Leeds, the Duke of

Was born in 1862, and succeeded to the title in 1895. As the Marquis of Carmarthen he was a well-known yachtsman and capable helmsman, and after succeeding to the title he was appointed Vice-Commodore of the Royal Yacht Squadron, and Vice-Commodore of the Royal Cinque Ports Yacht Club. He is also a member of the Yacht Racing Association.

His first racer was the successful 1-rater Mehalah, designed by Mr. C. E. Nicholson ; and he owned the s.y. Corisande (16o tons) and the s.y. Fireflash (31 tons). He now owns the s.y. Aries, which was designed by Sir James Ramsden, and built in 1880.

Clubs: Royal Yacht Squadron, Royal Cinque Ports, Royal Cork, Castle, Royal Dorset, Royal Southern, Royal Temple, Seaview Sailing, Island Sailing.
Residence: Hornby Castle, Bedale.
Vessels: Mehalah; Corisande; Fireflash; Aries