Ship’s Company

List of the Ships Company, 19th Nov 1830

Robert Snell – Commander
John Geach – Master
James Williamson – Surgeon
Charles Williams – Mate
August Glasson – Carpenter
James Evenett – Boatswain
William Waitcoat – A.B. (Steward)
James Pashbee – A.B. (Steward’s Mate)
Joseph Stevens * – A.B. (Cook)
William Stevens – A.B. (Sailmaker)
Philip Waistcot – A.B.
John Richards – A.B.
Francis Hawkins – A.B.
Alexander Webb – A.B.
Samuel Waistcott – A.B.
John Coplin – A.B.
James Rowe – A.B.
William Poulson – A.B.
Charles Richards** – A.B.
George Pashbee** (for the voyage only) as Joiner
Dyer Williams – A.B.
– and two boys.

(*) Our former Cook Edward Tourer was discharged for stealing a 500 box of Cigars from Ja.s Pashbee. He afterwards went on to one of the Mexican Mines at a handsome salary – our present Cook having been taken from the Mast to act in Tourers place has been appointed to the situation. 

(**) This man along with George Pashbee were shipped just as we were going out of the Harbour. It seems the former joiner John Stevens was drunk when he came alongside to his duty, & having some potatoes to put on board, he was very impertinent in asking the Master to order one of our hands to assist him. This he was told was impossible at that time, upon which he took the huff & refused to sail with us, altho’ he had had two months advance of wages

[In the above context the term ‘Joiner’ might mean a new hand or new entrant, rather than a Joiner by trade!]

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