Coats, W. A.

Is a member of the well-known Paisley yachting family, and in recent years has devoted himself to the cruising side of the pastime.

His first boat of importance was the fast cruiser Will-o’-the-Wisp, a cutter designed by Mr. G. L. Watson, and built by Messrs. Henderson in 1887. She was one of the last of the straight-stem type designed by Mr. Watson. In 1895 Mr. Watson designed the s.y. Queen o’ the May, 270 tons, and in doing so carried out the suggestion made by Mr. Coats for building up the sides of the vessel. Later the s.y. Queen of Scots, 632 tons, was built for him. Although taking but a small part in Clyde racing, he is keenly interested in its welfare, and in 1900 the Mudhook Yacht Club elected him as a member. He resides at Skelmorlie Castle, which stands upon the site of the castle owned by the first Clyde yachtsman, Lord Montgomery.

Clubs: Royal Clyde, Royal Largs, Mudhook, Royal Northern, Royal Western.
Residence: Skel­morlie Castle, Skelmorlie, N.B.
Vessels: Will-o’-the-Wisp; Queen o’ the May; Queen of Scots