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Sunday 1st July – fine weather. This morning at 5 oClock set sail for England in company with his Majesty’s sloop of war the Rose abound to Portsmouth. A week is here left blank in the daily returns of wind & w.r  – but you will find this in some measure supplied by the table at the end. [9]

Sunday 8th July – fine weather – fresh and favourable breeze.

Monday 9th – fine weather – fresh favourable breeze.

Tuesday 10th – very wet weather. Moderate & favourable breeze.

Wednesday 11th – fresh and favourable breeze – wet miserable weather.

Thursday 12th July – very cloudy weather with much rain – heavy swell – rather light and favourable breeze.

Friday 13th – miserable we w.r – pretty fresh and favourable breeze.

Saturday 14th – miserable dull cloudy w.r fresh and favourable breeze.

Sunday 15th – very light winds & favourable during the day – fresh in the evening – miserable rainy w.r

Monday 16th – fine weather – fresh and favourable breeze.

Tuesday 17th – very fine weather – light and favourable breeze.

Wednesday 18th – very fine weather – light airs and calms all day.

Thursday 19th – very fine weather – fresh and favourable breeze.

Friday 20th – very cloudy all day with drizzling rain & fog in the evening – Blowing half a gale but from a favourable quarter.

Saturday 21st – cloudy with occasional drizzling rain. Moderate & favourable breeze in the forenoon, & foul in the afternoon.

Sunday 22d – beautiful weather – light and favourable breeze.

Monday 23d – very fine weather. Moderate breeze inclinable to draw forward.

Tuesday 24th – fine weather – foul wind. Passed 5 vessels bound to the Westward & spoke the Brig Susannah of Exeter.

Wednesday 25th July – cloudy weather – foul wind

Thursday 26th – pleasant weather – foul wind from SE – Tacked to South & West.

Friday 27th – witnessed thro’ a smoked piece of glass the partial eclipse of the sun at intervals, the w.r being cloudy – Wing fresh and foul.

Saturday 28th – strong & favourable gales with very heavy sea – Weather sometimes cloudy sometimes clear.

Sunday 29th – fine w.r Tacked to N.d. Wind more moderate & more favourable.

Monday 30th – fine w.r – very light & variable winds.

Tuesday 31st – calm all the forenoon – light and favourable breeze in the afternoon. Beautiful weather.

Wednesday 1st August – moderate & favourable breeze – fine weather.

Thursday 2d – moderate & favourable breeze – very fine w.r

Friday 3d – very strong and favourable breeze, cloudy but fair w.r

Saturday 4th – fresh and favourable breeze until the afternoon, when the wind slackened – Cloudy weather.

Sunday 5th – calm during greater part of the day – light and favourable breezes in the afternoon. Beautiful weather.

Monday 6th – fine w.– At 5 P.M. came to anchor in Falmouth Harbour.

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