Maclver, David, M.P.

Was born at Liver­pool in 1840, and educated at the Royal Institution School, Liverpool. His first yacht, the Meta, 8-ton racer, was built in 1860 from designs by Mr. St. Clare Byrne, and was well known on the Mersey and the Clyde as the best of her class. His next yacht was the Brenda, an improvement upon Meta, followed by the 20-ton racers Shadow and Sunshine, also designed by Mr. Byrne. He owned the Minna (30-ton yawl), Myth (70-ton schooner), Gleam (40-ton cutter), and also the Puffin and Chester, sea-going steam launches.

On Lake Windermere he owned the s.y. Wagtail, designed by Mr. St. Clare Byrne, and the racing yachts Spray, Lurline, Fatima I. and IIPorpoise, and the Grampus, as well as the yachts Wirral, Dabchick, and the Mañana. He owns the paddle steam yacht Dodo, and although twenty-six years old, she is still a useful craft, and one of the most picturesque objects on the lake.

Club: Royal Mersey.
Addresses: Manor Hill, Birkenhead ; and Wanlass How, Ambleside.
Vessels: Meta; Brenda; Shadow; Sunshine; Minna; Myth; Gleam; Puffin; Chester; Wagtail; Spray;  Lurline; Fatima I; Fatima II; Porpoise; Grampus; Wirral; Dabchick; Mañana; Dodo