Voyage 17 – Halifax 1835


Some of James’ Latin script

Voyage to Halifax

Sailed 7th February 1835 – Returned 8th May 1835

Absent 13 weeks 6 days

This was James’ final voyage aboard The Duke and although it was to the same destination as he had gone only a few months before, the journey there was quite different, with foul weather, gales, huge waves and “a fog that one might cut with a knife.” The ship’s company became impatient and fretful because they took 55 days to sail from Falmouth to Halifax, a journey they had done in half that time last summer.

Sadly their return journey was also delayed by bad weather. The ship’s company were again impatient and anxious, mainly because they were keen to “reach their homes, and satisfy their friends of their safety.”

James’ final journal entry tells of The Duke coming into anchor in Falmouth harbour in thick foggy weather on Friday 8th May 1835 at 10:00.

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