – fine afternoon – fresh and favourable breeze.

Thursday 4th – fine weather – fresh and favourable breeze. Thermometer at 76 noon & at 74 P.M. For these some days past, I have felt it so cool as to be able to bear a blanket.

Friday 5th – very fine weather – Very fresh & favourable breeze. Passed under the Sun to day Therm.74 at 8 A.M. & 76 at noon.

Saturday 6th – very fine weather – fresh & favourable breeze. Still very cool.

Sunday 7th – beautiful weather – very fresh and favourable breeze – Heat more moderate.

Monday 8th – very fresh and favourable breeze – fine weather.

Tuesday 9th October – fine weather – light winds & more aft. Rather warm. Therm: at 78, noon.

Wednesday 10th –fine weather – fresh & favourable breeze.

Thursd. 11th – wet disagreeable weather all day – cleared up in the afternoon – foul wind with heavy sea.

Friday 12th – very fine weather – foul wind variable in strength.

Saturday 13th – very fine weather – very light favourable breezes.

Sunday 14th – beautiful weather – moderate & favourable breezes – 2 sails in sight.

Monday 15th – pleasant but cloudy W.r In expectation all day of discovering the coast of Brazil about Cape Frio. We looked from dewy morn till the shades of night shut out our view – but looked & looked in vain. Our Chronometers must be terribly out.

Tuesday 16th – cloudy pleasant weather – thought we saw the land – light variable winds.

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