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Wednesday 21st – squally unsettled weather – foul wind – Beating down the river. At 5 P.M. came to anchor.

Thursday 22d – at 6 up anchor & made all sail – fine weather – beating down the River.

Friday 23d – fine weather – foul wind. At 5.30 P.M. saw the Mount. At 10.30 P.M. came to anchor in consequence of a strong current & wind of shore.

Saturday 24th – at 5 A.M. up anchor and made all sail for the Harbour, fine weather and variable winds. At 11 A.M. came to anchor in our old quarters off Monte Video. Immediately afterwards landed along with the Master & spent the afternoon in strolling about. I did not remark any new object worth mentioning. Things here are in status quo and likely to remain long so. At 4 P.M. I was glad to get on board again.

Sunday 25th – spent the day on shore peering about to spy the beauty or the nakedness of the land. Dined in the afternoon at the house of the merchants here – with M.r McFarlane our passenger, and after dinner the Master and [I] went out on horseback by way of exercise. Our excursion extended to about six miles out into the country. I prefer the country here far to that around B. Ayres. It is better cultivated – and more varied in appearance. You have not before you a dead level as at B. Ayres – but high and low ground agreeably intermingled. We found the roads better for us here, and consequently received more pleasure from the exercise. At dusk we returned to the Town – where I remained will 9 P.M. & then went on board to my dormitory there.

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Monday 25th Nov.r – on shore during the first part of the day. At 3 P.M. received the Mail on board and set sail in company with his M.ysSurveying Barque Beagle. Beautiful weather – light and favourable breezes with current in our favour. At 6 the current changed and kept us some time off Flores, so that we could not advance.

Tuesday 27th – Pampero last night. Moderate and nearly favourable breeze with drizzling rain till 1 P.M. when a calm come on which lasted only a short time & was succeeded by cloudy but fair Weather & pretty favourable fresh breeze. As we could not weather the Island of Globos, we passed to leeward, between it and Maldonado on the Mainland, & got on afterwards at a good pace. Another vessel after us trying to do the same, failed and was obliged to tack about again.

Wednesday 28th – fresh and favourable breeze – cloudy but fair weather.

Thursday 29th – very fine weather. Light and favourable breezes.

Friday 30th Nov.r – very fine weather. Fresh and foul wind from NE.

Saturday 1st December – fine weather. Fresh and foul breezes.

Sunday 2d – fine weather – wind fresh & foul from NE.

Monday 3d – fresh and foul wind – cloudy weather.

Tuesday 4th – cloudy weather. Wind more favourable.

Wednesday 5th – fine weather. Moderate & favourable breeze.

Thursday 6th – fresh and favourable breeze. Fine weather.

Friday 7th – fine weather. Fresh and nearly favourable breeze.

Saturday 8th – made land this morning. Wind not quite favourable, not enabling us to get to windward of our Port. Cloudy forenoon – fine afternoon.

Sunday 9th – fine weather. Variable winds – now calms – now light – now fresh – favourable and foul. Not far from Rio, expecting to arrive there in a few hours but cannot succeed. At 8 P.M. had the prospect of entering to night. Moderate and favourable breeze with tide against us. Just as we were opposite Round Island, & it fell away a calm. It was necessary to tow the vessel off with our boats so near were we to going on shore. Luckily the land breeze set in.

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