Houghton, J. Johnson

Is Vice-Commo­dore of the Royal Mersey Yacht Club, and Commodore of the Royal Dee Yacht Club. He is one of the most experienced and genial yachtsmen on that part of the coast, and enjoys an enviable popularity.

He commenced his career with a boat on Lake Windermere, and built Sunbeam, which was subsequently sold to the late Lord Lonsdale for use in those waters. In 1878 he bought the schooner Zelia, 117 tons: In the following year he com­missioned Messrs. Hansen of Cowes to build the Olivia, a fast cruiser. In 1886 he gave up sail, and Messrs. Laird Bros. of Birkenhead built the s.y. Cestria, 248 tons, which he owns at the present time. He is devoted to cruising, and during twenty-nine years of sea-going yachting he has never missed a single season.

Clubs: Royal Mersey, Royal Dee, Royal Northern, Royal Anglesey.
Residence: West­wood, Neston, Chester.
Vessels: Sunbeam; Zelia; Olivia; Cestria