Orr-Ewing, Captain J.

A well-known and popular South Coast yachtsman. Was born in 1859, and studied at the Royal Military College, Sandhurst.

He gained a large amount of early experience on board his uncle’s boat, the famous 40-tonner Norman, after which he owned the Red Lancer, designed and built by Fife. This boat he raced through the season of 1904, though unsuccessfully ; and at the end of the season he gave a commission for the building of the I-rater Shrimp. This boat won for him twelve firsts and three other prizes out of fifteen starts. The 5-rater Norman was designed and built to his order, and she was raced very successfully, winning fifty-one firsts and one other prize out of fifty-six starts.

Captain Orr-Ewing has been one of the best known racing owners in the classes of the South Coast for many years, and among the long list of boats owned by him are Anglia, Gwendolin, Prawn, Hermes, Triangle, Koorongah, Sakuntala, Piccolo, Nyama, and Andrum, all of which were raced with success. In 1899 he built the 65-footer Eelin.

Clubs: Royal Yacht Squadron, Royal Northern, Royal Victoria. Bembridge Sailing, Royal Ports­mouth Corinthian, Castle, Hythe, Island Sailing, Southampton Corinthian.
Residence: Aldingbourne House, Chichester.
Vessels: Red Lancer; Shrimp; Anglia; Gwendolin; Prawn; Hermes; Triangle; Koorongah; Sakuntala; Piccolo; Nyama; Andrum; Eelin