Leach, Colonel Sir George, K.C.B.

Was born in 1820, and educated at Woolwich, where he passed out high in the list, and entered the Royal Engineers.

It was during his term at Chatham that he first learnt the art of sailing, and he followed up his experi­ences on board Lord Dunleath’s schooner Egeria, which made her first appearance in 1865, and raced till 1889. On board the Egeria he had many opportunities for studying sailing, and enjoyed many victories. These experiences are preserved in the Badminton Library under Recollections of Schooner Racing. Sir George was one of the promoters of the Yacht Racing Association, and one of the cleverest of its legislators. He was appointed Vice-President, and his best on behalf of yachting has been done through the Yacht Racing Association.

Clubs: Royal Thames, Royal Victoria,
Residence: 6, Wetherly Gardens, South Kensington.
Vessel: Egeria