Tuesday 10th Jan.ry – as beautiful a day as ever shone out of the heavens. Mild & without a cloud. Moderate and favourable breeze in the morning which died away but having the tide in our favour, we succeeded in reaching our station at one of the buoys at 3 P.M. Shortly afterwards I accompanied M.r Geach with the mail and spent the evening on shore at the Theatre where we saw some very fair acting in a neat & comfortable house, the same we went to last time, but much improved. The performances were Touch and Take – The Lady and the Devil and the Spoilt Child.

Wednesday 4th – allowed three days to take in water, provisions, & to repair our damages. Learnt that they have not had here so dreadful a winter for many years, and that upwards of 20 shipwrecks had taken place, with loss of lives to a great extent. Fine forenoon – hail and snow for the afternoon. Remained on board doing nothing – very dull work.

Thursday 12th Jan.ry – fine frosty weather – very cold – spent the evening on shore pleasantly.

Friday 13th – very fine forenoon. In the afternoon very heavy fall of snow. At 6 P.M. received the Mail and came on board.

Saturday 14th – at 9 A.M. slipt from our moorings & put to sea with a light favourable breeze. At 2 P.M. calm, which lasted till 8 P.M. when a light breeze sprung up from WNW. Most beautiful weather clear, cold, and bracing.

Sunday 15th – cloudy but pleasant weather, Light variable breezes. At 12.30 P.M. spoke a fine brig, the Mercator, Wilson Master, [3] from Greenock – bound to Halifax, out 79 days. This same was supposed at Halifax to be lost, as nothing had been heard of her for a long time.

Monday 16th – lovely weather. Temperature much milder. Moderate and favourable breeze.

Tuesday 17th – cloudy but very pleasant weather. Light and favourable weather [sic – but ‘breeze’].

Wednesday 18th – beautiful weather, light favourable breeze in the morning – strong & foul in the afternoon.

Thursday 19th Jan.ry – fine and pleasant w.r. Strong and foul wind.

Friday 20th – cloudy weather – Strong and foul wind.

Saturday 21st – cloudy weather – strong and foul wind.

Sunday 22d – cloudy but pleasant weather. Moderate and favourable breeze.

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