Thomas Russel Dunn [3]

Here we landed Thomas Russel Dunn M.D. of Glasgow. We took him on board at Port Royal, where for the last five years he had been Assist.tSurgeon at the Naval Hospital in that place. Before him no one, for the last thirty years back had been able to fulfil the duties of that situation for more than two or three years. Such was the fag & exertion required that they all either died at their post, or were obliged to invalid home. Dunn alone stood the trial five years, and if merit and services ought to entitle a man to promotion, no one could be more deserving of than my countryman. Yet still it is withheld because forsooth he has no interest with the present administration – and after nine years of active service, he is apparently as remote as ever from the only reward ho covets. Five or six years ago, it was a great object of ambition to obtain the office he held at the Hospital, as it was considered that it would lead as a certainty to promotion – and indeed had always done so – mais tout cela est change – and Dunn remains as he was.

D.r Dunn was a tall & handsome man, inclined to embonpoint. He must have been very strong in former times – altho’ a long residence in a tropical climate has somewhat undermined his constitution and reduced his strength. He was very well informed as all Scotch M.D. are (hem!) and possessed a fund of anecdotes of the navy, which often furnished us with amusement in moments of dullness. His manners were gentlemanly and agreeable – he seemed disposed to be comfortable and to render us so also. In that he was exceedingly liked by all.

The only other passenger we had was a Master James Budd, son of a M.r Budd, belonging to the Ordnance department.

Requiscat in hove [?]

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