Inglis, P. M.

Is a member of the famous shipbuilding firm of A. and J. Inglis, Point House, Glasgow. He is an extremely popular Clyde yachtsman, and was at one time Rear-Commodore of the Royal Northern Yacht Club.

In 1896 he purchased the famous 40-rater Carina for the Clyde, and two years later built and raced the well-known 65-footer Astrild, thereby doing much to advance the racing on the Northern waters. He now owns the famous composite cutter Nevada, which was designed by C. K Herreshoff. She did not prove very successful, owing chiefly to her shortness, but is a remarkably speedy vessel for her dimensions. He also owns the s.y. Oithona, 369 tons. He is Rear-Admiral of the Mudhook Yacht Club, and is a member of the Yacht Racing Association.

Clubs: Royal Alfred, Royal Clyde, Clyde Corinthian, Royal Largs, Mudhook, Royal Northern, Royal Western.
Residence: 23, Park Circus, Glasgow.
Vessels: Carina; Astrild; Nevada; Oithona