Hewett, Robert M.

Was for many years intimately connected with the Royal Thames and New Thames Clubs, in both of which he held office. In the early fifties he was elected Commodore of the Prince of Wales’s Yacht Club, and in 1889 Vice-Commodore of the Royal Thames. In the following years he became Commodore of the Royal Corinthian, and in 1890 chief Flag Officer of the New Thames Club. He was for many years one of the keenest yachtsmen on the East Coast. He commenced early in life with the 4-tonner Gnat, which he owned for three years.

In 1856 he built the Silver Cloud, 8 tons, and two years later another 8-tonner, the Emily. His most famous boat, however, was the Buttercup, a 10-tonner, built in 1880. She was a yacht of very large displacement, having 14 tons of lead on the keel. This boat was for a long time champion of the Thames, winning almost every race for which she was entered. She, however, found her match in the famous Ulidia, owned by Mr. W. Cory.

Clubs: Royal Corinthian, Royal Thames, New Thames.
Residence: Roden Lodge, Barking, Essex.
Vessels: Gnat; Silver Cloud; Emily; Buttercup