Brazier Creagh, Lieutenant-Colonel George Washington, C.M.G., R.A.M.C.

Was born in 1860, and educated at Trinity College, Dublin. He is a son of the late George Washington Brazier Creagh, of Wood­ville, Buttevant, and Creagh Castle, Doneraile, co. Dublin. Though following a military career, he has always been devoted to yachting and other sports. He has seen service in most parts of the world, including two missions to Persia. In 1898-1899 he accompanied the Pekin Syndicate throughout North China. He served in South Africa during the South African War, was mentioned three times in despatches, and received the Queen’s medal with six clasps, the King’s medal with two clasps, and was decorated with the C.M.G. order. He owns the 6-ton yawl Winkle, designed and built by W. E. Thomas at Falmouth in 1893.

ClubRoyal Cork.
ResidenceFort Westmoreland, Queenstown.
Vessel: Winkle