Weeks 6 & 7

Commencement of 6th Week

Sunday 10th August – I spent the day at Dartmouth – cloudy weather with smart showers in the afternoon.

Monday 11th – strong breezes & cold. Cloudy weather. On shore part of the day.

Tuesday 12th – fine weather – on shore at Halifax and went over to Dartmouth by the Steamer.

Wednesday 13th – fine weather. On shore greatest part of the day, completing my purchases.

Thursday 14th – at 8 this morning got under weigh for England. Fine weather. Moderate and favourable breeze.

Friday 15th – miserable dull cloudy w.r in the morning. At 10 A.M. we had a perfect down pour of rain, accompanied with thunder & lightening and a gale of foul wind. In the afternoon the gale moderated. In the evening the rain gave place to a thick fog, which was followed by a favourable change in the direction of the wind.

Saturday 16th –  fine pleasant weather. Fresh and favourable breeze.

VIth Hebdomadal Period

We had expected to have sailed at the commencement of this week, having already exceeded our allotted stay, but in consequence of the arrival of the Admiral from Bermuda, we were detained until Wednesday 13. On that day the Captain went on shore at 5 P.M. to receive the Mail, and we on board prepared for starting. The Captain returned at 6 and told us that as the Mail Boat from Bermuda was off the mouth of the Harbour, we should not receive our Mail till next day. Accordingly on Thursday 14th Aug.st at 8 A.M. we left Halifax harbour with a moderate & favourable breeze. At the entrance we met the Bermuda Boat, on board of which our Captain went with the Post Master M.r Howe, and shortly afterwards returned with the Mail for England, which she had brought.

I always like to leave a foreign port with a fair wind. So far we were lucky – but next day we were not so fortunate for we had to encounter a gale of foul wind, rendering it necessary to take in all sail. At the same time the rain fell in torrents, the lightening flashed & the thunder rallied. Such a state of things did not last long, for ere the evening closed in, a thick fog superseded the rain and brought a favourable change of wind, which continued all next day, with the additional advantage of fine weather.

Commencement of 7th Week

Sunday 17th August – fine weather. Moderate and favourable breeze.

Monday 18th – cloudy weather – foul winds. Three vessels in sight, steering to the Westward.

Tuesday 19th – wind nearly favourable – very fine weather.

Wednesday 20th – miserable foggy weather – wind same as yesterday. Passed the edge of the Banks this morning.

Thursday 21st August – wind continues the same at SSE – still thick foggy weather.

Friday 22d – foggy morning – fine day. Moderate and favourable wind.

Saturday 23d – very fine weather. Fresh and favourable breeze.

VII Hebdomedal Period – Summary of

Our intention was, if possible to pass the Banks of Newfoundland well to the Southward, and thereby avoid the dense foggy weather which constantly prevails there during the summer. At first we had good hopes of succeeding in our intentions, as the wind was fair. But in a day or two we got the wind from the Southward – Eastward, which forced us to run to the Northward. On Wednesday 21st we just passed the outer edges of the Banks, with the wind still in the same quarter. On Friday 22 & succeeding day, the [wind] became quite in our favour & we are in hopes it will accompany us, till we reach Falmouth.

In consequence of our making so much more Northing than we intended & approaching so close to the Banks, we have had some very foggy weather, the most disagreeable to me – & worse than rain, snow or sleet. It penetrates every where, and makes you quite uncomfortable. We had three days of it & that was more than enough. Afterwards we had fine clear weather.

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