Mann, Robert M.

Is Rear-Commodore of the Gourock Yacht Club, and has for ten years been Secretary of the Holy Loch Sailing Club, and an ardent worker in the interests of yachting. He was born in Bothwell in 1869, and educated at Glasgow and in Germany.

Keenly interested in sailing, he purchased Vera, 17-footer, followed by the Fricka, 17-footer, and the Tatjana, 16-footer. With these boats he did a great deal of racing, but in later years he has been without a boat. He is a member of the Yacht Racing Asso­ciation.

Clubs: Royal Clyde, Royal Northern, Clyde Corinthian, Gourock, Royal Western of Scotland, Royal Ulster, Royal Temple, Royal North of Ireland, Holy Loch Sailing, Lorne Corinthian, and Campbeltown Yacht Club.
Address: 3, Montgomerie Crescent, Glasgow.