Ship’s Company

Company of the Duke of York Packet, April 1830

Robert Snell – Commander
John Geach – Master
James Williamson – Surgeon
Charles Williams – Mate
August Glasson – Carpenter
James Evenet – Boatswain
John Waitcoat – Steward
John Pashbee – Steward’s Mate
Edward Tourer – Cook
John Stevens – Sailmaker
John Stevens – Joiner
Joseph Stevens – A.B.
Philip Waistcot – A.B.
John Richards – A.B.
Francis Hawkins – A.B.
Alexander Webb – A.B.
James Waistcoat* – A.B.
John Coplin – A.B.
James Rowe – A.B.
William Poulson – A.B.
Dyer Williams

* Joseph Bradley was discharged – and shamefully trying to inform upon the Master to Capt.n King was treated as he deserved

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