Royston, Viscount

Son of the Earl or Hardwicke. Was born in 1869 in London, and educated at Repton. He started his business career with Sir Basil Montgomery on the London Stock Exchange in 1889, and in 1894. went with Lord Fingall. to Australia, where he took up mining in Tas­mania in the silver fields. From there he left for Coolgardie, Western Australia, where he was prospector of claims, after which he pro­ceeded to Mount Malcolm and pegged the third claim. In 1897 he commenced as a rock-driller in the United States of America. He also had charge of the mines in British Columbia, and just before the war was over in South Africa he proceeded there to work on the big mines, then holding a certificate, and being in charge of the boring operations of one of the Third Row Deeps.

He re­turned to England in 1904, and commenced to take a particularly keen interest in the marine motor, an industry with which he is thoroughly acquainted. He possesses at the present a quite unique motor boat designed by himself and Mr. Heckstall Smith, and built by Messrs. Summers and Payne, named the Revolution. She is 30 feet long and 5 feet 10 inches beam. In the course of his yachting experience Lord Royston owned the Roulette, one of the first plate and bulb keel boats, which took seventeen prizes out of twenty-two, fifteen of them being firsts, in 1893.

Clubs: Royal Southampton, Motor Yacht, British Motor Boat, Auto, Bachelors, etc.
Vessels: Revolution; Roulette