Quilter, Sir W. Cuthbert, Bart.

Is the popular Vice-Commodore of the Royal Harwich Yacht Club, an office which he has held for the past thirty years. He has been a most successful racing owner since the days in which he started with the 62-ton schooner Sapphire. He then purchased the racing yawl Hirondelle, 71 tons, which he raced on the Thames and at the Havre matches. It was in 1876 that he acquired the celebrated 40-ton cutter Britannia, built by Hatcher for Captain Hartwell. This boat Sir Cuthbert raced for four seasons all round the coast with most gratifying results. In the fourth season Britannia came out champion of her class. Having dis­posed of Britannia, Sir Cuthbert bought the s.y. Firefly. Previously he had owned the schooner Foam, 110 tons, and the Zoe, 165 tons. At present Sir Cuthbert owns the s.y. Peridot, and he is a member of the Yacht Racing Association.

Clubs: Royal Harwich, Royal Thames.
Residences: 74, South Audley Street, Grosvenor Square, W.
Vessels: Sapphire; Hirondelle; Britannia; Firefly; Foam; Zoe; Peridot