Voyage 10 – Jamaica and Mexico 1832

Second Voyage to Jamaica & Mexico

Sailed 26th March 1832 – Returned 6th August 1832

Absent 19 weeks

James begins the notes of his tenth voyage with a page containing less than flattering comments about Thomas James R.N. who was the then Acting Commander of the Duke of York. From the tone of the passage, it is clear that he would not have wanted anyone on board to read it.

His views on slavery have changed a few times during his travels over the past four years and he now appears to have formed a very balanced view, no doubt as a result of his experiences and the conversations he has had with both slaves and their owners.

During this trip he visits Port Royal Hospital which he considers “a model for all similar institutions in warm climates”, he meets a Jewish man who eats pork and “murdered the King’s English most barbarously”, and he contracts yellow fever, taking Quinine to reduce his symptoms but finding that it made him go deaf each day at 3.30pm!

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