Goldsmith, Edward John

Mimosa, Medway Kittiwake. Messrs. H. J. Cobb and E. J. Goldsmith.

Was born in 1874 at Grays, Essex, and educated at East­bourne College. He commenced small-boat sailing immediately after leaving school.

The first boat he owned was the Eileen, ½-rater. He has since owned the Thetis, 5-ton cutter, and the Wan Hi, of the Thames Estuary one-

design class. In 1898 he formed one of the crew of the Maid of Kent in the races against the Irex for the Clyde Australian Shield. He is now a part owner in the Medway kittiwake Mimosa, belonging to the one-design class.

Club: Medway Yacht Club.
Address: 8, Watt’s Avenue, Rochester.
Vessels: Eileen; Thetis; Wan Hi; Mimosa