Underhill, Arthur

Is Commodore of the Royal Cruising Club, which he was largely instrumental in founding in the year 1880. He was for some years Secretary, and has carefully nursed the club into its present strong position. Mr. Underhill was born in 1850, and educated at Chudleigh Grammar School and Trinity College, Dublin, of which he is M.A. and LL.D. He became a barrister in 1872, and is one of the con­veyancing counsel in the High Court. He has written many legal works, and also two books on the subject of yachting—viz., Simple Navigation for Home Waters and Our Silver Streak.

His yachting experience extends over some thirty years, and during that time he has owned five boats. At present he owns the Wulfruna, 46-ton auxiliary ketch, which is believed to be the only yacht of any size fitted with a petrol motor on deck, connected with the propeller by means of endless chains passing through the sail-room, thus obviating loss of cabin space as well as danger from petrol gas below. He holds a Board of Trade master’s certificate.

Clubs: Royal Thames, Royal Cruising.
Residence: 3, Campden Hill Place, W.
Vessel: Wulfruna